Jason Hope, the Visionary Technological Entrepreneur

Jason is a philanthropist, businessman, futurist and an investor who has brought tremendous interest in technology. He has a passion for giving back to his community, Arizona. With the passion for technology, he has used this to see the industry move to another level. His degree in finance from Arizona University also helps him in the managing of his business as well. He uses the knowledge in technology to predict the technological trends and where technology is headed hence managing his business. Jason came up with the technology idea from his official website and therefore improvised the best of it.

Jason is dedicated to the welfare of other people as evidenced by his philanthropic activities and entrepreneurial endeavors. His work as an entrepreneur targets a variety of avenues for research and development. Some of this channels include developing mobile applications, desktop software, gaming software, and devices that encompass connectivity and the power of technology to enrich the human condition and bring ease. Jason is dedicated to working with the young entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Jason believes that technology is the future and therefore he commits his time in seniors from high school interested in technology to support their dreams as well and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason makes money from his portfolio of technology that he created as a start in his business. Companies that render marketing services, digital media explications, computer and business information operations and interactive soft wares are just but some of the ways Jason earns. Jason is also interested in politics as in the state of Arizona. As a philanthropist, Jason has several companies he decided to stand behind. The SENs foundation that he choose to support their involvement in anti-aging research. Jason believes that this research is about creating a longer, better quality of life. Jason believes in discovering of one passion. This will help identify where you want your career to end up and Twitter.com.

Internet of things has become a favorite data phase for the technology industry as advancements in smart devices grow. The hospitality industry is the most profitable sector of the internet of things according to Jason hope. Internet of things refers merely to any device that is network enabled allowing its two-way communication. Jason hope states that as it becomes persuasive, and consumers become more used to this amenities in their homes. This will, in turn, lead to their demand for the technology in their homes. This will improve the technology market. Jason hope believes in the rise in technology in years to come and therefore offers all his dedication to those with the passion for technology and more information click here.

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How George Soros Has Made His Impact Felt

George Soros is one of the world’s most talked about men. He has managed to amass a billion dollar fortune and he uses that fortune to help the people around him and the world at large. Thanks to George Soros, the world is much closer to realizing its dream of globalization. We can now see these effects thanks to work of his Open Society Foundation. Through his wise investments, Soros has donated to politicians around the world who are intent on trying to bring about greater diversity and acceptance of various cultures. His work has led to direct benefits to the economy of the world at large and what George Soros knows.

The Open Society Foundation is doing some of the most important work there is in regards to globalization. He has focused much of his contributions on helping out Democrats ad progressive European candidates that want to reach the top positions in their country. As a result of his actions, western countries are experiencing greater contact with the world around them and the developing world has a better chance of creating its own wealth. Given his extensive background in finance, he understands this much better than the average person would and helps out all in need and George Soros lacrosse camp.

Outside of his work in supporting globalization, Soros has also made efforts to help the Left find a way to reestablish itself and gain back a foot hold in American politics. Currently, it seems as if the right is making far too many gains in American and European politics. The election of Donald Trump has certainly triggered a number of effects bringing this about, but Soros believes he can find a way to solve the problem and get the Left back into power. His ultimate plan revolves around finding a way to give the Democratic party a way to pitch the ideas of globalization back to the general public and more information click here.

If George Soros is able to get his team of donors back together, he might just find a way to help the Left recover. There are so many examples of this problem at work, but he knows what to do in order to help the party find a way to better itself. He isn’t hesitant to fight back and he understands exactly what it takes to resist Trump. So far, it appears as if the efforts of George Soros have paid off. Trump has no succeeded in many of his goals and it seems as if he won’t accomplish many later on. It’s difficult to claim that Soros is directly responsible, but it’s certainly implied. His experience in politics over the years isn’t usually very hands on, but the effects are clearly visible to anyone who wants to see them and follow him Twitter.com.

Other Reference: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

Creak, Crack, Pop! Joint Pain and Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis with millions of people affected. This disease causes pain in joints as the cartilage that usually cushions connecting bones wears away so the bones bump and rub each other. Some of this wear and tear happens with age and some of it is expedited by family history, injury or weight. But, before you stress out about that “crunchy” knee, there are also things that can prevent and ease some of the pain that comes with osteoarthritis.

Some of these preventive measures can be done at home like stretching daily, not remaining in one position for too long and keeping an eye on your weight. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not enough and pain from osteoarthritis can keep you from doing day to day activities. When that happens there are places like Osteo Relief Institute that which specialize in helping people with this kind of joint pain.

Osteo Relief Institute works with a multidisciplinary approach so they can figure out what will work best for your needs whether that’s something like physical therapy or all natural joint lubrication injections. Their goal is to restore normal bio-metrics, maintain healthy joints and strengthen for lasting results. One of the best parts of this is that, with Osteo Relief Institute, their pain solutions are non-invasive, non-surgical and leave little to no downtime. So you can get back to a pain-free life as fast as you can!

Besides the relief of not going under the knife for pain relief, Osteo Relief Institute’s techniques are also FDA approved and carried out by board-certified physicians and physical therapists. The expertly trained professionals pride themselves on working with you, in any way they can and in a way that’s simple to understand.

Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief takes great pride in unique, individual treatment plans that treat patients like family and creates lasting relief for a disease without a cure but not without options.

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Eli Gershkovitch Leads Steamworks to Greatness Through Production

It is undisputed that Canadians have a special liking for beer. Despite where they are, beer comes as a timely beverage that they enjoy at any time. Being a leading popular drink, the sales for beer are relatively higher with craft beer sales leading the trend. The consumption continues to rise despite the obvious factors that face the economy of the world. Even with a small capital growth, nothing beats the beer sales of craft beer. Consistency is the key here.


Growth Of Craft Beer


To drive the point home, breweries have been putting extra work to ensure that the supply beats the demand. It takes them millions to make sure that the increasing demand is met (ReleaseFact). In the previous scenarios, craft breweries imitated the tag, microbreweries. The expectations to supply were surpassed to the point of receiving unexpected success for profits. Ontario Craft Breweries was the leading in sales after selling more than 400,000 beers of hectolitres.


Red Racer Pale


One type of beer produced by Craft Beer is the famous Red Racer Pale. This beer is brewed by the reliable Central City Brewing Company. Originating from British Columbia, it is distributed to retailers through essential preservation. This is done to preserve the freshness on transit (https://thenewsversion.com/2017/10/eli-gershkovitch-takes-approach/). Recently, the Canadian Brewing Award recognized this beer for prominence. Its grapefruit taste, as well as the malt soothing feeling, is something to count on.


The Leadership of Craft Beer


Just like an organization, Craft Beer relies on proper management for the production of excellent beer. He is the man who decides what goes on in the production of beers in this company. He harbors an impressive resume that reflects his ability to lead the demanding company. Eli Gershkovitch has streamlined the company through excellent leadership.




Eli Gershkovitch can be defined as a multi-skilled professional in the business. He has been a lawyer, pilot as well as an entrepreneur. Now working as the head cheerleader of Steamworks Brewery, Eli Gershkovitch has registered excellence at work. His roots define his commitment as a leader.


Glen Wakeman busy day at the office and his worst job ever

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman is a busy man. A typical day for him includes getting to the office and immediately checking the cash totals, sales, and service performance numbers from the previous day. This can take a while but is worth it. Then he meets with his business partners to discuss administrative and management tasks, paying the bills, design revisions, and they divvy up the daily tasks. Glen and his associates also research and review customer inquiries, respond to emails, customer trends, and other tasks at hand that need to be addressed. Being productive is very important to Glen Wakeman so trust, being organized, and dividing up tasks makes the days more productive. He is also influenced by others and needs their feedback when he has new ideas. Some ideas are great, while others are not. Getting feedback helps him make sense of his plans and ideas. Glen is also highly curious. He finds that it is his best trait. Instead of giving up on things easily, he is curious to find solutions and is a great problem solver.

Glen Wakeman has had a very successful and longstanding career in finance and business. He worked for GE Capital in high positions of authority for over 20 years. He was also the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board for Doral Financial Corporation. He is Founder and CEO of Nova Four. Currently, Glen is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at LaunchPad Holdings LLC. With all his success, he would change things and recalls a horrible job from the past. The only job he could get during the summer recession was cleaning an automobile parts factory bathrooms. It was gross and sweaty. He definitely did not like it and found it to be miserable (Wikipedia). He had to do it to pay his way through college. Looking back one thing he would do differently would be to keep better track of acquaintances and friends. Whether it’s a group of folks or one person, it could be the difference between your success in business and not. Glen thinks that social media is a great way to keep in touch with people and a helpful tool for business.

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Dr. Mark Holterman the Incredible Pediatric care Specialist

Dr. Holterman is a medical practitioner keen on the development of technology and finding the cure for illnesses such as diabetes. He is an alumnus of the Virginia University and also lectures surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois. Dr. Holterman is a member of various boards such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA), IPSAC, and Mariam global health.


IPSAC relies on donors and volunteers to improve healthcare and Pediatric surgical care. Volunteers who chose this program offer their support through patient care, training lecturing and surgery at medical schools in Vietnam. These volunteers must possess a visa valid for six months, a copy of professional license and resume. Once these conditions are met, the volunteers traveled to Vietnam and briefed on the proceedings and their period of stay.


Dr. Mark Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health which has strong interests in the development of cell-based therapies. The Congress passed a bill which funds support for generative medicine (Facebook). The act also helps in the fast-tracking of drug approval procedures.it provides efficient FDA approval process for certain stem cells practices.


Dr. Holterman is behind the establishment of Hannah Sunshine Foundation. The organization aims to use cellular regenerative therapies for children with rare diseases. The primary disease of focus for this institution is Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA). The condition not only affects the joints but other body organs such as the lungs, liver, and heart. The condition mainly affects children and currently does not have a cure however efforts are being put forth to deal with it. The organization alongside cellular therapies created cellular and regenerative therapies. The organization utilizes stem cells when conducting therapies (easily found in body fat tissues) they are often taken from the bone marrow and placental tissues. The cells can grow into many different cells and help in combating inflammation, improve healing, stopping cellular decaying forming new blood vessels.


Mark Holterman received an award, which indicates his accomplishment in the field of Diabetes Care. The organization is pressed to funding research into diabetes cure and prevention measures. The recipients of the award must have an innovative hypothesis that is related to the pathology of diabetes and demonstrates the significant progress concerning diabetes treatment and prevention. With all these organizations, Dr. Mark Holterman contribution toward the development of medicine cannot be overlooked but glorified with the highest honors.

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Stream Energy: Leading By Example

Did you know that every type of electrical device pulls current even when the products aren’t on? That’s right! Whether it’s computers, televisions, coffee makers, air conditioning units, freezers or any other electrical household devices. Though the actual amount of energy that’s being used is slight, the total amount can add up to a significant amount per year. We’ve all done it before. Leaving the room or house with the lights, fans or televisions on and in full-display. This is called phantom drain and if you don’t preserve what you already have, you’ll end up spending more down the line (https://www.puc.texas.gov/industry/electric/directories/rep/report_rep.aspx?ID=ELSQL01DB1245339200001).


Have you ever heard of Stream Energy? Stream Energy is your solution to saving energy and money. Founded in 2004, Stream Energy is an actual provider of energy, protective, wireless and home services. In other words, it helps you cut down on the total amount of energy wasting. The company actually started out as natural gas and retail electricity firm. Dallas, Texas, is where the company is headquartered, but with such huge success, it has now expanded its services across the nation. This includes the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in Washington D.C. Founders Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder turned this idea into a brilliant reality.


The majority of Stream Energy’s services can be used across this great nation. The only exception to this would be for the actual energy services. To benefit from these services then you would need to be residing in one of the actual selected deregulatory markets. The company has been successful, especially when it comes to reaching the masses. It uses some of the best multi-level marketing methods for achieving the end goal. Stream Energy is setting new standards in energy consumption. At this rate, who knows what this brand will come up with next.


Omar Yunes Revolutionizing Food Industry through Unique Brand Development

Omar Yunes’ excellence in the franchise sector gets its bearing from a sheer commitment to professionalism in all the spheres of services that he has command. Winning the annual Best Franchisee in the World, (BFW) 2015 edition was an evidence of payment after long years of commitment to quality services. In this case, the BFW has continued to play a critical role in advancing the interests of franchise sectors in general. In the wake of global marketing challenges, BFW has taken an initiative of acknowledging efforts made by players in the franchise industry through networking and recognizing innovative strategies and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


A Reliable Workforce

Omar Yunes is one of the most celebrated business personalities in the Mexican franchise sector heading the Sushi Ditto franchise. His 13 franchises positioned in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz have all found their footing courtesy of the reliable leaders around the management of the company. As a deeply devoted entrepreneur, Omar Yunes has embarked on a global marketing spree where it has created a critical control of clientele base in the hotel industry. As a matter of fact, Sushi Itto’s expansion has led to the creation of various job opportunities across its 13 units around the globe. More precisely, the 13 units have a workforce that comprises 400 workers who are both skilled and unskilled and learn more about Omar Yunes.


Developing Proper Business Strategies

Omar Yunes’ gem to sustaining this workforce revolves around motivating his employees through proper incentives and creating a tolerable working environment for them. Through such an initiative, he has helped in enacting and even realizing company goals of the lead entity in food and beverage industry. Having Omar Yunes at the helm of the company’s leadership has developed a brand that has consistently developed its business networks beyond the frontiers of Mexico. With a keen interest in developing a proper working strategy and reputable management structure, Omar Yunes has achieved a lot in his endeavours as an investor and an overall leader of the company. Through his efforts in fostering teamwork, reliability, and efficiency among the workers, Omar has continued to excel in all his spheres of engagement as a great franchise with a passion for success in the food industry and read full article.

Other Reference: http://www.elgraderio.com/2017/06/13/omar-yunes-por-el-amor-del-futbol/

Mikhail Blagosklonny: A Man Among Men

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist who is well known for his studies on cancer and aging. He was formerly an oncology professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. As a philanthropist, he believes that every individual should receive the best treatment possible despite their economic standing. Dr. Mikhail is renowned for advocating for the use of Rapamycin, a cancer drug thought to have the ability to increase the lifespan of a human being. The drug according to Dr. Mikhail has immunosuppressant properties and in fact, works better than other immunosuppressive drugs. In a deeper context, during organ transplants, the human body is prone to reject newly transplanted organs in which the procedure fails. Therefore, doctors will prescribe anti-rejection drugs commonly known as immunosuppressive drugs that have adverse effects on kidneys. Rapamycin enhances the immune response of the body towards tumors. Consequently, it promotes tumor regression hence the drug reduces the risk of cancer in patients with organ transplants by a landslide.

Moreover, Dr. Mikhail’s extensive research tests on mice have proven that use of Rapamycin on aging mice has resulted in extended immunity against tuberculosis. Tests on the elderly have shown the ability of the drug to rejuvenate the immune system against influenza. On the contrary, there is no up to date conclusive evidence that the drug can increase the lifespan of a person. Presently, scientists are in the process of conducting tests on a monkey to prove Dr. Mikhail’s belief that the drug can indeed increase human longevity. Research in progress on the treatment of muscular dystrophy has shown a positive effect of the grip strength of mice after Rapamycin inducement. Consequently, the mice also displayed improved cardiac functions, hence the potential ability to cure muscular dystrophy.Dr. Mikhail’s goal is to figure out a way to treat cancer which has become a modern day menace, in an efficient manner that will be pain-free and inexpensive.

He studies aging as well as cancer with the ideology that the two somehow correlate. He argues that from his research cancer, is common in older individuals above a certain age. With a bid to pass the information to the future generation who might uncover the misery, Dr. Mikhail has inspired his peers and students who want to be part of the evolution in his research study.While striving to come up with effective methods to treat cancer, he goes ahead to necessitate on creating a treatment that will eliminate the cancerous cells without necessarily destroying the unaffected cells; which help in the recovery of the body after cancer treatment. Like any other pacesetter, he believes that his work and findings in the oncology field will attract similar minds that will help take the research forward even after he leaves. The search for cancer treatment currently is expensive and is afforded by the few financially advantaged; he hopes to put all that to an end with his research, aiding all other future generations.


The Increasing Significance Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United, a prominent political action committee established in 2015, is grabbing the attention of the Americans day-by-day. The PAC was founded to resist the ill effects of Citizens United verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. It should be noted that the verdict has changed the political landscape of the United States in favor of corporations. The verdict has given consent for corporations and unions to spend as much as possible in the country’s election process. It means that if a corporation does not want to make a candidate win, it can flood money in the constituency and make him defeated.

The Citizens United verdict also gave corporates a similar stature to citizens and provided First Amendment rights. Importantly, the Supreme Court even addressed the corporation as “persons.” The verdict gave freedom for corporations to spend without any accountability or control. It also reduced the transparency of the system, and as a rebellion against the rigged political system, End Citizens United established on March 1, 2015, for making legislation to counter the changed campaign finance system post the verdict. The PAC is working towards the mission of electing maximum campaign reform champions to both Senate and House and state legislatures.

End Citizens United also considers mass awareness campaign against the money politics as another option. The PAC has achieved immense popularity since its foundation and produced more than $2 million in contributions from various small-time donors within weeks. It should be noted that considering its fight against big money the PAC has restricted the contribution limit at $5000. This means that no big donors can buy the PAC, and it can freely raise the voice of the ordinary people of America. It should also be noted that more than 325,000 individuals signed a petition, within months, initiated by the PAC asking the Congress to pass legislation to scrap the verdict.

The PAC eyes to bring the petition campaign to more liberal supporters to make it as a mass movement. The PAC also supports the candidates who are attacked by the dark-money groups and conservatives such as Koch brothers. Also, in the initial months, the PAC has received 136,000 donations mostly from the grass root level with the average donation standing at $14.86. While many political observers think that making a constitutional amendment is an uphill task, the PAC is optimistic, and it wants to makes its message reaching every individual.

Interestingly, End Citizens United predominantly supports Democratic candidates considering their liberal stand. The PAC also believes that meaningful change can happen only with Democrats, not Republicans – considering their conservative views. It is also revealed that Republican leadership is firm against changing the finance campaign rules considering its large money group supporters. Interestingly, the PAC has declared its support to many Congress candidates in the recent months.