The Messerschmidt’s Speed Of Light

The end of the year is mostly the time when companies summarize the successes and failures. Still, at the same time, many of them start implementing large plans for the next year.

One of these cases occurred in Silicon Valley. At the beginning of December 2018, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced the engagement of six new workers. That also included five investment partners.

One of the new Lightspeed partners is a name that does “ring a bell” – Jana Messerschmidt.

Who Is Jana Messerschmidt?

The former Twitter head of business development decided to change the colors of the team. Although the public was speculating about her reasons for leaving – Jana had left in peace.

Most sources claim that Messerschmidt had voluntarily left Twitter.

In this company, she spent six years building relationships with external partners including Google. She is also a co-founder of the #Angels Investment Team.

The Rising Оf Messerschmidt

Jana Lightspeed didn’t succeed in business with the speed of light. But, in a relatively short time, she has managed to show her professional qualities. A former graduate of BS Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, she moved her focus on management in technology.

Jana Lightspeed is also well known as one of the #Angels. #Angels were created by former and current women’s Executive Directors of Twitter. This team of great ladies invested in ideas with a great goal to uplift society. Many well-known companies raised money through #Angels.

#Angels helped them to further their companies and improve visions. #Angels have raised money for Modern Fertility, One Concern, Anchorage, Coin Base, and many other companies.

After years of experience in engineering, investing and advising companies, Jana Messerschmidt also worked with big companies. She was most known as Twitter’s head of business development. After successful six years on Twitter – she left this company.

The expert public speculated about the reasons for her departure. Yet, it is more likely that Jana needed new business challenges.

Today, Jana is one of the powerful individuals in Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Her efficiency and excellent professional performance got her a new name – Jana Lightspeed.


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