Gold as financial protection

The stock market is often viewed on PR Newsire as being a significant vehicle for wealth creation. While this is true in many situations investing in equity markets is an important investment vehicle and should not be ignored. However, there are other ways to invest as well and an investor should diversify into other alternatives including bonds, commodities and precious metals like silver and gold.
Of all of these investment classes gold has proven to be one of the more stable investment options, not only just over decades, but over centuries. Gold is seen as a stable investment due to the universal demand for it as well as a result of the limited supply of it. When you compare gold to different currencies, bonds, and equities, for the purpose of juxtaposition, it becomes apparent the huge advantage a limited supply is according to goldnewsnetwork.

When a company is in financial need of money they can issue additional bonds or stock. This will serve to reduce the value of the bonds or stock that you already own and reduce their value. While this is preferable to a stock or bond holder than having the company go bankrupt, it is still a negative on the value of their investment. The same is true of central banks and monetary policy. When they are in financial need, they simply print out new money which devalues their currency.

With gold, there is no option according to cbs19 for anyone to make more gold. It becomes increasingly more expensive to extract it from gold mines and this limited supply has added a price support for gold. In addition, there are numerous parties that hold significant amounts of gold such as international governments and large investment funds which limit the supply of gold in the market.

There are many ways to buy and hold gold for investment. One neat way to do so is with gold coins which have a limited supply and often become collectors’ items which thereby improve on their overall value as time goes on. Gold coins are easy to store and hold real value as they contain gold in them and can always be melted down if need be.

Picking out gold coins can be challenging and it is essential to find a firm that has the experience and expertise in doing so. One such firm is US Money Reserve, Inc. which has a long and storied history in the gold market and is one of the leading firms in providing investors with expert advice on gold investing.

US Money Reserve is particularly astute with gold coins and in understanding the rareness and special nature of each coin and can highlight to their customers which ones make for better investments. Further, US Money Reserve’s professionals have real insight into gold markets and can be used as a source for understanding where the gold market is heading.

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George Soros Believes Global Markets Are Headed For a Crises

Billionaire investor George Soros has warned other investors according to to be very cautious as he believes the global markets are facing a very serious crisis.

While speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka, Soros made mention of the fact China is still struggling to come up with a suitable growth model. He also spoke on China’s currency devaluation and how its causing problems for the entire world.

According to Soros, the things going on in the market right now are very similar to what took place in 2008.

During the first week of 2016, stock and commodity markets as well as global currency markets were all under fire. While China is in the process of shifting from investment and manufacturing towards consumption and services, a sinking Yuan is causing even more concern as investors are unsure about the strength of the Chinese economy.

Within the first 10 days of 2016, over $2 trillion was wiped from the value of global equities. If that’s not enough to make you rethink investing in China, than what is?

George Soros was quoted as saying, “China has a major adjustment problem.” A problem so severe it amounts to a crisis in the eyes of Soros.

This is not the first time George Soros has warned of a 2008-like catastrophe. In 2011 he said the Greece-born European debt crunch was even worse than the financial crisis that took place in 2008.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros has a net worth of just over $27 billion. His career began in the financial capital of the world, also known as New York City, in the 1950’s.

In 1992 he netted $1 billion when he correctly predicted the U.K. would have to devalue the pound. This one move gained him a reputation for being a very savvy investor. That’s why when he predicts a crisis is coming, investors stop and listen.

To help with China’s adjustment problem, the Communist Party promised to do two very important things. First they will increase the convertibility of the Yuan by 2020, and secondly they will slowly but surely dismantle capital controls. And while this may not solve the problem completely, it is a step in the right direction.

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Decreasing Turnover Rates Fast

Do you want to keep your employees staying with your company? Do you want them to remain professional and consistently work with your brand? Doing so is not all that easy, but you need to know that simply being there for them and making their lives just a little bit easier can make a world of difference to their lives. The truth is that turnover rates can go extremely high if you aren’t careful. You need to make sure that you are giving your employees benefits, incentives, and vacations to entice them and make them happy to work with your company.

It all begins with the managers and the supervisors who handle everybody. They are the front end managers who will be speaking to your employees daily, and you must educate them to know how to speak to everybody. If they make life a living hell for everybody, it could create a bad workplace with negative energy.

This also correlates to how you work with everybody else and the supervisors to make sure that a positive workplace is generated. You should think about the fact that there are also people who struggle when it comes down to staying with a company if they aren’t appreciated. You can easily decrease turnover rates by letting everyone know that they are appreciated, whether that means a bonus on certain days or holidays, or even just a few special things you can give them when they want it. Being generous doesn’t mean giving them tons of cash, but instead showing basic appreciation.

You should remember that your reputation matters, so working with Darius Fisher can be a big help. With an online reputation management company like Status Labs, he can help with public relations, online marketing, traditional advertising, and advanced online reputation management to save their brand. There are all kinds of services his company offers, and they can help guide you to growing effectively on the web and creating that professional brand. This is a company who knows all about the world of advertising and can provide you with what you need to protect your brand.

Peeled Oranges Have Angered Twitter Users

Whole Foods is a store that most people frequent when they want to eat a little better and feel a little bit healthier. For the most part, Whole Foods has gotten very good press about who they are and what they offer. It turns out that one little slip up will cause their reputation to be looked down upon.

That’s exactly what happened recently and the problem can be pinpointed to oranges. According to GrubStreet, Whole Foods tried selling pre-peeled oranges. Perhaps these were for the lazy folks who didn’t want to bother peeling them or for those who simply didn’t have enough time on their hands. Either way, the idea flopped, says their lawyer Dan Newlin, a well-known attorney in Central Florida. Newlin believes that part of it was because Whole Foods had to use giant bulky plastic containers to keep the oranges in. People didn’t like this at all and lots of angry folks took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Whole Foods has since apologized and pulled the product. They realized how foolish it was. One also has to keep in mind that those oranges probably don’t stay as fresh either. This isn’t the first time that Whole Foods was faced with some opposition when they tried a new product. Whole Foods tried selling water with stalks of asparagus in it. From now on, maybe it’s a good idea if Whole Foods just sticks with what they know which is the normal healthy foods that everyone knows and loves.

Can You Recover From A Negative Viral Video?

University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click was filmed calling for the removal of a student journalist covering a student protest. On that November 9th day, Click’s life changed greatly. She became a national celebrity in a negative manner. The video went viral and Click became a symbol of those who express hostility toward the first amendment.
The fallout from the incident resulted in Click being suspended from teaching pending an investigation by the University of Missouri System Board of Curators, She has been hit with a misdemeanor charge of third degree assault, which can be voided if she performs community service and avoids trouble for a year.
After being silent for three months Click has launched a public relations campaign orchestrated by the public relations firm, Status Labs.
Status Labs is a multi-faceted reputation management company. They can enhance a person’s, business, or organization’s online fingerprint by practicing image management.
Status Labs can help companies grow their brand and increase sales. If s client has a damaged reputation, Status Labs can launch a campaign to repair it.
Of the incident at the protest, Click has this to say:
“The words that came out of my mouth came out of the dark crevices of my brain. I didn’t mean to be the cause of violence. I can’t defend the way I handled the encounter. I’m embarrassed by it.”
Click hopes to be judged by her 12 years of teaching and having a positive impact on campus life.
The incident happened on a day when student protests over the treatment of black students resulted in the resignation of Missouri’s president and chancellor.
Unfortunately for Click, a second negative video of Click’s behavior during another student protest surfaced. This resulted in a lack of support from the school’s interim chancellor.
It will be interesting to see if the team at Status Labs action will rescue Click from the firestorm surrounding her.

Soros Surprises Financial World With Shocking Series of Investments


George Soros (whom has recently been covered in The Street: TheStreet) has long been a prominent voice in the world of high finance, a man whose prowess of market prognostication has dazzled and enraged innumerable investors. So when the multi billionaire recently invested every single one of his hedge fund shares into only three top tier energy companies, people were naturally very curious what on earth he was getting up to. The three companies Soros decided to gamble so heavily upon included Chevron, NRG Energy and Chesapeake Energy.

George Soros ( is well known for more than just having a great deal of money, though. He is also known internationally for his politically savvy championship of justice, democratic ideals and human rights as well as organizing charities such as the OSF (Open Society Foundation). So naturally The Street  reported investors are asking the question – “Does Soros know something we don’t?”

Information is king in the world of finance and investments, especially in the highly fluctuating energy sector. For instance, energy market shares have been taken for a insane roller coaster ride this year with the recent oil price surge. The surge itself was caused, primarily, due to the Russian and Saudi oil freeze, a collaboration which sought to close down oil production in a desperate attempt by the two countries to increase oil prices. More turbulence was brought into the affair due to Iran’s rejection of the partnership in the deal, given that Iran sits on the fifth largest reserve of oil in the entire world. Iran’s departure from the deal quickly caused oil prices to plummet and the market to once again jitter chaotically.

To further illustrate the state of the oil market consider how far prices have fallen. In 2014 the price for a barrel of oil sat at $ 110, as of last Friday the price for a barrel of oil has fallen to a scant $ 29.64 – that’s a drop of 73 percent in the span of less than a year. No small matter as this overarching market downturn has caused stocks to follow suite, such as the notable S & P 500 which has plummeted 5.82 percent this year alone (2016). To further illustrate the importance of the energy sector, the United States spends over 1.4 trillion (that’s one million million) dollars on energy alone and accounts for over nine million jobs. Again, no small matter. So whether or not Soros knows some key piece of insider information is unknown but what is certain is that investors should definitely keep their eyes on his interests well into the future.