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Barbara Stokes is the new head of GSH of Alabama LLC, a disaster relief company. The company is located in Huntsville, AL. Mrs. Stokes, who is a graduate of Mercer University, class of 2001, brings her expertise in engineering and bio engineering to the forefront as she and her company tackles the concerns and techniques involved with the disaster relief effort. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


With a Mrs. Stokes background in biomedical engineering, physics, manufacturing and management,

structures and properties of materials and a host of other informational resources and concepts, and having previously worked at such companies as Pisces Corporation and Boeing, she has been able to provide innovative guidance in working with FEMA and the government agencies that work in the area of disaster relief.


Working with government agencies that support such charitable organizations as habitat for humanity, and others, Barbara Stokes has provided for donations for building materials and other necessities that are vital to human survival.

An active volunteer in the Huntsville, AL community and a mother to three, Mrs. Stokes is a proven asset to the Southern Alabama area. Read more at Business Insider.


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