Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Supports Breast Cancer Campaign

The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) campaign has a new ambassador for 2016 and it is famous actress, fashion taste-maker and athletic wear designer Kate Hudson, who co-founded Fabletics in 2013.

Originally selling women’s sportswear and accessories exclusively through online subscription, Fabletics offers personalized, inexpensive and fashionable outfits that are chosen for each client based on an initial survey regarding workout and lifestyle preferences. This past year, Fabletics has begun selling men’s sportswear and has opened several brick and mortar retail stores in malls across the country.

Fabletics has over a million customers currently signed onto its subscription. It reported $150 million in revenues last year mostly from its e-commerce operation, which is bolstered by Kate Hudson’s celebrity appeal and massive social media following. Fabletics plans to open 75 to 100 additional stores over the next three to five years. The company will aim to mirror the stores to the company’s members’ online experience by recruiting store customers to subscribe to its monthly direct debit program at https://www.instagram.com/fabletics.

Kate Hudson decided to partner Fabletics with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to become FTBC’s ambassador in the hope she can support and help advance the campaign’s important efforts of uniting the world of fashion as a force against breast cancer.

Designer Ralph Lauren created the FTBC campaign in the U.K., and since its formation in 1996 it has enjoyed the support of some of the biggest names in fashion, from iconic supermodels to celebrated photographers. The FTBC is a big force in the fight against breast cancer, raising over $55 million to date for breast cancer patient care.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics are joining the FTBC’s efforts and bolstering the partnership with a capsule collection of active wear that includes a bralette, two tank tops and a pair of capri leggings, all in a deep pink shade. This limited edition on fabletics.com outfit’s proceeds will benefit breast cancer prevention and awareness, as Fabletics believes that doing good is always in style.

Seventh Year DEVCO Loan Payment Mixed

Once again, the Middlesex Improvement Authorities have missed the $1 million in principal and interest on a $20 million loan that they helped the New Brunswick Development Corporation secure as part of a $107 million loan package. This is the fifth year in the row that Middlesex Improvement Authorities have failed to make the loan payment. The loan also included $70 million in municipal bonds.

New Brunswick Development Corporation used the money to build the Heldrich hotel and convention center. They point out that while the loan has not been repaid, the facility has added greatly to the economy of the area with 100,000 people visiting it in 2015. Furthermore, they point out that they paid over $1.2 million in real estate taxes and that they employee 235 unionized workers.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation has moved on to other projects. Most recently, the organization which brands itself as Devco, has been working on improving the Rutgers University campus and area. They have helped to construct a new dormitory that is supposed to pay for the funds that they obtained to do this project. They have also made improvements to College Avenue and have over seven tenants lined up to move into businesses along the street. Furthermore, they have built a new academic hall containing the latest technology in five large lecture rooms.

Officials with DEVCO say that they think the loan will be paid back in time. They point out that before Middlesex County Improvement Authority made the loan, they knew that they were a subordinate lender. The Heldrich has paid over $30 million to senior bond holders. They hope that as economic conditions improve that loan payments will be made soon, according to the article in the Press of Atlantic City.






Wengie Life Hacks On Losing Weight


After the holidays, and just about anytime of the year people are trying to lose weight. They might try to lose weight for a special occasion or simply because they have gained a few pounds. Certainly, the pounds easily creep on people because they are eating more and exercising less. Well, Wengie, has 30 lazy life hacks for weight loss that actually works. Certainly, most people are very reluctant to try weight loss plans because they seem just a bit too complicated to follow. However, popular Youtuber, Wengie makes it seem easy.


Lose Weight Hacks

A lot of the lose weight hacks are something that is very easy to follow. They are perfect for kids going back to school or college who would like to trim down a bit and look fabulous in their new school gear. They are also good tips for adult that would like to look a bit more healthy and fit. I really like that first hack that involves simply drinking lemon juice to control your weight. Simply squeeze fresh lemons in a liter of water and drink throughout the day. Of course, Wengie has more really practical lose weight hacks to follow. For example, drink cold water to boost metabolism. Drink cold water before meals to fill you up too. Check out the video, if you are really trying to lose more weight.


About Wengie

Wengie feels that she is just a normal girl that has a passion for fashion and beauty. She’s tried lots of things and would like to share her ideas and thoughts with others. Wengie has one of the most popular beauty channels on Youtube. She enjoys making videos on a number of subjects that include DIY, life-hacks, makeup tutorials, hair-hacks, diet tips, fashion tips, and much more. Wengie invites everyone to join her on her Youtube channel. She enjoys trying out new things and likes to share her thoughts on those products. Hopefully, this will help her subscribers make better choices about products. Wengie uploads new videos weekly. Make sure that you check out the channel and subscribe.

Wen By Chaz Is A Godsend

Taking care of your hair can be a big chore for many women. They find it time consuming and expensive. All the products they have in their possessions never seem to work. That is because they didn’t know about Wen By Chaz. If they would have known, they could have saved themselves a lot of time and money knowing how good that it works.

How Does Wen By Chaz Work?

The WEN Hair product was made for women. It can be used by women with all different types of hair with great success. Wen By Chaz comes in one bottle, and it includes both shampoo and conditioner, to be used at one time. It should be used every day for the results that you want to see. Wen By Chaz also comes with a booklet that will explain how to use it. This makes it very simple for you the buyer,

Wen By Chaz Is A Bargain

Wen By Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) is a one bottle. You don’t have to buy several items to take care of your hair correctly so you will save money. You can also watch for sales and promotions for Wen By Chaz. When you buy Wen By Chaz, from Guthy-Renker you will want to get several bottles so that you always have some left. Wen By Chaz makes a great gift when you need one for the women in your life.

It will be a happy day when you order your bottle of Wen hair By Chaz. That is the day when you can throw away all the other hair care products you have wasted your money on. Wen By Chaz works so well that you will want to tell all of your friends and family about, and you should. For more info, visit the product’s Facebook page.


The Kabbalah Centre: Spreading the Esoteric Wisdom of the Great Jewish Sages Around The World

The Kabbalah refers to a collection of some of the most powerful esoteric works known to mankind. Along with the Vedantic philosophy of the Hindus, the Pāli Canon of the Theravadan Buddhists, the Koans of Zen masters, and the Gnostic Christian texts, the Kabbalah is one of the greatest collection of texts detailing the road to spiritual liberation. Although the Kabbalah officially belongs to the Jewish tradition, many scholars and spiritual seekers from different sects have sought refuge in these teachings. Indeed, many people interested in comparative religions have been studying the Kabbalah intensively recently. Just a few of the greatest spiritual luminaries that looked deeply into Kabbalistic literature include René Guénon, Julius Evola, and Frithjof Schuon.
The word “Kabbalah” has been translated as both “tradition” and “to receive” in English. The core teaching of these documents is that all humans can have access to the divine if they train throughout their lives in spiritual awakening. Many of these texts expound on the ten “archetypes” God manifests himself through in this universe, which are referred to as the ten Sephiroth. Many scholars have noted the similarities found in the spiritual practices detailed in Kabbalistic texts, like the Zohar and the Book of Splendor, with works of Hindu Vedantic philosophy.

For many years, the texts of the Kabbalah were only taught to Jewish men over the age of 40 who had proper training. These men had to know a great deal about the Talmud, the Torah, and other central Jewish texts in their original languages before even beginning to tackle the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Thus, for most of human history, the vast majority of people on this earth have not been able to study or appreciate the wisdom of these stunning works.


Thankfully, this is all changing in our globalizing world. One of the main forces to bring the Kabbalah‘s wisdom into the homes and hearts of contemporary man is the Kabbalah Centre International. This instructional non-profit institution was founded in 1984 by Philip Berg for people of various faiths interested in the wisdom of the Kabbalah. Their main office is currently in Los Angeles, CA.


The Kabbalah Centre opens its doors to anyone with a genuine interest in the Kabbalah. There are no pre-requisites to enter into any of their study programs. Although knowledge of the central tenants in the Jewish faith may help spiritual aspirants, it is not required knowledge to take a course at the Kabbalah Centre. Today, the Kabbalah Centre has attracted a great deal of attention because many celebrities have stopped by to study in one of the centre’s international locations. Some of these stars include Ariana Grande, Mick Jagger, and Madonna. Currently, the Kabbalah Centre has offices in the USA, Europe, Israel, and the Americas.