DonataMeirelles Working Towards a Cure

In the article about DonataMeirelles on “Running Lip”, it discusses Ms. Meirelles’s work history as a Brazilian fashion consultant and as a former style director for “Vogue Brazil.”

In addition to the vast experience, DonataMeirelles has had in the fashion industry, she has also worked tremendously hard as a supporter of charitable organizations. She is an “active”, a supporter of AIDS organizations and has been heavily involved with fundraising.

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The article then goes into discussing “AMfAR”, the American Foundation for AIDS Research. This non-profit organization was started in 1983, to support research and treatment and prevention of AIDS and HIV, and has continued to fund research for AIDS by providing “grants and fellowships”, to organizations all over the world. AMfAR has been able to provide grants to team all over the world and has invested vast amounts of money to the research and treatment of AIDS.

AMfAR has been instrumental in the advanced research into the prevention and treatment of AIDS and HIV, but also been an advocate for the “public health concerns”, and the promotion of the “drug approval process”, for AIDS patients. They are working night and day to eradicate this horrible disease. Their hope is to find a cure for these diseases by 2020.

DonataMeirelles has been a substantial supporter of the annual “AMfAR Annual Cinema Against Aids”, an event that is attended and supported by celebrities and the world’s wealthiest in order to raise millions of dollars in funds for the research and treatment of AIDS and HIV. Also, valuable memorabilia are collected and auctioned to raise money for the organization. This event is the largest fundraiser sponsored by AMfAR.

Ms. Meirelles has committed her time and funds to help fight this terrible disease and encourages those around her to help support this charitable cause.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Acts On A Study To Build A Better Brazilian Infrastructure

The infrastructure investment specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens has been commenting on the release of a study by the National Confederation of Industry. The details of the study are part of a larger ream of documents being assembled for the candidates in the Brazilian Presidential elections in 2019. The study details the extent of the problem of stalled infrastructure construction projects and those which have not yet been started around the nation. Read article about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens was commenting on the lack of investment in Brazil’s infrastructure which reached just two percent of the Gross Domestic Product in 2017. One of the major problems faced by the Brazilian Government is a lack of planning when it comes to the creation of infrastructure programs in terms of new construction. Felipe Montoro Jens revealed a major problem with Brazilian infrastructure programs is the fact sports facilities and other extra construction would be cheaper to build at the time of construction. A lack of foresight on the part of major government agencies is causing major problems for the future of the nation with major construction not taking place on time.

A second problem facing the people of Brazil in the 21st-century is the financial crisis which has been in place across the nation for over a decade. In the early 21st-century, the nation faced an economic crisis affecting many smaller construction companies which were struggling to survive amid rising inflation and interest rates. Felipe MOntoro Jens believes the transference of public infrastructure programs to private companies is an impressive option for the government of Brazil, but small companies remain at risk of financial insecurity. Among the recommendations of Felipe Montoro Jens and his peers is for Brazil to adopt a new approach to infrastructure programs. Alongside the need to develop a new system for Brazilian infrastructure programs, completing existing staled programs remains important.

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