New Happening Of Fortress Investment Group

Introduction to Fortress Investment Group
Fortress Investment Group is a financial firm with an outstanding reputation. Fortress Investment Group has engaged in a change in its investment strategy. That will allow them to offer their investors an investment that is highly secured called iPass. iPass is one of the top worldwide providers of global connectivity options. All of the IPass’s considerable assets secure the loan like their SmartConnect technology as an example.

Introduction to Riley Financial
The company that brokered the deal for the Fortress Investment Group was Riley Financial. Riley is known well in the financial world for its equity research that is ranked up high. They operate in the four segments of Auction and Liquidation, Capital Markets, Principal Investments, and Valuation and Appraisal. Riley Financial is known for working out high-profile deals.

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Wi-Fi Operation
Did you know that IPass operates the biggest Wi-Fi network in the world, allowing consumers and businesses to go on millions of Wi-Fi hotspots? There is also strong value provided with a large amount of Wi-Fi. It was expected by the end of 2018 for hotspots to increase to 340 million. A factor that makes IPass a good investment for Fortress is having exponential growth in Wi-Fi technology. Also, investors can gain an appreciation of the wisdom of investing in this technology.

The Purchase
Recently, the Fortress Investment Group purchased by a company called Soft Bank for a large amount of $3.3 billion in the value of cash. The news was surprising because SoftBank does not come with a traditional or real estate focus. However, there is much respect gained all over the industry. This group was started up by Rajeev Misra and is with 1,000 employees who are striving to be “one of the largest managers of alternative assets in the world.” One big move that SoftBank is trying to make is to go far into the real estate market in the location of New York.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Development and Unity of

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of his own company, Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to selflessly share pieces of advice and insights regarding his goals, success story, beliefs, and more. He was able to inspire the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs to focus and prioritize on what’s important in order to become who they want to be in life. He emphasized that success does not happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to get there. Richard Liu did not grow up as a wealthy man, his parents used to ship coal in order for them to live and they were able to send him to school because of this. He dedicates his success to his parents and he knows exactly how to value his own money now that he is a successful entrepreneur and a billionaire.

In addition to this, Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to build their own national logistics system for in order to prevent losing and damaging its items during delivery. Focusing on his customers and ensuring that they deliver on time has always been the primary objective of Richard Liu. He continues to create innovations for the people of China as well as modifying e-commerce and retail for every single one of its users. According to him, he has over 1 billion customers per day. He wants each of them to have a positive experience while shopping at and the assurance of having their goods and services delivered safely and quickly. was able to launch over 3,000 pickup and delivery stations in almost two-thirds of all counties in China. Four years ago, Amazon was able to follow the model that built in the Chinese Market.

The growth and development of Richard Liu and over the years is truly inspiring. Billions of people around the world trust them for their reliability and integrity. Richard Liu Qiangdong and his dedication to goals show how diligent and industrious he is as a man and how he was able to generate brilliant ideas during the start of his career.

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Sheldon Lavin Leads Companies To Success And Immense Growth

Sheldon Lavin has what it takes to handle the financial management needs of OSI Group since he began with the company back in the 1970s. Currently, he serves the company in the role of Chief Executive Officer after moving his way up through the business. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs throughout the world without the knowledge to truly succeed in their industries and Sheldon Lavin has many insights on business that they could possibly benefit to listen to and follow. He is a professional who has a built a reputation around the building and leading of empires in the business world. In order to be able to maintain the complex food supply chain of companies as large as OSI Group, he tracks many different factors such as consumer preference, changes in technology, and shortages of different resources.

When asked how Sheldon Lavin made money, he answered that while money is easy to get, you have to spend it to be able to make it. He was not able to start earning a great deal of money until the businesses that he was in were established well. In order to maximize the money that he makes with OSI, he carefully invests much of it in different financial markets. He stated that the main investments that he has made over the years include ETFs and mutual funds. He stated that the first enterprise that he was involved in was able to achieve success within about a year.

One of the most important parts of the business for Sheldon Lavin is scaling, which can be hard for many startups to be able to achieve. While he was building companies on both a national and international level, Sheldon Lavin was able to reduce the costs of running the company significantly and quickly. This was able to attract the attention of shareholders and they were able to increase their profits even further. While he admits that he had good fortune during his career, he also states that planning played a large role in the success that they were able to achieve. Business plans are important and unexpected costs can cause the loss of profits.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Acts On A Study To Build A Better Brazilian Infrastructure

The infrastructure investment specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens has been commenting on the release of a study by the National Confederation of Industry. The details of the study are part of a larger ream of documents being assembled for the candidates in the Brazilian Presidential elections in 2019. The study details the extent of the problem of stalled infrastructure construction projects and those which have not yet been started around the nation. Read article about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens was commenting on the lack of investment in Brazil’s infrastructure which reached just two percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 2017. One of the major problems faced by the Brazilian Government is a lack of planning when it comes to the creation of infrastructure programs in terms of new construction. Felipe Montoro Jens revealed a major problem with Brazilian infrastructure programs is the fact sports facilities and other extra construction would be cheaper to build at the time of construction. A lack of foresight on the part of major government agencies is causing major problems for the future of the nation with major construction not taking place on time.

A second problem facing the people of Brazil in the 21st-century is the financial crisis which has been in place across the nation for over a decade. In the early 21st-century, the nation faced an economic crisis affecting many smaller construction companies which were struggling to survive amid rising inflation and interest rates. Felipe MOntoro Jens believes the transference of public infrastructure programs to private companies is an impressive option for the government of Brazil, but small companies remain at risk of financial insecurity. Among the recommendations of Felipe Montoro Jens and his peers is for Brazil to adopt a new approach to infrastructure programs. Alongside the need to develop a new system for Brazilian infrastructure programs, completing existing staled programs remains important.

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How Ted Bauman made it to Success

Born in Washington D.C, Ted Bauman as a young man, moved to South America after some years. He attained his degree in history and economics from the University of Cape Town. What is it that Bauman do? Well, he has put his effort into connecting people with resources that assist them to live better financial lives. He has helped people in over a decade when it comes to financial assistance. During the end of his career, Ted Bauman worked with the United Nations and international governments. Later in 2013, he was a part-time editor at Banyan Hill Publishers, and that’s where he started the Bauman Letter. What is the Bauman Letter? It is a newsletter that majorly talks about securing wealth. Visit Ted Bauman at to learn more.

Why did Ted start this business? He has always had an interest in to assist others. Bauman is motivated by his desire to protect the rights of other individuals from government threats. With his new career as an editor, he made money by joining the world of financial writing. His success in this sector was fueled by the vast experience he had, especially from the knowledge of economics.

Ted Bauman got his first customer because he was well known in the writing industry. Besides, he followed the footsteps of his dad and thus carried the family name. The name made him gain success, and he even got more customers. To generate new ideas, Ted always tries to stay updated about the latest financial data available. Thus it enables him to remain on the forefront in the industry and thus giving him a chance to do his best. His dedication to the job is evident throughout the time he operates there.

Bauman deals with challenging topics like finance as well as asset protection and so it gives him no other choice but to be good at his work. This is where critical thinking is needed. In addition, he uses his previous experiences to assist him with the challenges that come. In conclusion, Ted Bauman has succeeded majorly because of his excellent time management. He knows when he is most active and uses that time to do his work. The key to success is productivity.

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Betsy DeVos Has Laundry List of Tasks Ahead of Her

Betsy DeVos grew up in a tightly-knit community in the state of Michigan. She came from a family of reformers, led by her brother and father, and much was expected of Betsy DeVos from a young age. Rather than buckling under the pressure, DeVos leaned into her own expectations. It wouldn’t be long before she was heading off to college and summarily falling in love with the liberty-based writing of the conservative author, Milton Friedman. Flash forward nearly forty years and Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education underneath President Trump. With so much happening in her life, it is only fair to turn back the clock in order to learn a little more about education’s largest reformer.


Betsy DeVos grew up in the reformer movement. Her father developed the Prince Foundation and her brother would go on to establish one of the largest security contractors on the planet. As a result, DeVos always knew that she had a lot to live up to. Still, Betsy DeVos was quick to grow passionate about her work. After reading, ‘The Role of Government in Education’, DeVos would turn wholesale toward the school choice movement. Once considered a relatively fringe idea, school choice has become increasingly mainstream over the years, particularly within conservative circles. DeVos has become the modern face of the school choice movement and without her continued efforts, it wouldn’t exist as it does today.


Despite her success fostering a reform-based movement, Betsy DeVos knows that she has plenty of work ahead of her. DeVos is painfully aware of how divided the political arena is. After being confirmed by the Senate, DeVos was essentially shunned by major representatives from teacher’s unions around the country. Of the few union reps that did meet up with Betsy DeVos, they all largely came away with the same impression, DeVos was not here to play games. Betsy DeVos has fostered a reputation for being incredibly smart and well-spoken while also behaving in utterly ruthless fashion. DeVos is able to smile down at you as she completely takes apart your entire argument. As a result, DeVos has made as many enemies as she has admirers. Mike Cox is a former state-level attorney general who had known Betsy DeVos while she worked in Michigan. Cox paid DeVos the highest of compliments before concluding that she always ‘sets her mind on a goal’. Randi Weingarten, a teacher’s union leader, called DeVos dangerous but well-spoken.


Right now, the school choice movement is rapidly increasing in popularity. Still, DeVos isn’t solely focused on school choice. As she leans into her new position, DeVos will also begin to argue for vouchers, tax credits, and even education-based savings accounts for lower-income families.


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Advice from CHRO of Betterworks – Diane Strofhus


Diane Strohfus is the CHRO of a company called Betterworks. Her career started out in finance at first, but she got into hr technology and loved it. She started her new career out by leading a university relations team, but later on she was asked to be an hr business partner. She jumped to the opportunity with Betterworks. She loved the direction they were heading in. The job suited her profession and expertise. Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management software that helps align organization and motivate them to higher levels, which is what Diane is passionate about.

In searching for the perfect employee, Diane is looking for workers who see the world from a different perspective. She also searches for workers who are curious about the world, and who are excited and passionate about their work. She also loves a worker that sets goals.


Recruiting new employees can be challenging, so it’s important to find the best strategy. Diane beloved that the easiest way to do this, is to let them know all of the wonderful benefits of working for their company.

One strategy that Diane uses to be a better worker is by meditating before work. She believes this clears the mind and allows you to focus on what is important. It is also a good way to relieve stress, which is needed in such a demanding profession.

Getting To Learn About How OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made

The growth of a business is dependent on the number of clients who are willing to purchase their products and services. For instance, some people prefer fast food restaurants since they sell quality snacks, and they are also easy to prepare. Some of the fast food restaurants that have attracted a considerable client base include McDonalds. The franchise unit is rumored to be selling 75 hamburgers every second. Although they sell quality hamburgers, people want to learn about the contents/ingredients of these hamburgers. Since people believe what they have been able to witness in a first-hand manner, Business Insider toured a McDonalds meat processing plant so that they may give the necessary feedback on the ingredients used and the manufacturing process.

People want to lead a healthy lifestyle, and that is why they are trying to avoid foods that have additives. There are scenarios whereby the food does not rot. According to professionals who are well versed with knowledge about food science, microbes are responsible for food decay. If they are not present, food cannot decompose. For the microbes to enhance the decomposition process, they need water, warmth, and other requirements, and that is why it is always advisable to store different products in a cool and dry place. McDonalds meets the demands of its clients through OSI Group. Since the venture was formed by Ray Kroc in the 1950s, he had to make sure that he had sought the services of a corporation that would deliver quality products.

The symbiotic partnership has lasted since then. After the global expansion of the McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group went ahead to establish meat processing plants internationally. After arriving at the Gunzburg factory, the business insider was informed that anyone entering the factory should wear protective clothing. Such measures are important since they help to ensure that good hygiene levels within the factory are maintained. When an employee is ill, they must be treated first. Since employees are an integral part of an organization, they must be in good health always. Additionally, since they get into direct contact with the meat during the manufacturing process, when they are sick they might contaminate the meat with viruses and bacteria; that is why OSI Group makes sure that every employee is in good health.

Nina Vaca Stirs the Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Budding Entrepreneurs

Nina Vaca made a name for herself in the IT industry with the establishment of Pinnacle Group. Her efforts and ingenuity in running the firm have placed it at the top of the IT staffing market. The firm has bagged numerous accolades over the last couple of years, mostly from the Women President’s Organization. Nina has cemented her place in the corporate world and is keen on helping other Latina women to follow suit.

She gladly shares her experiences with budding entrepreneurs around the world. On one of her recent trips, Nina Vaca met a couple of Chilean entrepreneurs. The meeting was part of the U.S government’s efforts to strengthen ties with Chile, the country with the best entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

In her blog, she mentioned that such meetings go a long way in improving the lives of countless individuals. Her entrepreneurial Ecuadorian family helped her get to the top of the ladder, and she hopes to spur entrepreneurs from her homeland to similar success.

In 2014, she was appointed as an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, a position that she took in stride. She believes that the efforts made during her international relations career are enough to empower different nations.

Nina Vaca also has opportunities to talk at different summits, including the recent Hispanic Scholarship Fund. In a separate blog, she spoke about the need to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among college students. Such a spirit is essential regardless of the students’ career paths. She desires to help young people harness an entrepreneurial mindset to guarantee success in their future endeavors.

Besides her speaking engagements, Nina Vaca also gives generously to different charity causes. The Nina Vaca Foundation has come to the aid of numerous families back in Ecuador.

Gustavo Martinez On Why Charity Is Important And The Hiring Process

The world of consulting has been closely connected to the advertising industry since the beginning. The marketing and advertising is built on raw, creative talent that is the driving force of it all. Gustavo Martinez has been working in the industry for nearly four decades.

Now he works for U.V. Business Solutions in Barcelona, Spain. He is working on an exciting project with the company right now and it’s sure to be big.

Mr. Martinez earned a Ph.D in Economics from the Universitat de Barcelona in 1986. This degree would help him understand the inner workings of a country. Previously to that, Gustavo earned a PDG at IESE Business School at the University of Navarra.

This current phase of his life is more on the entrepreneurial side, so Gustavo is very busy at this time. In fact, his peers refer to him as a workaholic. It makes sense because he logs in a 10 to 12 hour day at work. Mr. Martinez arrives at work at 9am and leaves between seven to nine in the evening.

To be productive in his line of work, the marketing and advertising consultant really works on being an active listener. It’s essential to bring his team’s ideas to life. Another factor is making sure everyone feels heard, acknowledged, and valued.

Gustavo also recommends to take these qualities and use them as an entrepreneur. It is important to be generous and kind because it will always come back to you. Mr. Martinez wants to tell readers that doing charity is always a good thing.

Giving back to those less fortune is what makes the world go around. The important thing is not to do if for show or trying to make yourself good. Do it because you care and want to make a difference in the world for the better. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench

Gustavo Martinez has worked with some of the largest and most well-known marketing and advertising companies in the world. These jobs Mr. Martinez worked in leadership positions like chief executive officer, president, and chairman. Gustavo worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse, Olgilvy and Mather, and many more.

The most famous company he has worked for to date was J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. When hiring people to work in the marketing and advertising agency, it can be quite intense. They work tirelessly to find the best talent, and then they lay it all on the line for them. No price is too high when it comes to hiring the most talented individuals.

Speaking of talent, Gustavo Martinez can speak many different languages. He fluently speaks Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. In addition, the marketing consultant has traveled the world and has lived in many different countries.

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