Why People Choose to Visit and Attend the Mighty Fortress Church

There is a reason why so many people make the decision to visit the Mighty Fortress Church. This church has been around for many decades and is home to thousands of members who congregate there each and every week. If you would like to become a member of the Mighty Fortress Church, you are going to want to visit and see what they are all about. One of the reasons a lot of people have chosen the Mighty Fortress Church is because they have a ton of different programs that you can choose from for yourself. There is nothing worse than feeling like you do not belong after moving to the area, and this is not something you are going to need to deal with when you go to Mighty Fortress Church. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The Mighty Fortress Church is open to all different types of people, so you can feel confident knowing that you are not alone in your journey to spirituality and faith. They are open throughout the week, so you can visit the Mighty Fortress Church whenever you would like. This is a great option for just about anyone who wants to be able to expand their spirituality and knows that they need to simply visit the Mighty Fortress Church in order for them to be able to do this when it is most convenient for them and their loved ones.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/core-values

Whether you are going alone or you are visiting the Mighty Fortress Church with family, it is always open and you can make use of the number of different programs and after-church activities that are readily available to you. This is why a lot of people have made the decision that it is time to check out the Mighty Fortress Church for themselves and are happy that they have finally found something that they can feel confident in going to alone or with loved ones. The Mighty Fortress Church is a wonderful choice for just about anyone and can be exactly what you need for yourself. There are lots of people out there choosing the Mighty Fortress Church for their own benefit. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Paul Mampilly on investment opportunities of the future

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru from the United States. He is an experienced investor who has spent many years in the Wall Street trading financial markets as well as being the head of a hedge fund. His experience in the financial markets is unrivaled. He is the winner of the Templeton Foundation stock investment challenge. This is a challenge that he won by beating the best minds in the financial investment sector. Paul Mampilly has been in the financial investments for more than two decades. He has accomplished a lot for himself. All the wealth that he possesses has been through sound financial investments in the stock markets.

Paul Mampilly has left his job at Wall Street and is now a senior editor with the Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes about investment opportunities in the financial markets. He has also concentrated lately on training people about opportunities that are available in the investment sector. He has been very helpful to people who follow him. He has been providing them with the best information regarding investment opportunities in the markets. He has been updating investors through one of his newsletter known as profits unlimited. This is a subscription newsletter which he updates his followers with regularly. He provides stock markets analysis indicating those that are likely to improve and those that are likely to flop. From his followers, Pau Mampilly is very knowledgeable and his opinions are usually the true reflection of the markets.

Paul Mampilly has recently been writing about investment opportunities that are ripe for investment. He has been talking about technological innovation as one area that is highly likely to be rewarding to investors. Technological innovations have been driving people consumption behavior. As people look for better investment opportunities technological innovations are coming out as one lucrative field that should be looked at keenly. The number of opportunities available in the markets cannot be equated to any other sector.

A good example that Paul Mampilly uses is the cell phone technology. This is a sector that has grown rapidly. Since the beginning of the century, there have been having great consumption of the cell phones. This has created a scenario whereby the cell phone manufacturing companies are making millions of dollars yearly. The end result has been an increase in the share value of the companies. People who invested in these companies have made a killing from the growth that we see in the industry.

About Paul Mampilly: angel.co/paul-mampilly

Eric Lefkofky – Business Career and Philanthropy

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky created The Lefkofsky Family Foundation in order to enhance his philanthropic efforts together with his wife, Liz. It is a private foundation which started work in 2006.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has the purpose of assisting the advancement of programs with high impact, as well as initiatives and research that will serve to enhance the quality of life across the communities which The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been serving. There are several fields that The Lefkofsky Family Foundation focuses on such as education, human rights, medical research, as well as arts and culture.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation believes that children should receive an excellent education regardless of their financial and racial background. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is striving towards making the education sector more inclusive of children from all walks of life. The Foundation has also been a strong advocate for human rights, as well as for foster human dignity and improved quality of life all around the world. The medical research that The Lefkofsky Family Foundation funds have been mainly for finding cures for diseases such as cancer for example. In terms of arts and culture, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has been supporting a wide range of art programs and civic programs which promote creativity, self-expression, and enrichment of the community’s culture.

One of the collaborative founders of The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric Lefkofsky is co-chairman of the private foundation. Eric Lefkofsky has founded and co-founded a vast number of businesses such as the company of Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Tempus company which is a tech firm. The company is most known for the creation of an operating system that helps create personalized treatment plans for cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky has co-founded a number of companies such as Lightbank, of which he is Managing Director. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Groupon where he serves as Chairman of the Board. Other than doing business, Eric Lefkofsky is also working at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor. He has also authored a book and many articles.


Lifeline screening: Your Gateway to a disease Free Life

Prevention is better than cure; Lifeline Screening is a company founded on this principle. Human beings are procrastination beings; we often find ourselves procrastinating even those things that are of importance to us.

Many are the times we procrastinate or put o importance at all, on that necessary medical check. How awesome would it be to have a company that follows up on your health, an establishment that reminds you of that vital appointment? Well, that is why, in 1993, Lifeline Screening was established.

Headaches often turn into tumors, lumps on your breasts into cancers, Lifeline Screening helps you avoid such occurrences. Terminal illness like cancer has a higher advantage of being cured if spotted early. Lifelong health and wellness are guaranteed to you if you maximally use Lifeline Screening.

All you need to do is to book an appointment, and, within no time, you will be updated on the status of your health. There are, however, must-haves for patients visiting the facility. The patient should be on short sleeved attires, the clothes you are wearing should also be loose fitting. This is to make it easier for the medic who is conducting the exam on you.

The medical examinations are not invasive, it is, therefore, not necessary for you to take off your clothing, the loose clothing, therefore, go a long way into making sure that the operations are adequately carried out.

A patient should not consume anything four hours before the medical examination. The medic is allowed to, however, serve you half a cup of tea, with zero to almost no sugar. You can also be allowed to take water since it is of benefit to you. Lotion or perfumes are not approved for patients.

For the women, you are going to have to leave your jewelry at home; personal effects are not allowed into the examination room. Women who lovers of lingerie or the pantyhose’s will have to have a shift in these while going into the facility. Patients who are in for individual screenings are also encouraged to be very considerate of their dressing.

Punctuality, like in all other institutions, is highly encouraged, one is encouraged, and you are advised to be fifteen minutes early for your screening. This is so that the people conducting the exam on you will have adequate time to prepare for your examination. The screens do not take up much of your time; you will be out of there for an hour or even less.

For details: www.lifelinescreeningwellness.com/

Neurocore is the science

Worldwide, depression affects the amount of people in the entire US. This makes it a globally leading cause of disability. However, its commonality should not belie its complexity. Because of its complexity, misinformation is a huge impediment in dealing with the problem effectively.

It is important to understand that it is not a form of sadness although sadness is a common component. Additionally, there are multiple treatments for the various types of depression, so medication is not the only relevant treatment. Alternative treatments for depression such as neurofeedback as provided by companies like Neurocore are very effective.

It is also important to understand that depression is not a disease of the weak. It s a disease that affects a range of people and personality types. Because depression is not in a vast majority of cases visible, it can be hidden from view. Additionally, the disease affects everyone it infects differently, so uninformed opinions about the disease should be abandoned. Finally, an attitude adjustment is not a cure or treatment for depression. This disease is marked by a chemical change in the brain and not a philosophical one. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocore offers an assessment that is beyond reported and observed data. They gather information through a science based brain mapping approach that is state of the art in its capabilities. Along with other advanced methods of diagnoses, they determine a patient’s health with an unsurpassed keenness.

The qEEG or quantitative electroencephalogram measures almost 20 particular points in the brain through a cap system that measures connectivity and brain speed. Highly trained specialists then analyze the multiple data points to pinpoint the issues causing the problems with extreme accuracy. Follow Neurocore on facebook.com.

Heart rate and breathing patterns are measured in heart rate variability tests because the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are intricate to the brain’s proper functioning.

Integrated visual and auditory continuous performance tests detect inattentiveness through measuring impulsiveness and sensory processing also.

These diagnostic tools are used in conjunction with the common tests like child and adult behavioral checklists, and results are produced in as little as two hours in many cases.

Read: http://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

Success Marks the Career of Adam Milstein as a Philanthropist

With decades of experience working in non-profit organizations, Adam Milstein has arisen to become one of the prominent pro-Israel activists in the United States. Born and raised in Haifa, Milstein has always identified with his Jewish roots. He served in the Israel Defense Force before moving to the U.S. in 1981 to pursue his post-secondary education at the Southern California University.

After building an impressive profile as one of the premier real estate managers in the Los Angeles, Adam joined forces with his wife, Gila, to start a charitable and philanthropic organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. His mission was to strengthen the Jewish community and encourage young Israeli-American professionals to connect with the State of Israel. Over time, Adam Milstein has built an excellent reputation as an authority on philanthropy and advocacy. He would leverage his expertise in fundraising and consultancy to support programs related to pro-Israel advocacy, Jewish continuity, and Jewish Education. Adam Milstein’s philanthropic philosophy goes beyond financial aid. Beyond financial assistance, Milstein offers significant time and expertise to every program he sponsors.

Through his foundation, Adam Milstein creates philanthropic synergies by bringing like-minded charitable organizations to work together towards a common goal. Milstein has established programmatic partnerships that foster a culture of collaboration in the Israeli activist community by allowing pro-Israel agencies to reach a wider audience. That has allowed pro-Israel organizations to make a more profound impact than could ever be achieved by an individual. Adam focuses on creating a life path impact. He develops institutions and offers financial aid to ensure they engage the target audience throughout their lives.

Adam Milstein’s programs are tailored for childhood and different phases of adulthood. That ensures they remain connected with Israeli-Americans and the Jewish community from a tender age. Now that Milstein has built an excellent reputation as a thought leader, he spreads his hard-earned wisdom through his channel, the Adam Milstein Podcast. The podcast has featured guests such as Yair Lapid, the founder of Israel’s Yesh Atid Party, American media proprietor, Haim Saban, and national radio talk show host, Dennis Prager.


Madison Street Capital named the winner for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year.

The M&A Advisor has disclosed the winners in their 16th annual M&A Advisor awards that was held on 13th November 2017 during the M&A Advisor awards at the metropolitan club. Madison Street Capital is one of the lucky companies that scooped the award on the category of Debt financing deal for the year for advising on the transaction for WLR Automotive.


From the time the company was established, Madison Street Capita has been honoring the leading M&A transactions, dealmakers, and other companies. The company was selected from more than 650 participating firms to get the award. The CEO and president of M&A Advisor point out that it gives the company the pleasure to acknowledge Madison Street Capital as they bestow them with the highest honor for M&A companies and experts. He adds that Madison Street Capital exemplifies the best of the M&A company in 2017 and it received these honors by standing out in a group of the most impressive participants.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, says that the company is honored to receive an M&A Advisor this year in the debt financing category. On top of that, the CEO congratulates the WLR Automotive and the company’s lead on the transaction.

The Gala is the leading celebration of the year for the company’s top M&A Dealmakers, and it took place in conjunction with the 2017 M&A financial advisory conference that featured more than 500 industry’s top M&A experts who participated in exclusive interactive forums.


About Madison Street Capital


This is a one of the leading global investment banking company that is committed to integrity, excellence, leadership and service in providing quality services. Some of the services that Madison Street Capital is committed to delivering include:


  • corporate financial advisory services
  • Merger and acquisition expertise
  • Financial views

Valuation service to privately and publicly owned companies


All the services help the company’s customers to excel in the international marketplace. When undertaking every new project, the customer’s mission and objectives become theirs, and the goals might include financial advisory, and successful capital rises to M&A transactions to change of ownership. Madison street capital considers the emerging markets as the basic component that drives the global development of its clients. For that reason, the company will continue focusing on the significant asset in these markets. The company has acquired the trust of its clients around the globe through its unwavering determination to the excellent levels of professional standards. Learn more: https://www.inc.com/profile/madison-street-capital


Managing Osteoarthritis the Osteo Relief Institute Way

Osteo Relief Institute, a private medical facility located in New Jersey, has carved a niche as the leading medical facility dedicated to offering long-lasting pain relief solutions to its patients. Osteo Relief Institute targets patients suffering from various ailments including those living with osteoarthritis. The center is dedicated to managing the condition without recommending surgery. Apart from well-trained staff who are keen on establishing a cordial, professional relationship with patients, Osteo Relief Institute leverages technology to provide FDA approved technologies aimed at easing pain experienced by patients.

Osteo Relief Institute is known for its revolutionary approaches to managing osteoarthritis. The medical institute recommends proper diet, regular exercising, medical attention, occupational changes, and support for people living with the chronic condition. Watch this video on youtube.com.

Health and wellness experts have long recommended physical activities as the primary means of maintaining an acceptable weight. People living with osteoarthritis benefit from regular exercises as the exercises strengthen the muscles that support the bones and of course lead to the proper weight. Medical practitioners at Osteo Relief Institute warn against excessive weight as it can worsen the primary symptoms of osteoarthritis. In fact, the physiotherapists at the institute recommend stretches and exercises for osteoarthritis patients.

Osteo Relief Institute notes that exercises without a proper diet plan are ineffective. Nutritionists at the institute recommend that people living with osteoarthritis should consume fresh fruit and vegetables, minimize the intake of processed foods, and consume homemade meals whenever possible. The diet regimen will not only ensure that patients acquire proper nutrients but also maintain their weights within specific limits.

View: http://www.osteoreliefinstitutelouisville.com/

The pain associated with osteoarthritis can inhibit patients from efficiently accomplishing their tasks. Osteo Relief Institute is convinced that the impact of osteoarthritis can be dire if those suffering from the condition perform manual labor. However, the institute notes that all is not lost as occupational therapists are there to advise patients regarding the proper way of performing their duties without worsening their condition.

The medical practitioners at Osteo Relief Institute do not only recommend a well-thought-out medical care plan but also support for patients with the chronic condition. According to the institute, osteoarthritis can lead to an immense lifestyle change that warrants attention from friends, family, and other well-wishing individuals. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at Crunchbase.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Revamping E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most influential technology in the modern economy. Its influence is being felt in all parts of the corporate world. Job operations are steadily becoming more dependent on AI, and that depicts how important it is. Most importantly, the field of digital marketing and the e-commerce have also started to adopt the importance of Artificial Intelligence. It is vital to look at some of the duties and roles of Artificial Intelligence in the contemporary digital marketing and e-commerce.

Impact of Digital Market

Relative to the past few years, there has been an exponential increase in the rate at which the digital marketers employ AI to market their online products in 2017. The online beats like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Inc, and Amazon have created an emphasis on the importance of using AI to carry out various digital marketing activities. It is simpler to carry out the task of helping the clients to get what they are looking for. For instance, when they are looking for items online, they can simply use voice search and visual search to get what they are looking for. Artificial Intelligence is improving the results while minimizing the amount of work that is done by the company to build a close relationship with the clients.

Addressing Customer Needs

With the Artificial Intelligence, companies can identify customer needs and address them in the most convenient way possible. Customer experience is greatly enhanced when there are improved services offered by the modern companies that have realized the importance of using the AI in the digital marketing. Carrying out marketing through AI makes it possible to analyze the market with the aim of identifying the areas that need emphasis. It is very reliable and works first as compared to the initial technologies.

View: http://www.gcreport.com/ai-tools-power-ecommerce-revolution/

Through the AI businesses can offer solutions to problems that would otherwise have an adverse impact on financial success. Sales teams are easily able to identify the potential buyers to their products when they use the potential of AI is the latest information technology. This is doable without having to invade the customer’s space and or time. For instance, besides using the CCTV to identify and restrain shoplifters, it can be used to identify how a certain client admired the product by spending a lot of time just staring at it. AI has changed a lot of things in the digital marketing, and it continues to do so.

Rocketship Education and Its Impact on Society

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a not-for-profit network of public charter schools. The system provides quality public schools for children and English language learners from low-income families in San-Jose. They achieve this by creating a good environment for quality public schools by working with community groups, parents, and teachers. The group launched the first school in 2007. Over the years, the number has grown to around 25 public charter schools.

Parents’ Role in Hiring Teachers at Rocketship Education Charter Schools

An article written by Perry Stein in The Washington Post on February 2016 explained how parents are taking part in the hiring of teachers, at the first school by this foundation in Washington, D.C. According to the co-founder and the CEO of the organization Preston Smith, parent participation in their schools has been practiced for a long time. Besides, their schools have become popular because of their personalized and blended-learning style.

According to Smith, training on how to do panel interviews is undertaken by the families who will participate in this exercise. In other cases, the parents get an opportunity to meet applicants during a community meeting. Although their input is highly considered, Smith hardly remembers a time there was a disagreement between the parents and the school leaders.

It is up to the candidates to decide whether they are ready for the task. Smith recalls a time when an applicant walked out of the interview and cited the high level of intensity by the parents as the cause. He says he was happy with the decision taken by the candidate.

Many parents appreciate when they are given an opportunity to take part in this critical process. They get the chance to know the people they will entrust with their children. They get an opportunity to understand the personalities of these teachers.

By participating in this process, parents and guardianl get an opportunity to learn how to advocate for their champion for their children long after leaving Rocketship. The school is planning to have visits to each student’s home. Besides, the school plans to have various functions that will enhance the participation of parents.