China Sea Conflict Over Fishing Rights Says Martin Lustgarten

While there is estimated to be 11 billion barrels of oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas buried under the South China Sea, according to an article published via Forbes, that is not the real issue laying at the heart of the problem. Instead, the real heart of the issue is sovereignty. While problems date back to 2008, on April 8, 2016, Vietnam demanded that China National Offshore Oil Company remove its exploratory drilling rig.
One of the reasons that determining sovereignty is so important is the sovereign nation has fishing rights. Countries fighting over their share of the water include China, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia blew up over 197 Filipino fishing boats over the last two years. Daily conflicts are constantly taking place between anglers. While Chinese leaders deny that they are building up their military in the area, President Obama has deployed 5,000 troops to the region.
China claims these fish are needed to feed their 1.3 billion people. The Chinese consume almost 40 percent of the fish eaten globally each year. Indonesia operates over 460,000 fishing boats annually. As competition increases, anglers must move further from shore to get their catch resulting in higher costs.
Many around the world, however, fear that the Chinese have an ulterior motive for their large fishing fleet. These experts claim that China plans to use their boats as military weapons.
While this story may not garner much press, it can be highly important for investment bankers trying to make right investment decisions. In fact, CEO Martin Lustgarten stresses that this issue underscores the importance of working with the right investment banker. While many would assume that the reason that so many countries are fighting over the oil and natural gas, the truth is that these countries are fighting over fishing rights.
This investment banker living in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, stresses that it is important to have an investment banker with contacts throughout the world. He says that way investors get a more balanced look at what the world is thinking than when relying on sources within just one country.

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Beneful Premium Dog Food Stands Out

When You Search For Dog Food, Look At Premium Brands First
There is a reason that they call certain brands premium instead of others. The premium brands are actually made in a different way. Of course, premium companies are using better ingredients in their foods. It never occurred to me until reading an article from the Daily Herald that the companies that manufacture premium dog foods are actually paying more money in their production costs in order to get the high quality ingredients in their recipes. The high quality ingredients are not cheap, and they make the food appealing enough to buy for our dogs.

We buy from Walmart the best food for our dogs because we care about their health. We want our dogs to live a long life, and we feel proud that we can help keep them lively and active with the choices of the dog foods that we put in their bowl. Every time I pick up a bag of the premium dog food that we feed our dog, I feel as if I am making a good decision that will lead to the best possible life of my dog.

We always buy Purina Store manufactured products for our dog because we believe that it has the highest possible quality of ingredients in the recipes that they invent for dogs. We’re lucky to have found this premium brand. It makes me feel like I am doing right by my dog when I bring a bag of Beneful home to her.

Beneful does a lot to make their food stand out among all of the brands in the pet store. There are so many varieties of Beneful to choose from that your dog will never get tired of the tastes and textures that they put together. You will be surprised at home savory and delicious Beneful Chopped Blends smells, and your dog will be wagging his or her tail the entire time. Beneful Dry Dog Food Original ( goes great with Chopped Blends. We buy Dry Dog Food Originals made with real beef. This is the article from the Daily Herald. More info about Beneful:

Mobile World Live Gets Some Time With The CEO Of FreedomPop

FreedomPop plans to make changes to the cellular world that all have to do with prices and business plans. FreedomPop sat down to talk to Mobile World Live about how they plan to raise all their capital, and they talked about they are giving a better alternative than other companies. FreedomPop has been on the fringes of the industry for a while, and they have spent a lot of their time making sure that they have enough money to keep expanding.

They believe that they have a better model because their model for their business is not based on pricing and keeping prices higher for all their customers. They want to make sure that they have offered all their customers lower prices, and they plan to make money in other ways. There are a lot of revenue models for the cell phone business, but most people want to do that with subscriptions.

People have to subscribe to FreedomPop when they get their phone, but there are free plans for everyone who cannot afford a cell phone. The other plans offer differing amounts of data, and customers pay very low prices for these plans. FreedomPop is not planning on making its money from its customers. FreedomPop is planning on making its money from the advertising that they can sell through their network.

The ad sales model is going to work really well because it helps FreedomPop have a very high volume of customers who will be able to afford their products. Digital ads will pay for everything else, and the company will have a chance to raise more money to expand. FreedomPop wants to be a worldwide company, and they cannot go worldwide unless they look accessible to people.

Their new model is something that they think is going to be the thing for people who want to avoid the bigger cell phone companies. FreedomPop is cheap, and it helps people save money every day. They are building up their networks, and they are making sure they offer lower prices. Their fundraising and advertising model could be the new way in the cell phone industry.

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William Skelley’s iFunding Brings New Hope To The Real Estate Market In United States

William Skelley is currently the president, chief executive officer, and owner of one of the most successful real estate firms, iFunding. He is also a top financial advisor and consultant specialized in the real estate market. William Skelley is one of the most prolific real estate market executives as he has managed to achieve a lot of great things throughout his career. He has vast experience in the management sector having started his career as Mitt Romney’s executive intern at Bain Capital. He has also worked at Rose Park Advisors as a principal to the firm. General Electric an Olympus are some of the start-up firms he has served in as an advisor. William Skelley is a good speaker of English and Spanish, and he has his residence in New York and Boston. He currently spends part of his time at iFunding advising large net worth individuals on the real estate market investments.

William Skelley’s popularity has been brought by his real estate firm iFunding. iFunding is not just any other real estate firm. This firm focuses its efforts on the real estate market that comprise of accredited investors from the lower and middle classes. In its operations, iFunding strives to provide real estate investment solutions to this investors. The iFunding operation principle offers the lower and middle-class investors a chance to invest in the real estate market. This is achieved through these investors placing not less than $5000 each to a common pool. iFunding allows investors to sum up their small capital into one large capital. This large capital is then used to invest in various real estate market projects. Through iFunding, accredited investors in the middle and lower classes have managed to invest in high potential large real estate market projects.

The summing up of small capital contributions by accredited investors to create one large capital is known as crowd funding. This iFunding operational principle was invented by William Skelley in 2012 and was the push behind the formation of the firm. An article from CrowdFundInsider showed how William Skelley identified that through crowd funding, the accredited investors in the middle and lower classes who had a lot of investment potential would be able to realize it. He also identified these investors to posses a lot of capital that lay untapped and could be directed towards useful developments. Through crowd funding on his iFunding firm, William Skelley has been able to revitalize the real estate market by bringing in new developments. He has also created healthy competition that will help the industry grow.

CCMP Capital Moved Quickly to Update the Key Persons List After the Passing of Stephen Murray

After the death of Stephen Murray in March 2015, CCMP Capital quickly moved to receive support from key persons involved in the CCMP Capital Investors III Limited Partnership Fund to reinstate the investment period. The firm wanted approval to resume investment initiatives and to offer concessions, according to Bloomberg Business. Investors were offered in one concession “to pledge an additional $60 million by key persons of the original fund to show their commitment with the risks and fortune involved with the fund″. A year before Mr. Murray passed away, he closed more than $3 billion in an investment deal. An investor told WSJ that the firm planned to use portions of additional capital to buy-out the interest of Mr. Murray.

Principles of CCMP had already pledged approximately $200 million in the Capital Investors III L.P. Fund. The fund was created by Stephen Murray in September 2014 to generate high returns on investments of middle-market businesses, such as healthcare, consumers, and energy in European and North American countries. The investors of the original CCMP Capital Fund comprised insurance companies, endowments, high net worth persons, corporate & public pension funds, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. When the middle market buyout and growth equity fund was closed, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was very pleased with the outcome. He said that the “CCMP Capital managing team is pleased with the performance of its fund portfolio and is looking forward to delivering remarkable investment returns for their investors.″

CCMP Capital Investors III Fund included key men clauses, which included Mr. Murray, Greg Brenneman, and the firm’s investment committee. The list of key men was updated to include operating partner, Douglas Cahill. One key man, Joe Delgado was removed from the list. Delgado was a member of the energy and industrial management team. To ensure the Fund continued to function as Mr. Murray planned, CCMP and interested investors moved rapidly for reinstatement. Stephen acknowledged after the closing of the fund that their success is due to over 30 years of experience receiving reliable and favorable investment returns.

Former Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray died in his home on March 12th, 2015 according to the New York Post. He passed away a month after resigning from the firm because of health related issues. Mr. Murray will forever remain in the hearts and thoughts of immediate family members, investment partners, and the whole CCMP team. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in North Tarrytown, where he attended high school. Mr. Murray received a bachelor’s undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College and a master’s graduate degree from Columbia Business School.

Research and References Are Critical Components Of A Good Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia business page creation is sometimes done to help a business have to deliver results. If not, the Wikipedia page ends up being a nice addition to the internet search engines but not one that ends up helping a company’s bottom line. Advertising of any nature has to generate revenues. Once things are spelled out in this manner, the necessity to hire Wikipedia editors makes a lot of sense.

Amateurs may be motivated to write their own content may get the vaunted “A for effort”, but good results are not likely. Hiring Wiki writers is the better and more strategic plan.

Professional Wikipedia writers are also able to do the necessary research to flesh out an extended page. Research work brings out the full picture of a particular topic. The more well-research a Wikipedia page is, the more likely the page will be interesting to the reader. Anyone who has seen a ridiculously short Wikipedia page did not likely walk away with a great impression. Nor does the reader learn anything of note.

Research and references are so important, universities are now getting involved.

Yes, Wikipedia is going to gain a lot of help from academia. Students from schools such as the University of Sydney are contributing exceptional content. In addition to writing original content, the students are going to be improving the references to existing entries. These references are critical because they establish better credibility to the content.

The students are well trained to handle such tasks. Experience and skill are vital to this type of work. Anyone who tries to write a page on his or her own might not know how to do the necessary research. The person might not have a good idea of where to look for credible and helpful research. The novice-level abilities of the writer explains why the content ends up being so sparse, but the explanations do nothing to impress readers. Ultimately, whatever marketing strategy a person may have had is going to go by the wayside when a weak page is produced.

Get Your Wiki is a top online content producer for Wikipedia. The writers for the Wikipedia writing company are known for their top research skills. By handing the work off to Get Your Wiki, a thoroughly solid page will be produced. No one needs to worry about a lack of research when Get Your Wiki is on the job.

Scores of other reasons exist for hiring a Wikipedia writer. Even little things such as making sure the grammar and syntax of the content is solid have to be properly taken care of or else the finished work is going to be useless.

Fashion Forward Activewear

Athletic clothing is made to be comfortable and to make sure you get the range of motion you need for a good workout. With the gorgeous new styles available the gym is becoming a high fashion place to be. Many are choosing to wear their workout ensembles as everyday clothing. With both style and comfort it is difficult to go back to skinny jeans. In a recent article from Bustle author Kelly Dougher takes a look at the new athleisure trend and how to make it work for you. (Original article can be found here

Athleisure is a new trend on Instagram that is incorporating the comfort of activewear and making it work for everyday scenarios. Dougher, like many others, had a constantly changing fashion sense. When she discovered on this new trend she knew immediately that she had found what she was looking for. She was able to find pieces that worked not just for the gym but for running errands and even a night out. Helping with this new venture into fashion is Fabletics on facebook, a clothing company dedicated to stylish clothing for active people everywhere.

Fabletics is introducing their own line of athleisure to their adoring public. Co-Founder Kate Hudson knows the importance of and active lifestyle and is using her company to make fitness more appealing. Now with the help of athleisure you no longer have to worry about going out during the day having to change before the gym. Now you can look great and be comfortable in addition to being able to go right from the supermarket to your workout. Fabletics is a company that was founded with the idea of an active lifestyle in mind. Now with the addition of athleisure it seems they are bringing their fashion forward thinking to an even larger group of people.

It is clear that people everywhere are in love with the comfort and versatility of activewear. Now thanks to Fabletics there are many other options other than leggings and sneakers. Staying active is a good idea for anyone, and thankfully you can look great doing it now more than ever.

Yeonmi Park , A Human Rights Story: From Tragedy to Triumph

Yeonmi Park was just fourteen when she comprehended the absolute oppression she and her family faced living in her native North Korea. Soon after Park’s father completed a sentence of hard labor as punishment for illegal trading, the Park family facilitated their escape to South Korea.

Park would go on to be an outspoken activist, sharing her story on The Reason TV and speaking out about travesty’s that befall residents of North Korea. While she has shared her story countless times, Park kept the most traumatic details, of her forced trafficking, to herself for fear of being labeled undesirable. Upon writing her book Park realized that she would need to reveal the most intimate aspects if she was to truly advocate for human rights.

Yeonmi Park chronicles her family’s harrowing travels and subsequent tragedy in her new Amazon released book titled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. She paints a disturbing picture of cruelty under the dictatorship of Kim Jong II. In March 2007, to realize their escape Park and her mother were smuggled out through China by missionaries but had to leave her father behind due to his ailing health.

With little protection for Park and her mother, they were soon forced into sex trafficking or face being sent back to North Korea. Several months later Park’s father was successfully smuggled into China to join his family. Their reunion was short lived when in January 2008 Park’s father died from advanced colon cancer. Living in secret they could not mourn their loss with a funeral, instead they buried her father under private ground.

It would be another year in April 2009 before Park and her mother were able to seek asylum in South Korea. They would also track down her sister Eunmi who had defected ahead the family and who was thought to be dead.

Park continues to speak out against North Korea, to their dismay. When she was a little girl, Park was taught that Kim Jong II could read her thoughts, and so she kept silent. No longer afraid, Park is speaking out now in hopes of creating a brighter future for those she left behind.