Skout: Connect to the Future

There is a new player in the social media game, and this one is aiming to ensure that game is never the same. Skout is a social media platform unlike any that currently exist is the world today, and its unique layout and potential for deeper connection are the reasons that it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate.

At the surface, Skout may seem like any number of other traditional social media apps. Aspiring users can either sign in with their Facebook or emails, which subsequently creates a profile the user can then fill with pictures, interests, and other personal information generally universal to creation of social media profiles. Once created, however, the Skout profile allows the user to engage in a social media experience unlike any other available. Users are able to see other users online in their area, and are of course able to have their own profiles viewed by those users. There are numerous activities than can be engaged in between those online; they may “wink” at each other, or in other words express what may be a mutual initial physical attraction. They are able to start chats with each other, or comment on certain recent posts from various profiles.

One of the most successful aspects of the Skout app is the “travel” feature. This particular feature allows user of Skout to take virtual tours of different cities, as well as meet and talk to various users who live in those cities. This is an invaluable, some may say indispensable tool, for numerous groups of people. Those who want to travel, but may not have the money or time, can use such a feature to at least gain an idea of what their ideal destinations are like, and still engage in some of the culture and attractions of such destinations, even without being there. Those who may be willing to travel, but may be nervous about investing such a large amount of effort, time and money into something that may not be enjoyable can use such a feature as a sort of scout function (no pun intended), to gauge their desired destination and see whether or not they deem it worth their time, effort, and money to go. Functions like these seem especially suited to those in their mid twenties, as well as those still in school, and indeed it seems based on review that the travel function has been used by some to great success, with a few taking trips with acquaintances they made on the app.

In addition to the original app, Skout has launched a new app called “Fuse,” which allows those using it to create social media groups based on their contacts’ information in their phones. In what seems a kind of hybrid between Google+ and Snapchat, users can share messages in contact groups that will visible for only a short amount of time. Between Skout and Fuse, it’s undeniable that Skout is leading the charge of social media into the future.