Trends Show That Coriant Has a Bright Future

Anyone interested in the business world will usually be curious about possible methods to predict the viability of a company. Contrary to many people’s opinions, there actually are ways to gauge whether a company has a greater than normal chance of success. This usually comes about through exacting experience within a particular field. Every industry has certain aspects to it which will give it a stronger chance of doing well against the competition. A good example of this is Coriant, and the reasons why most people believe that it has a bright future.

Coriant is a company which specializes in multiple different, but complementary technologies. And this is part of why experts believe the company has some unique advantages. It focuses on three aspects of the IT sector. These are voice, mobile networks, and data. These form a strong infrastructure upon which to build a company. But perhaps more importantly they offer true flexibility. Because these three technologies form the basis of most of the newer IT innovations Coriant has the ability to move forward in almost any direction. As such any new technology or discovery can be quickly integrated and expanded upon.

But of course these actions are only possible with strong leadership. And it’s the leadership of new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir which provides people with additional confidence in Coriant. Much like Coriant itself, new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has a synergistic mix of different specialties. He spent a great deal of time working as the chief operations and technology officer at Barclays Bank. But in addition to that he’s had significant work and leadership experience within GTE and Verizon Communications.

Anyone familiar with the IT sector will instantly realize just what someone like Shaygan Kheradpir can bring to a company. Engineers working with groundbreaking technologies can accomplish amazing things. But at the same time they need to be under the direction of someone who really understands both leadership and their particular craft. Shaygan Kheradpir’s experience in both an executive and practical role ensure that he’s the perfect person to lead Coriant’s diverse workforce and portfolio into successful endeavors. And this is also why people are in agreement that the company has a bright future.

Fine Dining with the Family Dog

Everyone loves to put some work into preparing a delicious meal for loved ones. Whether it’s a romantic meal for two, or a larger piece for the entire family. But the Daily Herald recently reported on an unexpected dinner guest. It turns out that the family dog might well be having high quality meals every day, mot just on special occasions. The Daily Herald was looking into a recent trend of high quality gourmet dog food. Obviously people have always wanted good food for their dogs. But in general, dog owners were content to serve food that was of far lesser quality than an average meal which they themselves might eat. The Daily Herald showed a surprising change in that perception though. They reported that dog food companies were beginning to use ingredients that were actually better than the average human meal. A combination of high quality ingredients and tastes centered around traditional prepared meals have created dog food that humans might not even mind taking a taste of. But while the trend might be new, there’s been some companies which have paved the way. In particular, the Beneful brand of dog food has placed an emphasis on high quality ingredients from the very start. One of their biggest points has always been that dog food should actually look like real food. Most dog food is so heavily processed and artificially flavored that it’s hardly recognizable on Facebook as anything that ever existed in nature. Right from the start, Beneful decided to ensure that food was kept in as natural a state as possible. This means that when one opens up a bag of the high quality dog food brand, it’s obvious what’s in there. If it’s a chicken flavor than there will be chunks of chicken visible to the eye. If there’s some healthy veggies in there than one can actually tell which vegetables are on the dog’s menu for that day. And perhaps most importantly Beneful knew that natural ingredients mean that all of the complex mixtures of vitamins and minerals that exist in food will be kept intact. There’s no need for artificial flavors and artificial foods when that quality is coming right from nature itself.

Majeed Ekbal’s GoFundMe Campaign Helps Nepal

Nepal is a nation that found itself at the core of a massive earthquake. The damage done to the country was massive and destroyed many lives. Homes, schools, and medical facilities were devastated due to the earthquake. Donations and international aid are desperately needed in order to help those who are suffering in the squalor of the post-earthquake landscape. A series of private donations have been set up by those hoping to do their part to send money to the afflicted region.

Majeed Ekbal has set up his own GoFundMe campaign to help those in Nepal who could use more than a little bit of assistance. Ekbal is primarily known for his work as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. Clearly, he is also involved with charitable pursuits as revealed with the GoFundMe campaign.

Majeed Ekbal recently gained quite a bit of notoriety in the Chicago area thanks in large part to a shop-at-home venture that people really embraced thanks to the high convenience factor. Ekbal was in charge an an endeavor dubbed “Expresso Inc.” and it allowed busy people in need of coffee and other beverages and snacks a way to get the items easily delivered. The idea may be a relatively simple one, but not too many entrepreneurs came up with a working plan for a similar service.

Since he is such an innovative entrepreneur, Ekbal may very well be able to draw the attention of people in Chicago and the surrounding area to take part in the GoFundMe campaign. Without the support of a well known person, campaigns like these may struggle. Majeed Ekbal’s notoriety should help the venture.

The funds raised with the GoFundMe campaign will then be directed to a much larger Crowdrise campaign that is seeking to raise millions of dollars in relief funding. The funding should go help the cause immensely and aid those in serious need of financial support.

Learning About Coriant

Companies in the modern era are fully able to provide a wide variety of services in any field, ranging from building construction to advancements in technology. Telecommunications happens to be an incredibly popular field, and Coriant is one of the companies that does business and excels in this area.

Coriant is the name of an independent company that specializes in the telecommunications sector of business. The company first came into being in 2013, when it originally started off as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, a bigger telecommunications equipment company. However the new company took the name of Coriant and operated on its own, while still being partnered up with Marlin Equity Partners. Even though the company has only been in existence for only two years, a new deal has been struck with Marlin Equity that will result in Coriant forming a merger Tellabs, another telecom company, with everything as a whole operating as Coriant.

One of the names who has been involved with Coriant is none other than businessman Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir was born in 1960 in the United Kingdom, specifically London, but spent a large portion of his youth living in Iran. When it came time to go to college he opted to move to America and attend Cornell University. By the end of his time at Cornell, he had attained a bachelor’s, doctor’s and master’s degree in the field of electrical engineering.

After attaining multiple degrees from Cornell, Kheradpir took on his first job at GTE Laboratories where he worked as a network and routing manager, eventually doing well enough to become the chief information officer of the company. In 2000 the company then completed a successful merger with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications, where he sat as the company’s first chief information and technology officer there. While there he was noted for having several accomplishments and projects fulfilled over a certain amount of time, one of which included created a new electronic app called “iobi,” which was good for organizing phone address books and caller ID. Kheradpir was also able to reduce the information technology spending budgets by a certain amount and also cut down on the number of staff needed to run information departments. He was even able to cut down on spending on vendors. Recently, Kheradpir has succeeded Pat DiPietro as the CEO of Coriant and worked closely with the vendors there.

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The Problem of Online Reviews

For Andrew Gruel the launch of his restaurant, Slapfish, was an exciting moment. He had a niche, sustainable seafood, and a style that would make any foodie dance in their seat when the plates arrived. However, he wasn’t perfect and his first few months were rough. Customers went to online review websites like Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Angie’s List in droves to complain about serving sizes and prices. So Mr. Gruel took their complaints to heart and amended his menu, but the damage had been done: the negative reviews were public forever.

Gruel’s story isn’t a rare one and, in fact, it is increasingly common to see companies go into a nosedive because their first few reviews were negative. That is why companies like Status Labs exist. Status Labs, led by CEO Darius Fisher, aim to help businesses and individuals control their public image on the internet. Status Labs is a digital reputation management company and they are almost tailor made to help people like Andrew Gruel and we’ll explain why.

The key to offsetting these bad reviews is to respond to your customers and help them feel heard, respected, and appropriately responded to. With hundreds of reviews potentially going up every month it can be hard for an entrepreneur to sit down and respond to them all. FreedomPop takes the task to heart and they make it their job to respond to all of these reviews almost as soon as possible. Mr. Gruel told reporters that you can “get buried by bad reviews and that you have to “stop the bleeding” — and that is what Status Labs does.

The company opts to respond to bad reviews as quickly as possible in order to resolve and potentially eliminate the negative reviews. This is an important branch of customer service that usually happens in the restaurant. With the popularity of online review websites, however, there has become a very real need for a digital PR branch to help maintain the business. It’s sad but negative reviews, especially int he early life of a company, can turn the tide of public opinion for good.

Photographer and Lacrosse Player Finds His Creative Apex

The world of business can often consume the lives of many of those who are looking to maximize their profit margins and become as successful as possible. However, the careers of many individuals do not remain limited by the business career they have created, instead many people look to show off the many different sides to their personalities via the Internet and many different social media platforms. Jon Urbana made his name as a lacrosse player at Villanova, but is now growing a strong reputation as a creative person who uses Facebook to express himself in his range of leisure activities.

Jon Urbana may well be popular with many who follow his business career, but he is also growing an ever expanding number of followers on Twitter. One of the main areas of interest for his followers is the photography work that Urbana has been developing in recent years. Jon Urbana is keen to show off his own work in the charity world, but also to explain exactly where he gets his many influences from for his work. His Instagram photos are filled with his own work some of the world’s best known photographers, which act as something of a tutorial in this area of creative interest for the popular businessperson. He also maintains a personal blog to showcase his life as an entrepreneur, in addition to his work. Behold the glory of Earth Temple, taken by Urbana in Thailand.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Alongside the growing critical praise for the nature and food photography,Jon Urbana has been working on comes an ever expanding musical career that has seen Urbana break new ground as a performer. The video work of Jon Urbana has now seen him explore a wide range of new digital equipment, including software and hardware that has led to critically acclaimed work as a remix expert for popular songs and a producer of original work.

Jon Urbana completes all this creative work and still finds the time to run a lacrosse camp, be reachable though his website, and continue his education as an expert pilot, which has seen him join the illustrious list of those who have reached the pinnacle of the aviation industry. Urbana has recently been named to the list of the FAA Airmen Certification Database that is seen as the highest accolade available for commercial pilots.

Status Labs Shows How to Clean-Up Your Google Footprint

How often does a company offer the advice they get paid for – for free?. Yet in the case of Status Labs president, Darius Fisher, he’s doing just that. In a recent article, Mr Fisher clearly spells out five tips to perform a Google name clean-up. Knowing how much trouble a bad digital reputation can be to a person’s career and even their family and social life, Darius Fisher has become an expert in helping persons in a digital crisis. Here are his five suggested tips:

Before you Google yourself, log out of your browser and clear the cache and history. This will give a more accurate view of what others see when they Google your name.
Make sure all your social network profiles have the right privacy settings. Remove any negative photos or statements that you have posted previous to changing these settings.
Create new content about yourself, through a blog, social media bios or press releases. The well-know social media sites rank high on Google, so add info often.
Monitor databrokers like PeopleSmart and WhitePages that scrape the web for your personal information.
Take matters into your own hands by contacting webmasters to have your photo or name removed from websites
Mr. Fisher acknowledges that cleaning up search results and adding fresh and positive content that ranks high on Google’s search takes hard work. But he has been at it for awhile, having served over 1,500 clients in thirty-five countries. Not only is Status Labs an online reputation management service, but also specializes in public relations and digital marketing. With offices located in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo, their clients range from politicians, athletes, CEOs and other public figures.

As an indication of Darius Fischer’s recognition as an expert in digital reputation management and marketing, he will be a speaker at the Impact15 marketing conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. His presentation is titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression”. He plans to once again share his knowledge of best practices and the SEO along with many other topics. Thanks go out to Mr. Fisher for his help in fixing for others what can seem like an insurmountable task.

Town Residential Aims to Offer the Best

Town Residential is all about providing the very best real estate offerings in the city of New York. The company wants to make sure customers find exactly what they want, no matter where it is or what kind of size they are looking for. From six bedroom homes to studio-like apartments, if it is a luxury setting, Town Residential has it covered. So, for anyone who is looking for the best of the best and wants to live in the lap of luxury, they need a real estate service that is able to provide them this and specializes in it. That is exactly what Town Residential offers.

The real estate market in New York City apartments for rent has been on the upswing for several years now and it seems to improve every single month. While the vacancy rate has sat steady for the last several months, the asking price continues to increase. This is good for home owners who are looking to sell. For buyers looking to move into the market, now is the time, as the prices are going to continue to go up. The blooming economy that is not fixed on overpriced mortgages or lending customers are not able to afford, the value is likely going to increase to at least close to pre-recession prices).

So where exactly can Town Residential help a possible tenant? It really just depends on the kind of property they are looking for and what they want. The real estate agency works in every single market throughout the city. All the renter or buyer needs to do is point out where they wish to live and what kind of property they are interested in. The website showcases many of the newest properties that are highlighted by some truly fascinating offerings.

The company also specializes not only in luxury home listings but also commercial and retail properties as well. For a business looking to open up shop, there are different ways the company is able to do this. Beyond this, if there is a business that is looking to start selling goods and wants a beautiful store front to be able to do this, they can find the perfect location as well. With the help of Town Residential, the perfect property is just a stone’s throw away. They just need to find exactly what is working for them and what is going to make them happy.

Beneful Has Always Been Successful For Me

I can’t help my love for dogs. Sometimes my girlfriend may think that I go overboard with my passion for pooches, but I can’t help it. These dogs have brought me so much joy and love, and I want to do everything I can to show my appreciation back to them.

It all started when I was 4 and got my first dog. She was a black and white German Shepard. It was funny to watch her run and drag me behind as she got older. My dog was great and she would alert us to anything happening in the yard without hesitation so the added security was helpful since we lived in the deserts of Arizona.

After a while, we felt bad that there was no friend for my dog so my mother got another dog to keep as a second pet. I can still remember coming home from school and watching the two of them playing around in the yard. They would go after birds, rabbits, and just about anything else that moved.

Over the years the dogs that we had as pets slowly changed on, and after keeping my german shepherd for over 15 years she passed away from health issues. I now have another dog that I couldn’t imagine living without. I would do anything for my good boy. I find myself constantly looking for the things that will help him live a happy healthy life with the help of Beneful on

When it comes to food I have found that Purina’s Beneful is a great line of dog food that has a proven track of success. With all the different dogs that I have had over the years, they all seem to like this one kind of food from Beneful. For the smaller animals, we would use the Incredibites, but when it came to my german shepherd we would mainly use the Beneful Original or Beneful with chicken. I also love sharing a snack like one of the Beneful
Healthy Smiles that I know is helping my friend’s teeth out while making him happy.

My girlfriend already understands that she is going to have to put up with my dogs if she wants to be able to make it with me, and she does very well.

The Most Famous YouTubers Ever

Google first launched its video sharing platform – YouTube – in 2005. Since then, the social media platform has gone from strength to strength and is now used by celebrities the world over as a first point of contact for movies and music projects. Of course, not all the most popular YouTubers are famous celebrities in more common entertainment streams. Some of them you may never have heard of before now.

Video Game Star – KSI

Olajide “KSI” Olatunji has been a fan of EA Sports’ FIFA video games for a very long time and started posting video’s of himself playing games with his own commentary in 2009. He garnered 7000 subscribers in his first year of posting and now has over 1.9 billion views and 10.5 million subscribers.

Brazilian Comedy Group – Porta dos Fundos

Porta dos Fundos is a famous Brazilian comedy group which started their career on YouTube. Their YouTube popularity has directly led to a TV series and movie deal for the five person band.

Beauty Expert and Online Marketer Wendy Huang (Wengie)

Wendy Huang, a.k.a Wengie, is a famous YouTuber with a focus on beauty for the Asian lady. Wengie noticed a gap in the market for beauty and makeup tips for Asian ladies in a space that focussed on the caucasian population for the most part. She now has a large following on her YouTube channel, one of the most subscribed beauty channels on YouTube, which she started to support her blog.

Wengie is a great advocate of starting your day out right with a pot of ginseng tea or soy coffee and skin loving foods such as kale, tomatoes and salmon. She also loves to use circle lenses to make her eyes appear larger and more vibrant even when she is tired or does not want to wear makeup.

Comedian – RayWilliamJohnson

Best known for “Equals Three” Ray william Johnson got his comedy career started on YouTube providing commentary on viral videos. His show has featured some famous names like Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman.

It is thanks to his YouTube success that he has expanded his range of comedy to TV shows and has bequeathed his “Equals Three” show to a new host so that he can focus on his television career.

Comedian – JennaMarbles (a.k.a JennaMarblesBlog)

In a profession which seems to be dominated by men, a female comedian who has developed her own brand of successful comedy is a rare sight. With 1.8 billion views and 15.5 million subscribers, JennaMarbles has filled that niche most admirably. Her blast into YouTube stardom came thanks to a video titled “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking”.