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Leading Construction Companies in Brazil

World economies are backed by presence of infrastructure. Brazil has construction sites everywhere as it is a country in the works. Civil construction in Brazil contributes to about 5% to the country’s GDP. Construction companies require a lot of capital for them to succeed.

Statics show that as few as 12 Brazilian firms are responsible for erecting about 30% of all the nation’s infrastructural works. They generate a total of BRL 286.6 billion.

Construcap features on the list of top ten companies in Brazil. It focuses on professional development of sustainable projects in an environment-friendly manner.

Construcap acts in the private and public sectors, with emphasis on buildings, energy and infrastructure. Its operations are in line with the Integrated Management System which is certified by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001

Companies Under The Construcap Group

Construcap Group is a compound company with several subsidiaries on YouTube. The first one is the Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comércio S / A. The company is located at Eldorado Business Tower, Pinheiros, SP.

The second firm is the Minas Arena – Sports Facilities Management S / A. and it is only six years old. It undertook the reform and modernization of the Mineirão Sports Complex, in Belo Horizonte.

Then there is the Concert of Concession Road Juiz de Fora – Rio. This company has performed tremendously in the improvement of logistics and the transport sectors on jusbrasil.com. It is located along Washington Luis Highway, Duque de Caxias.

The fourth one, CMO Construction and Assembly Off-Shore, was established in 2011 to develop efficient modern solutions to meet the needs of maritime and offshore sectors at national and international levels. The company on Autodoc.com is in Rua Lauro Muller, Rio de Janeiro.

CFPS Engenharia e Projetos is the fifth company which has been in operation for four years. It is a joint venture between American Fluor and Construcap. It provides a spectrum of services in the Energy, Mining, and Pharmaceutical sectors. It resides in San Paulo, Brazil.

Finally, there is Inova Health. It was set up in 2014 to build three health facilities in San Paulo. The hospitals to be built were São Paulo with 218 beds, São José dos Campos with 158 beds, and Sorocaba with 250 beds. The company’s role was to construct the facilities, to supply equipment, and to manage non-care services in the hospitals.

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3 Ways To Detox Your Beauty Routine

While the numerous benefits of clean eating prove that this diet is not just a fad, maybe it’s time to consider applying this same rationale to our beauty routines as well. Clean eating is all about eating nutrient-rich foods that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals, and these same toxins and chemicals exist in many popular beauty products. These ingredients have been shown to irritate the skin and get absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in hormonal imbalances, skin conditions and more.

It’s time to ditch the commercial beauty products that are full of dangerous ingredients and opt for more natural alternatives. We’ve compiled three clean, natural alternatives to popular commercial beauty products.

  1. Ditch The Moisturizer for Coconut Oil

Many commercial moisturizers use fragrances that can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Instead, opt for coconut oil which will leave your skin feeling silky soft without clogging your pores.

  1. Skip the Perfume and Use Essential Oils

Many commercial perfumes actually use harsh irritants in their fragrances that can result in allergic reactions. Essential oils offer the same variety of intoxicating scents using completely natural ingredients. Essential oils are concentrated and will last all day long.

  1. Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

Many commercial shampoos contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which is a harsh detergent that strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, damaged and dull. Instead of using these popular shampoos, switch to a cleansing conditioner like WEN Hair 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. This product uses only natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on your precious tresses.

Wen by Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner both cleans your hair and conditions it effectively. Instead of using irritating synthetic fragrances, it relies on natural botanical extracts to keep your hair smelling sweet and feeling healthy.

By switching out these common beauty products for natural alternatives, you will be keeping your skin, hair and body feeling healthy and clean. For more hair care tips, check out Wen hair care’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

CrunchBase page: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity


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The most edited Wikipedia pages for 2016 have been revealed

Wikipedia has grown to become one of the most used sites on the internet. It is a place to grasp knowledge on any subject you can think of in simple terms. Wikipedia is a free editing and publishing platform that lets users create and edit any pages they like as long as the Wiki edits are appropriate. With that said, the biggest issue with this website is false information.

Since everyone with an account as access to edit pages whenever they want there is a lot of room for internet trolls to markup pages. The good news is that there are plenty of good citizens in the world that fell it is their duty to keep the most popular pages up-to-date with accurate information. Usually celebrities, sports athletes, and politicians are among the most edited and watched pages. With a big election occurring most of 2016 lots of Republicans and candidates were constantly be watched and edited.

The most edited page of 2016 was, Deaths in 2016. The number of edits was 18230. There were a ton of shocking celebrity deaths in 2016 that made that year heartbreaking. It is constantly being updated as popular folks are dying. Wikipedia has listings for every month.

The next most edited page may not come as a big surprise to some. The Donald Trump paged was the second most edited with 8933 edits. The next handful of edited pages are mostly about other candidates and party members. The ninth most edited page was 2016 sports with 5277 edits. Lots of unexpected losses and team changes in 2016.

There are ways to update a Wikipedia page to keep it safe and accurate. Having false information published about your business, yourself, or your team can really hurt the overall brand image. It is especially troublesome if you can not keep up with it yourself. That is why there are professionals that will watch over your page and make edits if needed. These people are known as Wikipedia editors. Their job is to make the best Wikipedia edits.

Get Your Wiki is a business with professional writers and editors that will edit or make a Wikipedia page. These veterans can help manage any page. Non-profit, individual, or business, you name it, they can do it. They will monitor the page around the clock so that you do not have to worry. If you need a page translated to another language they can do it. It is important that your page stays up-to-date with accurate Wikipedia edits.

Check out their website to get a free quote in one day by Wikipedia editors. Do not let the internet trolls get the best of your business or make yourself look bad to future employees.

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Skin Whitening Cream’s best Name

Despite the numerous beauty brands out there, Makari is one that stands a cut above the rest. This brand began offering their upscale products in 2012, since which time they’ve become a leading name in luxury. Makari offers a full line of unique beauty products, each designed to provide you a smooth, clear, amazing complexion.

Makari has several products worth talking about in their line, but one of the most popular is the Purifying & Cleansing Toner. This toner is perfect for damaged skin, instantly repairing the skin’s cells; gently cleansing the skin; lightens the complexion and more. It is a product that also works to prevent drying of the skin, as well as wrinkles. So many have used it and all agree that it is a miracle in a battle.

Makari is based in NYC, on Broadway, in fact. If you want to look your best, considering this brand and their phenomenal products is a worthwhile decision. Visit the website, makari.com for more details.


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FreedomPop Is Shaking Up The Industry

Unless you’re frequently running around town trying to feed of someone else’s Wi-Fi, you’re like most people. You pay for your internet access every month, praying for the ability to somehow use your fast internet without having to pay for it. Your prayers could be answered with FreedomPop, a free mobile and internet service provider who has been messing with the typical service model for more than five years.



While FreedomPop may not be right for everyone, it offers free service or very cheap options that could fit anyone’s budget. Their claim to fame is the completely free cell service they offer. This free service gives customers 500MB of data, plus 200 minutes and unlimited texting. This service requires absolutely no contract, no cancellation fees, and no end-of-the-month random fees.



The allotted data isn’t the largest allotment out there, so the plan shouldn’t be used by people who frequently use data for music, video, or social media. When you get down to your last 100 MB of data for the month, FreedomPop automatically charges you a $10 fee to “top up.” Users do however get the opportunity to opt out of the “top up” charge before it happens. If you happen to go over your allotted data for the month, you will be charged. This service is only free for one year, but is only $10.99 each month for the same exact service after your year is up.



If you’re using the free service, there are three different ways you can increase your monthly data allotment. You can pay two cents per MB of additional data, invited friends to use FreedomPop to get an extra 10 MB per month, or complete offers to earn some extra data.



FreedomPop also offers additional plans at low costs. Their $5 per month plan offers users the ability to feed off of over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country for their voice, text, and data. This is a good choice for those who live in or close to cities.



Their $10.99 per month plan offers users unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data. You can also choose to use the talk and text over Wi-Fi or their cellular network (Sprint’s network). You receive your first month free for signing up for this plan, and it uses the same automatic “top up” method as their free service.



For $20 per month users can receive unlimited talk, text, and data. However, if you use more than 1 GB of data, the data speed will drop from 4G to 3G, not guaranteeing the fastest network access. This plan tends to be the most popular of the bunch.



Their internet options include three different plans. You can receive 500 MB of data for free and only uses 4G networks. For $3.99 per month, you can receive the same amount of data over both 4G and 3G networks. For $19.99 per month, you can receive 2 GB of data.



FreedomPop is a startup company that is completely changing consumers’ ideas about mobile carriers and service providers. They are shaking up mobile carriers who charge a premium for services offered by FreedomPop for a fraction of the cost.




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Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen is not your usual corner fast food outlet. In fact, it is a healthy salad chain store that is changing customer’s perception of how food service outlets should operate. The nutritious food, healthy proportions, reasonable prices, and smiling service makes Sweetgreen different from its competitors. In fact, this is one of the reasons why customers flock to its stores in large numbers. Often the store has a long line that seems similar to lines in an Apple store when a new model of iPhone is released.


After starting in Washington, in 2007, the brand has extended to New York and California. Already, the management is ready to introduce its outlets in Boston and Chicago. An open kitchen, fresh ingredients, and localities in chic neighborhoods is a welcome relief for city dwellers who like the idea of a round-the-clock meal that does not make you hungry after 45 minutes. The success of the company has allowed the brand to hire more than 1,700 employees across the United States. Apart from the food, its initiatives are spreading across music, philanthropy, and lifestyle space.


According to its founder, Nathaniel Ru, there are certain important factors that made Sweetgreen popular among its clients. Instead of opening a restaurant in the well-known spots such as Broadway, the management focused on trendy neighborhoods where people were willing to try the healthy food three times a day. It also meant that the demographics of visitors is not the average visitor to the New York City. Instead, its customers are locals who want to try something different away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Another important selling point is clean lines and personalized customer service. As soon as customers walk in a Sweetgreen store, they are greeted by the small of fresh and clean ingredients, which are on display in the open kitchen. As all the ingredients are freshly prepared and transported from the farms on a daily basis, it is important for the management to create awareness of freshness instead of telling customers about it.


Similarly, the personalized service is extended by a customer service representative who walks through the entire process on a one-on-one basis. Whereas it normally takes fifteen minutes for the customer to wait in line, the one-on-one service makes up for the wait time. As for the company, the friendly service means that they have to dedicate more man hours to satisfy the demand, but it is definitely worth it. Nathaniel Ru also explained that their company is eager to offer newer products. For example, the often use the leaves surrounding a broccoli crown that are otherwise wasted. By using less known but healthier alternatives, there is always something new for the customer.

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Proper Haircare 101

Men and women love their hair and it hold it to the highest of regards. On a more scale-for-scale basis, women general have longer hair than most men and that extra length makes for complications in maintaining it. Honestly speaking, most women’s hair get destroyed by their hands. It’s fine to adore what you have, but being obsessive is a total “no no”. Females tend to use a wide range of products that are made by numerous brands, which is a “super no no.” Mixing different brands can be disastrous and it’s similar to mixing medications, which can be fatal.

Over use is a killer when it comes to haircare maintenance and a lot, if not most women tend to wash their hair 3 or more times per week. That’s right! This is so extreme to a point to where you’re literally washing away the scalp’s moisture which directly affects your scalp’s natural pH level. When your pH level is off, disaster follows in the form of dryness, itching, dandruff, excessive sebum production, and dullness. Hair has been known to fall out because of this as you can hear many females chatting about “I had a few strands of hair fall out in the shower.” Unfortunately this is all to common, but luckily there’ are better treatments to help your scalp heal.

Wen is a revolutionary new approach to natural hair rejuvenation. The brand’s product line is huge and comes in the form of sprays, mousse, and serums. These Sephora endorsed are conditioners, shampoo, anti-frizz, moisture additive alternatives, and more. WEN by Chaz Dean was developed with the consumer in mind and it truly delivers on all promises. You’ll get the finest of ingredients that are backed by research and trials. There is no more guessing when it comes to haircare, so let (WEN) guide the way to healthier follicles.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Registers a 5,000 Percent Growth Within Three years of its Inception

Waiakea Water has officially declared a 5,000 percent expansion since its establishment in 2012. In 2014 alone, the leading bottled water brand has introduced its product to approximately 2,000 stores throughout 30 states in the U.S. The company is on the verge of creating a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii as a way of not only celebrating the success but also meeting the growing global demand.

Ryan Emmons’ declarations

Ryan Emmons is the brains behind Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. He expressed his gratitude for the growth that his firm had registered within a few years of its inception. According to Clost Samples, he confirmed that the company had grown from selling a few thousand of Waiakea spring and volcanic bottled water to over 120,000.

He also expressed his happiness for the strides that the company was making in the world of charitable giving. Waiakea has donated over 500 million liters of healthy and clean water to Africa-based underserved communities.

Emmons attributes Waiakea’s success for taking a unique approach during the process of processing, packaging, and marketing its water. He believes that by emphasizing on health, ethics, and environmental sustainability, the company has created a brand that addresses the needs of consumers. Waiakea is currently worth more than $10 million.

Charitable initiatives

In line with its mission to ensure more consumers are drinking clean and healthy water, Waiakea has teamed up with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of healthy water for every liter it sells. It is worth noting that Waiakea’s charitable donations comprise of one-third of the brand’s returns. Waiakea sells water that is naturally alkaline, rich in valuable mineral and sustainable electrolyte.

Waiakea Inc.

Waiakea water is one of the world’s largest suppliers of exceptional Volcanic Water commonly known as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. With a shiny and branded design, and a series of value in the industries of health, philanthropy, and environmental sustainability, Waiakea water has experienced a high increase in demand. It is indisputably the most environmentally friendly and charitable premium water across the globe.

Waiakea Water started operating in 2012 as the first safe, eco-friendly, and philanthropic bottled water. Waiakea bottled water hails from Hawaii via both rain and snowmelt on the Mauna Loa Volcano’s pristine peak. Then, the water undergoes filtration through porous lava that is 14,000 FT, enriching it with electrolytes and minerals to give it its natural alkalinity and delicious nature. BabyBoomster has reported that Waiakea water has outperformed other bottled water in the U.S. and bagged the Carbon Neutralcertification.

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Prison or Home, Securus Technologies Keeps Families Together During Christmas

The holiday season is usually the time for family members to travel from different corners of the country or even the world, gather at home and celebrate their bond. Unfortunately, many people cannot travel home simply because they are barred by the law of the land from doing it. However, lack of physical presence doesn’t mean that incarcerated people can’t join their families in the holiday celebrations.


Thanks to leading inmate communications services provider, Securus Technologies, families will still celebrate together, whether any member is incarcerated or not. The company uses advanced video visitation technology to ensure that inmates and their loved ones keep in touch without the latter having to go through the inconvenience of travelling to the correction center. However, it will be a different experience altogether during the festive season.


Awakening the Festive Spirit


Apart from being in the know about the happenings at home, incarcerated people can easily join their families in the Christmas celebrations. Therefore, spouses can talk to each other and incarcerated fathers and mothers can join their children at home from their correction center. The best part, however, is the fact that inmates and their loved can witness the opening of gifts and wish them a Merry Christmas through video chat.


A video posted on YouTube shows Securus video visitation technology at its best. Titled ‘Securus Family Communication during Xmas’, the video features an incarcerated father having a chat with his son. After checking on him, he watches as he opens a Christmas gift, rekindling the festive spirit of the old times. In short, it’s all like the prison walls or the distance between father and son never existed.


Keeping the Communication Going


For years, Securus Technologies has shown great dedication in providing the best gift to inmates and their families and friends—reliable communication services. The company enables easy, efficient and low-cost receiving and making of calls from both ends, thus ensuring that the prison walls don’t create such a big barrier between inmates and their loved ones. While the company offers many options for communication, video visitation is one of the most popular, especially for its convenience and the ability to see the person at the other end of the line and talk just as if they are sitting next to you. All you have to do is open a Securus Online account and the most affordable and efficient inmate communication services are at your disposal.


Bottom Line


Incarceration is painful. Parents are always worrying about how their children are coping without them back at home. On the other hand, spouses and children are agonizing about the safety and well-being of their imprisoned partners and parents. Securus Technologies is, therefore, one of the best things that ever happened to both inmates and their loved ones. By regularly keeping in touch, they don’t have to worry any more.




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What Role did Adam Goldenberg Play in the Creation of TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg is notably on of the Co-CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group, which changed its name from JustFab recently. Together with his business partner and friend, Don Ressler, they boast of a reputation for creating successful brands. Goldenberg is acknowledged for his effort in steering TechStyle into unicorn status. It joined $1 billion business league after raising $85 million from a round of funding, which was headed by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. This funding propelled the company’s aggregate funding to $300 million making it a unicorn.

Adam Goldenberg’s Early Life

Adam Goldenberg’s early years portray a teenage who was destined for greatness. This is because while at the age 15, Adam Goldenberg created his first company, Gamer’s Alliance. Intermix Media, the MySpace parent company, acquired Gamer’s Alliance just three years after its inception. This reason prompted Goldenberg to quit his high school life as well as travel across the nation to join the team at Intermix Media as the vice president of strategic planning.

It did not take long for Adam Goldenberg to be promoted to a higher position at Intermix due to his exemplary performance. For this reason, he became the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded entity. As if destiny had planned Adam’s meet up with Don Ressler, Intermix Media acquired Ressler’s FitnessHeaven.com. Their friendship quickly grew into a business partnership that yielded the creation of Alena Media, as part of Intermix.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

The duo’s success with Alena Media was disrupted after News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005. Fueled by the desire to excel in the online performance advertising field, Adam and Don moved away from Intermix to create another business together. Fortunately, they founded Intelligent Beauty in 2006 as a brand building business.

The Growth of Intelligent Beauty

After Don and Adam had created two brands, they came up with an idea to give customers a personalized shopping experience. Their endeavors to integrate cutting-edge fashion with social interaction bore fruit. JustFab became an online fashion subscription retailer that provided members with a selection of accessories, handbags, shoes and clothes customized to fit their taste at only $39.95.

TechStyle Fashion Group

JustFab is renowned for several brands including FabKids, Fabletics and FL2. However, this year, Adam Goldenberg appeared on CNBC in August 2016 to discuss the company’s decision to change its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Under the new name, covers all the portfolio brands including JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, FL2 and ShoeDazzle.

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