Ara Chackerian: How He Manages His Day

It is quite an impressive feat to be able to become a successful entrepreneur, an angel investor and a regular philanthropist. The every day tasks of the average person seem to be difficult enough to manage. How does one man do so much? The man of the hour is Ara Chackerian. He has been known to start up many businesses that are in the healthcare and technology industries. He sees the potential of the two industries and wishes to be able to better bring them together to provide a more beneficial way of healing people.


Ara’s most recent business venture is with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The new an innovate treatment is used on people with major depression disorder that has resisted other forms of psychiatric treatment. Ara Chackerian has described the TMS as the third pillar of psychiatric care, putting it among the other two already existing pillars, medication and talk therapy.


It is no easy feat for any person to manage this kind of seemingly demanding lifestyle. So, how does someone manage such a busy life? Mr. Chackerian was asked during an interview about how he structures his typical day. Surprisingly, Ara’s days are not very typical. His own wife has been known to describe him as the most whimsical man on the planet. This is because he doesn’t plan anything or go by a calendar. He is completely immersed in his life and in bringing his visions to life. He spends part of his day coaching and the three things take up most of his day. For more details visit Medium.


Ara Chackerian has been balancing his entrepreneurial desires and his philanthropic efforts for a very long time and has only become more effective at doing so. He has recognized that he has been fortunate to have been raised in such a was that allows him to seamlessly flow through life and that is thanks to his parenting. That’s parenting done right. Wish my parents had more common sense like that. Maybe I wouldn’t be writing articles and instead I would be managing my own business. Anyway, Mr. Chackerian is one stand up dude.



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