Robert Ivy Gets To Award

Robert Ivy has lived a professional life everyone would want to have. The American Institute of Architect CEO has served in his positions very well, and he has positively impacted the society. Robert has also been exercising the duties of executive vice president for a long time.

Thanks to his excellent skills in the market over the years, Robert Ivy will be receiving one of the most respected awards in Mississippi. News from the professional association that were released recently state that Robert will be issued with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. Having been in this region for a very long time, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has been watching the activities and milestones that have been acquired by Robert Ivy. The literature expert has not only delivered, but he has brought a new revolution in the lives of so many individuals.

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is no doubt one of the popular platforms in the United States. The organization has mentored many artists and patrons who were willing to impact the community in a great way. Robert has been serving in numerous capacities in Mississippi, and he has accomplished his roles perfectly. His role as a chief executive of a professional organization has not hindered him from writing numerous publications concerning his profession. His books have been selling so well in the global platform. These publications have also helped Mississippi residents to understand the architectural departments better and at the same time motivate young professionals to venture into similar activities.

Very few professionals have been lucky enough to get awarded by the Mississippi Institute. Those who have been lucky in the past are singers, authors, and professionals who are impacting the society with their good deeds. Other leaders serving with Robert are happy that one of their colleagues has acquired a prestigious award. These leaders, including the company president, say that Robert Ivy is an influential architect, and he deserved the award for having helped Mississippi residents to understand different practices in architecture. Robert Ivy has so much knowledge in various departments.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Describes His Workdays As An Infrastructure Projects Expert

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in the financial industry for several years. He is an infrastructure projects expert who has served as a consultant on these types of projects across the breadth of Brazil. His specialty is creating Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in which the government and private industry develop an infrastructure project together.

Among of the companies he has worked for is Enel Group S.P.A. where he worked in their structured finance and project development divisions. He has also served on the board of directors for multiple organizations such as ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobliarios, AC Energia SA, Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA, and Fonte Nova Negocios e Participacoes SA. Read more about Montoro Jens at

In 1998, he became a student at Oregon University. Felipe Montoro Jens soon transferred to UC Santa Barabara, though, and majored in both history and Spanish. He also earned two masters degrees at this university which were for health promotion and Kinesiology. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from FundaoGetlio Vargas and a post graduate degree in this subject at American Garvin School.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that he starts each day with exercise such as working out at the gym or going for a jog. Quite a bit of his workday is taken up between conference calls and meetings. He will also review PPP contracts as well as write reports about the outcomes he expects on various projects. He remains as productive as possible by avoiding small talk and not using any social media.

He doesn’t believe in being formal. He says that the world, including Brazil, is becoming less formal and he regards as that a good and healthy thing. Felipe Montoro Jens doesn’t just enjoy dressing in an informal manner but also eating that way as well. He does need to have everything clean, though, and in the place in which it belongs. Learn more:

Victoria Doramus’ Early Life and Her Philanthropic Work

Victoria Doramus is a famous digital and print media expert with the penchant for creativity. Doramus has an extensive background in branding, communication, media, and advertising. She is committed to finding new and innovative techniques to combine these fields. She graduated from Colorado University with a degree in mass communication and journalism.

Under her name, she has a long history in these industries, which include creative work experience with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera, Creative Arts Agency and personal assistant to the film producer and director, Peter Berg. Recently, Doramus found her new passion and life. She is focusing her involvement with various charities, including Room to read, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Animal Society.

Early Life and Experience

After graduating, Victoria landed her new job with the Mindshare Company as an assistant media planner. Soon after her employment, she became employed by Stila Cosmetics as a creative consultant from 2007 before working for Creative Artist Agency as the group coordinator between 2007 and 2010. The Tendura Company soon employed her, and that is when Victoria Doramus decided to utilize her communication, knowledge with the market creating a successful career mix for herself.

She is a woman who has gone through it all and overcome many challenges in her life including drug addiction and recovery. She is a market trend analyst with a deep understanding of consumer retail trends and the global market. Now, as a recovery professional, Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) shares her life experiences with individuals who are going through similar problems.

The Importance of Giving Back

While still involved in AA, she gets most of her fulfillment and energy in life by helping other individuals with the same challenges she has faced in the past years. Fighting a battle against drugs in her early life made Victoria Doramus believe that it is essential to provide education to young adults and teenagers about how simple it is to become a drug addict. Currently, she is a staunch supporter of Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Society.

Matthew Fleeger: The Inventive Brains Behind Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is an innovative venture that seeks to survey, develop, and obtain gas and domestic oil reserves. Primarily, they focus on the gulf coast area of the United States. To achieve their objectives, the venture integrates resources, talent, experience, and savvy of the sector. This enterprise has been pursuing properties that assure them geophysical and geological benefits and well built-up structures. Matthew Fleeger, serving as the CEO and President of the firm, confirms that their success is greatly attributed to honest relations they have maintained with their partners.

Success Of Fleeger At The Helm

Matthew Fleeger ranks top in the list of the high-profile business moguls in the world. He is particularly celebrated for his proficiency in oil and gas industries. His unparalleled adeptness in strategic planning can never go unnoticed and have made him an international figure. At the same time, his admirable entrepreneurial abilities have made him a good team builder and a smart contract negotiator.

Matthew Fleeger attended Sothern Methodist University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After that, he got enrolled into executive positions in oil and gas firms, where he honed his skills and experience in finance and marketing. Before assuming office at Gulf Coast Western, the business magnate founded MedSolutions, Inc. The venture specialized in haulage, discarding, and treatment of wastes generated by healthcare facilities.

Gulf Coast Western Could Only Get Better

This venture never relents when it comes to research and exploration. They do not just limit their abilities to the prime areas they have been targeting but are seeking to enlarge their regions across the United States. So far, Gulf Coast Western has succeeded in establishment of over a thousand accredited collaborations. That is a remarkable move considering that they all operate under guidance of their mantra, which is observing ethics and business integrity. Checking with Better Business Bureau you will realize that they have maintained the admirable A+ rating.

Life Tips from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the world’s main leaders when it comes to financial advising. He is a veteran in strategical investments and he is a champion of taking low-potential stocks and turning them into high-profiteering stocks – he can also easily spot damaged companies and avoid them completely. Needless to say he is a powerhouse financial genius and business tycoon who anyone can take knowledge and tips from when it comes to handling your money and making sure that your money makes you comfortable with age and that it lasts you til your final days.

Igor is a genius and strategist who went back to Brazil’s poor-performing stock and pushed them until they made money once more – he says that the first thing that he did was to know the people in Brazil – the locals most importantly. Because there is where you get the most useful information in making decisions with where to put your money in regards to stocks. Next, if you want to start investing in Brazil like him, you have to know the regulations like the back of your hands. Brazil is very particular with foreign investors so you would have to understad the complexity and rigidity that you will have to front when you start on this venture — but this will all be worth it with the performance of the stocks. You would also have to understand foreign-currency laws – because you would have to go through specific and authorized financial institutions are allowed to handle and manage foreign currency transactions.

So if you are looking into retiring comfortably, and you have an extra surge of money, you would want to look into what Igor Cornelsen, a genius banker, and take tips and tricks from him so you too can also retire comfortable in your later years.

The Path to Success of Sheldon Lavin

It is hard to believe that the pioneers of the business industry experienced the same challenges we are facing today as startups. Well, it is important to read through their success stories and sink the fact that they were where we are today, and we can get where they are today. Sheldon Lavin is a great inspiration. He is the CEO of the OSI Industries. He began by financing the firm, became a partner and finally the CEO of the company.

Sheldon Lavin says that his success with the Otto & Sons was his breakthrough in his industry. He was fortunate became he became profitable in his first years in business. He says that the success was as a result of his large-scale investment. More about of Sheldon Lavin at

Success in business entails being able to sell. Referrals are one way of getting business. However, as an investor, you have to work on other ways to accumulate more clients. Sheldon Lavin says that he knew that technology would have a big impact on the structure of running a business especially the marketing sector. He, therefore, hired a professional marketing team. The team advertises the OSI Industries in all online platforms and look out for any new platforms. This has generated the OSI Group good business.

The other factor that attributes to the success of the business is the innovation and creativity level of a firm. Sheldon Lavin says that humility helps in creativity. For this reason, he leaves his door open for any individual who may have a brilliant idea, regardless of who they are or their rank in the business. He has also cultivated a culture to build togetherness in the firm. Lavin says that they eat together. During this meals, they address each other casually. He adds that they are not only concerned about the welfare of their employees but their family as well. Their rich culture has helped in retaining employees in the firm.

The OSI Industries is rapidly growing. Lavin is ready to take the firm to the next level. He is ready to continue prioritizing the needs of his clients. In OSI Industries, clients are treated like family.



How Drew Madden Innovates At Evergreen Healthcare Partners

In a recent interview, IT entrepreneur Drew Madden discussed the current state of healthcare IT. His work at Evergreen Healthcare Partners is proving he knows how to make things happen. The healthcare industry is taking notes on why he continues to produce more innovation. As Evergreen Healthcare grows, Drew Madden’s influence expands into new areas. People like the way he designs his systems, and he understands how to create a lasting impact on his industry. Drew Madden understands what the market wants, and he knows how to produce what his clients like. The success of IT in the healthcare industry is going to come from him.

In the healthcare industry, IT protects patients from invasions of privacy. Drew Madden believes the threats to security in the healthcare industry are growing. He wants to make Evergreen Healthcare an example of what an IT company should be. He focuses on building teams capable of tackling any issues that might arise. One of the reasons he’s successful is because he keeps track of the latest trends. According to Madden, the success of future IT professionals will come from understanding how to think about problems before they exist. If you solve a problem before it causes damage, you won’t need to worry about surprises.

Drew Madden’s work at Evergreen Healthcare Partners is giving the healthcare industry the tech it needs. He understands the details of IT infrastructure, and he carefully builds every system with expertise. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering, he put his attention on critical issues in healthcare IT. Now, he uses his experience to assist the clients of Evergreen Healthcare. His success in the healthcare industry comes from his versatility and dedication. Looking towards the future, Madden wants to focus on creating the next wave of IT innovation. He’s in the perfect position to make it happen.

OG Juan success story and his relationship with the Carters

An article published on June 27, 2018, titled ‘everything is love’ by the Gazette day was a shutout to Roc Nation power couple and renown celebrities Perez Desiree and OG Juan. Details of the article were about the Carters; a celebrity couple that shocked their fans around the world by introducing their latest album titled, “The Carters.” The celebrity couple has been through good and bad times with the accusations of cheating in the relationship that led to Jay-Z apologizing by releasing a song titled- EVERYTHING IS LOVE. During early 2000, Jay Z and OG Juan joined hands and started Roc-La-Familia, a record label that did not last as the two expected. However, the duo used that failure as a lesson that cemented their bond even further.

In the album released by the Carters, the title of the sixth song is “Friends” that they released to celebrate their long-term friend couple, OG Juan and Desiree Perez. The song is exceptional with outstanding trap beats. The two couples have been friends for a long time. From the late 90s to late 2000s, OG Juan helped Jay Z in running and managing his studio. In 2003, Jay Z and Juan came together and started doing business by opening 40/40 club. In an interview with the NY Times, OG Juan stated that entertainment and sports often get along well and that is why they decided to start the business. The two businessmen in the entertainment industry decided to add entertainment to the Roc Nation, and it performed very well. Today, ten years after starting the business, OG Juan serves as the president of Roc Nation sports.

During the 50th birthday celebration of Juan OG Perez, a whopping $ 100,000 was spent by his close friends to honor his success and input in the entertainment industry and sports.

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Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos just completed one year in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. He was appointed in September 2017. The move made many in aviation praise the FAA. Devos has the right type of business acumen to work with others on the council. He comes from an eclectic background, having worked as the President and CEO of Amway for many years and then founding his own private equity business, The Windquest Group.


However, it’s his work with the Gerald R. Ford International AIrport in Grand Rapids that made the FAA select him. For one, the airport has benefited greatly from the partnership with Devos. Many do not realize how much Devos has helped with the airport for over two decades. It started in the 1990s.


At the time, Devos was just coming off a period of time at Amway as the Vice President. He helped generate record-breaking sales internationally at the company before deciding that he wanted to work in his hometown. He joined forces with other business leaders to create Grand Action. This committee sought to build up Grand Rapids.


However, Devos got involved to ensure that plans didn’t take away from downtown. There were many plans floated across his desk. One would have been for a sports arena and convention center located away from downtown. He had seen what had happened Detroit with the Pontiac Silverdome and didn’t want to repeat it in his hometown.


He worked with the Devos Family Foundation to build numerous cultural areas around downtown, centering in the business district. This would help drive new commerce and create a busier, rapidly growing city. The first step was to build the Devos Performing Arts Center followed by a convention center.


Devos then worked with the CEO of the airport to expand. He saw an opportunity to bring in new business travelers by showing Grand Rapids as a business convention destination. He talked to the CEO of Air Tran Airways in the early 2000s to bring in new destinations to the airport. This included St. Louis, Orlando, Denver, and Vegas.


It was later that Southwest would take over Air Tran and cause some issues as they were closing down different terminals. Devos talked to Southwest in order to save the terminals and keep the new destinations. The growth had been so prominent that Southwest wanted to stay open at the airport and even expand more.


It has been several years since Devos first started helping the airport, but now the airport has raised $45 million to expand and create a new business traveler center at the airport. This comes after Devos worked with the different airlines to raise the revenue necessary.


For these reasons and so many more, Devos was one of the great picks for experience with aviation and business by the FAA. His experience with different airlines, airports, and even aviation education makes him a great advisor to the FAA.


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How Sussex Healthcare Offers Superior Care To Their Residents

Sussex Healthcare has been providing care to elderly and disabled people for more than two decades. Their 20 homes are on large properties along the southern coast of England, in Sussex County. They are led by two entrepreneurs, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, who are this firm’s two joint chairmen. Shiraz Boghani brought his years as a chartered accountant and the owner of the UK’s fastest growing hotel company to this venture while Shafik Sachedina brought his years of experience in the healthcare industry working as a dentist. Visit CV Library to know more.

They have over 20 facilities in their network which include a daycare facility, a new gym, and full-care residential homes for those who need help 24/7. They manage specialized care for older people with age-related mental conditions and also provide homes for younger adults who have neurological conditions that make them unable to self-care.

Sussex Healthcare offers superior staff and care to their residents which is one reason to chose them. They also make sure each resident has a high quality of life. This includes creating healthy meals using fresh, local ingredients. They also offer their residents a wide range of recreational and educational activities to take part in both in and around their facilities as well as in the local community. Visit the website to learn more.

The residents at Sussex Healthcare facilities can engage in physiotherapy. The residents are encouraged to move their arms and legs and stay active. They can do exercises, including at the gym, that increase both flexibility and coordination as well as help to reduce any soreness they may be experiencing.

There are a few ways that the residents staying with Sussex Healthcare can relax. One way is through aromatherapy. A number of studies have indicated that this helps my releasing more endorphins into the brain, increasing focus and energy. They can also be driven to the gym where they can sit in a huge hot tub or swim in a large pool. They also have access to a spa where they can receive a massage as well as manicures and pedicures. These help dramatically reduce tension and improve moods.