Questions Arising After New Devco Deal Developments

According to the Press of Atlantic City article, the recent dealings about a deal involving Devco has started to face additional questions and scrutiny. Any time a real estate deal is brought to light there are many questions that can arise, but the one involving Devco starts to look like there are potential failures as well as consequences that no-one can quite put their finger on. Even though not all of the details have yet to be released, this is an issue that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. If not, the price tag to the tune of millions of dollars already is only going to further balloon and have additional negative consequences and reprecussions.
To make a long story short, the problem being faced is that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to pay out $1 million on a loan of $20 million for a new hotel and conference center. The problem isn’t just that $1 million is currently in question, it is that there are already $7 million in arrears on a loan that was originally made in 2005. Any time that much money is up for grabs, it can be a very questionable deal indeed. When you consider the position that Devco is now in as a result of these missed payments, people are starting to worry on both sides of the coin.

The biggest questions for Devco is that when will the actual payments occur? In the meantime, the bankrollers of the project, the contractors, and the suppliers are all out money until the promised payments come through. When you put down your word and actually want the other party to come through and work with you, it can be hard to succeed when you back out of the deal and the original terms. Devco is now on the hook until this issue is resolved and then Devco can move forward.


George Soros Argues For EU Action in Ukraine

George Soros Ukraine, the chairman of Soros Fund Management and a well-established figure in the hedge fund industry, has repeatedly come out publicly in favor of decisive EU action in Ukraine. Soros believes that EU action is necessary to counter the ambitions of Russia in Eastern Europe, and particularly in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Russian president Vladimir Putin has proven that one of his major foreign policy goals is to destabilize Ukraine and invalidate the revolutionary government attempting to reform the country’s civil service and federal governance. The European Union, as the other powerful state organization in the region, must act to ensure that Ukraine has the freedom to decide its own future.

The new government in Ukraine is in desperate need of financial assistance, and there are few potential sources for this monetary infusion other than Europe. Soros argues, in forums such as the New York Times and other major news sources, that without this financial windfall, Ukraine will be unable to combat Russia’s destabilizing influence. The loss of Ukraine could lead to an advanced Russian presence on the world stage or even a general reconstruction of the Soviet-era “iron curtain” sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. Allowing Russia to coerce its neighbors into trade agreements and pacts by using overt force sets a dangerous precedent in the region, and could diminish the ability of the EU to influence its eastern neighbors.

George Soros also talks extensively about the need to transform the perception of the Russian population. Although the ability of outside actors to do this is questionable, largely because of the outsized influence of Russian state-sponsored news and television programs in the country, Soros claims that the Ukrainian situation can be used as a signal to the Russian populace by the West.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

If, he argues, the EU provides Ukraine with the stimulus package that it needs in order to survive and combat Russian military and political aggression, it will be more difficult for Putin to demonize the West to the Russian people. Russia is currently in the midst of a financial crisis and a capital flows drain, and Putin is effectively claiming that this calamity is the result of Western political strategy and banking collusion. If the EU demonstrates its financial commitment to Ukraine, the Russian people will be forced to confront an example of active Western financial assistance right at their doorstep.

Transforming Russia from a foe into a friend is, of course, sure to be a difficult task, but the short-term goals of Soros’ strategy are not nearly so far-fetched. Ukraine is utilizing democratic elections and tools to attempt a massive transformation in its society — the European Union is obliged to encourage and abet this transition into truly democratic rule. One of the best ways to do this, as George Soros and others have repeatedly said, is to give the fledgling government the financial freedom to focus on nation-building. The future of the EU project and Russian-Western relations may hang in the balance.

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How to Keep Your Face Healthy and Thin Using Massages

When it comes to your health, skin care is important, but caring for your muscles is also very important! Even your face muscles. All those facial expressions use every muscle in your face to form, so sometimes your face can get sore or tired.
Watch Wengie’s Complete Face Massage YouTube Tutorial on how to massage your face to get a thinner, healthier look.

Here’s what facial massages can do for you:

Help reduce sagging skin
Helps you get a brighter complection
Improve dull skin
Helps with discoloration and aging spots
Eye bags
Puffy eyes
Reduce bloating
Remove toxins

That’s a lot of benefits for just a simple massage!

Here’s what you’ll need to start your in-home facial massage:

A tool to massage with
Facial oil or cleanser

When massaging your own face, you need to make sure of a few things:

Make sure you use the right tool!

If you do not use the right tool, it can be really harmful for your skin.

Make sure your skin is well lubricated

This will ensure that you don’t pull or damage your skin while massaging it.

Make sure to avoid open sores!

You don’t want to massage over a scar, pimple or zit because it will really aggravate it and will hurt quite a bit.

To get the oils and products Wengie uses to help keep her skin smooth and lubricated while massaging, follow these links:

DHC Oil Cleanser
Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Organic Rose Hip Oil

Next is just a few things to keep in mind while massaging:

Apply light, even pressure

Too much or too little pressure will result in it either not working, or it hurting.

Use your other hand to keep your skin taught so its smooth and easy to massage

Your skin has to be taught, otherwise it will hurt if you catch a wrinkle while massaging.

Work from the top down

You want to move all the toxins from your face down into your body so your body can do its job and push the toxins out.

Now it’s time to get to work!

Work the oils on to your face before beginning
Start scraping your forehead in an upwards motion
Move on to your eyes
Scrape the underside of your eyes, then your cheeks up toward your ear
Massage your chin last, pushing the toxins down to your neck so your body can flush them out
Ten minutes later: Done!

The next step in this process:
Go to the video and watch Wengie do it herself! It is indescribable the way she works her magic with her Unicorn Face Massaging Stone and gets her beautiful face shape and healthy skin.


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Successful Doctor Jennifer Lee Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden knew at an early age what it was that she wanted to do with her life and what profession she wanted to go into and that was to become a surgeon. Besides her father being a dentist and her mother being a surgical nurse, one of her instructors told her that she had the hands of a surgeon even before she had reached eighth grade. Walden is an Austin, Texas native and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Walden went on to graduate from medical school from the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston. After completing her training, Walden decided to leave Texas and head to New York to seek a career as an aesthetic surgeon. After about eight years, Walden made the decision that she wanted to be a mother and this led her back to Texas where she continued her career in plastic surgery. Walden became the mother to twin boys and says that she is a single mother by choice. She talked about the difficulties of being a single parent while also continuing her career as a plastic surgeon. Walden has served as a consultant to many leading aesthetic companies. She has also talked about the fact that women that come to her for help do not feel intimidated or embarrassed when they expose their bodies to a female plastic surgeon. With her knowledge and experience, Walden still serves and helps people in the Austin, Texas area and all over the nation as well.

Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon from the Austin, Texas area. Growing up she was the daughter of parents who worked in the medical field with her father being a dentist and her mother working as a surgical nurse. She was born on November 17, 1971 in Austin, Texas. Walden has won many awards for her work, being selected as one of Bazzar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014. Walden graduated form the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and also graduated as salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She now has her own practice that is located in Austin, Texas.


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Goettl Invests in Vets Job Futures

Originally published in PRNewswire, Goodrich has made the news for their new opportunities to help vets get the education and job training to help the transition home easier. Goettl Air Conditioning in Nevada is making sure to train the top talent and help veterans out at the same time. Many veterans have a difficult time finding employment or knowing what to do when they come home.

Goodrich started this scholarship to help ensure those who are looking for employment can get the training they need and be able to buy the tools for the job. Not only does he help to fund their education, Goodrich provides a fund that allows them to purchase the tools needed for their new jobs. The scholarship is provided to students at the College of Southern Nevada who are enrolled in the two year applied science in air conditioning technology program. The other is the Post 9/11 veterans tool award, which allots money to vets to help them start their careers in HVAC.

Goodrich fully believes those who come out of the armed services make good employees, and he wants to help anyway he can. Dennis Soukup and Goodrich worked together on this scholarship and award out of experience. They both remember starting out in HVAC, having the tools deducted from their checks. They wanted vets to start out on a good note with their new careers.

Goettl Air Conditioning originally started servicing the Las Vegas community in 1968. Due to the recession, the company left the community in 2007. Once it was purchased by Goodrich in 2007, it came back in 2016. Goodrich, originally from the area, was excited to come home. He went out with his father on those late night calls and remember holding the flashlight. His father was his inspiration in starting the vets scholarship and tool award.

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Skout Does Survey About Colleges

Social media networking and communication app Skout has compiled a list of the top ten most friendliest colleges in the USA. The list was compiled based on data the company researched among users aged 18-24 years old. The main criteria used to determine the friendliest college town in the survey was how frequently users communicated with other new users through its app. Skout analyzed a full year of information to get a complete picture and not just a “monthly” snapshot of a college town.

Here are the results for the top ten most friendliest college towns according to a year’s of research done by Skout. At first place, was Madison, Wisconsin which is famous for its large public university as well as several small other ones. Number two, was surprisingly the metropolis of Los Angeles, California. Taking third place, was the big apple in New York, which came as a surprise as the city is famous for its coldness. Number four and five were Ann Arbor, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. The inclusion of Chicago at number five was a big surprise as most big cities are not known for being particularity friendly when compared to the smaller college towns.

Towards the bottom of the list came San Francisco, California at number six, followed by Boulder, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona at number seven and eight. Finishing at number nine, was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is well known for its large amount of higher education institutions. Number ten was Dallas, Texas.

Skouts research and surveys also revealed other interesting insights. The city with the most colleges in and around its area in the entire country was Boston, Massachusetts. It finished number twelve in the list of the all time most friendliest college towns. According to Skout the friendliest college age men are found in Boulder, Colorado. The friendliest college age women are in Madison, Wisconsin. Los Angeles, California was the city that was deemed the most generous. Young adults in that area sent more gifts to each other than many major cities combined.

Skout also asked questions to current and prospective college age students. More than 50% say that making a friend at a university is easier than while being in school. At the same time, over 50% of incoming freshman say they had concerns about being able to make friends when they arrive at campus. The fears of the freshman are allayed by the fact that Skout found almost three quarters of all new students make a close friend within a week of their first semester at college.

Skout is an app that connects people from all over the world and lets them communicate with each other and share photos. It is available as a free download and works on the iOS, Android and windows devices. The app was developed in 2007 and has steadily grown in its user base and capabilities.

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How to Make Negative Articles Go Six Feet Under

If you have a business website or use the internet regularly, you learn one thing very quickly. People have opinions. Some good, others not so much and all are clamoring to tell the world just what they think. Now if you are a business owner who desperately wants to get your name out there, a little publicity can go a long way in bringing in more revenue, but the worst thing that can happen to any business no matter how big or small is that one negative article that always sneaks its way into the top list of results in the search engine.

Bad press is a historic practice that has roots all the way back to the pyramids when villagers would pass carved scarabs back and forth through windows complaining about politics, their neighbors and anything else they found issue with. Now modern technology has given the populace a new medium to take advantage of. Be it the comment board at the bottom of a news article, a blog or even the various social media websites currently available people around the globe are harnessing the power behind the internet and gladly do so. With online business booming, and people becoming more aware of researching the credentials of a company via the internet a new trend in business has arrived on the scene offering relief from this negative press, simply known as Online Reputation Management. These groups of people offer help when you find an article or blog post that you desperately want buried due to the scathing comments in reference to your company or product.

One particular company known as BBA (Bury Bad Articles) has recently been welcomed as an exciting and popular newcomer in this business. With a motto that compels business owners to seek their help in order to avoid bad press, BBA offers an efficient and professional Online Reputation Management experience. The very website offers dire statistics warning what even one negative review can do to a company’s product and in an age where more live, work and purchase online it is difficult to deny. So whether you are a small family owned business, or a multi million dollar corporation, do not let bad press from a small group ruin your success. Online Reputation Management is the future of business, and it can help absolve negative reviews far away from your customers line of sight.

Venezuela News

Professor Alejandro Velasco Provides Insight on the Economic Disaster in Venezuela

Socialism seems to be ineffective to prevent and control economic disasters in economies around the world. My Space expert sees the causes of troubled economies have been blamed on old government policies, bad leadership, and corruption. Global economists and professionals are asked by the media, concerned citizens, and governments the reasons behind economic downturns. According to Huffington Post, Alejandro Velasco, author and professor at New York University was asked by the WorldPost his expertise about the economic crisis in Venezuela.


Mr. Velasco believes the reasons behind the Venezuela downturn are “historical and contemporary.” The historical reason is because of the country’s dependence on one commodity, which is oil. He explained, the government is too dependent on imports and overspends when the oil industry is favorable. Another reason, the government inability to control its currency. Lack of control causes corruptive activities, such as production disincentives, purchasing incentives, and hoarding, Mr. Velasco stated.


The economic crisis in Venezuela is worsening says expert Danilo Diaz, and expected to get even worst by the end of 2016. The people are left with power outages, lack of food supply & basic products, and very low water supply, due a drought in the country. Venezuelans and the government are going without electricity in their homes and governmental buildings. Professor Alejandro Velasco believes the historical and contemporary reasons for the country’s economic disaster has caused the country to suffer for decades.



Talk Fusion Is More Than A Mere Video Communication Platform


It is in the interest of every business’s, whether it is small or large, to stay ahead of the curve. Video communication is one of the greatest innovations of our time but very few companies have managed to harness it’s power and provide it to everyone using a simple methodology. One of these companies who have embraced the technology and made it user friendly is Talk Fusion and it’s CEO, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is an application that does not fit a single purpose, it is one of those applications that have a multitude of uses, often far beyond the expectation of the user.

As a business example, Charities rely on developing awareness for their cause, thanking donors that have already contributed, finding new potential donors as well as providing a platform for more volunteers to sign up. All these important aspects of Charity take time to address and set up. Few charities can afford to hire the expertise or have the time to take up this time consuming task. Talk Fusion takes this process and simplifies it. No longer is skilled labour required to address these tasks. The all in one solution provides the user with every possible promotion approach available. Whether you are using email, newsletters, conferencing or video chats, products or services can now be brought directly to the customer through a simple click of a button.

Bob Reina is the thinker behind this innovative new technology that has taken the market by storm. His suite does not follow the typical approach of marketing and utilizes a proprietary business model allowing customers to immediately enjoy the earnings of commission for their referral work. Bob Reina was able to take an idea that was thought to be impossible to accomplish and turn it into one of the most used ideas in the industry. This was thanks to the hard work of the senior team at Talk Fusion that work day and night to provide their customers with a bug free software solution that performs every time.

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Crystal Hunt: Born To Be An Actress

Crystal Hunt was born to be an actress. She began by participating in pageants when she was two years old. She studied singing and acting, and she received the opportunity to star in several commercials, including Walt Disney’s 25 Anniversary Special and an anti-drug message with *NSYNC.

Crystal Hunt’s first acting job came when she was 17 years old on the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light. She auditioned for and won the role of ‘Lizzie Spaulding’, a troubled teenager, which she played from 2003 to 2006. In 2005, Crystal received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

During this time, Crystal Hunt was able to break into the motion pictures by starring in The Derby Stallion with Zac Efron and Sydney White with Amanda Bynes. In 2009, Crystal secured a role as Stacy Morasco on ABC’s One Life To Live, and she landed a featured role as Lauren in Magic Mike XXL which gave her the opportunity to work with Channing Tatum. tells us Crystal Hunt now can be seen on Pop Network’s Queens of Drama. She joins former daytime and prime time stars such as Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills. In this program, they have come together to star in a reality show about creating a TV drama. It comes complete with tension and cattiness, everything needed for a fun drama. Crystal states, “We’ve discovered a way to use our extensive experience in the ‘soap opera world’ to create a script that’s truly unique and original.”