Isabel dos Santos Uses Her Wealth and Success to Empower Women and Improve African Society

Isabel dos Santos is a truly remarkable woman. She is one of roughly 2,000 billionaires in the world. Even more distinctive, she is one of only 11 black billionaires, and one of only two black female billionaires, a distinction she shares with Oprah Winfrey. Isabel also shares Oprah’s kind and giving nature with her charities and philanthropic work throughout Africa and the world (Behance).

Despite being the daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Isabel worked very hard to achieve her status as a business leader and Africa’s richest woman. Being the daughter of the former Angolan president gave her access to a better education, but Isabel dos Santos had to earn her role in Angola’s business markets. In Africa’s male-dominant business culture, being the daughter of a president was not enough to make Dos Santos a business leader. Instead, she became a business leader by exerting her strong will, determination and business acumen.

Despite all her experience, she struggles are proof that women still face discrimination and sexism in Africa’s business society. Isabel has faced discrimination and stigmatization herself. Despite her continued notoriety and success, her decisions are still second-guessed and questioned by misogynistic businessmen who continue to believe that women do not have the natural skills to successfully operate a business. 

These problems are even worse for women who do not already have Isabel dos Santos’s success and family connections. Therefore, she has aimed her philanthropic work toward empowering women in business. Isabel dos Santos donates time and money to organizations that not only provide businesswomen with opportunities, but also work to change the male dominated business culture in Africa and around the world. 

Isabel takes social responsibility so seriously that every company that she works with or operates has a special division with the primary responsibility of improving society through charity sponsorship. As well as creating opportunities for businesswomen, Isabel’s charities also include pediatric hospitals, malaria treatment and prevention, clean water initiatives and the fight against poverty.

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DonataMeirelles Working Towards a Cure

In the article about DonataMeirelles on “Running Lip”, it discusses Ms. Meirelles’s work history as a Brazilian fashion consultant and as a former style director for “Vogue Brazil.”

In addition to the vast experience, DonataMeirelles has had in the fashion industry, she has also worked tremendously hard as a supporter of charitable organizations. She is an “active”, a supporter of AIDS organizations and has been heavily involved with fundraising.

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The article then goes into discussing “AMfAR”, the American Foundation for AIDS Research. This non-profit organization was started in 1983, to support research and treatment and prevention of AIDS and HIV, and has continued to fund research for AIDS by providing “grants and fellowships”, to organizations all over the world. AMfAR has been able to provide grants to team all over the world and has invested vast amounts of money to the research and treatment of AIDS.

AMfAR has been instrumental in the advanced research into the prevention and treatment of AIDS and HIV, but also been an advocate for the “public health concerns”, and the promotion of the “drug approval process”, for AIDS patients. They are working night and day to eradicate this horrible disease. Their hope is to find a cure for these diseases by 2020.

DonataMeirelles has been a substantial supporter of the annual “AMfAR Annual Cinema Against Aids”, an event that is attended and supported by celebrities and the world’s wealthiest in order to raise millions of dollars in funds for the research and treatment of AIDS and HIV. Also, valuable memorabilia are collected and auctioned to raise money for the organization. This event is the largest fundraiser sponsored by AMfAR.

Ms. Meirelles has committed her time and funds to help fight this terrible disease and encourages those around her to help support this charitable cause.

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Nina Vaca Stirs the Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Budding Entrepreneurs

Nina Vaca made a name for herself in the IT industry with the establishment of Pinnacle Group. Her efforts and ingenuity in running the firm have placed it at the top of the IT staffing market. The firm has bagged numerous accolades over the last couple of years, mostly from the Women President’s Organization. Nina has cemented her place in the corporate world and is keen on helping other Latina women to follow suit.

She gladly shares her experiences with budding entrepreneurs around the world. On one of her recent trips, Nina Vaca met a couple of Chilean entrepreneurs. The meeting was part of the U.S government’s efforts to strengthen ties with Chile, the country with the best entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

In her blog, she mentioned that such meetings go a long way in improving the lives of countless individuals. Her entrepreneurial Ecuadorian family helped her get to the top of the ladder, and she hopes to spur entrepreneurs from her homeland to similar success.

In 2014, she was appointed as an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship, a position that she took in stride. She believes that the efforts made during her international relations career are enough to empower different nations.

Nina Vaca also has opportunities to talk at different summits, including the recent Hispanic Scholarship Fund. In a separate blog, she spoke about the need to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among college students. Such a spirit is essential regardless of the students’ career paths. She desires to help young people harness an entrepreneurial mindset to guarantee success in their future endeavors.

Besides her speaking engagements, Nina Vaca also gives generously to different charity causes. The Nina Vaca Foundation has come to the aid of numerous families back in Ecuador.

Dabie Tsai on the Future of Accounting

Accounting is a subject that few people enjoy learning about. However, learning about accounting is one of the best ways for students to understand business. Dabie Tsai is an accounting expert and business executive. She firmly believes that the accounting industry will drastically change in the coming years.


At one time, earning a degree in accounting was almost a guarantee to land a new job. However, Tsai believes that the number of accounting jobs will diminish in the future. She thinks that new technology will make accounting much more manageable. Although this is good news for business owners, it is not good for people who have a career in the industry (Linkedin).

She recommends that young people focus on ways to improve their skills. Simply earning an accounting degree is no longer a guarantee for a good career. Instead, Dabie Tsai thinks students should specialize in specific areas of the industry. For example, forensic accounting is a growing sector. Anyone with specialized skills will be able to earn a substantial income.


Dabie Tsai believes that automation will drastically change multiple industries. Workers must be able to adapt to the drastic changes that will take place. Instead of waiting for the changes to occur, now is the time to start preparing. There are already examples of office jobs getting removed due to automation. The vast majority of companies, for example, currently utilize robots for customer service positions.

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Deirdre Baggot Strives to Improve Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot is healthcare strategist and payment innovation expert with an extensive background in healthcare systems having received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Denver, as well as a BSN and MBA. A former leader of ECG’s Bundled Payments practice, Ms. Baggot has worked with a number of healthcare employers including the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, SCL Health, and most recently, GE Health Care.

Deirdre Baggot has been largely recognized for her contributions in the healthcare field which primarily focus on the improvement of providing better healthcare outcomes for patients and reducing clinical costs. As part of her recognition, Ms. Baggot has also been invited to a number of medical conferences to speak on topics regarding her field of expertise. A few notable conferences include the American Heart Association, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Bundled Payment Summit. In addition to her work in the clinical environment, Ms. Baggot has authored a considerable number of papers relating to healthcare reform, and payment transformation. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

Interviews with Ms Deridre Baggot have demonstrated her passion for improving healthcare. When asked about where her idea came from and how she brought it to life, she replied that she had a checklist which entailed creating better healthcare protocols for patients that she saw needed to be improved. This goal is what would later inspire her to focus on optimizing healthcare practices that would deliver better results to patients.

When asked how Ms. Baggot’s achieves such high productivity, she admits that she spends a great deal of her time in meetings or conference calls, however, getting things done is the same thing that gives her energy. Ms. Baggot demonstrates that helping others is her passion through work, hobbies, and other aspects of her life. Tying all of it together has helped bring her vision to fruition.

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Are you planning to Advance your Career? Susan McGalla Success Story

For many women who want to venture into leadership, or even advance their careers, there is a lot of guidance that is out there. However, the guidance that they find is far too nonspecific. According to statistics, companies that have women as chief executives or in the position of a chairman perform far much better than a key international index that is not diverse over the past few years. The excellent performance is due to the fact that these diverse companies are open to new ideas and perspectives. However, in conflict with the statistics, a few positions of C-Level positions in S&P companies belong to women.

Susan McGalla is one of the many women that have fought to reach high-level positions within establishments and in that way paved way for other women leaders. Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers. She is an American entrepreneur and chief consultant. She is commonly known as the previous president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Susan McGalla kicked off her profession at Joseph Horne Corporation and held the positions in several marketing and administrative positions from the year 1986 to 1994. Later in the year 1994, she joined the American Eagle Outfitter and become the divisional stock buyer for women’s clothes. She stayed in that company and worked at various positions till she became the chief merchandise officer. She later became the President. Susan later founded P3 executive Consulting where she is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to Susan, the way she was raised with her two brothers gave her the strength to work with both men and women. In her current job, she works with mostly men and was behind the groundbreaking ‘Wear what we wear’ campaign to inspire supporters to buy Steeler gear. In every workplace she went to, Susan was confident and continued to move up the position as she received it.

Despite the success story of Susan, many women are still struggling to find these opportunities. There are many women leadership initiatives, but they do not highlight the exact problem. Women should back fellow women in business. Women can take a sector of the high-ranking roles in companies globally.

Executive sponsors should also be encouraged to invest in women leaders to persuade male executives to help women leaders that are serious get executive roles in companies.