Richard Dwayne Blair and his “three pillars” of success.

Richard Dwayne Blair, founder and owner of Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas, has a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of his clients and his community through his work. Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that Blair has run for over 20 years. Mr. Blair is certified in over five specialties in the wealth management industry, and has a strategy that he uses whenever he wants to determine which investment he will recommend to his clients.


Richard Dwayne Blair names his strategy the “Three Pillars” strategy, and it is the basis for all of his financial decisions. He uses this three pillar strategy to assess the financial background and abilities of his clients so that he can design a financial planning strategy for them. The first pillar is where the clients profile is research and built. The client’s financial strengths, goals, and tolerance for risk and opportunity is determined so that Richard can use the second pillar to determine a financial strategy. The second pillar is designed with the needs of that specific client in mind. Depending on the various attributes that Richard has determined through his research during the first pillar, he can determine which capital should be allotted to which particular investment because the client in mind has a specific range of growth, with a certain amount of liquidity created to possibly sustain that client, or supplement their income on the way up. All of this is simply preparation for the third pillar, or implementing the strategy.


Once Richard Dwayne Blair has spoken to his client about their goals and devised a plan to reach those goals while also providing another source of income, he then must execute this plan. The third pillar’s main focus is to review the details of the plan and while this plan is in action, to monitor it and compare it with the actual goals laid out in the first two pillars. If it is above the stated goals,the objective is to continue, while if the plan is beneath the goals set, evaluations and changes must be made.


Ted Bauman – Identifying the Winning Markets

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Jeff Yastine is famous for his stock market investments and financial journalism for over two decades. In 2015 Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing as the site editorial director bringing with him years of writing and investing expertise. He helps investors to understand the changing stock market trend, national and international economic issues and the latest monetary gains and losses. Jeff also gives insight on the profitable prospects available in the market.

He was nominated for Emmy awards while still at PBS Nightly Business Company. He boasts of having close up interviews with billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Gross, and Michael Dell talking on winning investments trends. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Spring Time with Lime Crime

The birds are singing, flowers blooming, green grass, blue skies….that’s what Spring is about. Now is the perfect time to update your make up pallet with Lime Crime cruelty-free and vegan makeup.

Lime Crime cosmetics has something for everyone’s magic bag of makeup tricks. Observe your own personal style. Your make up is a reflection of your personality. Experiment with bold and dynamic colors as well as soft, subtle looks.

Spring 2018 is the right time to expand your make up pallet. Consider starting with an eye shadow pallet. This seasons hot color is purple! Lilac, lavender, bright vibrant purple is all of it’s variations are the focal point of eye color this year. Light lavender eye shadow for office or outdoors, bright and bold purple for evening and night wear.

A must have is eyeliner. Practice makes perfect for liquid eyeliner. Using eyeliner with a superfine tip helps give that sharp cat eye look without the smudge. Eye pencils are a little easier to maneuver, and add a more subtle look to your eye make up.

Highlighter shapes and defines your face. Highlighter comes in creams and powder to accentuate your cheek bones and define your best features. Best to use sparingly and add more color in the evening. You want to define your face so your best features pop.

Lip color is a must this spring. Lip color can be as subtle as a soft lip gloss or as bold as a dynamic heavy matte color. Define your day and your mood with your lipstick. Keep in step with your eye pallet. Heavy eye makeup pairs will with a strong colored lipstick for evening wear. Sheer color work so well for daytime wear.

No matter what the Spring day brings, bring out the best in you with our fabulous Lime Crime makeup collection. Your style is your own. Our products are available at many fine retailers or on line at

How OSI Group has remained at the top of the game for over century

Without a doubt, the American food industry is vastly expanding with time. However, for some entrepreneurs, this industry is not large enough to accommodate every business unit. For such companies, the extensive world is an oyster. Therefore, seeking international growth and expansion by delving into global supply seems like the best option. Other advantages appended to global expansion include sales increase and the reduction of over dependence on the various markets used to supply local products. When speaking of global expansion and its impact, one company that has managed to remain relevant in its quest of spreading its services across international markets is OSI Food Solutions.

The Journey

OSI Food Solutions has over the past years gained a strong presence in the American food manufacturing industry. Initially, the company went by the brand name of Otto & Sons. Under the leadership of Mr. Otto, the company supplied meat based food into the major retail stores in Chicago. Later in the years, the company landed the opportunity to supply McDonald’s with meat alongside other snacks. With that project, Otto and Sons became a relatively larger company that could now serve the needs of major food companies within Chicago. As such, there was the need to employ a finance manager who would oversee the proper allocation of resources in order to deal with the rising demand from consumers. Luckily for the company, Chicago had an expert finance manager by the name Sheldon Lavin. Therefore, the management hired him to handle their business. As it turned out, Lavin was good at account management. For starters, he evaluated the demands of clients and measured the cost benefits of supplying these demands. Later, he delved into major strategies that would foster global expansion. Because of his contribution to the evolving needs of consumers, Lavin bought off a huge number of controlling shares from the company. This move made him a major shareholder when the company earned a new name as OSI Group.

Global Expansion

Since then, the company has maintained unwavering devotion to its client’s demands. Moreover, OSI Food Solutions has garnered a huge market share in China in the past ten years. Over and above, this market share has contributed to the growth of the country’s economy. Even so, the story does not end there for OSI Food Solutions as in the last three years, it dedicated vast resources to major expansion projects like the acquisition of Baho Food. The Dutch-situated manufacturer of meat-based foods expanded OSI Group’s manufacturing capacity.

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The Superb Academy of Art University in San Francisco

Do you think that you want a promising career in animation, the arts, Brandy and her team development industry? Well, if you need some encouragement you can always check out the graduates at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. Academy graduate from the year 2004, Jan Philip Cramer both an array of work in Hollywood, that he explains that he has dreamt of sins not only he was a student at the University, but since childhood. Cramer, as a student of animation at the Academy of Art University, has had cinematic credits in blockbuster hit films, such as: X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Independence Day: Resurgence, Avatar, and course the internationally known movie Spiderman: Homecoming. Cramer states that He has got to this level of success in the industry, due to his mentors and academia that he received from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He states that the university helped him not only to shave his career path into the career of his dreams, but also helped him, and many other successful professionals begin to work at a high-level animation and visual effects studio company in the entertainment Industry. He states that his mentors at the University helped him not only with support and guidance which you required to shape this successful career that yesterday, but also gave him a lot of insight into this industry, which she has been wanting to go into since he was a young child dreaming. Cramer Says that his animation career is only getting started, and that he has other wonderful project said he wants to embark on in the future, such asthma Captain Marvel and the Ant-Man and Wasp films, as well as many other projects that he hopes to work on. Cramer’s career Can you have been to just about anyone who really focuses and puts in the work in at a great institution, such as the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University, which was formerly known as the Academy of art college is a private for-profit art school that is located in San Francisco, California. The university offers both an urban earn online campus, and boasts over 12,500 students.


Breaking Down Walls with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of the band, The Chainsmokers, and together with Andrew Taggart, they are making it a pint to separate themselves from other DJ’s in the industry, one track at a time. While other artists that make EDM music typically focus on bass thumping beats and drops that you seek out and remember for years to come, The Chainsmokers are leaving their mark by putting meaningful thoughts and feelings, accompanied by raw emotion into their music, and it’s working. With worldwide hits such as “Don’t let me down”, “Roses”, and their newest single, “Closer” it is clear that what they are doing is definitely working, and the fans love it.

Alex grew up as an aspiring DJ, and spent most of his time DJing around New York City, taking gigs wherever he could get them. While he did consider it a side job, it was truly more of a passion of his, that had slowly started to turn into a job. One day Alex found himself in an art gallery, and it was there that he had a sudden realization. Alex realized that he was no longer just passionate about dance music, but that it was quickly taking over his life. It was at that time that he decided he would give this a real chance, and see where it could take him, not as a side job anymore, but as a career. It didn’t take long for Alex’s manager at the time, to put him in touch with Andrew Taggart. Andrew moved down from Maine, Alex quit his job, and the rest is history.

So how did two people who never met before, start making music, and eventually come to be who now know as The Chainsmokers? Alex Pall will tell you that it came down to not only their commonality when it came to the music they liked, but primarily their drive and ambition to succeed. Andrew and Alex would work day in and day, typically from 9am to 7pm, with the goal of not only making music, but deciphering, and finding out who they were, as artists.

Malcolm Casselle Outlines How Blockchain Will Benefit From Gaming Sector

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPskins which leads worldwide in the sale of virtual assets. The firm is also a leading bitcoin merchant. In the recent times, there has been an increase in micro-payments amongst users from various parts of the world and OPSkins hopes to capture the increased demand and market using its decentralized platform. Due to limitations and challenges as well as technological capabilities, the growth of the centralized market is limited and a decentralized market is easies path for progress.

The developers of OPSkins introduced Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), which is blockchain platform where users can trade their virtual assets. The peer to peer platform for assets trading and is built on blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance sellers as well as buyers to effectively trade their assets. WAX offers a solution to some of the problems which virtual markets experience. The challenges include fraud as well as fragmentation. The platform solves the problems with a straightforward blockchain widget and lets users sell or buy virtual assets instantly.

How WAX Unites the Scattered Virtual Market

The current virtual trading system experience challenges as they operate from different marketplaces especially as result of differences in payment processing, security, and issues on language. The concerns restrict virtual trading for use in own countries or certain regions. WAX Token comes in to eliminate the fragmentation in the market by creating a frictionless market which will allow the efficient sale or purchase of virtual assets by buyers as well as sellers. The platform utilizes blockchain technology which not only fraud-proof but also efficient. Users can tokenize the gaming assets and buy or sell the assets without frictions. The WAX platform also eliminates geographic fragmentation issues by allowing all users in different regions to use WAX Token as a common currency.

Additionally, WAX Tokens function as the store of value when acquiring game assets as well as a smart contract when a user is trading, buying, renting or even selling. WAX utilizes smart contracts to close transactions and solves the fraud issue through the elimination of intermediaries.

About Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle hopes WAX, a product of gaming industry, will expand cryptocurrency. Casselle acts as the president of the platform. Prior, he was CTO as well as president of Tronc. He also worked at SeaChange as SVP and GM in digital media.

Malcolm Casselle is a graduate of computer science with a bachelor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and masters from Stanford University.


OSI Industries’ Road To The Top

In most cases, the path to greatness comes with numerous challenges. Whether you’re an athlete, or you’re a company, the road to the top comes with an abundance of ups-and-downs. For the food service industry, this dynamic field of work has a harsh reputation for chewing-up and spitting-out unsuccessful businesses. On the other hand, OSI Industries has defied these dire situations by providing extraordinary products and services. Lets start with food products. OSI Industries has the ability to develop custom foods that are designed to the client’s liking. Image is everything and if your food products do not look appetizing, then you’ll definitely experience a drought in sales. OSI will work with you, the client, and it will utilize the client’s specifications to the highest degree.

Fritters, pot roast, hotdogs, beef patties, Tofu, cooked sausage links, ribettes, chili, pasta, chicken nuggets, steak, cheese, chicken wings, bacon bits, sliced bacon, soups, meatballs and many other foods are all available. Tyson Foods, an Arkansas-based company, offers some of the tastiest of chicken products. In 2016, Tyson Foods’ Chicago plant was taken-over by OSI for $7.4 million. This particular plant will surely serve a purpose as it is in close proximity to other OSI plants. This plant offers upward of 200,000 square-feet of space and OSI has held-on to many of its former-employees. CEO Sheldon Lavin has played a considerable role in the company’s success by bringing-in over 30 years of experience. He has been with OSI for quite some time and it’s looking like he’ll be with OSI for many more years.

OSI Industries’ Toledo, Spain-plant is experiencing higher productivity thanks to the company’s investment of $17 million. This investment went towards purchasing a high-capacity production line in which it has been able to double the plant’s production. Yes, this only touches the surface of what OSI Industries can do as it is looking to continue its dominance for decades to come.

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Hussain Sajwani Leads the Damac Group Even Higher

Every climb to the top of a hill requires vision and a good amount of effort, no matter who starts the journey or to what nation they belong. This is true even as it pertains to the Chairman of Damac Group, Hussain Sajwani, while he considers his next big market move. In the case of Sajwani’s business opportunities, a possible IPO (Initial Public Offering) is representative of past events in commercial endeavors that span across the globe.


However, most of the power and privilege that Sajwani commands comes from his ability to serve institutions on a massive scale. That is the very reason why he does business in the real estate market in a time when Dubai has taken off to soaring heights. Damac Group has a reputation for being a high-profile company that does not hold back when it comes to laying on the razzle-dazzle to close a deal. It also does not shy away from associations with well known political figures. Although, Hussain Sajwani does make it his business to stay out of the affairs of politics.


At the heart of the matter, he has the uncanny ability to take a good thing and make something completely new and infinity better from it. As a matter of fact, he has a plaque that says as much, which acts as a symbol of his pride as a service oriented businessman. Hussain Sajwani has a fortune with origins in the food service industry. This mass of wealth is so impressive that the Damac Group stands ready to offer shares on the London Stock Exchange. This is just one more pool of trade in which this group can make huge waves.


Of course, nothing is guaranteed once a company decides to go public, but all signs point to things working out well for the Damac Group. All it requires is a banking institution that works as hard as Hussain Sajwani and his people do to provide service and advice on the matter. There are reasons for yes and no, but the Dubai market proves to be just as tricky and challenging as it is ripe with wealth. Another bottom line is that the Damac Group Chairman no longer settles for millions of dollars for yearly profits. He reaches for the billions, and never settles for less.

An Industry Review On AvaTrade

AvaTrade was there to announce how the Euro loss ground in prices.


The component we’re going to review helped Europe’s traders to uncover safe investments as a registered broker in the foreign exchange.


Avatrade is regulated and offers data that is honest and truthful. There are always challenges to consider when choosing a broker, and the accuracy of AvaTrade’s data is what has brought investors a chance for big rewards. The agency sustains market confidence after sharing with its investors updates regarding trade wars, missile launches and political revenge.


From clear evidence, shown through prices within the AvaTrade console, the Pound and Euro rallies hard against the Dollar after Europe and Britain exited Syria.


AvaTrade reviewed for its collection of financial tools made possible through price displays and legal processes. Last week’s news brought the Dollar down in a drastic way, and Euro traders with AvaTrade had direct access to these price movements. The agency is back by an investment bank to secure every account.


Why Avatrade Became The Focus Of Modern Traders


Forex is considered a secure trading option because of its liquidity.


What this means is that forex is easy to enter and easy to exist. It doesn’t matter which side of the trading spectrum you prefer. You’ll be able to change your position within a moment’s notice and without much challenges to your development. The only catch is that you have to understand how secure AvaTrade was after researching it.


Learning about the details of the foreign exchange begin with understanding why this borker exists. Beginners find it odd that people enter and exit trades within a matter of minutes to an hour. These types of traders are the exception to the rule. Most transactions and the most money spent are through nations.


Forex is an open market because there’s incentive through the reliability of AvaTrade.


The first incentive are the expert tools within this foreign exchange platform. The second incentive are the possibilities when every trade is secured through an honest agency regulated by Ireland and the European Union.