OG Juan success story and his relationship with the Carters

An article published on June 27, 2018, titled ‘everything is love’ by the Gazette day was a shutout to Roc Nation power couple and renown celebrities Perez Desiree and OG Juan. Details of the article were about the Carters; a celebrity couple that shocked their fans around the world by introducing their latest album titled, “The Carters.” The celebrity couple has been through good and bad times with the accusations of cheating in the relationship that led to Jay-Z apologizing by releasing a song titled- EVERYTHING IS LOVE. During early 2000, Jay Z and OG Juan joined hands and started Roc-La-Familia, a record label that did not last as the two expected. However, the duo used that failure as a lesson that cemented their bond even further.

In the album released by the Carters, the title of the sixth song is “Friends” that they released to celebrate their long-term friend couple, OG Juan and Desiree Perez. The song is exceptional with outstanding trap beats. The two couples have been friends for a long time. From the late 90s to late 2000s, OG Juan helped Jay Z in running and managing his studio. In 2003, Jay Z and Juan came together and started doing business by opening 40/40 club. In an interview with the NY Times, OG Juan stated that entertainment and sports often get along well and that is why they decided to start the business. The two businessmen in the entertainment industry decided to add entertainment to the Roc Nation, and it performed very well. Today, ten years after starting the business, OG Juan serves as the president of Roc Nation sports.

During the 50th birthday celebration of Juan OG Perez, a whopping $ 100,000 was spent by his close friends to honor his success and input in the entertainment industry and sports.

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