Stephen Murray’s Journey of Founding CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a new York-based firm by Steve Murray that focuses on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout since it deals with private equity investment. Its former name was JP Morgan Partners. It is important to note that most investment professionals working for JP Morgan Partners left JP Morgan Chase in 2006 around the month of July. CCMP has invested around $12 billion in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout since inception. It was in 2007 that CCMP was ranked number 17 among the largest biggest private equity funds in the world.

Steve Murray was a philanthropist and a well-known on Wall Street as a private equity investor. He was the chief executive officer and the president of CCMP Capital. In 1984, Stephen graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. He earned his masters from Columbia Business School where he pursued business administration. His major achievement was co-founding CCMP in 2006. Other major companies where he served on the board include Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Aramark, AMC Entertainment and General Power Systems. It took him several years to take CCMP Capital to what it is today.

CCMP has more than fifty employees working in their offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Greg Brenneman was hired as the chairman of CCMP in 2008.In the past two decades, CCMP has had several names. It was originally founded in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners to serve as venture capital arm and private equity of Chemical Bank. In 1996, after Chemical Venture Partners acquired Chase Manhattan Bank, the name Chase was adopted by Chemical to form Chase Capital Partners. It also did the same in 2000 when it bought J.P Morgan and company. It is after this acquisition that it changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. After this acquisition, the platform has grown through integrating private equity organizations of Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hanover, The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming and company and J.P Morgan and company.

In 2004, JP Morgan Chase acquired One Equity Partners. Dick Cashin led One Equity, who was a very competent leader. He was still the leader when they JP Morgan partners finally decided to spin out JP Morgan Chase. It was in 2005 that JP Morgan Partners made an announcement of its spinout. During the same month, they completed the separation process where it was to start operating on its own in 2006. The newly formed firm adopted the acronym ‘CCMP’ referring to its predecessors (JP Morgan Partners, Chase, and Chemical).it was in 2006 that JP Morgan completed selling $925 million interest that were in JP Morgan Partners to form a group of secondary investors.

It was in 2007 when Stepehn Murray CCMP completed fundraising, closing on about $3.4 billion of money that most institutional investors committed. In February 2014, another bold step was taken by CCMP where they sold a pharmaceutical contract research enterprise Med pace to Cinven for approximately $900 million.

The Autism Rocks Campaign

Autism is an impairment in both social interactions as well as developmental language and communication. Studies have shown that despite the fact that this is harsh impairment, it is more common among boys than among girls. An estimated one out of 42 boys every year are diagnosed with this disorder. Recently in news, Sanjay Shah has decided to raise money to further research and cures to the disorder due to the fact that his 4-year old son, Nikhil was diagnosed in 2011 with this disorder.

With this motivation to raise money, Mr. Shah began giving stage performances in London. His charity, Autism Rocks, has had many famous performers further his campaign such as Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Bublè. All of the money that has been raised through these performances has been donated to the autism research center that is based at Cambridge University.

Mr. Shah understands the troubles that come along with the autism diagnoses as he himself has been through it with his son. Mr. Shah states that his charity called Autism Rocks does not have the goal of finding the cure to autism. Instead, the money that he is raising for this disorder has the purpose of furthering research to allow for parents to better understand the diagnosis. Mr. Shah, like any other concerned parents, wants the best for his son and to understand how he thinks.

Sanjay Shah is a concerned father who has dedicated his life to furthering the research in the disorder of autism. As this disorder is the fastest growing disorder in the world, Mr. Shah wants to further the research in order to understand this disorder. Understanding autism will improve the parent-child relationship and will also lead to less expenses paid by the parents to try and find cures. In recent statistics, the average cost of the family with an autistic child is around 60,000 dollars per year.

Mr. Shah has used his leadership in this charity to further research of this disorder. Those who have this disorder live in a difficult situation of living among masses of people. Those with this disorder often have the difficult task of being the minority among the billions of people in the world.

Trends Show That Coriant Has a Bright Future

Anyone interested in the business world will usually be curious about possible methods to predict the viability of a company. Contrary to many people’s opinions, there actually are ways to gauge whether a company has a greater than normal chance of success. This usually comes about through exacting experience within a particular field. Every industry has certain aspects to it which will give it a stronger chance of doing well against the competition. A good example of this is Coriant, and the reasons why most people believe that it has a bright future.

Coriant is a company which specializes in multiple different, but complementary technologies. And this is part of why experts believe the company has some unique advantages. It focuses on three aspects of the IT sector. These are voice, mobile networks, and data. These form a strong infrastructure upon which to build a company. But perhaps more importantly they offer true flexibility. Because these three technologies form the basis of most of the newer IT innovations Coriant has the ability to move forward in almost any direction. As such any new technology or discovery can be quickly integrated and expanded upon.

But of course these actions are only possible with strong leadership. And it’s the leadership of new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir which provides people with additional confidence in Coriant. Much like Coriant itself, new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has a synergistic mix of different specialties. He spent a great deal of time working as the chief operations and technology officer at Barclays Bank. But in addition to that he’s had significant work and leadership experience within GTE and Verizon Communications.

Anyone familiar with the IT sector will instantly realize just what someone like Shaygan Kheradpir can bring to a company. Engineers working with groundbreaking technologies can accomplish amazing things. But at the same time they need to be under the direction of someone who really understands both leadership and their particular craft. Shaygan Kheradpir’s experience in both an executive and practical role ensure that he’s the perfect person to lead Coriant’s diverse workforce and portfolio into successful endeavors. And this is also why people are in agreement that the company has a bright future.

Majeed Ekbal’s GoFundMe Campaign Helps Nepal

Nepal is a nation that found itself at the core of a massive earthquake. The damage done to the country was massive and destroyed many lives. Homes, schools, and medical facilities were devastated due to the earthquake. Donations and international aid are desperately needed in order to help those who are suffering in the squalor of the post-earthquake landscape. A series of private donations have been set up by those hoping to do their part to send money to the afflicted region.

Majeed Ekbal has set up his own GoFundMe campaign to help those in Nepal who could use more than a little bit of assistance. Ekbal is primarily known for his work as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. Clearly, he is also involved with charitable pursuits as revealed with the GoFundMe campaign.

Majeed Ekbal recently gained quite a bit of notoriety in the Chicago area thanks in large part to a shop-at-home venture that people really embraced thanks to the high convenience factor. Ekbal was in charge an an endeavor dubbed “Expresso Inc.” and it allowed busy people in need of coffee and other beverages and snacks a way to get the items easily delivered. The idea may be a relatively simple one, but not too many entrepreneurs came up with a working plan for a similar service.

Since he is such an innovative entrepreneur, Ekbal may very well be able to draw the attention of people in Chicago and the surrounding area to take part in the GoFundMe campaign. Without the support of a well known person, campaigns like these may struggle. Majeed Ekbal’s notoriety should help the venture.

The funds raised with the GoFundMe campaign will then be directed to a much larger Crowdrise campaign that is seeking to raise millions of dollars in relief funding. The funding should go help the cause immensely and aid those in serious need of financial support.

Learning About Coriant

Companies in the modern era are fully able to provide a wide variety of services in any field, ranging from building construction to advancements in technology. Telecommunications happens to be an incredibly popular field, and Coriant is one of the companies that does business and excels in this area.

Coriant is the name of an independent company that specializes in the telecommunications sector of business. The company first came into being in 2013, when it originally started off as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, a bigger telecommunications equipment company. However the new company took the name of Coriant and operated on its own, while still being partnered up with Marlin Equity Partners. Even though the company has only been in existence for only two years, a new deal has been struck with Marlin Equity that will result in Coriant forming a merger Tellabs, another telecom company, with everything as a whole operating as Coriant.

One of the names who has been involved with Coriant is none other than businessman Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir was born in 1960 in the United Kingdom, specifically London, but spent a large portion of his youth living in Iran. When it came time to go to college he opted to move to America and attend Cornell University. By the end of his time at Cornell, he had attained a bachelor’s, doctor’s and master’s degree in the field of electrical engineering.

After attaining multiple degrees from Cornell, Kheradpir took on his first job at GTE Laboratories where he worked as a network and routing manager, eventually doing well enough to become the chief information officer of the company. In 2000 the company then completed a successful merger with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications, where he sat as the company’s first chief information and technology officer there. While there he was noted for having several accomplishments and projects fulfilled over a certain amount of time, one of which included created a new electronic app called “iobi,” which was good for organizing phone address books and caller ID. Kheradpir was also able to reduce the information technology spending budgets by a certain amount and also cut down on the number of staff needed to run information departments. He was even able to cut down on spending on vendors. Recently, Kheradpir has succeeded Pat DiPietro as the CEO of Coriant and worked closely with the vendors there.

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Kenneth Griffin Keeps Citadel Afloat

Ken Griffin on insidermonkey was a mere sophomore at Harvard University when he got his first taste of trading. Armed with the tools of the day: telephone, computer and a fax, he made a cool $1 million that year and nearly $4 million by the time he graduated. Before long, Griffin had created Citadel LLC. Today, the company has grown to one of the largest hedge fund companies in the world.

Today the staff of Citadel has grown to over 1,250 worldwide. The company on offers a wide range of investment strategies and products. Griffin is a wide supporter of a number of causes. He actively supports a number of educational initiatives in the Chicago area including head starts and charter schools. Griffin sits on the Chicago Education Board and generously supports his alma mater, Harvard University. Last year, he donated $250 million to the financial aid fund to help students. The university showed its appreciation by adding his name to the financial aid building.

Griffin has also donated funds to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, the Art Institute and the University of Chicago. He has donated funds to number of political campaigns including Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rahner and Mitt Romney, Although he has committed solely to one political party, he prefers to vote for the individual who will do the most for the economy.

Griffin has been on the Forbes list of the top 400 Americans many times. Today, his personal wealth is $9 billion, and his company manages portfolios worth an estimated $25 billion. Griffin freely admits that he has made his share of mistakes over the years. His biggest blunder almost cost him his company in 2008. The banking collapse blindsided a number of companies. It was only through is quick thinking and business savvy that he was able to save Citadel from the brink of collapse.

Citadel is in very good shape today and Griffin plans for it to stay that way. He says that the banking industry needs much more oversight. “There were some very good laws like Dodd-Frank that laid out some significant rules and regulations.” Griffin also points out that they haven’t gone far enough. “A number of CEOs are resistant to change for whatever reasons.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Griffin did divulge that meetings are routinely conducted at McDonald’s. “When I say let’s take a walk, they all know what I mean,” says Griffin.

Citadel LLC: The Best Hedge Fund Manager

Citadel LLC is a worldwide financial institution that was established in 1990 by Kenneth C. Griffin. The company has two major sections one being Citadel which is among the largest alternative asset managers in the whole world commanding over $26 billion in assets under management. The other section is Citadel Securities which is a leading market marker across the content and trading in products like equity options, equities and also interest rate swaps for companies and individual clients. Among the hedge funds that have been in operation for more than 20 years, Citadel is one of them and they only command three percent of the entire industry.

Citadel is recognized for its excellent performance in investment strategies. The company has been managing assets for several large institutional investors such as pensions, sovereign wealth funds as well as university endowments. The company’s headquarters is based in Chicago with other offices Europe, Asia and other parts of North America. It has employed more than 1000 employees who are committed to assisting clients make sound investment plans.

Citadel LLC manages funds using different strategic investment plans like commodities, equities, credit, quantitative plans and fixed income. The firm is recognized for its comprehensive research, risk management habit and applying modern technology in its operations. In 2011, the company made a 20 percent gain outperforming the entire industry performance which was 5 percent loss. In May 2015, Citadel LLC was managing over $26 billion in capital. The company is listed position eleventh among all hedge funds in the entire world.

Citadel Securities was created in 2002 is a leading market maker offering trade execution and liquidity to individuals and institutional clients. As a result of automation of its IT systems, Citadel Securities is delivering reliable trading at reduced costs with tighter spreads. The company is the largest in market maker option across the U.S., where it executes about 20 percent of listed equity options. In 2014, the company expanded its portfolio and started providing interest rate swaps.

The firm provides investment management technology that is internally developed to several funds and firms. In 2013, there was a partnership agreement between Citadel Technology and REDI.

Ken Griffin founded Citadel LLC with an initial capital of $4.6 million. It was originally called Wellington Financial Group which was later changed to Citadel in 1994. After eight years of operations, the company had over $2 billion in assets. Under Griffin’s leadership the Citadel LLC has achieved a lot, emerging is among the best and also largest hedge funds in the entire world. Griffin is an active supporter civic and cultural institutions in Chicago.

  1. Griffin is a member of several business organizations like G100 and Economic Club of Chicago. He has actively supported education and healthcare programs in Chicago. He contributed more than $250 million as an individual and through Citadel for community improvement.

Heads Propaganda: Revolutionizing Advertising One Ad at a Time

Heads Propaganda is and advertising agency that was founded at around 1989. The company was one of the first in the space and has grown from a small time company to a successful one. The company has a number of high profile clients such as Volvo, 3M, Petrobras, SEBRAE and Shop South Federal Savings. Other companies that the company counts as its clients are Grupo Boticario, Arbor, Caixa and Claro.

Heads is known for its unconventional approach to advertising and the workplace which has helped it to establish itself as one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. The company’s headquarters’ are in Curitiba, but it has expanded to house offices in many parts of Brazil including Rio, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo.

The offices of the company are lively and colorful, and its employees have described it as a fantastic place to work. A few years ago, Heads was voted one of the best advertising agencies to work for in the country. A few years ago, Heads caught the attention of the Total Fischer Group America and the Young & Rubican Corporation. The company would become affiliated with the two media corporations and did a number of projects together. Heads which is still privately held moved on and has gone on to experience exponential growth.

But who is the man who is at the helm of Heads?
Claudio Loureiro is the founder and CEO of Heads Propaganda, the agency he founded around 25 years ago. He attended the University of Pontifica and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Law. He has been successful at his work and has won a number of awards for the stellar job it has done over the years. Claudio was also recognized for his work in social responsibility after he was honored with a CRPcom creation award in this category. Aside from his career in advertising, he is also a producer and was involved in the production of “Rio, I Love You” and “A Night With Janis Joplin”. Claudio is also a member of the Young Presidents’ association and was involved in bringing TedX to Curitiba after he gave a Ted talk there.

Heads have also been involved in a number of projects aside from advertising. The company, through its CEO, has taken up a few cultural projects and was instrumental in bringing Woody Allen to Brazil.

James Dondero Spreads His Business Knowledge Around

James Dondero is taking on a new position at NexPoint Residential. Mr.James Dondero of will serve as the chairman of the board of directors, and he will help guide the company into its next phase of business. James has been connected to financial companies in the Dallas area for decades, and his expertise will help NexPoint Residential offer needed services to its customers.

#1: What Does NexPoint Residential Do?

NexPoint Residential is a holding company focused on middle-class developments that have an upside. There are many neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are ready to be upgraded, and NexPoint aims to take on as many of these properties as possible. Each property NexPoint has taken over has seen a massive uptick in value, and there are more properties around the American southeast that NexPoint manages.

#2: How Does Mr. Dondero Contribute

James’ knowledge of new credit asset classes helps businesses invest their money wisely. NexPoint Residential uses its assets to investment in new properties, and the credit asset classes James is an expert in will help NexPoint make more out of their money. James Dondero is an investment guru who understands how to use just a few dollars into something that is brilliant.

#3: How Are James And NexPoint Connected?

James is the chairman of NexPoint Advisors and NexBank. He is majority owner of the bank, and the bank is affiliated with the investment arm that is known as NexPoint Residential. This move helps to consolidate the properties that fall under his leadership, and adding Arthur Laffer to the board helps bring another financial expert to the table with James.

#4: What Are NexPoint Residential’s Goals For The Future?

NexPoint Residential plans to expand beyond its Texas roots, but the company needs strong leadership in order to make that happen. Allowing Mr. James Dondero to ascend to the top of the company allows him to manage the company in conjunction with his own Highland Capital Management group. The two companies together can make waves in the residential sector, and his expertise will help make NexPoint Residential a go-to business for people searching for homes.

Highland Capital Management helps companies finance their projects, and NexPoint Residential will help middle class American purchase new homes. The potential for a revolution in the real estate market is large, and Mr. Dondero wants to build up the real estate business before passing it on to someone else.

The appointment of James Dondero to the board of NexPoint Residential helps unify his businesses under a single umbrella of leadership. Expanding NexPoint beyond Texas takes quite a bit of knowledge, and James’ leadership will help move the company forward properly. There are billions of dollars in assets under the control of James Dondero, and he has proven over the years that he can manage all these assets properly.