Freshpet Enters The Pet Food Market As An Innovator

The latest trend in pet foods is the marketing of pet foods with healthier and more natural ingredients. This trend has been pushed by the consumer market’s desire for more organic and natural foods for families and children. You can see this trend in any grocery store by looking at the additional natural food choices available to you and your family. This new focus has now moved to pet foods. Even the major pet food companies are introducing new all natural pet foods to the marketplace and as a consequence, there is now a huge demand for all-natural dog and cat foods. Purina‘s Beneful brand is just one of these. The marketing efforts and retail sales of these new natural pet foods have also been growing at double-digit rates since 2002. In 2007 sales of these products climbed 43%, an impressive gain. Some of the major pet food brands like Purina are also getting into this market in a big way. As an example, PurinaStore’s Beneful brand now has a specialty food specifically tailored for older dogs. It is designated as Beneful Playful Life Adult Formula and is marketed as providing your older dog with the essential nutrients he needs. It also carries the claim that it is made with real beef which will help your dog build strong muscles and a robust immune system. One of the newest players in this fast-growing market is Freshpet Inc. an innovative pet food manufacturer and distributor located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. At Freshpet, the companies entire focus is on the quality and freshness of its pet food. They are, in fact, so adamant about the quality of their products on Amazon that it is not uncommon for the CEO and the manufacturing chief to be at their manufacturing facility, in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, taste testing the quality of their pet products from right off the manufacturing line. They are also obsessed about their freshness and taste. As a consequence, they use only natural ingredients and are insistent on not using any preservatives or other adulterants in their manufacture. They also limit the time that their pet food stays on store shelves to ensure that the pet food is eaten while it is still at its flavor and nutritional peak. In addition, Freshpet is the only pet food available to consumers that require refrigeration. This is not only a marketing advantage but is helps separate Freshpet from its competition.

Securus Makes Visitation So Much Easier For Loved Ones

There are hundreds of movies that have scenes where loved ones go to visit inmates in prison. I have seen many scenes where the inmate sits down to pick the phone while their visitors pick up the phone on the other side of the glass. I always thought that this would only work for someone that actually lived in the same area that the inmate was locked up in. People that lived in other cities or states would never really get the chance and talk with someone that was in jail. That is where Securus comes in. This is a company that has made it possible to communicate with prisoners without going to the prison.

That may be one of the best things that could have ever happened with technology. Securus is a leader of innovative video visitation software that allows people to visit with inmates much easier. The at-home video visitation is becoming extremely popular because people can actually use this with their portable devices like tablets and smart phones. I had an aunt that was incarcerated once. She was in a state more than 12 hours away. I loved her dearly, but I never had the money to go that far so see her. It would have been great to have something like Securus when she was behind bars.

The best thing about the visitations at home may be the convenience of not actually having to go to the prison. There certainly is a benefit of being able to see a person in the flesh, but many people cannot tolerate prisons. It can be a scary place to visit. Children of parents that are locked up may be frightened just by the thought of going to a prison. I know that I am not a fan of the long lines and all the waiting just to talk for a short time. I can remember spending more time driving to see an inmate than I actually spent talking to him. That is why I and many others would prefer a system like Securus.

At one time people had to invest in bigger kiosk styled machines in order to get this type of electronic visitation outside of the prison. Today the patented technology Securus developed has made it easier to visit through portable devices. All of these changes have provided a higher level of convenience that cuts down on traveling to prisons.

Beneful Choice New Products For Your Pets

Beneful dog food is one of the premium dog foods that are healthy and delicious. Beneful moist dog food is the perfect blend of moist morsels and delicious taste that a dog will always love. Beneful is available in dry dogs food flavors such as beef, chicken, and salmon. It contains real meat and real vegetables in the soft and crunchy chunks. Beneful also has treats that any pup will love. Give the treats to help clean the pup’s teeth after he or she eats. Give him the dental bones to help him develop his teeth by chewing. Chewing this is much better than chewing a chair leg or shoe. The treats are baked to be healthier, not fried. Fresh pets foods like Beneful are showing a picture of their processing of new healthy formula foods for your pets. They are dishing out real meat and meat products that even the Chief of Manufacturing will pick up a bite and eat it in front of everyone. He states how it taste as good as Thanksgiving dinner. I believe that any dog food that great will have no problem selling millions. Pro-plan is talking about their natural food mixtures that are great for your cat. The cat is always happy to get great tasting food and will meow with delight at the great flavors available. Blue Buffalo and Fresh Pet is stepping up their production. They are taking aim at Premium pet owners and their Premium pets. The hope is that most people will change over from dog food made from fillers to dog food that is good for the dog. Meat and meat products mixed with things such as blueberries, strawberries or green beans makes a fresh new taste for your pet. Your dog will have more energy and will develop a healthier coat from fresh foods. The article in the Daily Herald speaks about the foods and improvements in the foods. Check out the new pet food options in the refrigeration in the local markets.

Stephen Murray’s Journey of Founding CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a new York-based firm by Steve Murray that focuses on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout since it deals with private equity investment. Its former name was JP Morgan Partners. It is important to note that most investment professionals working for JP Morgan Partners left JP Morgan Chase in 2006 around the month of July. CCMP has invested around $12 billion in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout since inception. It was in 2007 that CCMP was ranked number 17 among the largest biggest private equity funds in the world.

Steve Murray was a philanthropist and a well-known on Wall Street as a private equity investor. He was the chief executive officer and the president of CCMP Capital. In 1984, Stephen graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. He earned his masters from Columbia Business School where he pursued business administration. His major achievement was co-founding CCMP in 2006. Other major companies where he served on the board include Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, AMC Entertainment and General Power Systems. It took him several years to take CCMP Capital to what it is today.

CCMP has more than fifty employees working in their offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Greg Brenneman was hired as the chairman of CCMP in 2008.In the past two decades, CCMP has had several names. It was originally founded in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners to serve as venture capital arm and private equity of Chemical Bank. In 1996, after Chemical Venture Partners acquired Chase Manhattan Bank, the name Chase was adopted by Chemical to form Chase Capital Partners. It also did the same in 2000 when it bought J.P Morgan and company. It is after this acquisition that it changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. After this acquisition, the platform has grown through integrating private equity organizations of Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hanover, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming and company and J.P Morgan and company.

In 2004, JP Morgan Chase acquired One Equity Partners. Dick Cashin led One Equity, who was a very competent leader. He was still the leader when they JP Morgan partners finally decided to spin out JP Morgan Chase. It was in 2005 that JP Morgan Partners made an announcement of its spinout. During the same month, they completed the separation process where it was to start operating on its own in 2006. The newly formed firm adopted the acronym ‘CCMP’ referring to its predecessors (JP Morgan Partners, Chase, and Chemical).it was in 2006 that JP Morgan completed selling $925 million interest that were in JP Morgan Partners to form a group of secondary investors.

It was in 2007 when Stepehn Murray CCMP completed fundraising, closing on about $3.4 billion of money that most institutional investors committed. In February 2014, another bold step was taken by CCMP where they sold a pharmaceutical contract research enterprise Med pace to Cinven for approximately $900 million.

Fighting For Human Rights

In 2013 there was a conference regarding human rights in Oslo Norway. Thor Halvorseen was the person who was hosting this gathering. Halvorseen who is so obsessive about his cause, gets himself imbedded in international strife. This has put him in contradictory position fighting for the rights of others. He holds the conferences in Norway because his family is from there before they migrated to Venezuela.

At this years conference there were fifty seven countries discussing ways to overthrow tyrannical leaders. The conference was called “Davos of human rights”. He becomes a little annoyed when describe as a moderate but, insisting as he put it, a ‘classical liberal,” whose only pursuit is human rights. His New York chapter has only one plan and that is to fight oppressive leaders all over the world. Halvorsen wants to make sure that citizens are treated fairly worldwide.

In 2005 the Human Rights Foundation was established by Thor Halvorssen, he is also the President. He is the same person who spoke for human rights in Oslo in London in 1989. Before he began the Human Rights Foundation, he was co founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, here he also served as the Executive Director and CEO. His opinions and views on this topic has appeared in many prominent newspapers around the world.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela, but will not return because he might be arrested. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding degrees in history and political science. He knows how imperative it is for the protection of human rights. There was an incident in 1993 when his father who was an ambassador at the time, was held in a Venezuelan jail against his will. His father was badly mistreated by the government regime, then only gaining his freedom because Amnesty International took up his plight.

Also, his mother was fired upon by the Venezuelan government, at a peaceful rally when gunmen shot into the crowd, leaving a lot of casualties, killing one person. This action was televised for all of the world to see. Thor Halvorssen’s first cousin, who is a politician is now in prison in Venezuela.

Jon Urbana’s Tweets Cover A Lot Of Ground

Jon Urbana knows the value of social media. In particular, he is a fan of Facebook, but even more active on Twitter. His active tweets show he definitely wants his followers to stay in the loop on a number of subjects. The founder of the incredibly popular Next Level Lacrosse Camp (Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player) has made 64,000+ tweets and has over 7,000 followers.

Jon Urbana’s tweets cover a lot of ground. The personal side of the man comes out when he shares his interests on a number of topics. Recently, he tweeted a link to a Buzzfeed article chronicling how 21 people discuss the profound impact the late David Bowie’s music has had on their life. Urbana also posted a tweet to his personal blog that deals with the great features of the “New GLS… Mercedes Benz”. Yes, a lot of Jon Urbana’s interests and recollections are revealed on LinkedIn, but even more is revealed on his Twitter account.

Readers even learn a bit about his tastes in music. A tweet linking to his Tumblr account leads to a three-minute video of DJ Angeldemon singing “Rastaman Spirit”. Maybe some of that spirit is what inspires Urbana to be so successful in lacrosse, local philanthropy, and business.

Jon Urbana’s interests are quite varied, no one would argue that statement. His tweets even delve into the topic of food. One tweet leads to his blog entry on spices and those looking for healthy ways to season food will find the accompanying text interesting. Food lovers are also going to enjoy reading the tweet about lobster. The tweet leads to a photo of a lobster meal served in the backdrop of a city by the sea at night. The artistry of the photo is incredible.

And then there is the really intriguing tweet about NASA and the interesting inspiration for the latest Rover, not to mention Paper Navy’s Swan Song. That one is worth checking out. Actually, all the tweets are worth looking at as most are intriguing to say the least.

The Autism Rocks Campaign

Autism is an impairment in both social interactions as well as developmental language and communication. Studies have shown that despite the fact that this is harsh impairment, it is more common among boys than among girls. An estimated one out of 42 boys every year are diagnosed with this disorder. Recently in news, Sanjay Shah has decided to raise money to further research and cures to the disorder due to the fact that his 4-year old son, Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011 with this disorder.

With this motivation to raise money, Mr. Shah began giving stage performances in London. His charity, Autism Rocks, has had many famous performers further his campaign such as Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Bublè. All of the money that has been raised through these performances has been donated to the autism research center that is based at Cambridge University.

Mr. Shah understands the troubles that come along with the autism diagnoses as he himself has been through it with his son. Mr. Shah states that his charity called Autism Rocks does not have the goal of finding the cure to autism. Instead, the money that he is raising for this disorder has the purpose of furthering research to allow for parents to better understand the diagnosis. Mr. Shah, like any other concerned parents, wants the best for his son and to understand how he thinks.

Sanjay Shah is a concerned father who has dedicated his life to furthering the research in the disorder of autism. As this disorder is the fastest growing disorder in the world, Mr. Shah wants to further the research in order to understand this disorder. Understanding autism will improve the parent-child relationship and will also lead to less expenses paid by the parents to try and find cures. In recent statistics, the average cost of the family with an autistic child is around 60,000 dollars per year.

Mr. Shah has used his leadership in this charity to further research of this disorder. Those who have this disorder live in a difficult situation of living among masses of people. Those with this disorder often have the difficult task of being the minority among the billions of people in the world.