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Different Media as Used By Bob Reina

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur and a marketer. One of his fields that he is working in is marketing. He is involved in providing solutions for other entrepreneurs so that they can enjoy the benefits that come with a successful business without having to use too much effort in going forward. Bob Reina knows that effective marketing uses a lot of different media. Therefore, people who are able to make good use out of the media are going to be able to experience a lot of treats that they can even share with their customers, such as expanding business and more products.


Bob Reina himself uses different media in order to bring attention to his new app called Talk Fusion. Among the different forms of media he uses are social media, podcasts, press releases and plenty of others. One thing that he likes to do is make sure that people know as much about the product as possible so that they will be able to use it to its best advantage. Therefore, people will be able to experience an increase in profits. Their business will grow and they can introduce even more features to their customers so that customers will be more interested in buying from them.


Bob Reina not only gives people tools to use for marketing but also teaches them how to use them and get the most out of them. As a result, people have new insights that are going to give them greater success that they would not have imagined. One thing about Bob Reina is that he is a philanthropist. However, he wants to take care of a societal problem at its core. Therefore, he has worked really hard to come up with a solution that people could use to help themselves build their lives.


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A Review Of The Contribution Of Mike Baur In Nurturing Talented Startups

The Swiss business world is diverse and there are many openings that the youth can tap. This allowance has inspired many young entrepreneurs to come up with ideas that are transforming the way they do business. One of the latest projects that are helping startups to experience growth is the Swiss Startup Factory, an idea that was conceived by Mike Baur, a former banker.


Mike Baur explains that the idea behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory is the need to offer young entrepreneurs a chance to excel and make the best of their ideas. The company offers office space and a platform on which startups can launch their ideas and nurture them to maturity. Mike Baur has invited professionals from different bodies, who help in the incubation process. He also works with leading entrepreneurs who have made a name for leading successful startups and managing established businesses.


Coaching and demos

The Swiss Startup Factory offers the startups a chance to get direct coaching support from renowned entrepreneurs and experts who have had prior experience with businesses of a similar kind to the ones presented by the startups. These professionals offer the startups a chance to explore the different markets available and give them the knowledge demanded of by the market. Most importantly, they have demo days where the startups get a chance to experience the real situation in the market.


IT and Accounting support

Marketing is also an element of business that cannot be overlooked. This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory works on to help the startups manage their finances and marketing better. The company invites professionals from different areas who come with tools and skills that push them towards achieving success and stability. Mike Baur has also invited law firms to offer legal services to the startups.


Post accelerator support

The fact that a startup goes through the three months incubation process to completion does not mean they are fully able to handle the challenges the market offers. In fact, at this point there is need for more support and monitoring and this is exactly what the post accelerator support offers to ensure all what was taught is put into practice.


Mike Baur

The founder and head of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur celebrates his decision to enter into entrepreneurship and nurturing young entrepreneurs. He pursued Banking and Finance and went ahead to acquire an MBA, which saw him hold a top position in the private banking sector of Switzerland. He changed his career in 2014 and became an entrepreneur.



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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Supports Breast Cancer Campaign

The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) campaign has a new ambassador for 2016 and it is famous actress, fashion taste-maker and athletic wear designer Kate Hudson, who co-founded Fabletics in 2013.

Originally selling women’s sportswear and accessories exclusively through online subscription, Fabletics offers personalized, inexpensive and fashionable outfits that are chosen for each client based on an initial survey regarding workout and lifestyle preferences. This past year, Fabletics has begun selling men’s sportswear and has opened several brick and mortar retail stores in malls across the country.

Fabletics has over a million customers currently signed onto its subscription. It reported $150 million in revenues last year mostly from its e-commerce operation, which is bolstered by Kate Hudson’s celebrity appeal and massive social media following. Fabletics plans to open 75 to 100 additional stores over the next three to five years. The company will aim to mirror the stores to the company’s members’ online experience by recruiting store customers to subscribe to its monthly direct debit program at

Kate Hudson decided to partner Fabletics with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to become FTBC’s ambassador in the hope she can support and help advance the campaign’s important efforts of uniting the world of fashion as a force against breast cancer.

Designer Ralph Lauren created the FTBC campaign in the U.K., and since its formation in 1996 it has enjoyed the support of some of the biggest names in fashion, from iconic supermodels to celebrated photographers. The FTBC is a big force in the fight against breast cancer, raising over $55 million to date for breast cancer patient care.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics are joining the FTBC’s efforts and bolstering the partnership with a capsule collection of active wear that includes a bralette, two tank tops and a pair of capri leggings, all in a deep pink shade. This limited edition on outfit’s proceeds will benefit breast cancer prevention and awareness, as Fabletics believes that doing good is always in style.

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Investment Expert Introduces Wealth Wave

Jim Hunt is a finance and investment expert who recently introduced a new system called Wealth Wave. This system helps teach people how to profit from the stock market from stocks that are declining in value. By using this system investors will have the tools to evaluate stocks that are reaching their lowest possible value but will eventually increase in value. As a result this will enable them to purchase stocks in the present and then sell them for high profits. Therefore with Wealth Wave investors will have a valuable tool to use in order to help them prosper with stock market investing.

When getting Wealth Wave investors will have the opportunity to study the stock market and learn how to profit off of stocks that are low in value. The first tool that people can use is DVD training courses. These are home study courses that show you the basics of the stock market and what to look for when making an investment. Along with the DVD training videos, consumers getting the Wealth Wave system will get seminars that can be shown on the internet. With these seminars investors will have the opportunity to learn about new concepts as well as get complimentary instruction on the DVD courses. Therefore these two sources combine to make Wealth Wave one of the better investment education sources available in terms of profiting off of failing stocks.

VTA Publications is one of the more well known investment education companies in the world. It offers individuals a number of courses to purchase that will teach them how to invest in the stock market. It also provides courses that teach people how to invest for their retirement. Since the company offers courses through distance learning, people from all over the world can get these courses and teach themselves how to make very high profits by investing in the stock market.

In terms of the actual course content from VTA Publications there are three distinct packages you can choose from. One of the main courses is the stock market investing using charts. This courses teaches you how to look over charts to find good stocks to invest in. There is also an options trading course which teaches people how to invest in stock options profitably. Lastly VTA Publications offers a retirement planning course which helps teach people how to secure their financial future.

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Lime Crime’s Velvetines Line is Reaching New People

Makeup is vital to many women. With makeup, women are ready for a night on the town, and they can become whoever they want to be. Cosmetics are important, but for too long they have been a rather stagnant industry. Makeup companies used to release the same cosmetic products year after year. Women would be stuck with three or four shades of red for lipstick and few other choices for eyeliner and blush. Women longed for the opportunity to fully express themselves with their makeup selection, but no company was willing to take the risk.

Helping women everywhere achieve they look they deserve never seemed possible, but eventually, a company decided to take the risk. Lime Crime cosmetics was founded by women that were extremely frustrated with their cosmetic choices. They wanted women to live vibrant and exciting lives, and for their makeup choices to reflect that. Lime Crime rolled out a line of blush, lipstick, and other cosmetic products several years ago. The company was an instant success reaching women everywhere.

Lime Crime has continued to impress women around the world, and recently they unveiled a new line of lipstick called Velvetines. Velvetines are the lipsticks that women everywhere have been waiting for their whole lives. Velvetines are made of the highest quality materials, so they do not fade easily nor do they rub off quickly. You can see from Dolls Kill’s selection Velvetines also come in a huge variety of colors. Purple, deep red, and peacock are all included in this new line of lipsticks.

Velvetines have been an instant success. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing similar colors, and this trend has driven huge sales numbers for Lime Crime. The cosmetic line has also been well reviewed by critics everywhere.

Lime Crime is extremely proud of all of their cosmetic lines, but they are especially proud of Velvetines. Velvetines perfectly represent the values that are so important to Doe Deere on, and they are a huge seller. They hope to roll out more product lines in the near future.

Women everywhere are living life on their terms, and makeup companies like Lime Crime are helping women achieve their dreams.  Follow that commitment on the Lime Crime Facebook, but also via @limecrimemakeup over at Instagram.

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William Skelley’s iFunding Brings New Hope To The Real Estate Market In United States

William Skelley is currently the president, chief executive officer, and owner of one of the most successful real estate firms, iFunding. He is also a top financial advisor and consultant specialized in the real estate market. William Skelley is one of the most prolific real estate market executives as he has managed to achieve a lot of great things throughout his career. He has vast experience in the management sector having started his career as Mitt Romney’s executive intern at Bain Capital. He has also worked at Rose Park Advisors as a principal to the firm. General Electric an Olympus are some of the start-up firms he has served in as an advisor. William Skelley is a good speaker of English and Spanish, and he has his residence in New York and Boston. He currently spends part of his time at iFunding advising large net worth individuals on the real estate market investments.

William Skelley’s popularity has been brought by his real estate firm iFunding. iFunding is not just any other real estate firm. This firm focuses its efforts on the real estate market that comprise of accredited investors from the lower and middle classes. In its operations, iFunding strives to provide real estate investment solutions to this investors. The iFunding operation principle offers the lower and middle-class investors a chance to invest in the real estate market. This is achieved through these investors placing not less than $5000 each to a common pool. iFunding allows investors to sum up their small capital into one large capital. This large capital is then used to invest in various real estate market projects. Through iFunding, accredited investors in the middle and lower classes have managed to invest in high potential large real estate market projects.

The summing up of small capital contributions by accredited investors to create one large capital is known as crowd funding. This iFunding operational principle was invented by William Skelley in 2012 and was the push behind the formation of the firm. An article from CrowdFundInsider showed how William Skelley identified that through crowd funding, the accredited investors in the middle and lower classes who had a lot of investment potential would be able to realize it. He also identified these investors to posses a lot of capital that lay untapped and could be directed towards useful developments. Through crowd funding on his iFunding firm, William Skelley has been able to revitalize the real estate market by bringing in new developments. He has also created healthy competition that will help the industry grow.

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Majeed Ekbal’s GoFundMe Campaign Helps Nepal

Nepal is a nation that found itself at the core of a massive earthquake. The damage done to the country was massive and destroyed many lives. Homes, schools, and medical facilities were devastated due to the earthquake. Donations and international aid are desperately needed in order to help those who are suffering in the squalor of the post-earthquake landscape. A series of private donations have been set up by those hoping to do their part to send money to the afflicted region.

Majeed Ekbal has set up his own GoFundMe campaign to help those in Nepal who could use more than a little bit of assistance. Ekbal is primarily known for his work as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. Clearly, he is also involved with charitable pursuits as revealed with the GoFundMe campaign.

Majeed Ekbal recently gained quite a bit of notoriety in the Chicago area thanks in large part to a shop-at-home venture that people really embraced thanks to the high convenience factor. Ekbal was in charge an an endeavor dubbed “Expresso Inc.” and it allowed busy people in need of coffee and other beverages and snacks a way to get the items easily delivered. The idea may be a relatively simple one, but not too many entrepreneurs came up with a working plan for a similar service.

Since he is such an innovative entrepreneur, Ekbal may very well be able to draw the attention of people in Chicago and the surrounding area to take part in the GoFundMe campaign. Without the support of a well known person, campaigns like these may struggle. Majeed Ekbal’s notoriety should help the venture.

The funds raised with the GoFundMe campaign will then be directed to a much larger Crowdrise campaign that is seeking to raise millions of dollars in relief funding. The funding should go help the cause immensely and aid those in serious need of financial support.

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One Man And His Vision Infiltrates Advertising

The advertising business is always changing, always evolving to stay on the cutting edge of technology and stay relevant to companies and customers alike. Advertisement can mean many things. Radio spots, billboards, product placement, word of mouth, and commercials on television are common forms that businesses use to reach their target audience. Other forms of advertising include give away products such as pens, magnets, and t-shirts with the company logo or slogan boldly displayed. Clever jingles, sponsoring sporting events and catchy slogans are ways advertisers use to get in a customers head without being obvious.

Heads Propaganda is a leading advertisement agency in Brazil, founded by Claudio Loureiro who can be found on Facebook. Products do not sell themselves, at they require advertisements and word of mouth to really take off. Experienced ad agencies can help companies with product placement, ad campaigns, and establishing a popular reputation.

Heads Propaganda understands the advertisement market and how to help build a reputation and spread the word with their innovative ideas and advertisement placements. Claudio Loureiro is constantly coming up with solutions to new problems and strategies that continue to prove Heads Propaganda’s success in the advertisement world. Claudio knows that the key to success for almost any business is a successful advertisement campaign that reaches the right audience at the right time and that will also make a lasting impression. International companies like Volvo have come to Heads Propaganda for their Brazilian campaigns. Heads Propaganda’s success and status in Brazil as a top ad agency is a testament to their ability to create successful campaigns as well as their understanding of what it takes to grow a business.

Claudio Loureiro founded Heads Propaganda from the ground up. Starting off as a small business to becoming a worldwide front runner in the advertisement world, Claudio has certainly demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of what it takes to promote and grow a business.

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FreedomPop Offering Additional Free Service in the UK

Is there anything better than free? While it doesn’t come very often, free is very good and it allows you to try something out. FreedomPop believes that you are not just going to try out its mobile service but stay with the company. There is no contract you need to sign and you can opt out at any point, so that really is an issue. But with the free offerings the company continues to roll out, it makes it that much more desirable, especially when compared to other companies out there.

FreedomPop on twitter started in the United States, based out of LA, three years ago. It made waves by offering free services of 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data to its customers, and those who went over could spend just a small amount of money for a larger package. This has turned it into one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies, as it now has over one million customers in the United States. It is looking to do this and more in the UK.

FreedomPop recently moved into the UK, offering a similar service of 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 minutes for free. Now, this is good for individuals who do not use their phone all that often, or who are connected to Wi-Fi for most of the time, but for individuals who are away from Wi-Fi, they are going to need additional data and minutes. In order to keep it free, FreedomPop is allowing customers to fill out surveys, usually ranging from five minutes to 30 minutes in length, in order to receive the additional minutes, text messages and data added to the account. Different surveys are valued at different amounts, based on the subject matter. Either way though, it does open up an entirely new world to customers who are looking to have a free mobile phone service that helps them save money and allows them to not only have a phone, but have a phone without paying a single cent. It is what is making the company so popular.

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Investment Strategies at CCMP with a Mention of Steve Murray

CCMP Capital was founded in 2006 to carry on the booming investment strategies implemented and developed by the company’s professionals as members from Chase Capital Partners, Manufactures Hanover, Chemical Venture, LLC and J.P Morgan Partners. CCMP has invested roughly $7.1 in customer retail enterprises in more than 31 years in subsectors on with the inclusion of: multi-channel marketing, information services, mass channel supply, service businesses and specialty retail. Richard Zanninno and Thomas Walker chair CCMP customer retail efforts. Some on the chosen investment include Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Aramak, The Hillman Group, Jamieson, and Info group.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has also invested approximately $5.5 billion in industrial business entities for over 29 years in sub-sectors with the inclusion of chemicals, industrial services, distribution, and manufacturing. The person behind these investment procedures and techniques is Timothy Walsh. Some of the investments include Generac, Milacron, EcoServices, PQ Corporation and Jetro.

Further, the company has also invested around $1.6 billion in healthcare institutions for more than 27 years with subsectors such as: managing care organizations payers, medical products distributors, specialty product companies, and providers of health care services. Jonathan Lynch and Kevin O’Brien manage the company’s healthcare investing targets. Some few investments for the healthcare sector include MedQuest, Medpace, Warner Chilcott, Care More and LHP.

For more than 25 years, CCMP Capital has invested roughly $1.5 billion in energy institutions. Some of these subsectors include power, oilfield services, midstream and midstream services, and production and exploration. Christopher Behrens heads CCMP Capital’s investments efforts related to energy. Some investments in this division include Noble Environmental power, Latigo, Newark Energy, Vetco and Chaparral Energy.

CCMP’s portfolio companies’ growth and operating mechanisms gain from CCMP’s proprietary working capital. The resources comprise of full-time partners with diverse operating parts and additional professional executive advisors with an average of 30 years in management positions. The company’s operating experts work hand in hand with the management for all the portfolio companies to support and design the implementation of value and detailed development plans, which mostly include: improving resource and asset utilization to enhance cash flow, executing cost reduction or revenue generating techniques specific for each sector, and applying the best procedures within each distinct sector.

The company’s operating and investment experts work closely with the management teams in all phases of the investment procedure. With due diligence, the company works with the management team to come up with shared visions and goals for the future of the corporation, through the definition of the most crucial value drivers.

Stephen P. Murray, also known as Steve was a philanthropist apart from being a private equity investor. He was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital, an equity firm. Mr. Murray graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics, in 1984. Later in 1989, he acquired his Masters Degree majoring in Business Administration, from Columbia Business School.