James Dondero Is Appointed To The Cox Business School’s Executive Board

Recently, James Dondero was appointed to the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business’ Executive Board. He is the co-founder of Dallas based Highland Capital Management, an asset management corporation. His new board position will seek to enhance Highland’s strong dedication to SMU, which comprises of the Highland Capital Management Tower of Scholars endowment.

This program recognizes and encourages academic success in addition to professional pursuits. It focuses on public policy and continuing aid to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

James Dondero noted that the Cox School of Business contributes to the energetic business community in Dallas and Highland was one of the beneficiaries. He added that he was honored to help with the multiple expansion of the remarkable program.

The Southern Methodist University board has nearly 100 appointed members. A large number of these individuals are non-academic staff. Mostly, they advise on the strategy of the business school. The executive board meets three times each year. The meetings are held during winter, fall and spring. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire.

He is one of the highly experienced professionals in the credit and equity markets. Dondero has worked in the industry for over 30 years. Over the years, he has specialized largely on distressed investments and high- yield opportunities. Highland Capital Management is regarded as the pioneer of the successful collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) market. Learn more about James Dandero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

The company has played an integral role in the development of unique consumer-oriented products. This way, the company has continued to report impressive profitability margins. Moreover, James Dondero has played an instrumental role in designing credit-oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors worldwide. These solutions include hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, and REITs.

Previously, Dondero worked for various leading companies like GIC and American Express. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance from the esteemed McIntyre School of Business at the University of Virginia.

James received the highest honors, Beta Gama Beta Sigma. He is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. James Dandero is also the chairman of CCS Medical. He plays an active role as a member of the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

How EOS Won the Saturated Lip Balm Market

In an article in Fast Company (https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick?utm_content=buffer47040&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer) the untold story of the EOS lip balm company EOS was told. The story was more than just how a new lip balm apart from Chapstick began. It inspired the entrepreneur that believed you couldn’t tackle a saturated market. The name is even hip and catchy for the times. In case you weren’t cued in, EOS is an acronym for Evolution of Smooth. Everyone remembers Chapstick right? Only the monopoly on lip balm for decades. Remember the 2-3 flavors of Chapstick? The article talks about the scant choices and small cylindrical container that were still on offer with that company. Sure, Chapstick served the populous in dating situations and cold lip-chapping climates everywhere for a good stint and still have a following. We have to keep in mind that there is always room for improvement, and if the long-standing company didn’t move on opportunities to make their brand competitive, who says someone else won’t?

How EOS is doing it?

So, what did it? What made EOS lip balm the takeover merchants they’ve come to be in the past 7 years? It helps a lot when Allure and Cosmo get a hold of your product and touts it to the masses passively. It helps even more when Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians jump on the bandwagon. These unsolicited growth opportunities are gold to a growing company in a saturated market. They have built a $250 million dollar company that is still the second largest seller running right behind Burt’s Bees. They project $2 billion by 2020. Right now, they are selling at a rate of 1 million units a week.

So, why Burt’s Bees and not Blistex or another brand that has been around for dogs years? Because they are both in the running for best natural product.

Want EOS lip balms? Order yours today at luckyvitamin.com or ulta.com.

Richard Blair: Wealth Solutions Founding Principal.

Richard Blair is the principal founder of the prominent Wealth Solutions. The Austin-based firm offers advice on investment. While his goal was to bring a significant and positive difference in lives, he founded Wealth Solutions. For this reason, small business owners and individuals will get a solution to their wealth.

The education world has been his long-term admiration. His first experience in teaching made him love education. His wife, mother, and grandmother were all teachers. For this reason, he has witnessed how education helped grow the confidence and knowledge of individuals.

Richard combined his experience with his talent in financial systems. He realized that he could help many people in finding planning and investment opportunities. While he was graduating from college, Richard ventured into the financial world in 1993. He founded Wealth Solutions firm in 1994. This company offers clients with objective and unbiased advice without conflict of interest among them.

His experience and knowledge continue to sharpen with each passing day. Retirement planning is his major concern in investment. He has more experience in helping clients reduce the retirement planning gap and living in it. He is now avoiding the uncommon pitfalls and lays down the working strategies to achieve a better investment plan.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is one of the world-largest investment advisory companies that are incorporated in the United States to provide personalized and comprehensive planning. These services are consumed by many rich individuals, families, and enterprise owners based in Austin, Texas. The company’s services extend to Houston, Marble Falls, Georgetown, Braunfels, and Bastrop. He is a duly-registered financial advisor and boats of his over two decades of solid professional experience in the world of finance.

According to Crunchbase and Datafox, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions firmly believes that the available strategies in finance should change as the financial market experience is growing more dynamic. He believes that financial strategies should adapt to the changing world. The company is seeking the opportunity to offer stable and progressive solutions in investment.

These solutions provide clients with the necessary solutions to their unique problems. While these solutions look at ways in which they can minimize risks, they help them get involved in the upside.

The company recognizes people’s goals. Those that are preparing for retirement are the main clients of WSI. For this reason, they give them advice relevant to their most important stage of their lives. Most customers develop investments dedicated to leaving a legacy for their children. For this reason, this firm seeks to advise them with a financial plan to help pursue their dreams.


Burch Creative Capitol: Where Dreams Come Alive

It’s quite rare in this day and age to meet a businessman and think “wow, what a humble, loving individual”. Greed and the unquenchable lust for power has taken over our society, staining the quality and efficiency and the production these companies provide. “Burch Creative Capitol” is founded and ran on its own set of standards, and its own way of life. Love and humility, creativity and helping people get to where they need to be; those are the priorities Chris Burch promotes throughout his company.

Chris Burch has a selfless vision for not only his company, but the way he lives his life; to “create a road or path of success for others”. At the young and innocent age of thirteen, Burch’s father put him to work in construction. Burch was thankful for his father allowing him the opportunity to develop an outstanding work ethic at such a young age, as well as an excellent understanding of money, how it works, and most importantly how to make it. By the time Burch got to college, he had the spirit of an entrepreneur and was constantly putting this to practice. He would go door to door on campus selling sweatshirts, he would sell hot dogs at football games, any business opportunity Burch could come up with in his head he put to practice and saw what could come of it.

In addition to growing up with a very efficient understanding of money, Burch had also dealt with a learning disability. Rather than focusing on what his disability stopped him from doing, however, Burch directed his focus and energy on how he could use it to his advantage. Ultimately, he states that his learning disability had humbled him, and given him his ability to create.. which is something we can all be thankful for!

“Burch Creative Capitol” is very particular with exactly where they direct their energy and their focus. Surprisingly, their focus is not on the initial investments or how excellent the investments had proven to be, but it was directed towards helping; how they could help, when they could help, who they could help, etc. This was critical to the company. At “Burch Creative Capitol”, they are constantly paying attention to whether or not they are meeting their standards, which are to be reasonable in price, chic in design, and offer great value. This is a company that genuinely wants people to smile; they want to find a place where time stops.

Christopher Burch (http://christopherburch.com/) believes creativity comes out of our childhood. He states that every creation he has thought up had originated from a dream. At “Burch Creative Capitol”, they don’t embrace change; they demand it.


Smart Lighting: The Future is Here

Gooee Smart Lighting connects their customers with the best in smart lighting products. It is their goal to offer their customers the highest quality smart lighting products that are currently available. All of their products are very affordable and will actually save the customer money in the long run. Today, the average consumer would like a home that is equipped with all the latest necessities. Surprisingly, smart lighting is becoming a real necessity for those that would like to add modern convenience to their home or a commercial building. Smart lighting adds instant convenience to the home or any building because it automates lighting in a very efficient way.

Smart Lighting Is Flexible
Imagine coming home at night, and the lights automatically turn on the moment that you enter the driveway. You get out of your vehicle and walk to the front door and the lights are shining bright at your approach. You enter the home, and the lights in the room, flip on automatically and welcome you with a warm, soft white glow that changes to a warm amber color. This is the way that basic smart lighting works and gives flexibility to a home or commercial building.

More About Smart Lighting
Gooee Smart lighting is very easy to control. For example, you could install smart lighting in the baby’s room. Flip on the lights in the baby’s room via a smart-phone, remote, or network device to check on the baby. Smart lighting is a modern convenience that will save you money, time, and make your life more pleasant.

Former AHBE Owner Bruce Levenson and the Lawsuit Against AIG

The former General Manager of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC Danny Ferry filed an unmet claim in 2015. AHBE was under the impression they were covered for losses due to employee behaviors that led to termination. The insurance company AIG refused to pay covered losses with no justification as to why and were in bad faith. After further investigation, it is evident the losses were indeed covered by the insurance. AHBE chose to file a lawsuit in Septemeber. The lawsuit seeks 50% of loss and attorney’s fees and costs. When this claim was filed, Bruce Levenson was still co-owner of AHBE.

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman, a philanthropist, former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, and a journalist. The successful 69-year-old co-founded UGC (United Communications Group) in 1997 with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Levenson is also the current Director of TechTarget, Inc. He has served on the Board of Directors of The Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association, and in the past, he wrote for Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He once was the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation.”

Source: brucelevenson.com

Levenson graduated with a B.A. from Washington Universtiy and a J.D. from American Univeristy. Currently, Bruce is a partner with GasBuddy, an app that people use to find low-cost gas. He also co-founded DOT, which is a cooking technology that toasts bread in just 3 seconds.

Today according to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson and his wife are leading the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland. The program is meant to educate future non-profit leaders, and to make sure the students at the University of Maryland graduate as inspired philanthropist. Currently, the school has started the informed gift giving experience and the Do Good Challange, which attracts hundreds of students each year.

A Review Of The Contribution Of Mike Baur In Nurturing Talented Startups

The Swiss business world is diverse and there are many openings that the youth can tap. This allowance has inspired many young entrepreneurs to come up with ideas that are transforming the way they do business. One of the latest projects that are helping startups to experience growth is the Swiss Startup Factory, an idea that was conceived by Mike Baur, a former banker.

Mike Baur explains that the idea behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory is the need to offer young entrepreneurs a chance to excel and make the best of their ideas. The company offers office space and a platform on which startups can launch their ideas and nurture them to maturity. Mike Baur has invited professionals from different bodies, who help in the incubation process. He also works with leading entrepreneurs who have made a name for leading successful startups and managing established businesses.

Coaching and demos

The Swiss Startup Factory offers the startups a chance to get direct coaching support from renowned entrepreneurs and experts who have had prior experience with businesses of a similar kind to the ones presented by the startups. These professionals offer the startups a chance to explore the different markets available and give them the knowledge demanded of by the market. Most importantly, they have demo days where the startups get a chance to experience the real situation in the market.

IT and Accounting support

Marketing is also an element of business that cannot be overlooked. This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory works on to help the startups manage their finances and marketing better. The company invites professionals from different areas who come with tools and skills that push them towards achieving success and stability. Mike Baur has also invited law firms to offer legal services to the startups.

Read more about his interview on founderstories.com.

Post accelerator support

The fact that a startup goes through the three months incubation process to completion does not mean they are fully able to handle the challenges the market offers. In fact, at this point there is need for more support and monitoring and this is exactly what the post accelerator support offers to ensure all what was taught is put into practice.

Mike Baur

The founder and head of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur celebrates his decision to enter into entrepreneurship and nurturing young entrepreneurs. He pursued Banking and Finance and went ahead to acquire an MBA, which saw him hold a top position in the private banking sector of Switzerland. He changed his career in 2014 and became an entrepreneur.

Class Dojo Raises Additional Equity

In today’s challenging economy that often requires two working parents, it is getting more and more difficult for parents to stay on top of their kids education. Since most parents do not have the time for regular classroom visits, there is little time for parents to get direct communication from teachers regarding their child’s progress. While having regular face-to-face communication is often challenging, parents could take advantage of a new application provided by Class Dojo.


Class Dojo is an online portal and application that provides parents with the ability to get as much up-to-date information that they could need. The application allows a teacher to post as much information as necessary including a class schedule, homework assignments, recent grades, report cards, and any other information that may be requested. All of this information will give a parent the ability to get a full understanding of what their kids are learning on a daily basis as well as what their progress is.



While getting regular information is beneficial, it also provides a means for communication. The online portal will allow a parent or teacher to send a message to either the teacher or another parent. The portal also has a message board that allows parents to discuss what is going on in the classroom and allow parents to introduce themselves to the rest of the parents. Thus far, the program has become very popular with schools and parents across the country. While it just started in 2011, the application has recently announced that it is being used in over 85,000 different schools across the country.



While Class Dojo has provided plenty of great services to parents, students, and teachers in the past, it appears that the company is poised for growth. Earlier this year the company announced that it had recently completed a new round of private equity and venture capital funding, which has provided the company with a $21 million valuation. With the newly raised equity the company will focus on continuing to improve the application and software by incorporating new concepts and services. To do this, they will need to hire more employees that are experienced in software design and management. The company will also focus on continuing to market the application to get it into more and more schools across the world.