Photographer and Lacrosse Player Finds His Creative Apex

The world of business can often consume the lives of many of those who are looking to maximize their profit margins and become as successful as possible. However, the careers of many individuals do not remain limited by the business career they have created, instead many people look to show off the many different sides to their personalities via the Internet and many different social media platforms. Jon Urbana made his name as a lacrosse player at Villanova, but is now growing a strong reputation as a creative person who uses Facebook to express himself in his range of leisure activities.

Jon Urbana may well be popular with many who follow his business career, but he is also growing an ever expanding number of followers on Twitter. One of the main areas of interest for his followers is the photography work that Urbana has been developing in recent years. Jon Urbana is keen to show off his own work in the charity world, but also to explain exactly where he gets his many influences from for his work. His Instagram photos are filled with his own work some of the world’s best known photographers, which act as something of a tutorial in this area of creative interest for the popular businessperson. He also maintains a personal blog to showcase his life as an entrepreneur, in addition to his work. Behold the glory of Earth Temple, taken by Urbana in Thailand.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Alongside the growing critical praise for the nature and food photography,Jon Urbana has been working on comes an ever expanding musical career that has seen Urbana break new ground as a performer. The video work of Jon Urbana has now seen him explore a wide range of new digital equipment, including software and hardware that has led to critically acclaimed work as a remix expert for popular songs and a producer of original work.

Jon Urbana completes all this creative work and still finds the time to run a lacrosse camp, be reachable though his website, and continue his education as an expert pilot, which has seen him join the illustrious list of those who have reached the pinnacle of the aviation industry. Urbana has recently been named to the list of the FAA Airmen Certification Database that is seen as the highest accolade available for commercial pilots.