Proper Haircare 101

Men and women love their hair and it hold it to the highest of regards. On a more scale-for-scale basis, women general have longer hair than most men and that extra length makes for complications in maintaining it. Honestly speaking, most women’s hair get destroyed by their hands. It’s fine to adore what you have, but being obsessive is a total “no no”. Females tend to use a wide range of products that are made by numerous brands, which is a “super no no.” Mixing different brands can be disastrous and it’s similar to mixing medications, which can be fatal.

Over use is a killer when it comes to haircare maintenance and a lot, if not most women tend to wash their hair 3 or more times per week. That’s right! This is so extreme to a point to where you’re literally washing away the scalp’s moisture which directly affects your scalp’s natural pH level. When your pH level is off, disaster follows in the form of dryness, itching, dandruff, excessive sebum production, and dullness. Hair has been known to fall out because of this as you can hear many females chatting about “I had a few strands of hair fall out in the shower.” Unfortunately this is all to common, but luckily there’ are better treatments to help your scalp heal.

Wen is a revolutionary new approach to natural hair rejuvenation. The brand’s product line is huge and comes in the form of sprays, mousse, and serums. These Sephora endorsed are conditioners, shampoo, anti-frizz, moisture additive alternatives, and more. WEN by Chaz Dean was developed with the consumer in mind and it truly delivers on all promises. You’ll get the finest of ingredients that are backed by research and trials. There is no more guessing when it comes to haircare, so let (WEN) guide the way to healthier follicles.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Registers a 5,000 Percent Growth Within Three years of its Inception

Waiakea Water has officially declared a 5,000 percent expansion since its establishment in 2012. In 2014 alone, the leading bottled water brand has introduced its product to approximately 2,000 stores throughout 30 states in the U.S. The company is on the verge of creating a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii as a way of not only celebrating the success but also meeting the growing global demand.

Ryan Emmons’ declarations

Ryan Emmons is the brains behind Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. He expressed his gratitude for the growth that his firm had registered within a few years of its inception. According to Clost Samples, he confirmed that the company had grown from selling a few thousand of Waiakea spring and volcanic bottled water to over 120,000.

He also expressed his happiness for the strides that the company was making in the world of charitable giving. Waiakea has donated over 500 million liters of healthy and clean water to Africa-based underserved communities.

Emmons attributes Waiakea’s success for taking a unique approach during the process of processing, packaging, and marketing its water. He believes that by emphasizing on health, ethics, and environmental sustainability, the company has created a brand that addresses the needs of consumers. Waiakea is currently worth more than $10 million.

Charitable initiatives

In line with its mission to ensure more consumers are drinking clean and healthy water, Waiakea has teamed up with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of healthy water for every liter it sells. It is worth noting that Waiakea’s charitable donations comprise of one-third of the brand’s returns. Waiakea sells water that is naturally alkaline, rich in valuable mineral and sustainable electrolyte.

Waiakea Inc.

Waiakea water is one of the world’s largest suppliers of exceptional Volcanic Water commonly known as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. With a shiny and branded design, and a series of value in the industries of health, philanthropy, and environmental sustainability, Waiakea water has experienced a high increase in demand. It is indisputably the most environmentally friendly and charitable premium water across the globe.

Waiakea Water started operating in 2012 as the first safe, eco-friendly, and philanthropic bottled water. Waiakea bottled water hails from Hawaii via both rain and snowmelt on the Mauna Loa Volcano’s pristine peak. Then, the water undergoes filtration through porous lava that is 14,000 FT, enriching it with electrolytes and minerals to give it its natural alkalinity and delicious nature. BabyBoomster has reported that Waiakea water has outperformed other bottled water in the U.S. and bagged the Carbon Neutralcertification.

Prison or Home, Securus Technologies Keeps Families Together During Christmas

The holiday season is usually the time for family members to travel from different corners of the country or even the world, gather at home and celebrate their bond. Unfortunately, many people cannot travel home simply because they are barred by the law of the land from doing it. However, lack of physical presence doesn’t mean that incarcerated people can’t join their families in the holiday celebrations.


Thanks to leading inmate communications services provider, Securus Technologies, families will still celebrate together, whether any member is incarcerated or not. The company uses advanced video visitation technology to ensure that inmates and their loved ones keep in touch without the latter having to go through the inconvenience of travelling to the correction center. However, it will be a different experience altogether during the festive season.


Awakening the Festive Spirit


Apart from being in the know about the happenings at home, incarcerated people can easily join their families in the Christmas celebrations. Therefore, spouses can talk to each other and incarcerated fathers and mothers can join their children at home from their correction center. The best part, however, is the fact that inmates and their loved can witness the opening of gifts and wish them a Merry Christmas through video chat.


A video posted on YouTube shows Securus video visitation technology at its best. Titled ‘Securus Family Communication during Xmas’, the video features an incarcerated father having a chat with his son. After checking on him, he watches as he opens a Christmas gift, rekindling the festive spirit of the old times. In short, it’s all like the prison walls or the distance between father and son never existed.


Keeping the Communication Going


For years, Securus Technologies has shown great dedication in providing the best gift to inmates and their families and friends—reliable communication services. The company enables easy, efficient and low-cost receiving and making of calls from both ends, thus ensuring that the prison walls don’t create such a big barrier between inmates and their loved ones. While the company offers many options for communication, video visitation is one of the most popular, especially for its convenience and the ability to see the person at the other end of the line and talk just as if they are sitting next to you. All you have to do is open a Securus Online account and the most affordable and efficient inmate communication services are at your disposal.


Bottom Line


Incarceration is painful. Parents are always worrying about how their children are coping without them back at home. On the other hand, spouses and children are agonizing about the safety and well-being of their imprisoned partners and parents. Securus Technologies is, therefore, one of the best things that ever happened to both inmates and their loved ones. By regularly keeping in touch, they don’t have to worry any more.




What Role did Adam Goldenberg Play in the Creation of TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg is notably on of the Co-CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group, which changed its name from JustFab recently. Together with his business partner and friend, Don Ressler, they boast of a reputation for creating successful brands. Goldenberg is acknowledged for his effort in steering TechStyle into unicorn status. It joined $1 billion business league after raising $85 million from a round of funding, which was headed by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. This funding propelled the company’s aggregate funding to $300 million making it a unicorn.

Adam Goldenberg’s Early Life

Adam Goldenberg’s early years portray a teenage who was destined for greatness. This is because while at the age 15, Adam Goldenberg created his first company, Gamer’s Alliance. Intermix Media, the MySpace parent company, acquired Gamer’s Alliance just three years after its inception. This reason prompted Goldenberg to quit his high school life as well as travel across the nation to join the team at Intermix Media as the vice president of strategic planning.

It did not take long for Adam Goldenberg to be promoted to a higher position at Intermix due to his exemplary performance. For this reason, he became the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded entity. As if destiny had planned Adam’s meet up with Don Ressler, Intermix Media acquired Ressler’s Their friendship quickly grew into a business partnership that yielded the creation of Alena Media, as part of Intermix.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

The duo’s success with Alena Media was disrupted after News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005. Fueled by the desire to excel in the online performance advertising field, Adam and Don moved away from Intermix to create another business together. Fortunately, they founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 as a brand building business.

The Growth of Intelligent Beauty

After Don and Adam had created two brands, they came up with an idea to give customers a personalized shopping experience. Their endeavors to integrate cutting-edge fashion with social interaction bore fruit. JustFab became an online fashion subscription retailer that provided members with a selection of accessories, handbags, shoes and clothes customized to fit their taste at only $39.95.

TechStyle Fashion Group

JustFab is renowned for several brands including FabKids, Fabletics and FL2. However, this year, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBC in August 2016 to discuss the company’s decision to change its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Under the new name, covers all the portfolio brands including JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, FL2 and ShoeDazzle.

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An Intro to Comparative Law and Renowned Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the comprehensive study and analysis of various legal systems of other nations. Since there are a number of different legal systems in the world, comparative law enables both students and researchers to learn more about the specific differences of the legal systems of various countries. When studying comparative law, individuals will learn about a number of things such as common law, civil law, canon law and also law that pertains to socialist countries. As well as learning about the basic types of law, individuals who study comparative law will also learn about things such as Islamic law, Hindu law and Chinese law. Studying this type of law is very beneficial because it will help a number of people and governments learn about the legal regulations of various nations throughout the world.


Since internationalism and globalization have become commonplace nowadays, studying comparative law is quite important. What makes comparative law very important is that it will give many people an in depth perspective of how other nations use their legal system. One of the groups of people that comparative law helps is government officials. Since many of them need to understand international laws for things such as trade, they will greatly benefit by learning about the business laws and regulations of a particular nation when it comes to economics. Comparative law is also very helpful to lawyers who often conduct operations overseas.


When it comes to experts on comparative law, one of the most well known is Sujit Choundhry. He is a current law professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Sujit has had a number of accomplishments during his career such as being a Rhodes Scholar. During his career, Sujit Choundhry established himself as a well known expert on constitutional law. He has studied the constitution of many countries and is therefore very knowledgeable of the many legal systems of nations such as Libya, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa and Ukraine. With his knowledge and expertise, Sujit has been able to provide advice and guidance to these countries in terms of ratifying their constitution and putting together its legal foundation.


Throughout his career, Sujit Choundhry has spent a lot of his time researching constitutional law of many nations in order to gain a firm understanding of how nations form in the first place. He has studied the process of transferring government power through peaceful means as well as secession and federalism. Choundhry has also studied the bill of rights of many nations as well as how constitutional courts work.

The $20 Million Unpaid Heldrich Loan Raises Questions

Devco is a non-profit and private urban development company in real estate that was founded in the 1970s. It has initiated redevelopment facilities to serve as the conjunction between private and public economic investments in New Brunswick.

Fostering private-public partnerships and bring together the New Brunswick development activities. New Jersey state institutional and corporate leadership are essential to success. It leverages public, private, state, local, and federal resources to enable DevCo to create an impact in project development.

DevCo accomplishes its mission using mixed-use projects and development-seeking critical mass to address the challenges posed by the general public. While each development project has conceived an implementation in Devco, it has achieved success through quality reclamation in an urban lifestyle setup. This is the characteristic realized by many American cities.

The company is an expert in creating strong public-private partnerships and strategic alliances for innovative financing. Their role in society has led to the development of the award-winning inventory projects. Since its incorporation, the company has overseen over $2 billion in investments. For this reason, the city’s redevelopment activities remain high even in the most challenging times in the country’s economy.

For the last month, the improvement authority in Middlesex County failed to return their loan in interest and principle. Their monthly repayment is $1 million. This loan amounts to $20 million received from the Casino Development Authority. The authority has arrears from the past five years. It has missed payments of up to $7 million.

The finance, issued in 2005, aided in the construction of the Heldrich hotel. The Brunswick conference center and hotel developed by New Brunswick Development Corporation. Stephen Sweeney, the state senator, has touted the company as an example of what happens when state funds are released to private investors to execute additional construction. The Atlantic City Development Company is a sister corporation to New Brunswick which oversees over #200 million in private and public financing. They are currently managing over $19.5 million CRDA finance. The money is used in the development of City section of Gateway. Both companies are chaired by Chris Paladino, an attorney, who aided the Heldrich $20 million loan. Read full article on