An EOS Lip Balm Review – Best Natural Lip Balm on the Market

EOS lip balm has always been a little different. When it first launched, its spherical containers helped it stand out from the competition in drug stores. However, EOS brings more to the table than just innovative packaging. The real difference for this product is in its contents.

Top 10 Eos Lip Balms –

EOS lip balms contain no petroleum products and are made with all-natural ingredients. This is a huge contrast to most of its competitors in the lip care category. Petroleum can’t be absorbed by the lips. It makes a coating on the surface, but doesn’t actually moisturize. EOS does things differently.

With ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, EOS absorbs into the lips and helps them lock in moisture. EOS always conducts dermatologist supervised tests before releasing a new product. Ingredients are organic where possible. Finally, EOS will answer customer questions about ingredients via the website. They value transparency.

Additionally, EOS is known for its bright packaging and unique flavor combinations. Many EOS lip balms also contain SPF for additional protection. Flavors like Summer Fruit, Vanilla Mint and Blueberry Acai are upscale and tasty. They are much more sophisticated than some other entries in the lip balm marketplace.

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