Waiakea Vocanic Water is Growing Rapidly Among Millenials

Ryan Emmons is co-founder and CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Water. He started the company when he was 22 years old and still in college, but he saw a hole in the hundreds of brands of bottled water and decided to fill it with a natural, volcanic water that he naturally collects from Waiakea Springs. Ryan is 25 now, and the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company has grown 4,000 percent and is valued at $10 million.  Learn more about more Waiakea Water: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/10/27/780527/10154219/en/Waiakea-Hawaiian-Volcanic-Water-Sees-a-5-000-Percent-Growth-in-Just-Three-Years.html

There are hundreds of brands of natural bottled water, but Ryan has hit the features that enhance his brand and make it attractive to millennials and others who think along the same lines. Waiakea Water originates in a volcanic stream that flows 14,000 feet through a volcano where it is collected.

This water absorbs numerous minerals and electrolytes as the water flows through the volcanic rock. Then it is packaged in recyclable containers that use 85 percent less energy to manufacture. This brand of natural mineral water is quickly rising above the others.

The source is one of the purest on Earth, and Ryan has created a friendly and sustainable product. When he entered the bottled water market, he found that is was an “old man’s” market because most of the owners were over 50.

He had no other entrepreneurs to collaborate with, so he has led this company himself. When the company was founded, Ryan had a partner Teller, who has since moved on to other projects.

As well as being a successful entrepreneur, Ryan has also become a philanthropist, Giving Back from the profits of Waiakea water. He donates 650ML of clean water to PumpAid who is their charity partner. PumpAid, in turn, gives the water to rural communities in Africa where the water is contaminated. Over 500 million liters of water have been donated to date directly from Waiakea water.

Ryan lives the motto – drink healthy, drink sustainably, drink ethically, and it is this belief that has been the foundation of Waiakea water. He attributes his success to the creation of this fierce brand that is focusing on millennials.

A Look At Oil Executive Anthony Petrello’s Career

Anthony Petrello is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors is the operator of the largest on-land drilling fleet in the world with sites in the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, and other regions. Anthony Petrello, who also goes by Tony, oversees the company from its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Petrello earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale University, both in Mathematics. He also has a J.D. degree which he earned at Harvard Law School. He practiced law at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie for 22 years. While acting as a lawyer Petrello specialized in taxation, corporate law, and international arbitration. For the final 5 years that he was with Baker & McKenzie he was the Managing Partner of their New York City office.

Petrello first came to Nabor Industries in 1991 when he was named the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He became Deputy Chairman in 22003 and then Chief Executive Officer in 2011. He was named Chairman of Executive Committee of the Board and Chairman of the Board in 2012. According to Bloomberg Anthony Petrello was paid $27,663,602 as of 2015.

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A few years ago one of Petrello’s college roommates, Lloyd Grove wrote an article on The Daily Beast about his remembrances of him. This came about because Grove was reading an article about the United States highest-paid CEO’s and recognized one of the names as his old roommate. As he recalls Petrello was a skinny kid from a working-class background and very much an extrovert. Grove also recalls that Petrello was exceptionally gifted in math and would write proofs of theorems on napkins all the time.

Petrello ended up during his time at school as a protege of Professor Serge Lang who taught at the school and was a world-renowned mathematician. Grove recently reached out to contract Petrello but his phone call was unsuccessful as Petrello was out of the office. Shortly after he received an email from Petrello, part of which said that success comes down to being lucky or being smart, and he had been very lucky.

With Rona Borre At The Helm, Instant Alliance Has Become A Very Successful Company

Rona Borre has been honored by organizations

As the founder and CEO of the leading Chicago-area IT recruiting and staffing company Instant Alliance, Rona Borre is a busy and accomplished woman. The company was founded in 2001, and has since become a well respected and very successful organization.


A graduate of the University of Arizona, Rona Borre maintains an active presence in the Chicago community. Ms. Borre is on the board of directors of several Chicago-area organizations, including The Chicago Network, the Young Presidents Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago.

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Rona Borre has been honored by organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, Enterprising Women magazine, and The Business Ledger.


At Instant Alliance, Rona Borre regularly matches talented individuals in the technology and finance industries with companies that are a good fit for their talents and skills. With extensive experience in helping companies and individuals to achieve their goals, Ms. Borre’s expertise has been featured by an impressive list of media outlets.


According to instantalliance.com among the media companies that have reported on Rona Borre are CNN, CNBC, USA Today, and CBS. Because of her knowledge of and experience in the recruitment and staffing industry, Ms. Borre also regularly writes about the field for various publications.

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The Role of Comparative Law Today

Comparative law refers to the study of the interrelationship between legal systems. This study scrutinizes the rules of different systems as well as their similarities and differences. Comparative law is important because it allows a better understanding of different legal systems and cultures.


The Relevance of Comparative Law


In today’s age of globalization, there is a need to make sense of complex and intertwined international private and public law. This allows the harmonization of global legislation and leads to more cooperation. All countries have established laws. Some of these legislations are universal and apply to almost every nation while others are uniquely suited to particular jurisdictions.


Legislators use foreign laws when drafting new legislation. This is necessary for regions sharing a common economic, social, and political interest. The essence of comparing legal systems also holds true for academic disciplines as well as in court rulings.


Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at I. Michael Heyman and a former Dean of Law at Berkeley. He is an internationally recognized and respected authority on comparative law. He combines in-depth field experience with wide-ranging research agenda in his work as an international advisor on constitutional building processes. He has consulted in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Libya, Ukraine, and South Africa.


Professor Sujit’s research addresses various issues touching on comparative constitutional law. He uses constitutional design tools to help countries manage a transition from a state of violence to peaceful democratic reforms. Other issues that his research addresses include the bill of rights; federalism, secession, and decentralization; constitutional courts; semi-presidentialism; official language policy; group and minority rights; constitutional building; legislations involving a transition from totalitarian to democratic rule; and security sector oversight. Click related article, http://www.ifit-transitions.org/about/people/sujit-choudhry.


Professor Sujit Choudhry is a published author who has written extensively on the Canadian constitutional law. He has over ninety publications including articles, reports, working papers, and book chapters. Some of his edited work include “Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration of Accommodation?” Oxford, 2008, “The Migration of Constitutional Ideas” (Cambridge, 2006), “Constitutional Making” (Edward Edgar), and “The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution” (Oxford, 2008).


Sujit Choudhry is a member of several committees and Boards including International Society of Public Law (ICONS), Constitutional Court Review, International Journal of Constitutional Law, and Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. Professor Sujit has previously worked at NYU School of Law, University of Toronto, and Berkeley. In 2010, he received the Trudeau Fellowship award. The professor holds law degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. See worksbepress.com.


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Lori Senecal shows exception leadership skills

Lori Senecal was made CEO of CP+B during the Global Infiniti Awards. She has worked with the company for one year now and has shown an aggressive business effort. The firm is highly interested in global expansions. It has current plans to expand to other areas of the continent such as China. With the Infiniti awards, the expansion is now very likely. Lori also works as the CEO of another firm known as MDC. She has helped out with the marketing and advertising strategies of the two companies. Lori Senecal in a Huffington Post ibterview has said that she is always excited about her leadership position at CP+B. She looks forward to becoming involved in the agencies growth on a global scale. She feels that the firm has a team of talented professionals. She knows that she has the right team to make a significant difference in the company.

Lori Senecal has in the past held several positions as CEO and executive of different companies. She is known for serving as an executive of KBS. She served in the company as the global chairman of the enterprise. She was also the CEO of MDC at that time. During her serving as CEO, she oversaw the company’s expansion to global markets. Lori Senecal has shown lots of skill and knowledge in the global development of businesses. That is why she is currently in charge of the global growth of CP+B.

Before becoming the CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal served as the CEO and president of MDC Partner Network. She held this position for two years. She played a lead role in the company’s exclusive business strategy. She formulated a business plan that helped the company grow through a network of cross collaboration. She also served as the global chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. She aided in the expansion of the firm and increased its employee base. At the start, the firm had 250 employees. It grew to become an international agency that has over 900 employees. Lori Senecal has shown excellent skills as a marketer. She has worked in the advertising section of the industry. Her job is to make her business aware to clients and convince customers to do business with her.

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Managing is key with Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a highly sought after businesswoman. She admirably executes the tasks required of her as the Leader of Talent Acquisition, while in employment by Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg has established an esteemed reputation from her extensive experience and practical know-how. Julie is commonly recognized for her exceeding capability to labor alongside privileged business manages in the classified assets division of commerce as well as the marketing aspect of administration. Julie Zuckerberg is startlingly competent with establishing discourse, as well as maneuvering through sophisticated managerial contacts that engage company stock holders. Julie’s diverse range of leadership is time after time regarded as being very important for putting to work a qualified labor force and her employment credo is well-known as establishing a strong and lifelong presence on the potential of an foundation’s effectiveness and regularly delivers a medley of exceptional and multifaceted workforce.


Julie also has expertise implementing the role of Senior Manager Recruiter before partitioning her interest to that of Faculty Acquisition Leader. Julie Zuckerberg has additionally, excelled in her capacity by rising to the position of Vice President of the Deutsche Bank. For the duration of this period, Julie’s skills were strengthened by supervising fundamental associations with top-notch industry firms, to shape an immensely invaluable compilation of capable employees. Julie has also fashioned strong ties with a strong number of commerce dealings to more concisely direct the hiring practice for creating a talented workforce. This is central to fulfilling exceedingly significant positions such as Regional Management and US Conformity, as well as Investor Transactions, including additional essential roles.


Julie Zuckerberg is accredited as hording a multitude of skilled industry savoir faire and attenuated business perception. Julie has also flourished in the function of Chief of Candidate Assignment while employed at the agency Hudson Global. This, position was Julie’s initial specialized service position, back in 2002. During her service at the Hudson agency, a 5 year period, Julie tethered to the company a surplus of authorized workers and a veteran supervisory team for a cornucopia of renowned agencies. This continuous influx of recruits aided with satisfying a collection of available roles. When Julie stepped down from the Hudson firm, she loyally committed her expertise to Citi Global, a reputable consumer bank. During this employment, Julie cemented her abilities by functioning as the Leading Executive Recruiter. This role allowed her the authorization to form superior quality avenues for hiring recruits by manipulating the world wide web resources, interacting with social media advertising and through fast track sourcing of the workforce. These are merely a a small number of the immeasurable and extraordinarily stirring avenues taken advantage of by Julie. These thoughtful and successful actions were intended to acquire qualified workers. Julie Zuckerberg exudes a know-how to systematize innumerable tasks and while in service at Citi Global, she supervised as Vice President.

Technological advancement changing the face of internet users

The introduction of the internet has led to increased communication and information sharing across the globe. This has also led to the emergence and development of many internet and data providing companies. Internet access is very expensive especially to heavy users that is why many organizations and companies are coming up with better yet cheaper ways of providing internet access to people. According to FreedomPop review, FreedomPop is one such company that has invested in different ways of subsidizing the use of internet by reducing on the cost of accessing internet opportunities. The company has invested in providing affordable internet access to people in over 30 countries globally. The organization allows you to sign up and receive free 500mbs data bundles for the first time users. This has led to increased internet users since people can now easily access data bundles. However, the company makes its money from the renewal it makes where it charges the client on internet usage once the data bundles are finished or if you exhaust the bundles before one month elapses. The company also offers diverse ways of getting bundles if they are finished for instance, when you refer a friend and starts using the data bundles, you are entitled to 10Mbs. The platform also enables his clients to use Wi-Fi calls instead of the normal expensive cell phones calls. Here, the customer pay $5 per month to make calls from any part of United States of America.


The company has a package that has attracted a lot of people towards using their services. For instance for $20 per month you are given unlimited talks and texts with 1GB of internet bundle. That is very important for small scale internet users and has brought traffic to the company. There is a WhatsApp group that enables you to share a lot pertaining to the company how to access the services.


Stephen Stokols is the chief executive officer and founder of the company, he is optimistic that 65% of USA within the first quarter target almost 120million people using the services. The company is developing and android application that will be out in a few weeks’ time targeting marketing opportunities over the boarders. With its services being rolled out to other parts of the world, the company has raised over $19 million from investors who have seen potential returns from the investment made. As such, the company continues expanding in offering affordable internet access across the United States of America according to https://ptmoney.com/freedompop-review/



Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Sues AIG for Breach of Contract

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), including controlling partner Bruce Levenson, is alleging that New Hampshire Insurance Company, also known as AIG, has breached a contract regarding the settlement of claims made by former GM Danny Ferry. AHBE, which previously owned the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County in September. The lawsuit, a civil action suit, claims that AHBE had a policy to cover certain employment-related losses including wrongful termination and workplace torts such as those alleged by Ferry. AHBE claims that it informed the insurance company in April 2015 that these claims were to be covered under their policy. According to Forbes.com, AHBE and Ferry came to a buyout agreement in June 2015, two days before the franchise was sold. Current Hawks ownership stated that though they are aware of the claims against the former owners, the involved parties no longer have any connection to the organization. The lawsuit, which is for an undisclosed amount, states that AIG breached their policy by failing to acknowledge or pay the losses from Ferry’s settlement.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. He attended college at Washington University and American University. During college he started his journalism career with the Washington Star. In 1977 Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG), which provides business information that provides data, news and analysis for a variety of industries. Along with his UCG co-founder Ed Peskowitz, Levenson formed Atlanta Spirit LLC. Later called Atlanta Hawks LLC, the organization was a group of businessmen who owns the Atlanta Hawks and Philips arena.

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