Embracing Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Jennifer Walden

Navigating the ins and outs of cosmetic surgery options can seem quite daunting. From deciding on the procedure to finding the perfect doctor, there is a lot of information to go over before ever arriving at the first consultation. The primary key to keep in mind throughout the entire process is research. It is important not to get swept up in the excitement of impending surgery and to be thorough and thoughtful with the process. Oftentimes, the cases seen on shows like E!’s Botched are the result of cheap or unprepared doctors so it is important to avoid these situations.

When looking for a cosmetic surgeon in the Texas area, look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden. This New York educated Texas girl is currently operating one of the best plastic surgery offices in the country and is receiving her much deserved praise. Encouraging her patients to embrace their inner confidence and beauty, Dr. Walden’s office offers many different surgical and medical spa procedures.

Dr. Walden’s practice offers facelift, eyelid, and browlift surgeries as well as otoplasty and cheek implants. Body procedures include tummy tucks, liposuction, arm and thigh lifts, as well as labiaplasty. For non-invasive medical spa procedures, options for patients include lasers, injectables, and skin care remedies. A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden herself has been very active in the fight against breast cancer, promoting breast cancer awareness and encouraging women and men to be aware of the risks. Her work in this area is aimed at preventing needless loss and educating patients.

Although she has since returned home to Texas to set up her practice, Dr. Walden received her training from the best medical facilities in New York. After completing her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden stayed in New York City to continue her work in the field. Focusing on her specialty, she worked in the New York hospital on breast implant clinical trials which led to the return of silicone breast implants. In addition, she also worked at Lenox Hill Hospitals under the academic appointment of the Clinical Instructor of Surgery, specializing in plastic surgery. Her focus in plastic surgery has formed years of experience and expertise in the field. Her credentials make her one of the best in her field, with the passion to match.

Proper Pet Care Leads To A Long, Happy Life

Dogs need tender loving care from the time they are a puppy into their adult lives. It is an owner’s responsibility to provide proper pet care to ensure their furry family member lives a happy life. They rely on their owners for everything from food and toys to medical attention and grooming needs. Proper housing and shelter is needed for canines living inside or outside. For pets who are not permitted on their owner’s bed, they need their own dog bed to curl up on and sleep. Outside animals need a dog house to keep them out of bad weather. A protective fence permits them to run freely in their area or an in-ground run gives them access to a large portion of the yard. Toys like balls, chewing ropes and stuffed animals entertain pets while owners are at work or running errands. Otherwise, canines can become lonely and seek attention by being destructive. This is also a good way to keep them active and burn off excess energy. Choosing the right dog food is also an important decision. This food should be easily digested and contain nutrients to maintain a healthy animal inside and out. Treats can also be given as rewards for good behavior and as a tasty snack between meals. Beneful is a high quality brand on Facebook made by the Purina Company. Petco dog food and treats are nutritious, healthy and filling. Wet and dry foods are available for puppies and adults in a variety of flavors. Beneful products are made from real vegetables like carrots, peas, tomatoes, spinach and sweet potatoes. Real meat like beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and salmon are also used. This line of dog food and treats are loaded with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. This company strives to produce dog food that is affordable, tasty and nutritious. Family pets love their owners no matter what. Dogs anxiously await their owner’s return whether they were gone a few minutes or all day. They deserve to receive the best pet care possible. Even the simplest decisions like what treats or food to give them could greatly affect their well being.

Beneful Gives Dogs Just What They Need In Their Food

Beneful has always been wanting to do more than the average dog food brand, and when dog owners see that, and when they realize just how great the products are that are put out by this brand, they start to get excited. They realize that there is one brand that they can depend on for this kind of product, and that makes them very happy. Beneful is a brand that is there for all dog owners to give them just the kind of help they need to keep their dogs strong, and many pet owners have taken them up on the help that they are offering and have been very happy with the results of doing that. Beneful is a brand that keeps the animals that it is making products for healthy. The quality of the ingredients that it uses in its products are the best, and all of those who work for the company testify to that. Many people who work for the company have said in its ads that they support it all the way. They use the products made by Beneful for their own dogs because they know that they are made with the best of ingredients. Beneful is a brand by Purina that is trusted and loved by many, and anytime that one brings a dog into their home they should realize that this brand is there to help them out. The brand is more than eager to give them all of the help that they need in order to keep their dog healthy, and the brand will be there for them all of the time.

Some Art Collectors Focus On Big Name Artists But Other Collectors Specialize In Oddities

Not everyone can afford to buy $100,000 paintings. Not everyone can afford to buy $1,000 paintings. That’s okay. The real value of artwork is not always measured by the price tag. Art collecting should be subjective first, then objective. What that means is a painting must talk to a collector before the purchase. That may take time. Some collectors study a piece of art for weeks or even months before they decide to buy it. Other collectors see a painting and within five minutes they are walking out the door with it. A few big name collectors like to operate that way. They want to purchase a painting before someone else buys it, so they react quickly. Other collectors like the oddball artists that express themselves in unique ways on canvas. Those collectors may not buy a painting until the oddball effect reaches into their collecting soul and prompts them to act.

Adam Sender, the young, retired hedge fund manager, bought art both ways. Sender had help from Todd Levin, a full-time curator, and thanks to Levin’s help Sender developed an important collection of contemporary art. Sender’s collection was so important that part of the collection was sold for $20 million in 2006, and another part was sold for $70 million in 2014. Obviously Adam had the funds to buy what Levin told him to buy. But Levin didn’t always push Sender to buy big names. Todd gave Sender the names of new artists that were worth collecting. It was a winning combination. Sender collected more than 400 contemporary art pieces, and now he does nothing, but pay attention to the art he didn’t sell.

There is no perfect formula to use when collecting contemporary art. At times, your gut feeling is worth more than a gallery curator’s opinion when collecting.  It could just be the exciting tick you get from being odd.

FreedomPop and Motorola’s New Deal

Anyone who is at least slightly familiar with telecommunications and phone service knows that the business field is always changing and evolving. FreedomPop, a cell phone app, proved this fact about the business world yet again.

Recently, FreedomPop, which is the only mobile phone app in America that offers free mobile service, came up with a new plan to help out with users who feel compelled to buy their own phones and still pay for their monthly service. The services that FreedomPop already offers include free voicing, texting and data usage as well as free calling internationally, to the point where over 50 different countries are covered under its usage.

The FreedomPop on facebook plan already allows users access to 200 voice minutes and 500 megabytes worth of data every month free, though users will still have to pay for the phone itself. For an extra $11 other services that are not included with the main copy are widely available. To go even further, with the “Premium Plus” plan that is available, this allows users to have their own visual voicemail with its own data rollover and instant picture and video messaging.

However, FreedomPop and Motorola have come together for a new business plan, and now FreedomPop has started to offer up a second generation plan called the “Moto E,” which comes in a pre-used condition for only $50. With this plan users can get a phone as well as a free unlimited talking trial for one month, unlimited texting and one gigabyte of data that can be switched out at any time. Also included in this is the fact that there is a money-back guarantee and cancelling the plan can be done at any time without much complications. This actually is a very good deal considering that with most other plans the total cost of this would total up to $250.

For what it’s worth, the Moto E app has a total of eight gigabytes of service with a front-facing VGA cam and runs on a 2390 mAh type battery.

Kenneth Griffin Keeps Citadel Afloat

Ken Griffin on insidermonkey was a mere sophomore at Harvard University when he got his first taste of trading. Armed with the tools of the day: telephone, computer and a fax, he made a cool $1 million that year and nearly $4 million by the time he graduated. Before long, Griffin had created Citadel LLC. Today, the company has grown to one of the largest hedge fund companies in the world.

Today the staff of Citadel has grown to over 1,250 worldwide. The company on https://www.citadel.com/about/leadership/kenneth-griffin/ offers a wide range of investment strategies and products. Griffin is a wide supporter of a number of causes. He actively supports a number of educational initiatives in the Chicago area including head starts and charter schools. Griffin sits on the Chicago Education Board and generously supports his alma mater, Harvard University. Last year, he donated $250 million to the financial aid fund to help students. The university showed its appreciation by adding his name to the financial aid building.

Griffin has also donated funds to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, the Art Institute and the University of Chicago. He has donated funds to number of political campaigns including Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rahner and Mitt Romney, Although he has committed solely to one political party, he prefers to vote for the individual who will do the most for the economy.

Griffin has been on the Forbes list of the top 400 Americans many times. Today, his personal wealth is $9 billion, and his company manages portfolios worth an estimated $25 billion. Griffin freely admits that he has made his share of mistakes over the years. His biggest blunder almost cost him his company in 2008. The banking collapse blindsided a number of companies. It was only through is quick thinking and business savvy that he was able to save Citadel from the brink of collapse.

Citadel is in very good shape today and Griffin plans for it to stay that way. He says that the banking industry needs much more oversight. “There were some very good laws like Dodd-Frank that laid out some significant rules and regulations.” Griffin also points out that they haven’t gone far enough. “A number of CEOs are resistant to change for whatever reasons.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Griffin did divulge that meetings are routinely conducted at McDonald’s. “When I say let’s take a walk, they all know what I mean,” says Griffin.