Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF to Sao Paulo Executive Airport Project

Every real estate company dreams of getting that signature project that will put it on the world’s map. Handling international projects does not only raise the profile of the company but it places it as the go-to option when such projects avails themselves in the future. By winning the design, layout, and maintenance of Sao Paulo Executive Airport, JHSF has positioned itself as one of the leading real estate companies in the world.

JHSF is an established real estate company that has been handling prime properties in Brazil and the South American region. The company specializes in A-list properties and has so far been involved in the construction of some of the major hotels and shopping malls in Brazil. This is not the first time the company will be handling a project of this magnitude. It has been able to handle other projects, most of which are attractive real estate properties that show what the company can do.

However, having an opportunity to construct one of the major airports in South America, will, with no doubt, put the company on the world’s map. Handling a project of such magnitude requires exceedingly high expertise, knowledge, and experience. The company will also use many resources in the construction of the project. Taking up and maintaining an international standard airport will position JHSF as a reliable company that can be trusted with projects of even bigger magnitude.

Jose Auriemo Neto has enabled the company to be the leader it is in the construction industry. He has been able to put up a company that can present bids at national level with the aim of taking over the construction and maintenance of an airport. This project will bring considerable revenues to the company, while at the same time helping it to attract customers with much ease.

The Sao Paulo Executive Airport that will be handled by JHSF, under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, is expected to connect Brazil to the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and other countries in Europe. This is a facility that will handle high profile delegates and guests and therefore, has to be maintained and handled professionally.

Flavio Maluf Believes In Taking Care Of The Environment To Promote Future Businesses

Flavio Maluf pursued mechanical engineering and business administration at the university. Upon completing his studies, he joined Citicorp where he polished his skills in business management. From here, he proceeded to the GrandFood Group where he finally became the President of the pet feed company. FlavioMaluf then joined Eucatex as a manufacturing hand in the 1980s.

Eucatex is an environmentally friendly business engaged in the production of wood fiber panels, furniture, paints, and toys. The company also produces ceiling lining and insulation products, wall partitions, door, and flooring products, among other products. Flavio Maluf is the CEO and President of the company.

To succeed in business, Flavio Maluf believes that hard work and taking calculated risks will lead you to success. However, he is also aware of the role of business in protecting the environment for future generations. According to Flavio Maluf, it is crucial for all businesses to respect the environment so that it may keep giving and supporting their ventures. Consequently, one trend that genuinely excites him is the uptake of environmentally friendly practices by businesses across the globe. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has redefined some of the values it stands for. By setting up a recycling plant in its production processes, the company has redefined its stand on what it takes to conserve the environment. Not only is engaging in reforestation practices enough but reducing the amount of waste emitted into the environment is equally as important. Coupling this with the production of environmentally friendly products also bolsters global efforts in protecting the earth from destruction as a result of business practices.

Flavio Maluf also believes in the power of philanthropy. As people promote the health of mother earth, it is also important that they contribute to the health of their fellow human beings. Consequently, he has in the past contributed towards many causes especially in the health sector. Flavio Maluf has donated medical equipment such as X-ray machines to various hospitals in his home country of Brazil.

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Bhanu Choudhrie A Higher Education

Bhanu Choudhrie is a business mogul and entrepreneur and is the owner and founder of Alpha Group Limited which is based inside of the UK. He stresses the importance of learning and is always considering the things to grow from when learning because since he first graduated from university to when he faced challenges in his business he always took a gem of wisdom with him to make himself and his business practices better. The next step in his journey was not easy nor was it comfortable, but it was necessary to him because he both wanted to continue his higher education and stay updated about what was actually going on in the world today. Bhanu Choudhrie believed that staying up with things would keep him sharp and precise in his business dealings and he was right. He describes his experience at Harvard being one of enlightening insights because of his contradictory experiences due to his prior lesson in University and as a CEO of a big successful company. Read more about Bhanu at

He was used to being called sir and being thought of as a big shot but the moment he stepped into the classroom everything was different by a long shot. No one called him sir and one cared that he was there. It was just another day with people who worried about their grades just like he worried about his grades. It was a humbling experience for Bhanu Choudhrie and also a bit of a culture shock I might add as universities are not exactly the real world. He took things in stride however and owned up to his webbed and incomplete knowledge base as he went from lesson to lesson with flying colors. There were times when the whole class would congregate and debate the best practices for business which is when Bhanu Choudhrie underwent some of the most challenging things about college which was dealing with other people’s opinions. He had all of these preconceived notions on how to own and run a business but they had their side and things needed to become productive so what a better way to work towards a solution than to simply open up ones mind to the angles and opinions of others and consider it an education process.

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The Rise Of Eucatex Group From A Small Family Business To A Multimillion-Dollar Business

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian son of a politician born on December 2, 1961. Maluf graduated from the University of New York where he pursued business administration. He studied mechanical engineering at FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation Brazil). He is one of the most reputable entrepreneurs being the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group. The family business started operations in 1951 specializing in the supply of partitions, doors, panels, baseboards, and laminated and vinyl floors. Besides, Eucatex produces beautiful toys as well-made furniture.

Besides Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is the President of GrandFood Group, the head company of Golden feeds and Premier Pet subsidiaries. After completing his university studies, Maluf worked in various companies including Citicorp where he advanced his managerial skills. He joined Eucatex in 1987 in the commercial department, and later to the production unit before his uncle appointed him to join the management team because of his hard work. The family chose him as the company’s President in 1997, a position he holds to date making the company a multi million-dollar business.

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The company makes its products using wood fibers from the eucalyptus tree. The tree is one of the best producers of high-quality wood in Brazil, and that is the reason the family came up with the name Eucatex. The laminate flooring produced from the eucalyptus includes Prime, Rustic, Elegance, and Classic. Home and commercial users purchase most of the Eucatex building materials globally. The high values of the products display a person’s economic class.

In all its operations, Eucatex supports the green economy by working in an environmentally friendly manner. During the 1950s, environmental regulations in Brazil were optional contrary to today whereby every company must adhere to environmental laws. Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, the company became the first South American company to set up a recycling plant in its manufacturing system. The role of the plant is to recycle the wood leftovers by creating energy.



Growing Fortress Investment Group Has Been Done Quite Successfully By CEO Randal Nardone

Investment banking, understandably, is not a very easy industry in which to find success, and the strong few who are able to actually accomplish this great professional and financial feat should be commended for both their intellect and their work ethic. If you are curious about who may be a strong example of such an individual, then one excellent example to learn about is Randal Nardone. Financial planning is something at which Nardone has proven to be extraordinarily adept. He holds degrees in both law and business, and gained some highly appreciated field experience inside a financial planning firm almost immediately after his completion of the law degree. What he saw and learned there influenced him when he later joined up with the other co-founders to launch a private equity firm that would eventually become a leader in its industry.

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This firm was Fortress Investment Group, and one of its main selling points is that its clients are able to generate a higher yield on the dollars which they invest thanks to the focus placed on alternative assets in Fortress Investment Group’s unique investing strategy. Randal Nardone notes that that the stock market does not typically offer nearly as large of returns. Furthermore, he is well-aware of the importance of wholly serving customers in the niche of a financial planning business and teaching them how to efficiently grow their wealth. he also wishes to keep expenses and fees associate with using his firm well below what the competing hedge funds are charging.

Fortress Investment Group’s monumental expansion of the 2000s is due to the an excellent growth plan, which was developed by none other than Randal Nardone himself, and the plan has seemingly been executed with perfection since the organization is now operating with an impressively high base of clients and and equally impressive margin of profit. Although it is necessary to take some pride in accomplishing so much, Randal Nardone is very cognizant of the importance of continuing to learn and evolve as a finance professional, and this is something towards which he is actively working with each year that goes by.

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Jeffry Schneider’s expertise in the investment sector

Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a professional with vast experience in the finance and credit industry. He has worked with numerous financial institutions and given his expert advice on investment strategies and management. Jeffrey Schneider’s prowess in the investment and credit sectors spans over fifteen years. His analytical skills have enabled him to progress from a junior officer to become one of the most distinguished professionals in investment and credit sector. He has led the investment companies and made critical decisions that have facilitated the growth of institutions. Jeffry has also collaborated with other professionals in the industry to create a diversified network of investment advisors.

Jeffry Schneider forms Ascendant Investment Firm

Jeffry Schneider is also a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating enterprises that will solve challenges. His passion for helping people overcome their financial worries drove him to establish Ascendant Capital company. The company got formed out of the gap he identified in the investment sector. He wanted to consolidate his experience and expertise in the alternative investment and provide direct answers to clients. Ascendant Capital LLC has its headquarters at Austin and continues to provide financial and investment solutions to clients and institutions in the country.

Jeffry Schneider’s advice to entrepreneurs and philanthropy

Jeffry Schneider has a team of highly qualified investment experts who help him to execute his duties to the growing number of clients. Jeffry focuses on the provision of expert advice to individuals, small and medium enterprises to enable them to make informed financial decisions concerning their investment. He looks for the current trends in the financial sector and reads widely to allow him to remain relevant in the industry.

Jeffry Schneider advises entrepreneurs to set achievable targets and work diligently towards the achievement of their goals. He says that recruiting employees whose values correspond to the entrepreneur’s is a significant step in achieving success.

Jeffry Schneider is also a philanthropist who like participating in activities that add value to the society. He contributes generously to charitable organizations to spearhead development in underprivileged areas of the community.

Vijay Eswaran’s Success in the Business World

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, author and a philanthropist based in Malaysia. He is the executive chairman as well as the founder of the QI Group of Companies. It is a multinational company in 30 countries that have different interests that include real estate, direct selling, education, hospitality, and retail. QNET, a global company was established by Dr. Vijay Eswaran in 1998 and has managed to combine traditional methods and the e-commerce model of sales. Besides, he has written the book ‘In the Sphere of Silence,’ which is a best-selling.

Vijay paid for his university education by doing some part-time jobs since he did not have any family to support him then until he got his degree in economics. He worked in Cooperate America for few years after moving to the states before going back to Asia.

Vijay Eswaran came up with a direct selling network that overgrew and became one of the leaders in marketing around South East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Vijay Eswaran’s system has taught and enriched over a million entrepreneurs in the world’s prominent and hardest upcoming markets in the past 20 years.

The passion and love he has for mentoring entrepreneurs led to him establishing foundations that include RHYTHM and the Vijayaratnam that work with the less advantaged communities in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He is also a chairman and the founder of Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. He is a known author and public speaker on leadership, spirituality, and mindfulness

He believes to succeed; one needs to establish relationships with the right people and determined and with the right attitude ones, train hard to outdo your opponents, continuously develop the skills as well as come up with unique strategies. He says his daily motivation is the persons that their businesses have improved.

The Business Career of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a businessman and infrastructure expert who is widely known within the financial community of Brazil. With a background that includes post-graduate business studies as well as years of practical experience in various ventures and organizations, he has worked as a consultant on partnerships between government and industry, done project management and served in an administrative capacity.

For energy and fitness, Felipe Montoro Jens hits the gym first thing when he gets up and spends time working out. From there, he typically spends an hour or two on conference calls and devotes the remainder of his morning to reading contracts. His afternoons are usually spent researching, writing reports and planning ahead. Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens follows the philosophy that less is more when it comes to distractions like social media and also avoids excessive small talk. Basically, when he’s on the job, he’s all about business.

For inspiration, he talks to subject matter experts, reads and generally keeps his eyes and ears open. Felipe Montoro Jens feels that he has been blessed with a curious nature, which has allowed him to see things in the business playing field that others might miss.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes in trying new things, and he is looking ahead to the day where he will launch business ventures in the United States. To keep up to the minute on the markets and on his own finances, he uses a banking app.

Something of a neat freak, he keeps everything in his immediate environment clean and orderly, and this trait has served him well over the years. Although Felipe Montoro Jens spends most of his time on business, he is also a family man and loves simply relaxing with with loved ones and enjoying the day. A favorite book is “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse.

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The Career Background of Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison worked at Barclays as the head of Non-Core in London for three years from 2014. Harry has worked in the trading and investment department at Barclays for more than two decades. He holds a BS in Economics from the University of Warwick. Harry also attended the University of Cambridge where he attained a Masters of Philosophy in finance. He is a resident of New York. Harry Harrison was curious about the functionality of companies and how they transform ideas into reality, which prompted him to start his company. He admits that he couldn’t imagine venturing into a career that was related to financial services. However, that was close to three decades ago, and Harry has managed fixed income sales and worked as a derivatives trader.

Harry reveals that he doesn’t have typical days ever since he quit his job at Barclays to try out new things out of the financial institution. He is a stay-at-home dad, which he admits to loving. Harry is also trying pilates, yoga, and getting better at French and golf than before. Harry admits that humility, collaboration, and diversity are essential elements in bringing ideas to life. He adds that ideas are as strong as the collaboration, humility, and diversity within the team that is working on them. Harry admits being fascinated by the things that are taking place in the financial services during this Information Age. He is also excited by the upcoming companies that are relying on the existing market efficiency.

When asked about the habit that makes him a productive entrepreneur, Harry Harrison notes that he handles things as they arise. He notes that the habit requires an individual to prioritize things, noting that not everything can be handled in a day. Harrison’s advice to the young people is that they should enjoy their journeys as much as they do when they get good results for their efforts. He admits that he focused so much on results such that he forgot to enjoy the journey and the breakthroughs he made. Harry believes in innovation and its benefits; thus, he avoids copying strategies.

What Was Peter Briger’s Role in Introducing Bitcoin to The Wall Street?

Before joining the alternative investment industry as a director at Fortress investment group in 2002, Peter Briger worked in the banking industry. He had started in the lower management positions at Goldman Sachs before eventually making it to partner in 1996.

During his tenure here, Peter served as a senior market researcher and analyst. Peter, therefore, possesses a deep industry experience in finance and money markets. In 2013, the experienced business leader sought to put this expertise and experience into use by brokering a cross-industry partnership that aimed at introducing the lucrative bitcoin investment into the wall street.

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Wells Fargo meeting

Peter Briger started by inviting top Wells Fargo bank officials to Fortress Group Headquarters in New York on a meeting. To a large extent, the sought to identify and address the critical challenges facing mainstream adoption of bitcoin. Key among these, according to the meeting, was the lack of a proper regulatory framework.

This lack of regulation exposes investors to the unhedged, highly risky, and extremely volatile bitcoin prices. The brainstorm session would end with the Fortress team led by Peter Briger and Wells Fargo bankers agreeing to set up a regulatory framework for the coin.

Hitting a snag

However, before peer and the Wells Fargo team finalized on the regulatory approach, the cryptocurrency hit yet another crisis. This forced Fortress investment Group where Peter Briger heads the credit and real estate division to scale back on its digital currency engagements. Similarly, the Wells Fargo team demurred on its commitment towards the volatile currencies.

More understanding

While Peter Briger and his fortress team were unable to establish a successful regulatory framework for the coin, the meetups and ensuing discussions had meaningful achievements. The fact that one of the largest banks in the country, Wells Fargo, was willing to partner with one of the most successful Hedge funds, Fortress Group, in a bitcoin craze ignited an industry-wide interest in bitcoin.

This has seen, though to a limited extent, several hedge funds and wall street investors plunge into the bitcoin market. Peter believes that this involvement only serves to fuel fueling the discussion and bringing the age of regularization even more close.

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