Board of Management by Peter Briger

Peter Briger is among the board director and the chairman of the Fortress. It is among the organisation that has been able to achieve a lot due to the leadership that comes from the Peter Briger initiatives. Due to his excellent work and ability to make the wise decision he has been promoted to this critical position. It is known that since the year 2006 he has served as the top manager in the board of directors and until later in the year 2009 that he was promoted to a chairman position.He entered into this committee of the board of management in the year 2002, and he has worked very hard to achieve the goals of the company. The main work that he does at this new position is to deal with the credit and also he so active in the field or real estate.

It is said that before he could join this company, he had spent more than 15 years working at the Goldman where he stayed as a partner since the year 1996. Apart from this functions that he carries on, he is also among the board member at the Tipping Point one of the organizations that is none profiting company.The main work of this firm is to serve the fewer fortune people who have less income to meet their financial position in the city of Francisco. He is also a very active member who serves as the primary board member of the Caliber School. It is among the network that deals with the charter schools. The schools are believed to play a very crucial role in preparing the student for a very tough and competitive role in their four years course at the college level.

The best thing about Peter Briger is that he is among the people who motivate the student to perform well in their duties because he is a very passionate person.Peter Briger has gone under a proper system of education because he received her M.B.A degree from the University of the Wharton University one of the best institutions when it comes to the matters of doing up business. When it is time to deal with the real estate issue he is so perfect at it, and he is among the chief consultant when it comes to this matters. It is due to his passion for a business issue that helps him achieve a lot of things in his career.

Media Communication of The Chainsmokers “Somebody”

On April 24th, Kat Bein, a contributing reporter for Billboard magazine published an article telling of a short in-house video, produced by the Chainsmokers and was released and uploaded onto their social media streams.

Anatomy of a Hit?

Bein started his article by asking the question, “What’s the anatomy of a hit?” He was alluding to all the work that goes into the making of the song, and the unnoticed talent who set the stages, do the heavy lifting, man the consoles, make sure there’s enough room for the fans and a host of other small activities. The short one minute video made on a small framed camera was uploaded onto the Chainsmokers Facebook page late on Tuesday evening in April.

“Somebody” Streams Onto Social Media

This short video had come days after the Official Video and Song, “Somebody” was also released onto several Chainsmoker media streams: YouTube, Facebook. The purpose of the video was to instruct fans about part of the development of their latest new single “Somebody.” The single and Official Video were released onto their Facebook media stream on April 20th, which has over 19M hits so far.

Instructional Video For “Somebody”  

When the Chainsmokers uploaded their one minute video, depicting Drew Taggart and Adam Pall working in their private, home studio, Taggart mentioned that they would upload a more detailed video soon, which appeared on June 9th on their Facebook page.

Rory Kramer Makes Travelling Prequel Video for “Somebody”

That video filmed and edited by Photographer; Videographer Rory Kramer gave a more detailed and intimate view of the things that go behind the scenes. In a sense, the video pretty much answered the question Bein asked at the beginning of his article “What goes into a hit song?” The 4’55” video shows a lot of what Pall and Taggart do every day while on Tour and the people that influence their lives and they influence the EDM-Pop Duo.

The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart first began working together thru a common friend that put them in touch with one another in 2012. They have already produced several Top 10 and #1 hits,”Closer” that stayed #1 for several weeks.

OSI Food Solutions: Increasing the Production of Chicken Meat

The OSI Group is one of the largest meat processing and manufacturing companies on the planet. They are actively operating in more than 17 countries, and as of 2018, the company has more than 50 facilities operating in different cities across the world. One of their newest facilities can be found in Toledo, Spain. Through their subsidiary, OSI Food Solutions, the Toledo meat processing facility stated that they could increase meat production in a few months. The people of Spain and Portugal have an increasing demand for chicken meat, and the OSI Food Solutions stated that they could produce a lot of chicken meat for the local population.

The OSI Food Solutions stated that they had invested more than €17 million for the creation of the new production facility. The high-capacity production line will be able to create 24,000 tons of manufactured meat, doubling the capacity of the previous production line. The upgraded production line in Toledo, Spain is seen to boost the sale of meat in the region, particularly chicken meat. According to the head of the facility, they will be able to provide chicken and other meat types to the growing population of Spain and Portugal, and they could manufacture it in a short amount of time that would enable its freshness when taken to the market or the grocery.

The high-capacity facility in Toledo, Spain is also expected to produce 45,000 tons of livestock meat, and because of the huge demand for the workforce, the OSI Food Solutions have opened jobs for 20 people who would be operating the high-capacity facility. This places the total labor force at the Toledo facility to around 140. The creation of a high-capacity production line in Toledo, Spain is the answer of the OSI Group to the growing demand of the Spanish and the Portuguese population for chicken meat. According to statistics, the demand surged from 6% to 8%, and experts believe that this figure is more likely to go up.

David McDonald, the current chief executive officer of the OSI Group, stated that the creation of a high-capacity production line in Spain would improve their operations in the European continent. He also said that there are plans to introduce the same facilities to other areas around the world which have a growing demand for chicken meat. He claimed that by building facilities like the one in Toledo, Spain, the OSI Group manages to save a lot of money and increase their production.

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A Glance into the Personal life of Clay Hutson: A Music Producer and Tour Expert Bio

Clayton Hutson is an outstanding individual with a unique personality in the music production and entertainment field. Having being born in Nashville, Tennessee, he is said to have shown interest in music as from a young age has pursued his passion.


Educational background

The popular music producer had his first bachelor’s degree in theater design and technical production at Central Michigan University. Clay then advanced his studies at Stephen M. Ross Faculty of Business where he later acquired a master’s degree in business administration.


Working experience

Throughout the early stages of his profession, Clay managed to work for several recreation companies both as a sound engineer and also a project manager. Among the few prominent individuals and big celebrities that Clay Hutson worked with include Billy Graham’s sound crew, Garbage, Guns N’Roses, Pink and Kid Rock. Additionally, in the 1990’s he worked for Getagrip Touring production as a director and also as the vice-chairman for Ronin Event Creative. Clay has been privileged to direct the renowned Jennifer Nettles and Prince Productions and also stage-managed events for the popular Kanye West.


In spite of his achievements in commercial entertainment, Clay Hutson still chose to commence his very own company; he majorly focused on his old-time hobby, rock ’n’ roll. At the moment, Clay is interested in doing production, design, as well as managing live tours. His past encounters in the entertainment industry have been adventurous. The working experience that he has achieved has made him manage diverse fields such as live performances.


His Existing Gigs

Right now, Clayton is managing the tour “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” for a certain artist by the name Halsey. The singer is planning to visit and do a live-performance in numerous amphitheaters and arenas all over the world. She will make stops in big cities such as London, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Indianapolis, Montreal, Jakarta including Singapore just mention a few. The female musicians Lauren Jauregui, Niki, Jessie Reyez, and also Kehlani are likely to be joining Halsey at different stops in the global tour.


Clayton’s Source of Motivation


Besides passion in the entertainment sector, Clayton has persistently presented high-quality work for each one of his customers. The producer and longtime tour director believes considers being diligent in his work, thinking outside the box and also setting up three steps prior to what he intends to achieve as among the things that are making him successful.


Clayton supports the significance of being on par with new technologies and maintaining originality in his productions. He employs acrobatics and even aerial stunts. Professionalism is likewise an essential aspect that Clayton cherishes in most people that he works with. Surprisingly, he enjoys working together with ill-mannered skilled people compared to unskilled Pollyannas.



Clayton depends solely on recommendations by acquaintances and happy clients. Though, he has secured a powerful online presence via his business website, social media and also LinkedIn. Learn more:


GoBuyside (NY)

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Jeunesse Global helps people glow with beauty through Luminesce

Although few people are familiar with the names of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, an increasing number of people have heard of their company, Jeunesse Global. As one of the greatest surprise success stories over the last 10 years, Jeunesse Global has gone from a garage-based startup to become one of the most important companies in the global health and beauty sector.

It all started back in 2009 when Ray and Lewis, who had made tens of millions of dollars running their own direct-selling companies, decided that they finally wanted to retire. The couple had spent their entire careers in the fast-paced and exciting world of business. They believed that they had reached a point in their lives when they could sit back, sip drinks by the pool and enjoy long days without anything in particular to do.

But it turned out that they had misjudged themselves. The reality of retirement quickly set in. Ray and Lewis realized that they greatly missed the excitement of the business world. Even more, they found that they couldn’t stand the sense of ennui that not having anything to do gave them. They longed for the sense of daily purpose that running their own business and competing in the cutthroat direct-selling industry had given them.

As a result, Ray and Lewis started selling a few products out of the garage of their Florida mansion. That small operation would go on to become Jeunesse Global. Today, the company is valued at more than $1 billion and has thousands of distributors operating in dozens of countries. But the real key to Jeunesse Global’s success has been its stellar lineup of game-changing products.

One example is the company’s moisturizer lotion and anti-aging crème, Luminesce. Luminesce performs admirably as a standalone moisturizer, competing toe-to-toe with some of the biggest brands in the industry and scoring favorably across all performance metrics.

But Luminesce also contains the company’s patented anti-aging formula, APT-200. This has been clinically shown to reduce wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore youthful elasticity that is inevitably lost to the aging process. With Luminesce, customers can glow with beauty, all day long.

Instagram Adds Mute Button

Nothing is more annoying than, streaming posts of things you do not care about on your Instagram feed. For this reason Instagram is now adding a mute button that will ultimately eliminate this annoyance. Many people are actually friends in “real life” with these annoying posters who seem to want to post anything and everything that they are doing.

The beautiful thing about this mute button, is that you do not have to unfollow or block a person because they like to annoyingly post everything they are doing. The mute button simply allows you to stop seeing their posts on your feed, and it works without having to unfollow your friend, which can cause a big issue in reality. The mute button will just eliminate the person you choose to mutes feeds and posts online, so you can only see the things that actually matter to you.

The user you choose to mute, will have absolutely no idea that you muted their stories and posts, which will allow for smooth sailing and no conflict. If you do not want to waste your time scrolling through the many annoying posts of selfies, meals, quotes that you really cannot relate to, and the many annoying pics of pets that you have seen for the millionth time, than this mute button will be a lifesaver for you. Ultimately you can go through your friends list and figure out who actually posts meaningful things and who you would like to mute, so you are not wasting your time looking through uninteresting posts. All hail the mute button!



Ara Chackerian attended the State University of Florida, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor and Managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. He invests in healthcare companies that are in their early stages, aimed at reinvesting the Healthcare systems in the US, through his experience in building such for over two decades.


Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of multiple companies such as BMC Diagnostics, which provides imaging services, PipelineRx, Telepharmacy services and TMS Health Solutions, as well as an integrated behavioral health service provider based in California. He is BMC Diagnostics’ head of the executive office, Executive chairman of PipleneRx and TMS Health Solutions as well as the Vice President of an international distributor of PSS/World Medics.


Ara Chackerian and his family, by extension, have founded and continue to support non-profit organizations that focus on the development of the youth and provision of education, currently being established in Nicaragua, Armenia and the US. He understands, recognizes and appreciates start-up businesses in the medical sector of Healthcare. His realization of the potential of innovations to improve outcomes of patients such as robotics, AI, and digital imaging, helped to streamline business in the medical field.


Ara Chackerian lured his investors by bringing out a notion that innovations increased success rates and ability to sustain the healthcare sector. Despite the various concerns raised by investors, he can rise above the hiccups and anxieties of cash flows faced in the early stages of the startup, as well as delays in the IPOs. You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian thoughts are that the current startups are the cornerstone of future of the services and treatments rendered in the healthcare sector. Returns of start-ups have been a point of significant concern for investors. However, recognition of its thriving and growth in all economic areas ensures a stable platform that encourages them to take risks hence investing into it. Startups face the most significant challenge from great platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, hence their need to diversify the platform by improving technology to survive within the environment of healthcare. Check out


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The David McDonald in Association with OSI Industries

The OSI Group is a global premium company that distributes food products around the world. The firm has been acquiring great success recently. We all know the source of the success of every firm is the quality of leadership. The OSI Group is fortunate to have a competent President who is ready to go above and beyond in achieving their goals.

David McDonald has been in the OSI Industries for more than 30 years. He studied Animal Science in college, so he has always been passionate about Agriculture and Biology. This is why he has not had any pressure working in the same field for more than three decades. It is worthwhile to note that David McDonald joined the company as a Project Manager. His contribution to the company, however, led to his upgrade to the President of the Company.

David McDonald has created a culture of innovation in the company. He says that the company being a private company, it gives them the liberty to try numerous things. He adds that although perfection is encouraged in the firm, they leave a small room for mistakes. He explains that they encourage all their employees to take risks because it is through the risks that they discover new things. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food.

David McDonald mentioned that the OSI Group is looking forward to the future. He says that the company takes the changes that the industry experiences as a boost. He expounds on his point saying that many companies are rigid to change. This means embracing change expands their market.

David McDonald says that they consider their customers their family. They are committed to providing them with quality food products. They also value their feedback. They are keen to make the improvements they request in their menu.

Having a global company of their sort calls for great strategies to sustain their clients. The OSI Group has representatives in all the OSI locations. They provide the representatives with the resources they need to provide for their clients. This helps to ensure that the client’s needs are handled by people who understand their culture, interests and needs.

The OSI Group is currently enjoying great success in China. Donald says that this has been possible because they have been in the state for more than two decades. They have been able to win the trust of the clients and understand their needs, making it easy for them to meet their needs.

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Whitney Wolfe Helps Women Find Fulfillment and Actualization

This is the era where women rise up and take their spot. One of the ways that they are achieving this is through online dating. Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble app is setting the stage for women to create a life of their own where they can find something that fulfills them. Women get to choose whether they want to be involved with Bumble or the extensions, BFF and Bizz. These extensions give women the option of pursuing something that can increase their joy. The best thing about Bumble is that it gives women and men something that is efficient when it comes to dating.

While women do get to enjoy dating, they do understand that it is not the one thing that is going to fulfill them and actualize them. One thing women have over men is that it is easier for them to find a date than it is for men. Therefore, they do not have to work very hard for it. However, there are other things that women have to work for so that they will be able to live the type of life they want. One thing that women are fighting for are career opportunities.

Whitney Wolfe knows how career oriented women are. This is one of the reasons that she has made it a point to offer women something that is going to help them in business pursuits. Whitney Wolfe herself is a successful entrepreneur. She understands that it can be a little challenging for women to find something that can support their lives. Whitney Wolfe offers Bumble Bizz for all the career driven women and their goals. Women might find the opportunity to create the next Bumble. This is the perfect era for women to build businesses and careers so that they can support the type of life they want.

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