Brian Bonar Named Cambridge Publishing Who’s Who Executive Of The Year In Finance For 2010/2011

On June 21 of 2010 in San Diego, CA the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation received one of the highest professional honors in the networking community. PR Newswire reported that the honorary Lord of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom was one of two male members of his discipline to be named executive of the year.

This year’s honorees were selected based on their performance over their entire professional career and the previous calendar year. The accomplishments of Bonar were great in the fields of leadership, his academic achievements, and his professional accomplishments. Bonar received his BSC and mechanical engineering from Glasgow, Scotland’s Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland.

After that he received his MBA and PhD from Staffordshire University in the UK. While studying there he earned his graduates in the field of International Business Development. Previously, Bonar has held countless executive, chairman and the other leadership positions across America, Europe and Asia. Mr. Bonar able to provide financial advice and is affiliated with the American Finance Association.

Currently, Brian Bonar serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at The Amanda Co., Inc., Chairman, President, CEO, CFO & Secretary at Trucept, Inc., Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., and the President & Chief Executive Officer at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc.. In addition, to his professional and academic accomplishments Bonar serves on the board for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego. His philanthropic spirit helps millions of children find the guidance that they desperately need. By serving as a positive role model Bonar is able to get back to his community.

Bonar’s company, Dalrada Financial services Professional Employer Organization (PEO) by serving as a media liaison, Providing its clients with the employee programs to increase corporate efficiency, providing benefits for the employee is an employer by allowing them to access aftermarket products. Many of the benefits that they provide include Worker’s Compensation, business liability, financial management, risk management and insurance, as well as other promotional and business management services ––inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E.

Brian Bonar’s company, Dalrada Financial, gets its name from The Legend of Dalrada. It is thought to be a holy relic that has caused many wars in the hope of acquiring it to harness its power. According to the legend, it came from the holy land where it was said to have been used as a pillow by Jacob. Ever since it has been used by the British monarchs during their enthronement ceremony. The Scottish kings and queens have used it in the Kingdom of Dalriada until it was stolen by England’s King Edward I. Since then it has been returned to Scotland where it resides in Edinburgh Castle.

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