Are you planning to Advance your Career? Susan McGalla Success Story

For many women who want to venture into leadership, or even advance their careers, there is a lot of guidance that is out there. However, the guidance that they find is far too nonspecific. According to statistics, companies that have women as chief executives or in the position of a chairman perform far much better than a key international index that is not diverse over the past few years. The excellent performance is due to the fact that these diverse companies are open to new ideas and perspectives. However, in conflict with the statistics, a few positions of C-Level positions in S&P companies belong to women.

Susan McGalla is one of the many women that have fought to reach high-level positions within establishments and in that way paved way for other women leaders. Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers. She is an American entrepreneur and chief consultant. She is commonly known as the previous president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Susan McGalla kicked off her profession at Joseph Horne Corporation and held the positions in several marketing and administrative positions from the year 1986 to 1994. Later in the year 1994, she joined the American Eagle Outfitter and become the divisional stock buyer for women’s clothes. She stayed in that company and worked at various positions till she became the chief merchandise officer. She later became the President. Susan later founded P3 executive Consulting where she is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to Susan, the way she was raised with her two brothers gave her the strength to work with both men and women. In her current job, she works with mostly men and was behind the groundbreaking ‘Wear what we wear’ campaign to inspire supporters to buy Steeler gear. In every workplace she went to, Susan was confident and continued to move up the position as she received it.

Despite the success story of Susan, many women are still struggling to find these opportunities. There are many women leadership initiatives, but they do not highlight the exact problem. Women should back fellow women in business. Women can take a sector of the high-ranking roles in companies globally.

Executive sponsors should also be encouraged to invest in women leaders to persuade male executives to help women leaders that are serious get executive roles in companies.

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