The US Money Reserve Wins Awards

The US Money Reserve has won a total of four awards in the year 2016. These awards honor their ability to produce engaging and interesting videos. The awards were given by the 2016 Videographer Awards committee. One of the their honors was received in the “TV Commercials/Products category” because of their excellence. The other one was for “Creativity (TV)/Cinematography”.


Their infomercial was titled, “Testimonial Show”. It received rave reviews from viewers, especially one in particular. This was Richard Petty whom is a gold buyer and NASCAR driver. The show kept him and other viewers riveted as they watched it.


Another show of theirs, “Pearl Harbor Show”, received an Honorable Mention and an Award of Distinction. This is an excellent honor for their creative efforts in producing such fantastic shows.


The judges found their efforts to be remarkable in the categories that they awarded them in. Since this is something that is remarkable seeing a there were around 1,500 entries, they were chosen to be the best. The judges were from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. They look for talent that goes above and beyond the high standards that are placed in the industry.


It is a recognition that holds international esteem. With great pride, the CEO, Angela Koch gives her people plenty of credit for performing at the highest levels possible, and thanks them for their creative and excellence and creating something of such great work that was entertaining for their audience as a whole.


Since winning the awards is an honor, this gives them more encouragement to create and produce more shows. When their people get noticed in this way, they are excited to begin something new and turn it into another masterpiece. The US Money Reserve is proud to have achieved such high honors in year 2016. They also won the Bronze during the Telly Awards, the 37th annual one. With such a good year behind them, they look forward to another one next year. In the years to come, they are sure to take home more awards for her hard work and dedication.

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The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation – Touching the Lives of People in All Walks of Life

Most people–especially successful business people and entrepreneurs–get involved in philanthropy because they are passionate about a singular issue, such as education, medicine, or the arts. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, however, is different in that it actively donates and participates in the betterment of all of these fields, and more.


The organization was founded in 1990 by entrepreneur Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy. It is perhaps best known for its vast contributions to education, including funding and opening many charter schools, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which was the first ever public high school in the united states specifically designed for students with an interest in aviation. DeVos states that he is very grateful for his education growing up, but that he would have loved to attend an aviation school as a child, as he has always had a passion for flying.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is also well-known for its stance on a balance between being charitable and also teaching and encouraging self-responsibility. As such, the foundation often acts as a grantee for other organizations that demonstrate a similar span of beliefs and values.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation is also well-established as a supporter of the arts, largely thanks to a $22.5 million donation to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, making it both the largest single donation from the foundation, as well as the largest donation ever received by the school. As a result, it was renamed the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. Read more about Dick DeVos on


There is certainly something to be said about a philanthropist that clearly demonstrates so many different passions and allocates his resources to as many of them as possible. Most philanthropists act almost solely on personal experience; they change the world in ways that are personal to them. It appears to me that Dick DeVos takes action based not on personal experiences, but simply from a deep sense of gratitude and community.


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Adam Goldenberg and JustFab is Simply Fabulous

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 when he founded his first company, Gamers Alliance. He sold the company three years after its founding to Intermix Media and moved across country to become the Vice President of Strategic Planning. At age 20, Goldenberg was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO). While at Intermix, Goldenberg met Don Ressler who was also walking the entrepreneurial path on YouTube. Ressler was a brand building specialist who developed his own company and also sold it to Intermix Media.

When Intermix was sold to News Corporation in 2005, Goldenberg and Ressler made the decision to start their own company. They built an e-commerce platform geared to the health and beauty industry and became leaders in that market. The two began to develop the concept for a new and improved kind of e-commerce shopping experience. The goal was to create a shopping site that combined fashion, fun, social media and engaged the consumer at an affordable price.

Goldenberg knew next to nothing about fashion and what’s hot and what’s not, but he was very business savvy and he could spot trends and Adam Goldenberg knew he was onto an opportunity that was largely untapped. The goal for the membership platform they wanted was personalized for each subscriber. After hiring style consultants and designers, they built a subscription model that was attractive and affordable and JustFab became a reality.

JustFab was a style and fashion community on where members receive a selection of accessories, handbags and shoes according to their taste and preferences for a monthly fee.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg did not want JustFab to ship out items each month to members, but to also include style boards that demonstrated the look of the items they were receiving. The goal was to inspire women to be their very best by providing style tips from leaders in the fashion industry. Goldenberg wanted members to be able to connect with each other and share fashion ideas.

Mr. Goldenberg wanted to deliver nothing but the best to his customers and he succeeded. He wanted to transform the way women bought and wore cutting edge fashion and connected with the most creative style teams in the industry who share the JustFab vision.

One of Goldenberg’s greatest strength is to spot market trends and adapt business as necessary. Paying close attention to the JustFab site, Goldenberg is able to spot when something is not working and make the necessary amends, keeping the business on track at all times and making sure JustFab is always at its peak.

What factors are essential to look for in a lip balm

Lip balms have been changing an evolving over time and there are now different factors that consumers should look for when buying a lip balm. This article will highlight some of the more critical factors to aide you in determining which brand you should purchase.
Color and Uses

Some lip balms add color to your lips similar to a lipstick, in addition to the added lip protection for dry chapped lips. Others add a gloss or even glitter to your lips which can be compelling for those concerned with their fashion. Other lip balms have a degree of sunblock added to them which protects your lips from damage from the sun.

Understand your lifestyle and what appeals to you in a lip balm before buying and if these features or important or if you only are looking for the moisture and lip protection from a high quality lip balm.

Flavors Matter

Since you will be putting a lip balm on your lips the flavor that they have will certainly impact your usage of it. While some have blends that are more medicinal in flavor, such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, others such as the EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors that are soothing and not overwhelmingly flavored. Consider what you would like to taste when applying a lip balm and shop around for the right blend for your needs.

The Ingredients

Perhaps most importantly are the actual ingredients for the lip balm. The factor that protects your lips from drying is known as the emollient and a wide range of substances can be used. Pay attention as cheaper emollients like petroleum jelly may not have the long lasting moisturizing effects that high quality emollients like shea butter use. Brands like the Evolution of Smooth ( use Shea butter and other high quality oils to add moisture to your lips and are generally much preferred over the cheaper alternatives.


The brand of lip balm that you use will be greatly impacted by your personal preferences and the quality you desire in the brand. Research and see what is important for your needs when buying a lip balm and be sure to shop around.

For more info, visit the Evolution of Smooth website at evolutionofsmooth.comFacebook page and Linked In profile.