An Overview of the Rocketship Education Piece by Kamenetz

The Rocketship Charter Schools have continued to receive coverage by NPR over the 6/24 story that has continued to gain attention on Facebook and Twitter. The coverage story titled “High Test Scores, But At What Cost” has received plenty of people who not only defend it, but also admire the coverage. One of the many supporters of the story includes Audrey Watters who tweeted that the story had great reporting on Rocketship’s chain of tech-centric schools. However, despite all that was reviled in the tale, Kamenetz also sheds new light on other internal practices of the Rocketship Charter Schools that may not have been reported earlier on.

The additional report was in the form of a 3800-word story. But not everyone seems to agree with the coverage. Critics especially Education Education supporters suggest that the coverage piece done by NPR may not have painted a complete and fair picture of the Rocketship Education Charter Schools. The coverage only focused on the challenges the schools experienced without many contexts to the success of the school. The original blog post written by Anya Kamenetz describes Rocketship School system as one of the most nationally applauded charter networks. But the one flaw with this post is that it relies on the questionable practices reports of the system, and later goes on to suggest that these practices are quite familiar to other networks.

Another flow about the piece is that it includes little to no information whatsoever as to why the Rocketship Education schools are quite popular. It also gives a context of a handful of critical anecdotes, which offer no particular information about the school. In short, the article is deep but narrow. Another specific aspect of the piece is that Kamenetz constantly refers to Rocketship Education as a company instead of a school. The choice of words is a tremendously sensitive issue, especially in the education sector.

The use of words like a company can bring out accusations of the school being privatized or commercial. However, defenders of this particular article most of them being Rocketship Education critics point out that the term company has numerous meanings. According to Kamenetz on Twitter, the term Company according to dictionary definition is some people associated or assembled. She also claimed that the use of the term Company was to ensure there was no repetition. This mistake made NPR decline to make the editors and Kamenetz talk about the story. It also makes the piece look more like a take down, rather than an unbiased article.

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Edwin Miranda Discusses Tech Trends That Will Influence The Marketing Industry In 2019

Edwin Miranda currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at KOI IXS, a firm established in 1994. Miranda predicts that drastic changes will be witnessed in the marketing scene at a grander scale when compared to the interruptions in the marketing industry witnessed in 2018. According to Miranda, most of the changes the marketing would be seeing will be resulting from the rise of technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and overall sophistication of technology.

In the current marketing scene, it is increasingly becoming a familiar spectacle to see the incorporation of virtual reality and other modern techs into the marketing space. Miranda believes that 2019 will see more integration of tech into marketing like never witnessed.

Consumer Micro-moments becoming more valuable to firms

The attention of the contemporary consumer on particular item is growing shorter by the day. As a result, these consumers spend less time weighing different options. Businesses or brands that will not be able to show their value to prospective clients in a matter of seconds will find themselves losing out on opportunities to make sales. Experts believe that companies will shift their attention form creating content showcasing quality to those that highlight value.

Voice Search adoption becoming imminent

Do you know that half of the web’s searches will be done using voice commands by 2020? The rise of voice recognition technology has led to the enhancement of products such as smart speakers. A recent survey showed that more than 65% of smart speaker users couldn’t imagine living in a world without the technology. The reliance and sophistication of smart speakers is currently an exciting talking point in board rooms of companies planning to capitalize on the technology. Experts predict that search results generated from voice searches will be fewer when compared to results from text searches; as a result, there will be fierce competition to be ranked top.

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JHSF/José Auriemo Neto: Getting High-Quality Real Estate Guidance

Are you searching for a renowned real estate company to help you succeed in real estate investing? Do you want to get advice and guidance from a professional who is well known for rendering his outstanding service to clients? JHSF is a well-established property developer. JHSF has excellent resources and systems in place, which enable its talented professionals to handle their projects effectively. Perhaps you have read or heard about the success of JHSF and its team. This company has been in business since 1972 and is known around the world. José Auriemo Neto is chairman and CEO of JHSF and he has a great reputation among his clients and peers. He is one of Brazil’s top-rated real estate professionals and he has great expertise in property development.

Many real estate professionals are keen to take their business to the next level and enter into property development. It is important to keep in mind that it takes great effort and a lot of time to achieve success as a property developer. That’s why it is recommended that you get proper training. Before we dive into the real estate investment or property development field, it is a good idea to consult a professional who is well versed in the industry and can help you make the right decisions for your situation. There are several steps involved in running a real estate business and a reliable professional like José Auriemo Neto can advise and guide you.

The key to making great amounts of money in property development is to learn what works and carefully implement the steps. It is also advisable to build a team and get access to the financial resources you need to complete the project successfully. If you’re intent on acquiring and developing real estate property, it’s imperative that you have a good understanding of the process by getting coaching or training in real estate. José Auriemo Neto knows what works and what doesn’t in this business and he has the resources and industry connections to help his clients reach their goals. Read more.


Paul Mampilly Reveals Long-Termism is a Huge Investing Trend for 2019

Paul Mampilly recently provided the Gazette Day with some insight into the changing business practices and predictions for 2019. Julia Emerich’s article, “Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019” reveals his investment ideas of how businesses will adapt to the latest technology in 2019. Paul Mampilly reveals that it is important for brands and companies to continue developing their reviews. Studies have shown that nearly 95% of consumers look at company online reviews before making a purchasing decision. The trend will continue to grow over the next year as people continue to vet products and companies before buying. Paul Mampilly also encourages consumers to conduct research online before investing.

He also indicates that VR will explode onto the scene despite being a very young technology. VR is developing and advancing at an incredible rate and will continue to be implemented into businesses in a variety of ways. The market size of VR has grown to $2.2 billion and will be expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. About Virtual Reality has become a booming market as technology continues to grow and change. This will create new opportunities in a variety of businesses as it adapts to new applications and is applied to a variety of different markets. Investors should take notice and look at a number of different stocks around the world to take advantage of the growth of Virtual Reality. Paul Mampilly also indicates that long-termism in investing is beginning to change.

Many experts are focusing on investing in a sustainable basis. More than 20% of managed assets are being funneled into social and government factors as well as the environment. Paul Mampilly says this number will continue to rise to more than 40% because the trend won’t end anytime soon. He believes global investing has become more refined and investors are more aware of what is happening around the world. This knowledge has affected how investors perceive their investments and how the shifting world will affect their investments. People are taking a long-term view of investing to realize greater returns. The internet of things will also continue to grow as new technologies are introduced to the market. Companies are beginning to adopt different products to spur the growth of IoT. Click here.

Jason Hope predicts the benefits of IoT

The internet of things is a technology that is here to stay. In the past few decades, many experts in the field of technology have been wondering if it will ever come into reality. The good news is that now IoT is being applied in various sectors. One of the renowned tech experts who believed that the internet of things would happen is Jason Hope. Since the last decade, Jason Hope has been talking about the coming of an era where electronic devices will be able to connect and communicate without the human input. As a commentator on the internet of things, Jason Hope has made some of his business predictions on how the internet of things is going to change the world. Here, we will look at some of the predictions that he has made about the internet of things.

The internet of things will be unique

Jason hope says that the internet of things will be like nothing else that has ever been witnessed in the tech industry. It is a new platform that will come with new possibilities that will change the way we have been doing business as well as basic household and office tasks. He is predicting that as we move into the future, more devices that utilize the possibilities of the internet of things will be in the market. These devices mean that many jobs will be done differently.

The internet of things will create value

Today, many people know the internet of things is just a phrase. Very few have witnessed the real impact that this technology will have on how tasks have been completed in the past. Jason is predicting that in the next five years, we’ll see devices such as fitness trackers and smartphones games that will have an impact on lifestyle. He also gives the example of IoT as a useful technology that will be used to control wastages. For instance, it will eliminate the waste from frozen food thereby helping many homes to save more money. About Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He holds a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business.

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Agera Energy, Retail Energy Supplier

Agera Energy was founded back in 2014 when individuals were experiencing one of the worst winters. The winter caused a hike in energy prices due to high demands. Customers were asking for more than suppliers could provide making most of them run out of business. Agera saw this as an opportunity to come up with affordable energy choices and help consumers. Most individuals find it difficult to cope up with energy bills and Agera was looking for a way to help these individuals.

Agera energy sent out its sales team to help customers make suitable energy choices. Agera began by training its team on how to interact with customers and how to help them choose affordable energy, unlike most companies that start by training on energy and marketing tactics. Agera Energy communicates with its customers on a personal level helping them to offer help where necessary. Agera ensures that their consumers clearly understand the products they provide and their usefulness.

Agera has a stable customer base; as a company, they are hoping to provide their energy solutions across the globe. Agera’s customers are growing fast than private companies due to their dedication in providing quality and affordable energy choices. Agera is an energy servicing company that provides energy to both homes and business. Agera’s Energy is extracted from renewable sources. Agera ensures that its customers understand the conservation of the environment. Agera’s products are well- designed to help all. Agera’s business plan is to polish the available energy sources so that consumers can effectively use energy.


Agera Energy: High-Tech and Innovate Energy Operations

Agera Energy has initiated a new source of energy to fuel their high-tech operations. Technology is an important part of any company. There are extensive tech systems that go into the development of an energy company. The energy company must be able to quickly source their energy and distribute it to residents and businesses. Some energy companies only service commercial businesses, while others only service residential. Some companies serve both. The clients depend upon the supplier’s regulations.

In many cases, residents of a certain city are given limited energy options. Many international energy companies are not able to service small towns and municipalities. International energy companies service the most populated cities in the world. From London to New Dehli, international energy companies operate on a globe scale. Rural and suburban areas are not likely to require the same needs as a large city. The more populated the city, the more power is needed to maintain it. High-tech energy companies are likely to acquire new customers at a faster pace than others. To know more about the company click here.

When a company has the newest equipment, they are able to provide customers with the highest level of service as quickly as possible. When a company is high-tech, they are able to scale their prices. Efficiency determines energy rates and prices. When an enterprise is extremely efficient at providing a service, they can minimize their costs. Efficiency eliminates waste and fillers. The more efficient a system is, the more likely consumers are to invest in the company.


Richard Liu Qiandong Founds a Titan

1998 marked a seminal year for the upcoming entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiandong, as he opened his first brick-and-mortar store, selling magneto-optical products. In just a few short years, the small chain of electronic stores would blossom into a formidable e-commerce empire, eventually claiming the title of China’s largest online retailer, estimated to be worth north of $60 billion. Today, Richard Liu Qiandong acts as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, which currently services more than 100 million unique shoppers around the world. Despite’s dominance throughout China, Richard Liu doesn’t plan on slowing down, at least until he’s 65 years old, and future plans outline the expected expansion into Southeast Asia, as well as Europe and the United States.

Born to a middle-class family in the town of Suqian, located in the Jiangsu province, Richard Liu Qiandong learned the value of education at an early age, encouraged by his parents to achieve excellence in all of his endeavors. This set of values followed him from that point on, and after completing secondary school, he enrolled at the People’s University of China where he majored in Sociology. During this time, Richard Liu remained active in a variety of fields, teaching himself the intricacies of computer coding, while also attempting to open a restaurant. Ultimately unsuccessful as a restaurateur, he remained persistent regarding his ambitions of being a successful entrepreneur.

While many of his peers decided to pursue governmental positions, he secured a job with Japan Life, working his way through the ranks. He would leave Japan Life after remaining with the company for a brief period, and by 2003, had become the successful businessman he’d always envisioned. The outbreak of the SARS epidemic later that year would force Richard Liu, as well as his contemporaries, to rethink the traditional retail model. He soon began dabbling in the world of e-commerce and quickly found it to be immensely lucrative, prompting him to close all of his physical retail stores. Today, is a giant in the realm of e-commerce, directly competing with many of the top competitors in the sector, including Walmart and Amazon.

JetSmarter Has Grown Profoundly Under the Leadership of Sergey Petrossov

Forbes has listed Sergey Petrossov as one of the top 30 under 30 individuals who deal with consumer technology. The Sun-Sentinel has also recognized him as a senior working professional in South Florida. Petrossov is always looking for ways in which he can innovate the various industries.

Before founding JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov had initially co-founded two IT systems. For starters, he had come up with an online chat system that could be used on a website to chat with the customer service. He had also come up with a distance-learning platform that could be used by Russian-speaking educational institutions. Petrossov has also been a board adviser in a private jet operator that is based in South Florida. During this period, the private jet operator had the largest Gulfstream charter fleet that was on high demand.

After flying with a private jet, Sergey Petrossov came across various challenges when booking a charter flight. To make sure there was efficiency, he saw it fit to incorporate technology in the private aviation booking process. Sergey Petrossov then founded JetSmarter. He made sure that the JetSmarter project was well funded. By working together with his development team from the previous projects, he was able to ensure that most of the flyers would be connected with the private jet operators that are well rated. In 2012, Petrossov launched the beta version of JetSmarter. He then raised some additional capital that would enable him to complete the JetSmarter project. He also collaborated with other partners and vendors before officially launching the JetSmarter application in March 2013.

JetSmarter has a well-equipped advisory and management team. Some of these individuals have also executed some projects in companies such as Nokia, NASA, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Uber. By combining the vision of Sergey Petrossov with the expertise that these professionals possess, JetSmarter came to life.

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How The RealReal Operates to Help Others

There are a lot of things The RealReal does to make sure they’re able to help the customers and the consignors they have. The company knows what it will be able to do to help people in the future and they know that working as an online consignment shop gives them the chance to continue helping people in ways other companies don’t have a chance to do. It can help them show people they’re making things easier on themselves and they know what it means to be able to help them through these opportunities. As long as the company continues changing to adjust to positive experiences, they can give other people what they want out of the industry standards. Thanks to The RealReal, more people have a chance to help others and they know what it’s like to keep giving them these options. The company spent a lot of time trying to figure out what their customers wanted and that’s how they pushed to give people what they needed.

When The RealReal offers luxury items at lower prices because they’re secondhand, they know they’re doing the best job possible to help make their customers have a better experience. They also know more people will have a chance to see what they can get from the company since they have a chance to check out all the products they have for sale. Even when they knew what people were doing, they felt confident they could make things easier for the customers.

The business is a great way for people to make money, too! More people will have a chance to try things that can help them and that’s what allows them the chance to always give back to those who need their help. The RealReal believes in offering consignors a fair price for the items they have. Since they know the people have luxury products, they can do more to offer them all the options they need. It’s important to the company to make sure people understand they’ll get the best price possible by selling their items through The RealReal’s secondhand store. Learn more about the RealReal: