An Intro to Comparative Law and Renowned Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the comprehensive study and analysis of various legal systems of other nations. Since there are a number of different legal systems in the world, comparative law enables both students and researchers to learn more about the specific differences of the legal systems of various countries. When studying comparative law, individuals will learn about a number of things such as common law, civil law, canon law and also law that pertains to socialist countries. As well as learning about the basic types of law, individuals who study comparative law will also learn about things such as Islamic law, Hindu law and Chinese law. Studying this type of law is very beneficial because it will help a number of people and governments learn about the legal regulations of various nations throughout the world.


Since internationalism and globalization have become commonplace nowadays, studying comparative law is quite important. What makes comparative law very important is that it will give many people an in depth perspective of how other nations use their legal system. One of the groups of people that comparative law helps is government officials. Since many of them need to understand international laws for things such as trade, they will greatly benefit by learning about the business laws and regulations of a particular nation when it comes to economics. Comparative law is also very helpful to lawyers who often conduct operations overseas.


When it comes to experts on comparative law, one of the most well known is Sujit Choundhry. He is a current law professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Sujit has had a number of accomplishments during his career such as being a Rhodes Scholar. During his career, Sujit Choundhry established himself as a well known expert on constitutional law. He has studied the constitution of many countries and is therefore very knowledgeable of the many legal systems of nations such as Libya, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa and Ukraine. With his knowledge and expertise, Sujit has been able to provide advice and guidance to these countries in terms of ratifying their constitution and putting together its legal foundation.


Throughout his career, Sujit Choundhry has spent a lot of his time researching constitutional law of many nations in order to gain a firm understanding of how nations form in the first place. He has studied the process of transferring government power through peaceful means as well as secession and federalism. Choundhry has also studied the bill of rights of many nations as well as how constitutional courts work.

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