Ara Chackerian’s Work on Limonapa and TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings LLC and co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions. Chackerian’s experience has involved entrepreneur and angel investing, with a specialization in healthcare technology and companies. He has also been on the board for several early stage healthcare companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is working with a long-time business partner on spreading awareness and access to a special mental health treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation. He is a philanthropist for environmental causes and has invested in and is a co-founder president of Limonapa Teak, a reforestation plantation Nicaragua and a non-profit youth development program.


He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnosis, Executive Chairman of PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions, and the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical.


In TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian has spent over a decade building a network of centers based in Northern California. They are interested in the outpatient psychiatry space. With medication and talk therapy, TMS Health Solutions hope to be the third pillar in the world of psychiatric care. Chackerian started out the company with a three-day education seminar to help teach physicians locally and around the world. They brought in leaders from Stanford, Emory, and UCSF to teach many aspects of TMS therapy. They have recently hosted their third event.


Limonapa is a thousand acre farm located in the Chinandega region of Nicaragua. As the farm was previously a cattle grazing land, Ara Chackerian hopes to create a long-term growth plan so that farmers can get their lands back and have consistent employment. They currently have efforts in Armenia and the United States. The farm also works to grow various product including sesame, pitaya, and moringa. You can visit vimeo to see more videos.



Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a BS in marketing.



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