Bruno Fagali: Eradicating The Culture Of Corruption

Brazil is seeing a significant drop in the number of corruption cases reported, thanks to the effort of Bruno Fagali and his newly formed initiative, the Fagali Advocacy.

Bruno Fagali is a young lawyer who wanted to change the culture of corruption in his home country, and with the assistance coming from his colleagues, they created the Fagali Advocacy with the primary objective of eradicating the shameful culture that has been plaguing Brazil since it was founded. The Fagali Advocacy is aggressive when it comes to the dissemination of information about the disadvantage of corruption, and the group wanted to correct how the local people think. For many Brazilians, they think that corruption is a normal way of life. They do not care at all if their officials would be stealing from them. However, Bruno Fagali wanted to put an end to this kind of thinking that has destroyed the Brazilian society.

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The Fagali Initiative introduced a process known as the departmental drive against corruption. What Bruno Fagali and his colleagues do is they visit a local departmental office, normally in the rural areas of Brazil, and they will inform the officials and the employees about how corruption damages the country’s image. They will also tell the employees not to engage in any activities that would include corruption because a case can be filed against them. Aside from telling the employees about the possible outcome of engaging in a corrupted activity, they also told showed them the result if the money will not be stolen.

According to, employees and local government officials agree with the presentation performed by the Fagali Advocacy, and they are also committed into curbing the rate of corruption in each local department all throughout the country. Right after the departmental drive began, some statistics pointed out that the instances of corruption in the country dwindled because of the warnings that has been relayed by Bruno Fagali. Upon learning that their approach is working, Bruno Fagali stated that he is happy with the continuous decrease in the corruption instance in Brazil. He is hoping that it would continue in the future so that the culture of corruption can be eradicated.

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