JD.Com Customers Fall in Love with Free Range Chickens

In a move that delighted customers and rural farmers both, jd.com has changed the online poultry market. In 2016, Jingdong created the ‘Running Chicken’ program to help impoverished farmers in Wuyi County by establishing a free-range chicken farm. Not only has the initiative created new jobs and opportunities for the rural area of the Hebei province, it has delighted consumers too.

Ethically Sourced Chickens

For decades environmentalists demanded more ethical poultry farming practices. Jd.com saw the writing on the wall. They knew their customers would love ethically sourced chickens that tasted great, helped farmers and treated poultry with dignity. So far, the results have surpassed expectations.

Top-quality chickens are raised on a 27 hectare farm. Instead of being kept in windowless cages they spend at least 50% of their time outdoors to enjoy fresh air and to mingle with other chickens. While this is wonderful for the chickens, treating them well has other benefits too.

Better Nutrition

It has been proven that ethically sourced chickens have a better nutritional profile. Jingdong is pleased to note that their chickens have less saturated fat and cholesterol and increased omega-3 fatty acids. They also outfit each chicken with a special pedometer to measure how many steps they take in their lives, with the goal of one million steps before they are processed. Customers can scan a code on their shipping container that tells them where the chicken was sourced, how it was fed, and more.

Satisfied Customers

The customer response has been fantastic. Sales have doubled in the two years since the program began. Because of this, jd.com has created similar premium produce initiatives. These include the ‘Swimming Duck’ program and the ‘Flying Pigeon.’

Consumers love the taste of their meals, and it pleases them that Jingdong has helped impoverished farmers have a better life. Of course, knowing that their meal wasn’t created in a factory farm has been a hit with environmentalists.

Starting in 2012 jd.com has created over 200 malls online to help disadvantaged farmers, while also helping consumers find locally sourced products.

The U.S. Money Reserve Reveals Important Information to the Public

The U.S. Money Reserve is an organization whose main objective is to provide economic issues information to the people. This information helps the customers to come up with good decisions in case of any unusual happenings. The nature of recessions is termed to be very significant. The natural occurrence of the recessions is very much important, especially to the economic cycle.

About a video produced by the U.S Money Reserve, the recessions always occur if only there is a scarcity of labor and a rise in the salaries. Due to these two factors, most of the businesses are forced to minimize the rate of employment which in turn causes and increase in the interest rates by the Federal Reserve body.


All these events eventually make the economy to grow at a very slow pace. Slowing of the economy a negative impact on various businesses as it leads to a tremendous drop in their profits. To avoid this, most businesses and organizations such as financial institutions have mastered the art of coming up with strict policies that cause a delay in the recessions. Read more: US Money Reserve | Biz Journals and US Money Reserve | Manta

Most of the government workers have also mastered the same art of delaying the recessions to safeguard their political careers. Whenever the voters suffer unemployment and dropping salaries, they base their blame on the politicians.

To avoid this, the politicians have to ensure that the recessions don’t occur by delaying them as much as possible. According to a report by the US Money Reserve, this practice of unnaturally delaying the recessions hurts the economic cycle such as economic bubble. The economic bubble happens due to the overvaluing of various resources.

Economic growth can be well analyzed by performing a comparison with the previous periods of a uniform boom. In previous periods, it’s only a number of two durations of the economic boom that matched the length of today’s growth. It is so much worrying to think of how the next recession might affect people in the country such as the various homeowners.

This is in relation to a previous event in 2008 that led to a tremendous drop in the homeowners’ value of the median market. This occurrence caused some of the homeowners to lose their houses. The economic professionals have also sent a warning that the practice of lending and especially in the housing industry might lead to economic failure in the days to come.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


The Impressive Innovation Record at OSI Group Over the Last Century

Currently, OSI Food Solutions is among the leading global food providers with a presence in 17 countries, 65 outlets and over 20,000 employees and still growing strong. Their story on innovation and growth remain as a great case study for companies that are seeking to beat the odds and go to the next level. Some of the elements that can be directly associated with the growth experience at OSI Food Solutions would be;

Use Of Cutting Edge Technology

In an effort to ensure that customers got consistent quality and almost the same product on all their outlets, the OSI Food Solutions embarked on the use of technology to ensure that the production process was at its best. This lead to a smooth transitioning of the company into what it is known for today.

Global Growth

There are companies that have proven to be successful regional food outlets. However, there are benefits that come with being a global brand. This is more so when some markets with a high population such as China are conquered. In as much as it poses a logistical nightmare, the rewards of it are worth the effort

Expansion and Diversification

The last decade has witnessed the OSI Food Solutions grow into a global leader when it comes to protein products that are value added. This ranges from sausages, hamburger patties and even pizza. For instance, the new beef line that was opened in Japan back in 2010 helped a lot with the operations in Asia-Pacific. Other than that line there was also an inclusion of other lines such as the two in India back in 2012

Increased Production

With the benefit of increased production lines, there was a consequent increase in production, and as a result, the demand from the outlets would be met and even support the opening of more outlets. Technology has also aided a lot in the production process as well as in the logistics of delivering the product.


As a company and a brand, OSI Food Solutions has a rich history from humble begins to what it is at the moment. Their strong relations with the client, early recognition of growth opportunity and adoption of technology can be attributed to their growth.

Talkspace – The Number of People Using Online Therapy is Growing at a Fast Pace

Suffering from any mental health issues for long can make your permanently deranged, and no amount of therapy would be able to get you back to completely normal. Early treatment of any ailment as soon as it is detected or the symptoms surface can help restricting the damage the illness can cause. It is the same principle that is applicable for the mental health issues and if you feel that you are feeling any symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress disorders showing up, consult with the professional therapist before it is too late. A professional therapist would be able to understand your situation and help you get out of it before the problem gets bigger. Read more reviews about talkspace at indeed.com

Talkspace was launched in 2012, and in a short period of just seven years, it has helped bring a smile on the face of over a million people through its effective e-counseling. More than three thousand therapists are working for Talkspace, and they are trained to provide e-counseling. Connect with the therapist on Talkspace is easy and all you need to do is register on its app and fill out a small questionnaire, and shortly you would be connected with the therapist who is best suited as per your problem. If you are a couple looking for couples counseling, you would be connected with the relationship expert and if you are individual suffering from depression, you would be connected with the professional therapist specializing in cases of depression, and so on.

The therapists help create treatment strategies based on what the client’s needs help with. The idea is to help find the triggers and the causes of those feelings and then work on them. Since there is no limit to the number of messages you can send, you can talk without having to think about the monetary part of the transaction with your online therapist.

Visit: http://medicaldailytimes.com/therapy/woebot-betterhelp-talkspace-reviews-online-therapy/4358/

Article Title: The Messerschmidt’s Speed Of Light

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The end of the year is mostly the time when companies summarize the successes and failures. Still, at the same time, many of them start implementing large plans for the next year.

One of these cases occurred in Silicon Valley. At the beginning of December 2018, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced the engagement of six new workers. That also included five investment partners.

One of the new Lightspeed partners is a name that does “ring a bell” – Jana Messerschmidt.

Who Is Jana Messerschmidt?

The former Twitter head of business development decided to change the colors of the team. Although the public was speculating about her reasons for leaving – Jana had left in peace.

Most sources claim that Messerschmidt had voluntarily left Twitter.

In this company, she spent six years building relationships with external partners including Google. She is also a co-founder of the #Angels Investment Team.

The Rising Оf Messerschmidt

Jana Lightspeed didn’t succeed in business with the speed of light. But, in a relatively short time, she has managed to show her professional qualities. A former graduate of BS Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, she moved her focus on management in technology.

Jana Lightspeed is also well known as one of the #Angels. #Angels were created by former and current women’s Executive Directors of Twitter. This team of great ladies invested in ideas with a great goal to uplift society. Many well-known companies raised money through #Angels.

#Angels helped them to further their companies and improve visions. #Angels have raised money for Modern Fertility, One Concern, Anchorage, Coin Base, and many other companies.

After years of experience in engineering, investing and advising companies, Jana Messerschmidt also worked with big companies. She was most known as Twitter’s head of business development. After successful six years on Twitter – she left this company.

The expert public speculated about the reasons for her departure. Yet, it is more likely that Jana needed new business challenges.

Today, Jana is one of the powerful individuals in Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Her efficiency and excellent professional performance got her a new name – Jana Lightspeed.

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Oren Frank’s Leadership Impact to the Medical Industry

Oren Frank is one of the founders of Talkspace. He is also the chief executive officer of the organization. Talkspace is the champion of online therapy and it has provided therapies that are cost friendly and accessible to clients all over the world. Its services are of high quality and this has made the company stand out in the industry.

Oren has helped Talkspace to assist more than one million customers to link with therapists. He has strong faith in the impacts of technological innovations to improve the community. He started Talkspace company together with his wife. Before establishing Talkspace, Frank was a leader in advertising and marketing. He has worked with McCann Erickson company as a successful strategist and an advocate of global online marketing. He believes that Talkspace has assisted him in recovering the time he spent in the marketing industry. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank said during an interview that ideas are assets. But the challenge is evaluating and working on your ideas in the right way. However, he advised that people should not fall for the ideas that first appear in their minds. And he said that the most difficult thing is creating and executing a reality out of the ideas, as this call for a lot of discipline and concentration.

When asked of his production strategy, Oren said that embraces moderation in all his actions. He said that he looks at his work habit talked of by many organizations as a negative thing for him. He added that the people, who have realistic working time, have the opportunity of getting healthy living and family time. They take holidays, and they have fun times on other things apart from work. This makes them make concrete decisions, look happier, and thus becoming much productive. Frank said that he tells his inner being not to hide to the views of the world because he knows everything and that nothing matters. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo

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Zeco Auriemo Provides Reliable Real Estate Advice

Need an expert to guide you in establishing your real estate business? Real estate is an appealing business and countless individuals have achieved success with their own venture. It is always a good idea to get training from a reliable source.

Although there are many resources to help anyone get the knowledge or training they need, it is important to turn to someone who has vast experience in the field.

In Brazil, Zeco Auriemo comes highly recommended. Zeco Auriemo has been in the industry for a long time and is CEO and chairman of JHSF – one of Brazil’s most prominent real estate firms.

JHSF specializes in property development and has been around for many years. The firm has a great team that comprises of professionals from many different fields, including accounting and financial experts. Property development involves planning, designing and financing the project.

There are several steps involved in building a successful real estate investing business. If you are serious about building a solid business, it is imperative to choose an advisor or coach like Zeco Auriemo. He is passionate about what he does and he makes it a priority to provide clients with proven strategies and techniques.

Zeco Auriemo takes the time to guide and advise people who turn to him for help. His clients include both beginners and experienced investors who want to grow their portfolio. He has systems in place to provide top-notch advisory service to ambitious individuals and ensure that they take the right steps towards their goals.

As a property development professional, Zeco Auriemo handles projects all the way from the beginning stage to completion. He is responsible for getting the team together to ensure a successful outcome. He brings in a team of associates who will execute the plan.

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Jeremy Goldstein Brings Professional and Personal Touches to Corporate Law

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is a law firm that focuses on compensation coupled with the rules around large corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners in this unique group. His education runs from the University of New York to Cornell with a stop in Chicago. He has a broad base of experience and training to pull from, and combining that with his fellow associates gives his law firm a unique ability to expertly handle and provide guidance in this area of corporate law successfully.


Corporate governance is a multi-pronged subject that involves all levels of personnel from the CEO all the way down to the most part-time employee. The practice of this type of self-government protects the corporation with layers of transparency and openness. The rules that are established with a corporation’s ability to govern themselves will affect their business, employees, and clients. Having a law firm assist them with the legal requirements and recommendations will help keep the corporation fluid while still being under the umbrella of the law.


Jeremy Goldstein brings to these corporations over two decades of experience handling a variety of business models, structures, and situations. In addition to his time working with business leaders, Goldstein also gives talks on this subject sharing his knowledge. As well as providing time to speaking engagements, Jeremy Goldstein writes papers on his experiences to further explain the laws on governance and compensation. He has been acknowledged as being an expert in his field by legal associations and other publications.


He has claimed to be no stranger to awkward moments in his life, but instead of taking these setbacks as outcomes, Goldstein used all of them as stepping-stones to a higher place. There is evidence of this in the way he treats his clients. Once Jeremy has established a relationship with someone, whether it is business or personal, he tends to keep them close by merely conferring with him or her from time to time. Jeremy Goldstein makes it an easy process instead of a burden. You may get a quick hello in the form of a voicemail or email message from him. It may be for no other purpose than just to check with you and see how your day is going. This type of personality is different in the corporate world but seems to mesh this law firm and their knowledge and style with many executive leaders.


To learn more, visit https://jlgassociates.com/.

Jingdong Debuts Grand Tokaj Sweet Wine from Hungary

Ever since it was established in 2004, JD.com or Jingdong has been able to scale its operations to unprecedented eyes.

After years of hard work, Jingdong has been able to establish such a significant traction in the region that it is now known as the largest retailer in China and one of the very few largest online operations within the country.

With over 300 million customers, any vendor who gets to showcase their product on Jingdong can rest assured in the fact that they would have the ultimate exposure in the country.

Hungarian winery Grand Tokaj is one such name, which has recently chosen Jingdong to launch products in China.

This has provided Jingdong with an opportunity to prove to its strength at dealing in luxury and drinking items yet again. This is not the first time that the online retailer is doing so either. But it is certainly the first time when Grand Tokaj has taken its operations online.

Judging by how things turned out during the debut sale, Grand Tokaj has made a propitious decision for its branding. It was reported by Jingdong that it sold over 1,000 bottles of Grand Tokaj wines within the first 10 hours of the store’s launch on Jingdong.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jingdong also recorded that Grand Tokaj’s store got over 400,000 followers within the first 24 hours of its launch. This was quite a feat for the wine maker, who noticed such a positively staggering response for its very first online outing at this scale.

It is being noted that this was also one of the best debut stories for alcohol retailers at Jingdong. Since Jingdong has already gathered data that over 75 percent of its customers prefer wine that has been imported from another country.

The aforementioned promotional launch period started from April 17 and ended on April 22.

Learn More: www.nasdaq.com/symbol/jd/real-time

The Rapid Expansion of OSI Industries

One of the most popular and proficient food processors in the world today is known as OSI Industries. This American-based company is headquartered in the city of Aurora, Illinois, but it has advanced facilities throughout the US. These facilities can be found in the states of California, Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah and Iowa. One of the biggest components of the company’s growth has come from expansion. As the world’s demand for high-quality, protein-added food products increases, the supply most for these foods must increase. OSI Industries has strategically centered itself throughout the world to better supply its customer-base. This food processor has advanced facilities in a number of foreign locations such as:

  • The United Kingdom
  • India
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Australia
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • And more

OSI Industry certainly has a make-it-happen mentality. The company consists of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. Some of the brightest of minds in food services are employed by this organization. In total, OSI has well-over 20,000 workers. The company spans across 17 different countries, and there are up to 65 facilities that are loaded with technological advancements.

OSI Industries is basically a changing of the guard in food services. Otto Kolschowski, the company’s founder, got his start back in 1909. During this point in time, OSI was known as Otto’s Meat Market. The company gained plenty of success in its Oak Park neighborhood throughout the years. Otto’s Meat Market would eventually go into food wholesale, and change its name to Otto & Sons. Since that particular point in time, OSI Industries has been an industry unto itself.