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When it comes to reaching a superhuman ability in all of your training and athletic performance tasks, Enhanced Athlete is sure to take you there with their long list of highly popular sports nutrition products. The products offered by Enhanced Athlete are proven to be able to help you perform at your very best sexual capacity, meaning you’ll stay hard much longer and have way more stamina. Their products can also help you to reduce muscle recovery time, help you burn fat quicker, amp up your body’s testosterone and healthy hormone levels, strengthen your joints, sharpen your memory, and much more. There is a reason why seasoned athletes and even career soldiers take Enhanced Athlete’s products, it’s because they’re proven to work and do exactly what they’re advertised to do. Each individual ingredient contained in Enhanced Athlete’s products has been thoroughly tested in a certified laboratory to ensure that you are only putting premium fuel into your body and getting the best physical results possible out of any sports nutrition product.


There are thousands of athletic nutrition companies out there today, however, very few of them actually care about their customer base. Enhanced Athlete came into the sports nutrition game to dominate, and the only way to do that is by simply offering the best products that provide the very best performance results. Time and time again Enhanced Athlete has proven their products not only blow away any competing products offered by competitors, but their business formula of dumping all available funds into nutrition research and product evolution is a business model that simply keeps them at the very pinnacle of their industry. If you browse the web you’ll come across hundreds of testimonials from athletes to novice trainers that have seen nothing but fantastic results from the wide range of products offered by Enhanced Athlete.


In addition to running one of the largest and most successful online catalogs of science-backed nutritional products for athletes, Enhanced Athlete also runs two other new and fast-growing sports-related companies. These two companies are known as Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. The later company specializes in retailing exercise, dietary, and workout coaching products. These products include customized training programs, complete meal plans, calorie counting systems, personalized and face to face video coaching, and many other tools needed to ensure you are maximizing your time spent on diet and exercise. Enhanced Gear also offers an e-commerce website related to sports, however, rather than selling coaching products the company sells a huge variety of exercise clothing and apparel. If you are interested in shopping for exercise bags, exercise hats, sleeveless workout shirts, training shorts, water and drink bottles, exercise bags, or exercise pants, then be sure to make an effort to visit Enhanced Gear at your earliest convenience.

Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Is Honored To Win The Global Visionary Award

Perhaps one of entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin’s most gratifying rewards during his professional career occurred in March 2016. The Vision World Academy of India acknowledged his lifetime of work by awarding him their Global Visionary Award. This organization, which was formed five years ago, hands out their award to business leaders who have been highly successful in turning their vision for their business into a reality.

He received this award because he turned OSI Group, LLC, into a domestic food company in the 1970s into something that now spans the globe. His company earns billions of dollars a year and has 60 facilities in 16 nations in Europe, North America, and Asia. He first had his business enter India in 1995, through a subsidiary named OSI-Vista Processed Foods, and they now offer meat, fruits, and vegetables which have been processed according to the particular requirements of each of their customers.

Sheldon Lavin started out his career in the finance industry. He arranged loans between firms who needed money to fund operations and financial firms who were willing to lend the money. It was through this role that he was introduced to the company that is now called OSI Group. He took a great deal of interest in this company at the time because he could see how they could be so much bigger and better than they were at the time. When he was offered an ownership stake and leadership position at OSI Group he made the fateful decision to leave the world of finance behind and instead become the part-owner, CEO, and Chairman of it.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group makes safety, environmental responsibility, efficiency, and quality the highest priorities of the company. He was quick to expand OSI Group when he took over. He signed up more customers, as at the time their largest client by far was McDonald’s Corporation. After this was completed he set up more facilities in both the United States and Canada.

In the 1980s, OSI Group began to expand into Europe. Sheldon Lavin opened up facilities there and also bought a number of competitors. The 1990s, meanwhile, was all about Asia, especially China. He followed the same pattern he had developed in Europe in order to expand there. He has also partnered with Chinese firms as that is one of the requirements of the Chinese government for companies foreign to China to open up shop there.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Serving the People of Palestine

Palestine is known as a state that is in constant conflict with Israel. As a result of the never-ending conflict, its people are forced to live overseas to escape the war and the violence that has been erupting all over its territories. One of the families who chose to live abroad is the family of Dr. Saad Saad. He came from a Palestinian migrant family, and his siblings either became engineers, doctors, or teachers. When he was still young, his family lived peacefully in Kuwait. The young Dr. Saad Saad constantly complains about the extreme temperature in Kuwait, and he has been thinking about his future if fate dictated him to become an engineer. He realized that becoming an engineer in Kuwait is equivalent to suicide, because of the scorching heat from the sun and engineers in Kuwait mostly work outside. He wanted to work in a cold environment and thought about being a doctor instead. He relayed his idea to his parents, and they supported him regarding his desire to become a doctor instead.



When he was in college, Dr. Saad Saad enrolled in a local Kuwaiti University, where he got his pre-medical degree. For his medical degree, he had to leave his family goodbye as he traveled to Cairo, Egypt. He decided to take up his medical degree at the Cairo University because of its prestige and performance is one of the best universities on the planet. According to his classmates, when Dr. Saad Saad was taking up his medical degree, he would always study inside his room and would never go out to have fun. They are also describing him as a serious man who only wanted to make his dreams come true. When his graduation came, he was awarded being the second best student in the graduating class. His parents were so proud of him, and he felt overjoyed being able to bring home an award from his university.



To advance his knowledge in medicine, he had to go to the United Kingdom and attend his internship at a local hospital. He had to endure serving the hospital for months, and when he finished his internship, he took an examination for his professional license, and he successfully obtained it. He had to go Lebanon afterward to apply for a permit to practice in the United States. He had to take another exam for the permit, and he is one of those who passed. Dr. Saad Saad spent most of his life in the United States, earning certifications for pediatric and general surgery. Soon, he decided to go back to Palestine and sponsor medical missions for the people who need medical assistance. He revealed that it was his mentor who inspired him to return to his homeland, and he will be conducting medical missions until everyone has been served. Learn more:


How Shafik Sachedina Has Transformed The Operations Of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a renowned surgeon who has influenced the lives of many in the society. He is one of the learned doctors who has attained high-quality credentials in education. He is a graduate of London University with a degree in dental surgery. He has spent many years practicing medicine in England. He has also been involved in the management of various reputable institutions. Some of the institutions that he managed include Sussex Healthcare and Ismaili community. He has a high passion for business investment .The has invested largely in the healthcare business.

Shafik Sachedina is currently involved in the management of Sussex healthcare. He is charged with the coordinating programs in the institution. The company has recorded tremendous growth through the contribution of Shafik. He is also serving as the head of the department at Jamati Institutions. He is responsible for all the activities of 16 branches of the institution. His leadership at the Aga Khan and Jamati Institutions is based on his strive to achieve his philanthropic goals in life. He provides the leadership service voluntarily. He has upheld some of the principles of the organization of providing voluntary services. The Ismaili community has benefited from the leadership skills of Shafik. He has enabled the community to relate positively with other members in the society.

The staff members of Sussex Health Care received some credentials from the University of Chichester through the efforts of Shafik Sachedina. The staff members will be able to advance their education in higher learning institution using the credentials. Six staff members from Sussex healthcare were awarded the diploma which takes one year to complete. The employees will be able to obtain BA from various institutions. The credentials from the University of Chichester are some of the ways of achieving the goals of the institution. Shafik aims at providing high-quality services to the clients by enhancing knowledge and skills of the employees. The employees are provided with an opportunity to learn and improve their intellectual capacity.

The education department of Sussex healthcare is proud for the move taken by Shafik to educate the employees. The employees are provided with a challenge of working and learning. The move raised the popularity and image of the company. The company will impact positively by developing the intellectual capacity of the employees. The strategies that have been devised by Shafik ensures that the company becomes the best in providing health care service. He has elevated the company to higher levels in the provision of care to the older adults in the society.


Dr. David Samadi introduces new techniques to revolutionize prostate cancer treatment

Dr. David Samadi is one of the finest and most experienced urologists in the U.S.A. He has been helping men of all ages to overcome the deadly prostate cancer through minimally invasive robotic surgery. To date, Dr. David Samadi has performed over seven thousand prostate surgeries. As a result, he has been recognized worldwide as one of the best urologists specializing in prostate cancer. He has been working in New York for a long time, and he is the first surgeon to use SMART Surgery technique to treat prostate cancer.

Early life

Dr. David Samadi has a captivating life history. He was born in a humble family in the Persian community of Iran. Just like most of the other kids growing in Iran, Dr. David Samadi experienced a lot of difficulties growing up in the hostile environment. At the age of 15 years, Dr. David Samadi and his brother were forced to flee Iran and moved to Belgium in the 1979 revolution. While they were fleeing from the war-torn country, Dr. David Samadi was separated from the rest of his family making life harder for him and his brother. Dr. David Samadi grew without parents who greatly influenced his life. After the separation, they were forced to start a new life with his brother Dan in Belgium. Despite being alone in Belgium without parents, Dr. David Samadi and his brother proved that they were strong and ambitious. They never gave up on chasing the dream of having a better life.


Dr. David Samadi studied in both Belgium and London before arriving in the U.S where the completed high school in Roslyn, New York. After high school, Samadi went to Stony Broke University where he graduated with a degree in biochemistry. Dr. David Samadi was on full scholarship. Samadi then went on to enroll for a master degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine. Dr. David Samadi went on to further his education by completing a postgraduate training in urology, training in proctology and radical robotic fellowship in different Universities in U.S and France.

Developing SMART Technique

Dr. David Samadi is the brains behind the advanced SMART technique employed during prostate surgery. He developed the technique to reduce the time a patient takes to recover from prostate surgery. The method also dramatically reduces the damage that can occur during the surgery. While combining DaVinci technology and the SMART technique, a patient only needs 24 hours post-surgery after which they are released from the hospital.

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Boosting your income through calculated investments, Paul Mampilly

Boosting your income through calculated investments, Paul Mampilly

Get acquainted with Paul Mampilly, accomplished investor, financial expert, former hedge fund manager, and founder of Capuchin Consulting based in Durham, North Carolina. Capuchin Consulting is a company that offers one of a kind money making investment ideas to expert investors. Also, he has worked in the position of Portfolio Manager for Kinetics Asset Management and Bankers Trust Company. He is the Senior Editor at Extreme Fortunes, Profits Unlimited and True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing. Read this article at

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter that pilots the average Joe into rewarding investment opportunities. So far the newsletter has well over 60,000 subscribers. Prior to this, Paul Mampilly served as an author and analyst for publications of some companies, to mention a few, The Professional Speculator of Stansberry Research, FDA Trader of Agora Financial, and newsletters for Common Sense Publishing.

Education is key, and the well-versed investor went through many schools. He attended Montfort Boys School, Indian High School, State University of New York, Montclair State University, Seton Hall University, City University of New York, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, and the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He holds an MBA and BBA in Finance and Accounting. After that, he started his 20-year career on Wall Street. Visit the website to learn more.

People listen and learn from Paul Mampilly due to his years of experience and expertise in the financial industry. He has also been on the receiving end of awards and honors, for example, he won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, being first place with a $50 million portfolio. He recommends that people should invest in trends such as the Internet of Things and Precision Medicine. He also believes that the cryptocurrencies are risky investments and the bitcoins bubble is about to blowout.

Paul Mampilly is a big-hearted man and a firm believer in giving back to the society. Besides helping American citizens make a fortune, he has volunteered as a food distribution volunteer, a big brother to an 11-year-old boy, conversational exchange volunteer, and as a volunteer teacher.


Class Dojo For Everyone

When you are looking for a way to connect your students to their parents as well as other students in the classroom, Class Dojo may be just what you want. You might be wondering what they can do for your needs.

What is Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an app that you use with your classroom that connects the students to each other as well as their families to help them all feel like they are on the same page. The app can be updated by teachers. The students can also ask questions and let teachers and parents know if there is anything going on that they are having trouble with. This can help them to feel like they are in control of their education.

Benefits for Students

There are a lot of benefits this app can give students. The biggest is that they feel connected to their teachers as well as the others in the classroom. This can also help them to do better than they may have in the past. They can ask questions and get help through the app if they don’t want to talk to the teachers directly and parents can see what they are doing without asking them. This can help the student feel as though thier parents are involved.

Benefits for Parents

Parents can sometimes feel as though they are left out of their childs education. They may think they have to wait until parent teacher meetings in order to find out what is going on with their child. With Class Dojo they can get real time information and feel more involved in their child’s education.

There are a lot of apps that you can use as a teacher, but you will need to look at why they are a good match. Class Dojo can help you in so many ways and is a great addition to the calssroom.

Bruno Fagali: Eradicating The Culture Of Corruption

Brazil is seeing a significant drop in the number of corruption cases reported, thanks to the effort of Bruno Fagali and his newly formed initiative, the Fagali Advocacy.

Bruno Fagali is a young lawyer who wanted to change the culture of corruption in his home country, and with the assistance coming from his colleagues, they created the Fagali Advocacy with the primary objective of eradicating the shameful culture that has been plaguing Brazil since it was founded. The Fagali Advocacy is aggressive when it comes to the dissemination of information about the disadvantage of corruption, and the group wanted to correct how the local people think. For many Brazilians, they think that corruption is a normal way of life. They do not care at all if their officials would be stealing from them. However, Bruno Fagali wanted to put an end to this kind of thinking that has destroyed the Brazilian society.

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The Fagali Initiative introduced a process known as the departmental drive against corruption. What Bruno Fagali and his colleagues do is they visit a local departmental office, normally in the rural areas of Brazil, and they will inform the officials and the employees about how corruption damages the country’s image. They will also tell the employees not to engage in any activities that would include corruption because a case can be filed against them. Aside from telling the employees about the possible outcome of engaging in a corrupted activity, they also told showed them the result if the money will not be stolen.

According to, employees and local government officials agree with the presentation performed by the Fagali Advocacy, and they are also committed into curbing the rate of corruption in each local department all throughout the country. Right after the departmental drive began, some statistics pointed out that the instances of corruption in the country dwindled because of the warnings that has been relayed by Bruno Fagali. Upon learning that their approach is working, Bruno Fagali stated that he is happy with the continuous decrease in the corruption instance in Brazil. He is hoping that it would continue in the future so that the culture of corruption can be eradicated.

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Hiring Ricardo Tosto for Your Legal Assistance

For anyone who is living in Brazil, you need to hire a professional lawyer if you need to go to court. Many people do not think to research their lawyer and only hire the first person they find or are recommended to hire. This can be a real problem because you are unable to work with someone you trust, and this is why you need someone who is going to help with your case and see it through to the end without it costing you a ton of money in the process.

Because there are lots of lawyers out there, one of the very best is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been in the field of law for a very long time and has worked with hundreds of clients who need his help. The reason Ricardo Tosto has worked with so many people is because of the experience that he has. You do not need to worry that Ricardo Tosto has not gained enough experience because he has and has worked with lots of different people on a plethora of different cases. This gives him an edge over some of the other professionals who might be out there. This is why you should contact Ricardo Tosto and have him work on your own legal case.

There are lots of reasons to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself. Not only has he received a degree in law, but he is also a business administration expert, so you’re hiring someone who knows what he is doing and can handle the case on hand. Give Ricardo Tosto’s office a call and see how he can help you out. You will enjoy being able to get this type of assistance and know that you’re receiving compensation that is right for you. There has never been a better time for you to get legal help than right now thanks to the work that Ricardo Tosto is able to do for you and the different cases he can take on from the clients who are choosing to hire him for these specific needs.

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In a senior role as COO of OSI Group, David McDonald’s solid leadership and impressive track record has earned his company praise for excellence and eminence in the food industry.

As COO of OSI Group, David McDonald’s strong leadership and impressive track record at an an executive level, has earned OSI praise for eminence and excellence in the food industry.

Over his tenure as COO, David McDonald has helped OSI Group attain key business milestones, and expand successfully into many international markets like China, Europe, and India. OSI Group has received many awards and kudos during McDonald’s long business tenure at OSI. McDonald joined OSI Group thirty years ago as a project manager.

Mr. McDonald has had 30 years of experience and accomplishments in the business food sector on a global scale while at OSI Group. McDonald got his start at OSI Group as a project manager. In 1987, David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa state University. McDonald serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. One of David McDonald’s philosophies concerning business success is to be prepared to meet the ever changing needs and tastes of the consumer, because it the key to a company’s business survival.

As a company that is focused on expanding into many different international markets, OSI Group has made great progress in China as a food company. OSI’s partnering with suppliers, customers and important government agencies has led OSI to successfully build ten Chinese facilities through OSI China to handle the bulk of this poultry production.

Under David McDonald’s executive leadership as COO, OSI Group has made some very important acquisitions over the last few years to help strengthen its global position as a American-based food company. In December of 2016, OSI group purchased Flagship Europe, a subsidiary of the Flagship Food Group that is currently headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Flagship Europe is a UK-based foodservice company with a portfolio that includes frozen poultry, sous vide products, pies, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings. David McDonald noted that the addition of Flagship Europe to OSI Group’s portfolio of companies would provide a greater presence in Europe for his company. McDonald also noted that Flagship Europe’s portfolio of products and brands, which are relatable to OSI Group’s business niche, would help complement OSI’s current strengths. It would also broaden OSI’s capability to address the customer’s needs.

Founded in 1909, Otto & Sons, Inc., a family owned meat company based in Chicago, grew into a billion dollar company called OSI Group. OSI is a privately held company located in Aurora, Illinois.