T.J. Maloney Welcomes Four to Lincolnshire

Private equity firm Lincolnshire Management is growing, and because of that it’s welcoming some new professionals into their fold, and even a familiar face as well.

For the past 33 years, this firm has been investing through difficult economies to generate value for their clients while maintaining institutional integrity. Theirs is a proud history that moves across industries, from services to distribution in search of valuable assets. Over the past couple of years they’ve successfully exited the Fabbri Group, Amports Inc., InstarAGF, and Holley Performance. They’ve acquired companies like Dalbo Holdings Inc., Nursery Supplies, True Temper Sports, and Desch Planypak, cited as one of the best managed businesses by Deloitte for 2017 and 2018.

A company this active will need tested individuals to help it expand further. In a recent statement, Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney, welcomed back Matthew Nacier as a Senior Associate, and formal introduction to Nicolas Vega Llona, also coming on as a Senior Associate, and Washa Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen who will be taking on roles as analysts. Maloney went on to say their their inclusion strengthens the staff’s passion for investing, and hopes they will help expand their already impressive portfolio.

About TJ Maloney:

TJ Maloney is an American lawyer and businessman. He rose to prominence working in acquisition and securities law in New York City. This gained the attention of Fordham Law School which gave him the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award for maintaining his contributions to the profession. He also holds a seat at the board of trustees at Fordham University, also at Boston College. For some time he’s been a lecturer at Columbia University, discussing their M.B.A. Program, but since 1993 he’s spends the majority of his time as President of Lincolnshire Management.

About Lincolnshire Management:

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that handles investments for clients and acquires middle-market businesses irrespective of industry. With offices in Chicago and New York City, Lincolnshire Management handles more than $1.7 billion in private equity and assists in recapitalizations and corporate divestitures, and growth equity for their clients and their companies.

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Nick Sarnicola

Sarnicola is a popular name in the field of lifestyle entrepreneurship. Through the years, Nick has worked towards becoming a talented team builder, sales leader, business catalyst, and philanthropist. Nicholas Sarnicola has an experience that stretches over two decades and has contributed to the development of billion-dollar teams as well as making professionals become million-dollar entrepreneurs.

Nick has helped people, products, and corporations to achieve success in their industries. Having been a millionaire by 35, he continues to support and educate people on ways to increase their potential. Nick Sarnicola has led sales teams as large as 100, 000 leading to astonishing performances by the teams spread across 16 countries. Read this article at prweb.com

Nick’s tremendous accomplishments have been realized as co-founder and Chief Executive to two large lifestyle brands. One of those brands is ViSalus. This company focuses on the production of healthcare products meant for weight management and those that act as nutritional supplements. As a business mentor, Nick Sarnicola has taken part in the starting of businesses from scratch, building skills, as well as mentoring those in leadership positions within enterprises

Sarnicola is good with products, brands, platforms, sales leaders, and marketplaces launching. Nick’s experience stretches across producing significant audience events and creating good life experiences to clients. Nick once developed a sales team for the new vertical, “Challenge Marketing” that ended up making the platform to achieve about $2 billion. Sarnicola has also taken part in multiple other initiatives.

Nick Sarnicola has also had multiple successes through his initiatives, namely ViCares and Liv2Giv. Another initiative founded by Nick Sarnicola is NextGen that is aimed at enlightening young entrepreneurs. Nick also speaks to large audiences in various international business events on ways to grow business.

Away from all the hustle and bustle, Nick is a family. Several times, he has written articles about parenting. A common one being about how being a father is not comfortable with the tag “DadCEO.” Nick Sarnicola continues to share his personal and business experiences with people to improve the lives of people across the world.

Website: http://www.nicksarnicola.com/

Felipe Montoro’s Take on the Construction Discontinuations in Brazil

For Quite Some Time, The State Of Brazil Has Been Going Through A Financial Crisis. The Situation Has Become So Critical That It Has Now Begun Affecting The Infrastructure And Construction Industry. Many Governments And Private Construction Works Have Been Discontinued Recently Over A Number Of Issues.

The Causes For The Multiple Discontinuations Include Technical Problems That Result From Conditions Like Sanitation, Financial Issues Including Budgetary Challenges, Land Ownership, And Expropriation Challenges. The Brazilian National Confederation Of Industry Reports That Other Than Finance, Technical Challenges Are The Main Cause For These Discontinuations Following The Takeover By Small Private Companies That Cannot Afford To Do Quality Planning For These Projects. The Lack Of Collaboration Between Public Managers And The Control Bodies Is Also An Obstacle Hindering The Infrastructural Development Process In The Country.

The National Confederation Of Industry Recently Explained That The Federal Government Is Using The Discontinuations As An Attempt To Slow Down The Spread Of The Economic Crisis To Other Sectors Of The Brazilian Economy. This Explanation Was Further Supported By One Felipe Montoro Jens Whose Projects Have Been Affected As Well, he insists that to foster development there must be collaborations that will be critical to achieve the desired development. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

About Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro Is A Brazilian Infrastructure Specialist. He Is The Chie Executive Officer Of The Energipar Captacao S.A And The Chairperson Of The Federal District Central Administration S.A In Brazil As Well. For Years, Felipe Has Worked In The Corporation And Private Sector Doing Financial Strategizing. His Big Break Was When He Began Working In San Antonio As The Energy Director. During This Time, He Gained critical Skills that are essential in In Solution Finding When It Comes To Waste Disposal And Utilization As Well As Finance. Visit: https://www.baptista.com.br/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-que-brasileiros-estao-entre-os-mais-insatisfeitos-do-mundo-com-a-infraestrutura-de-seu-pais/

Independent Investment Manager Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment manager with a rich history of working for major financial institutions, and he currently operates his own investment firm, which he has been the head of since 1995. He was born on October 4th, 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil, and studied engineering at the Federal University of Panara in 1965, the only engineering school in the States of Parana at the time, with extremely competitive admissions standards. After two years of studying engineering at that school, he switched his focus to economics, which put him on the successful path that he is still on today.

After graduating in 1970, Igor Cornelsen became employed at an investment bank called Multibanco, thanks to his skill with numbers and calculations. Eventually, he made a name for himself as an investment banker within Multibanco and relocated to Rio, and in 1974, was promoted to Multibanco’s board of directors. In 1976, he became the CEO of the company.

In 1978, Multibanco was acquired by the Bank of America, and Igor Cornelsen moved to Unibanco, a leading Brazilian investment firm. He stayed at that company until 1985, when he became employed with Libra Bank PLC, a London merchant bank and his transition to a new United States-based world of investment. He soon moved with several colleagues to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, as Brazil’s representative and a member of the Board of Directors. He remained as a member of the board there until 1995, when he left to form his own firm, which he still runs to this day.

Cornelsen is ambitious and grateful to his education for opening up opportunities to him. He says that he would advise his younger self to rely on news and facts, instead of only fellow people in the market. His favorite place to get this information from is Reuters, which is an independent market analysis site. He states that ideology does not work well with investments. He looks at the markets with a dispassionate angle, following the economy and selling assets in markets that are projected to go downhill, and focuses on following his own mind as opposed to others.

Matt Fleeger and Staying In Line With Real Values

Matt Fleeger is one business professional that realizes the value of taking care of all aspects of the business individual. This means that Matt Fleeger does not waste time with just one aspect of business. Matt Fleeger also is one that would focus on the holistic aspects of life. When one is rich in each area of life from their mental health to their physical health then they could advance forward in a rich manner. This is why Matt Fleeger would strive to make certain that each aspect is paid attention to so that him and his people may thrive.

Mental health is just one factor that makes sense to prioritize.

The Mental Health Sector Might See More Innovations in the Near Future

The diagnostics and biotech sectors have evolved in the past few decades to a massive extent. The same pattern is now being seen in terms of mental health, which is gaining more and more insights as well as these treatment options with the help of technological innovation.

With various mental health professionals and tech experts now looking into brining VR to aid with mental health and wellness, it is only a matter of time before more solutions come to the forefront. Many VR apps are already available on smartphones that could be coupled with a headset easily, but that is just the start.

As the technology progresses forward, the implementation of various new treatment and diagnostic practices would also be introduced. Since the aforementioned treatment methods have shown great results in their use with VR, the new ones might only be on par with them, even if they do not surpass them in terms of efficacy.

All in all, the future of VR in mental health looks bright. And it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that it is all set to transform mental illness treatment as no one thought it could.

Ted Bauman Loves To Help Those Who Want To Start A Business

There are some business students that would love to get a chance to meet Ted Bauman. He gives guidance and counseling about finances and how to start businesses. Fortunately, Ted has been able to get into writing a popular newsletter. Without his focus and abilities to listen, there would be a lot of business students that wouldn’t get a chance to learn what he’s been taught through school.

Ted Bauman loves to talk about investment opportunities, especially those from nationwide experience. Ted Bauman teaches the importance of opening a safe deposit box to save money. Without having cash saved up, you could stop your dreams from happening in your life. Aside from saving money, Ted Bauman teaches his colleagues to invest in stocks. If you are ever around him, you will be taking notes.

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Bauman knows to keep a part of his earnings in a safe. That way, he can retire without any problems. The Bauman Letter is a newsletter that Bauman releases through Banyan Hill Publishing. With a holistic approach, Bauman focuses on daily trades and major trades. The best part of a wealthy lifestyle is to always have money to replace your spending. That simply means that you have to put back money so that you won’t ever run out of it. Ted Bauman has accomplished many goals.

With that note, Bauman will be a business owner that will love to continue to work on newsletters. For that reason, Bauman starts his day off with daily affirmations. Positive thinking has helped him throughout his life. With that being said, he wants to continue staying current with his finances and his business ventures.

Furthermore, Bauman notes that all of his opportunities will be in place as long as he continues to learn about business. In the future, he will never have to worry about finances and building up interest in his bank account. He plans to have an easy retirement. That will prove to everyone who knows him that he knew what he was doing. Read More: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/05/ted-bauman-3-stock-market-crash-outcomes/

Bernardo Chua’s Healthy Living Standards

Bernardo Chua, a powerful entrepreneur, businessman and network marketer, has risen above his peers in more ways than one. This particular man is a native of the Philippines, but he has played a huge role in bringing new life to America’s Northwest-coffee culture. Of course, Chua is the president and CEO of Organo Gold. This particular company specializes in the production of healthy organic products. This just so happens to be for the production of its flagship product, which is organic coffee. Organo Gold also produces green tea, hot cocoa, weight loss products, red tea, cafe late, café mocha, gourmet-black coffee and much more. The company was started back in 2008, and it has grown into a global powerhouse. See more of Bernardo Chua on Slideshare.

Bernardo Chua is a people’s person to some degree, and he fully understands what the latest trends are. To break things down a bit more, Chua caters to his clientele by offering them exactly what they’re demanding. Millions of people are looking for safer, more alternative routes to regain and maintain a healthy standing. What could be any better than organic coffee and tea? Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on earth, and hot tea supports healthy living. Chua utilizes a special ingredient that grows in the mountains of China. This ingredient is an actual mushroom that’s known as ganoderma lucidum. This particular herb is loaded with an abundance of antioxidants and minerals, which boosts the immune system. In addition to that, ganoderma lucidum provides a rich-textured taste.

When it comes to social media, Chua is quite active. His Facebook account is filled with personal ventures and photos from exotic locations. On top of that, there’s an abundance of background information that can be found here. Bernardo Chua is setting a new standard in healthy living, and that’s a guaranteed fact. Learn more: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13132871/1/bernardo-chua-expands-organo-golds-operations-into-turkey.html

Mark Holyoake: Gambles on Iceland and Seafood

Mark Holyoake brought his investment style to Iceland from the UK. He invested in the country’s seafood business, and at the time, the market was in a slump. Holyoake used experience in investing and the seafood industry to scrutinize the international company Iceland Seafood. He saw something in the operation that made him take a risk and invest in the food business.

During this time, Iceland’s seafood industry was wading through some rough economic situations. The economy was not as robust as it is now. Iceland had stumbled into financial difficulties coupled with banking troubles. Even with these clouds, Mark Holyoake was still able to see future growth and potential for the seafood company.

It was a gamble that paid off. After nearly ten years, Holyoake and the international company were able to claim they had created a successful business, which they pulled out of the dark times of Iceland. The company grew, and with growth came profits. The industry began to turn, and the earnings increased over the years. Improvements included better margins, which created considerable financial gains. The turn the business took was sharp and steady. It can now be coined as a long-lasting effect.

Mark Holyoake comments that the work of the Iceland anglers has been one part of the success of Iceland Seafood. Other areas that helped move and keep the company strong were partnerships with other base businesses. After getting a solid foundation, Mark Holyoake was able to merge the company with another seafood business. Together the two could compete even harder in the world market. Once combined, the two operations utilized marketing techniques and management to spring the seafood into more corners of the globe. The entire service was becoming a strong world player that provided a stable economy for Iceland residents and fishermen.

Mark Holyoake looks back and speaks about how the initial investment and the courage to form new partnerships with the fishing industry leaders and other seafood markets was a powerful move. The upward and outward growth of the industry has strengthened many areas of Iceland, seafood stores and restaurants around the world, and other businesses that are associated with the fishing industry.

For details: www.oakvest.co.uk/mark-holyoake

Papa Johns Slowly Recovering Under Leadership of CEO Steve Ritchie & Chairman Jeffrey Smith

The recent sales of Papa John’s International Inc. surpassed the estimates of sales analysts. This only indicates that the pizza company is slowly getting its mojo back under new leadership and management of Steve Ritchie and Jeff Smith respectively. Interestingly, Papa John’s stock climbed up in extended trading.

Sales of its North America operations revealed a fall of 6.9 percent in the last quarter topping the projections of a 7.9 percent fall, which slowed down the pace of sales plummeting. The results are ground breaking after a long hiatus since the leadership of its CEO Steve Ritchie and its new chairman Jeffrey Smith.

Papa John’s pizza chain is gearing to reinforce its advertising and in March fetched in a new head for its global marketing department from Subway restaurants. Recently, the company also made several headlines when they introduced the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal as its investor, board member, and brand ambassador.

According to CEO Steve Ritchie, positive and substantial change definitely takes time and effort. In February of this year, Starboard Value invested $250 million in the pizza company and elected its chief executive officer Jeffrey Smith as the chairman of Papa John’s. The recent results only indicate that the pizza maker is slowly moving past the controversy that affected its reputation and marred its brand.

Although slowly getting back on track, the company is not totally over the incident that until now bleeds its overall operation. Papa John’s revealed that to keep the company afloat, it suffered $4.9 million in short-term royalty deductions. Recently, Papa John’s disclosed that it has discovered several material weaknesses in the company’s control over internal financial reporting.

However, as a result, it will no longer have to restate its earnings. During the first week of May, Papa John’s shares increased by 8.4 percent. This means that it has gained 29 percent for this year as compared to a devastating 29 percent loss last year.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/money/companies/2018/10/12/papa-johns-restructure-company-which-includes-new-coo/1619585002/

Bhanu Choudhrie’s Commonwealth Games Experience

When the England Commonwealth Games came calling, Bhanu Choudhrie obliged. To the surprise of everyone, he proved that he was a man of many talents when he led a team of professional athletes in seeking the necessary funding.

A few months to the commonwealth games in India in 2010, UK participants were in a fix. There was this niggling issue about funding. Commonwealth Games England was looking for ways to fund the event.

England was sending at least 500 people in Delhi, officials, and athletes. Although the commission had all the camping and preparation taken care of in advance, the team still needed at least £1 million.

The elite athletes who were more than 400 deserved the best preparation. After all, they were on a mission to concur the world stage. Visit prabook.com to more update about Bhanu Choudhrie.

Commonwealth Games England (CGE) sought the expertise of Bhanu Choudhrie. He was not an unlikely pick for the chair of the advisory board. He boasts an impressive CV. The former Asian entrepreneur of the year winner is also a respected executive.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an alumnus of the prestigious Owner/President Management program organized by Harvard Business School. The course admits globally competitive executives only. He has been the director of C&C Alpha Group for almost two decades.

The Indian born entrepreneur is not new to taking new challenges. Under his stewardship, the team was able to raise the necessary funds to go to India.

When you want to raise funds, you have to trust the people who have experience and knowledge of corporate funding. According to the president of CGE, raising money through the small business was yielding favorable fruits, but at an agonizing pace.

They were able to raise 10 percent of the required money using the campaign dubbed the friends of team England. For a man who has a vast interest in hotels and spas businesses, Bhanu Choudhrie felt humbled. He took the opportunity diligently. He activated his contacts and networks in the business world, which worked well for the commission.

Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhanu_Choudhrie