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Since its inception in 1909 by a German immigrant, OSI Food Solutions has endeavored to grow and expand its operations to all parts of the world. These company process and supply quality meat products throughout the globe especially in the leading food malls and supermarkets. Most properly, most of the meat products you eat remaining from pizza, meat or even the dairy come from this leading meat company.

The Management At OSI Food Solutions

Since its initial leadership, Otto and Sons, the company has had the unpatrolled leadership no wonder its drastic growth over time. It is now headed by an influential and experienced team including Sheldon Lavin who serves as the CEO, McDonald, as the president. The leadership has not only advanced the operations in the USA where it is based but also in China and the rest of Africa. The company has 17 branches world over and projects to cross more borders.

Through its management, OSI Food Solutions has acquired and continues to acquire more stall like the Bahoo Foods that was managed by the Germans. Now the branch under OSI Food Solutions umbrella serves in Netherlands and German. Among the branches under Baho are Bakx Food, Qsmart Life and Henri Van De Bilt. It has also acquired flagship Europe. This company specializes in the sous vide products, a variety of dressings and sauces plus frozen poultry. The company has helped OSI to expand its operations in Europe in addition to Baho Foods.

It has also opened up a new processing facility in the Philippines leading to a joint venture, Genesis. The treaty that was sealed in May 2017. The company has hopes of expanding its operations in the Philippines. It also purchased Chicago foods processing facility plus a warehouse formerly owned by Tyson Foods plant. The acquisition has added 20,000 square feet for the processing space allowing OSI Food to develop processing and storage efficiently.

Products Processed By OSI Food Solutions.

The company process and distribute several products most of which are proteins in nature. The following are some of them:

• Poultry processing

• Beef Processing

• Pork processing

The company has committed to offering high quality and healthy meat products.

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