The Sunday Riley Obsession

The feeling you get when you find a product that works is indescribable. With all the fad products on the market, it’s easy to be swindled out of your hard-earned money for things that shimmer and shine but do not deliver. What if you could find the perfect line of skin care products that satisfy your needs while delivering the product in an undeniably unique way? Sunday Riley has managed to do just that. Winning the hearts of thousands, this company has become an obsession for many.

Sunday Riley was created by none other than Sunday Riley; a cosmetic chemist whose dissatisfaction with the lack of results in current skincare products on the market chose to create her own line of products that deliver results. The launching year of Sunday Riley, the prestigious Barney’s New York showed interest in the line. This huge milestone gave the brand the stepping stone it needed to enter the skincare platform with the big boys. With the help of social media, Sunday Riley quickly turned heads with its ability to deliver results and provide a dose of whimsical imagination at the same time. The classy yet minimal approach to packaging has helped to make the brand a hit.

Sunday Riley is a skincare line that is dedicated to delivering good results for customers. Ingredients like Retinol can make the products seem a bit expensive to the average Joe. However, you’ll be happy to pay a price for the best skin you’v ever had. The brand introduced a line of make up in 2011. Since then, some items have been pulled from the shelves. If it doesn’t live up to the highest standards, Sunday Riley will pull it from the shelves without apology. She is determined to provide her clientele with the best and only the best.

OSI Food Solutions to Continue Expanding While Focusing on Sustainability

OSI Food Solutions has made a name for themselves and despite being one of the largest private companies in the United States continues its rapid expansion. Throughout the period of growth that they have experienced since around the turn of the century, sustainability has remained an important part of the company’s business plan. The British Safety Council took notice of all of the sustainability efforts that they had been making in the United Kingdom and presented them with the Globe of Honour in 2016.

Their employees are one of the most important assets that OSI Food Solutions has. They are dedicated to making sure that their company provides them with a work environment that is stimulating and challenging as well as providing many different opportunities including those for advancement. Currently, they are looking for dedicated employees that share their vision to provide quality products to their customers around the world while making a positive impact on their communities.

A lot of the expansion that OSI Food Solutions have focused on in recent years is centered around the production of chicken. The demand for chicken keeps growing in many countries throughout the world and they want to be able to supply it. In the United States, one of these big expansions involved the company purchasing a Chicago chicken processing plant that had formerly been owned by Tyson. Tyson had announced that the plant was going to close and that potentially hundreds of jobs were going to be lost in the process. After obtaining the building, they offered positions to many of these workers who would have lost their jobs at the plant otherwise. Their LinkedIn Profile.

In other expansion news from OSI Food Solutions, they have acquired a handful of companies that they will believe will add a lot of value to their brand. 2 of the biggest purchases include Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe will allow OSI to expand the types of foods that they have to offer their clients in Europe they produce things like pies and sauces along with frozen poultry. Flagship Europe will have access to the resources of OSI Food Solutions and are predicting that they will do well.

Renovia Was Founded On Innovation And The Desire To Treat Illnesses By Marc Beer

Renovia is an up and coming biotech company that was founded in Boston that specializes in Pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. Renovia was co-founded by Marc Beer, a man with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as an entrepreneur. Marc is constantly on the outlook for new growth at Renovia and he has his heart set on new innovations to facilitate new growth. Tens of millions of dollars have gone into research at Renovia already in the past couple of years and Marc was able to acquire another 42 million to extend operations and do new research from their second funding round. Learn more:


Thanks to the innovative new treatments and technology that Renovia is coming up with, many more possibilities are being found when it comes to women’s health. It is estimated that there are more than 250 million people around the world facing urinary incontinence and other symptoms related to pelvic floor disorder. This new treatment that has been discovered by Renovia comes in the form of a digital health platform known as Leva. Leva uses sensory technology in order to gather specific information relating to patients and then provides them with ways to treat their own pelvic floor disorder. Although Renovia has only been in the biotech market for three years, the FDA already approved their Leva product, though it is still going through testing and upgrades.


Marc Beer has been committed to the pharmaceutical industry for decades and he is also a well-established entrepreneur. His enthusiastic personality and determination to succeed are what has driven him to make discoveries others have yet to find. Over the course of his career, Marc Beer has made many contributions to the biotech industry with intelligent innovations that have gone on to help thousands of people. In the past, Marc has worked with many other biotech companies focused on pharmaceuticals, including Biotechnology Innovation Organization, Abbot Laboratories, and Genzyme. Renovia is already on the road to success with generous funding and continued growth on all levels in just a few years. Marc has had experience as a leader at his company Good Start Genetics, which has contributed to his success with Renovia. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


What Was Peter Briger’s Role in Introducing Bitcoin to The Wall Street?

Before joining the alternative investment industry as a director at Fortress investment group in 2002, Peter Briger worked in the banking industry. He had started in the lower management positions at Goldman Sachs before eventually making it to partner in 1996.

During his tenure here, Peter served as a senior market researcher and analyst. Peter, therefore, possesses a deep industry experience in finance and money markets. In 2013, the experienced business leader sought to put this expertise and experience into use by brokering a cross-industry partnership that aimed at introducing the lucrative bitcoin investment into the wall street.

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Wells Fargo meeting

Peter Briger started by inviting top Wells Fargo bank officials to Fortress Group Headquarters in New York on a meeting. To a large extent, the sought to identify and address the critical challenges facing mainstream adoption of bitcoin. Key among these, according to the meeting, was the lack of a proper regulatory framework.

This lack of regulation exposes investors to the unhedged, highly risky, and extremely volatile bitcoin prices. The brainstorm session would end with the Fortress team led by Peter Briger and Wells Fargo bankers agreeing to set up a regulatory framework for the coin.

Hitting a snag

However, before peer and the Wells Fargo team finalized on the regulatory approach, the cryptocurrency hit yet another crisis. This forced Fortress investment Group where Peter Briger heads the credit and real estate division to scale back on its digital currency engagements. Similarly, the Wells Fargo team demurred on its commitment towards the volatile currencies.

More understanding

While Peter Briger and his fortress team were unable to establish a successful regulatory framework for the coin, the meetups and ensuing discussions had meaningful achievements. The fact that one of the largest banks in the country, Wells Fargo, was willing to partner with one of the most successful Hedge funds, Fortress Group, in a bitcoin craze ignited an industry-wide interest in bitcoin.

This has seen, though to a limited extent, several hedge funds and wall street investors plunge into the bitcoin market. Peter believes that this involvement only serves to fuel fueling the discussion and bringing the age of regularization even more close.

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Top Tips You Should know About Rebel Wilson

Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming American movie that features popular stars. Paula Pell wrote the film and directed by Todd Strauss Schalson. The movie, set to launch on Valentines’ day in 2019 is expected to thrill many global fans of English romantic comedy movies. In the film, Rebel Wilson acts as Natalie, Adam Devine acts as Josh, Liam Hemsworth as Blake and Priyanka Chopra as Isabella.

Rebel Wilson acting as Natalie is the main character in the movie. Rebel Wilson is well known for her prowess in the acting field. She has vast years of experience as an actor, writer, and producer. She was born in March in 1980 and schooled at the University of South Wales and Australian Theatre for Young People.

She went to Newyork after acquiring an international scholarship where her stage performances got noticed. She has improved her skills with time acting on Hollywood on big projects. She has shared big stages with renowned actors and won major awards and other prizes. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

Isn’t It Romantic movie got officially released in Warner Bros. Pictures as an official trailer and its set for watching on theaters on 14th February 2019. The film will thrill comedy lovers once it is released early in the next year. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transformation Rebel Wilson | The List

The movie explains of a young lady who hates love comedies and views them as fantasy. She then encounters a mugger who she escapes from but gets a knock on her head. The girl finally gets involved in her love fantasy falling in a love triangle with two men. Rebel Wilson acts as the young lady whose name is Natalie.

The production of the movie started in 2017 and ‘Pitch Perfect’ star-Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth gets involved in the love triangle with Rebel Wilson while acting their roles as Josh, Blake, and Natalie respectively. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

The original script of the movie was written by Erin Cardillo while the screenplay was done by Katie Silberman, Dana Fox, and Paula Pell. In the film, Natalie is cynical about love stories displayed in romcoms, but after an engagement with a mugger, she finds herself in a complicated situation that makes her fall in love in a way she does not understand.

Rebel Wilson is well known for her starring abilities in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect comedy movies. The working together of gurus in the acting profession in this new movie is the perfect reason to be on the look when it gets released to the theatres.

Adam Devine has previously featured in collaboration with Rebel Wilson in romantic comedies such as the Workaholics and Pitch Perfect. Isn’t It Romantic marks the fourth time that the two stars have worked together professionally.

Liam Hemsworth is an American actor and has successfully featured in movies such as Independence Day, Resurgence and The Hunger Games. Priyanka Chopra acts as a yoga specialist in the new film. She has performed thrilling films in Bollywood such as Barfi, Fashion, and Bajirao Mastani.In Hollywood. Besides, she has done Bayside, which is doing well. The timing of the release of Isn’t It Romantic on valentines’ day is also perfect.

Robert Ivy Gets To Award

Robert Ivy has lived a professional life everyone would want to have. The American Institute of Architect CEO has served in his positions very well, and he has positively impacted the society. Robert has also been exercising the duties of executive vice president for a long time.

Thanks to his excellent skills in the market over the years, Robert Ivy will be receiving one of the most respected awards in Mississippi. News from the professional association that were released recently state that Robert will be issued with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. Having been in this region for a very long time, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has been watching the activities and milestones that have been acquired by Robert Ivy. The literature expert has not only delivered, but he has brought a new revolution in the lives of so many individuals.

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is no doubt one of the popular platforms in the United States. The organization has mentored many artists and patrons who were willing to impact the community in a great way. Robert has been serving in numerous capacities in Mississippi, and he has accomplished his roles perfectly. His role as a chief executive of a professional organization has not hindered him from writing numerous publications concerning his profession. His books have been selling so well in the global platform. These publications have also helped Mississippi residents to understand the architectural departments better and at the same time motivate young professionals to venture into similar activities.

Very few professionals have been lucky enough to get awarded by the Mississippi Institute. Those who have been lucky in the past are singers, authors, and professionals who are impacting the society with their good deeds. Other leaders serving with Robert are happy that one of their colleagues has acquired a prestigious award. These leaders, including the company president, say that Robert Ivy is an influential architect, and he deserved the award for having helped Mississippi residents to understand different practices in architecture. Robert Ivy has so much knowledge in various departments.

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Clayton Hutson Musical Engineering Genius

Mr. Clayton Hutson is an American Entrepreneur who specializes in the music industry. He has worked with artist such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns n Roses. When he engages with these A list artist or any artist Mr. Hutson is always professional and focuses on maintaining a positive relationship with them. Mr. Hutson studied theatre design and after college he took a series of jobs before he founded his own production company in Nashville. The company focuses on tour and live event engineering work. Mr. Hutson likes to stay on top of the latest technology in his field this keeps him wowing the crowds and ahead of the game. Mr. Hutson states some contributing factors to his success are his productivity and his ability to be an efficient leader.

A few keys to success stated by Mr. Hutson are being honest and putting family first. He also has a different way of thinking when it comes to the topics of good attitude vs raw talent. He does always think the person with the best attitude is the right person for a job or a task because raw talent is something that can’t be replaced or taught. So staying at the top of your craft or just trying to be the best is very important in being successful. Mr. Hutson has grown his business tremendously and he accredits a lot of this growth to having a good reputation and because of this reputation he gets alot of business by word of mouth. One of the fascinating things about Mr. Hutson is that he organizes his entire business with his Iphone.

Mr. Hutson engineered the ” Bleed Like Me” tour for Garbage they toured North America, Europe, and Australia. He also engineered OneRepublic’s ” Honda Civic Tour”. The list of A list artist he works with just goes on and on. To have successful shows in this business Mr. Hutson states computer design and the proper equipment is key. Also knowing the dimension of the entrances of the venues and the equipment can save time and money because if the equipment can’t fit through the door then that equipment is know useless. So as you see Mr.Hutson is one of the best and a successful entrepreneur because he covers every aspect, is a professional, and has excellent productivity rendering him one of the best in the industry.

Meet the Founder of Limecrime Products: Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known for being a strong woman who does not apologize for who she is. Doe Deere is the founder of Limecrime beauty products. The beauty products are for unicorns who love to play with colors. Deere’s inspiration to start the beauty products was partly a necessity for her sewing business. She was a fashion designer, and she realized that she couldn’t find the kind of market she wanted to compliment the cloth line.

The society has set standards on the makeup that women wear. As other millions of people settle and work in this limits, Doe Deere has broken the rules. According to her, makeup is a way of expressing how we feel. It is your own kind of beautiful. No one has the right to decide that for you.

Bringing ideas to life can turn out to be challenging. For Deere, she says that ideas are like small children, they have to be nurtured to grow. Her team has always been there for her to help her go through the process, regardless of how hard or easy things are. Before launching any product, they all wear whatever it is to test it for their clients.

Deere says that for you to shine in your business, you have to remember your vision and know who your customer is. This helps you know the market you’re serving and deliver in line to their expectations.

We all have our beliefs that nobody else seems to agree with or support. Deere, for instance, does not understand why heels, which she says are basically sticks stuck in women’s feet are allowed in the workplace and not colored hair. She says that colored hair should be accepted in both schools and workplaces. Her employees are lucky because they get to rock colored unicorn hair with no issues.

Doe Deere says that the one thing she does a lot is to listen, listen to everyone. She explains that people have ideas that could help your business move to the next level. She, therefore, gives her ear to even people who do not like her.

Thanks to Doe Deere, other women have a role model who encourages them to follow their dreams.

Felipe Montoro Jens Describes His Workdays As An Infrastructure Projects Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in the financial industry for several years. He is an infrastructure projects expert who has served as a consultant on these types of projects across the breadth of Brazil. His specialty is creating Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in which the government and private industry develop an infrastructure project together.

Among of the companies he has worked for is Enel Group S.P.A. where he worked in their structured finance and project development divisions. He has also served on the board of directors for multiple organizations such as ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobliarios, AC Energia SA, Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA, and Fonte Nova Negocios e Participacoes SA. Read more about Montoro Jens at

In 1998, he became a student at Oregon University. Felipe Montoro Jens soon transferred to UC Santa Barabara, though, and majored in both history and Spanish. He also earned two masters degrees at this university which were for health promotion and Kinesiology. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from FundaoGetlio Vargas and a post graduate degree in this subject at American Garvin School.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that he starts each day with exercise such as working out at the gym or going for a jog. Quite a bit of his workday is taken up between conference calls and meetings. He will also review PPP contracts as well as write reports about the outcomes he expects on various projects. He remains as productive as possible by avoiding small talk and not using any social media.

He doesn’t believe in being formal. He says that the world, including Brazil, is becoming less formal and he regards as that a good and healthy thing. Felipe Montoro Jens doesn’t just enjoy dressing in an informal manner but also eating that way as well. He does need to have everything clean, though, and in the place in which it belongs. Learn more: