Rebel Wilson: The Rom-com Actress

Rebel Wilson of Australian origin was born on 2 March 1980 in Sidney, New South Wales. She has three siblings, Liberty, Annachi and Ryot whom she grew up with.

Her parents are professional dog handlers. She studied in Tara Anglican Girls’ School which was Christian based. In 1997, she got her High School Certificate and graduated with Degrees in Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Theatre and performance studies from University of New South Wales in 2009. She worked as an ambassador for Rotary International Youth in Australia.

Wilson is an actress, producer and writer. In 2003 she graduated from Australian Theatre for Young People. It is after this that she joined a TV comedy series, Pizza, playing the role of Toula featured in Special Broadcasting Service. In the same year she also featured in a comedy series, The Wedge after relocating to New York City. Wilson has simultaneously produced and featured in several films; Spunk, Bogan Pride: a musical comedy, television comedy: Super Fun Night and Confessions of an Exchange Student.

Wilson admits that as a child she was astonishingly shy and was almost diagnosed with a social disorder. Her mother, at that point, took her to a society acting class. Whilst joining the acting class, she motivated herself to pursue more and eventually joined debate clubs. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and  Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Her breakthrough was at the age of 14, her drama teacher in high school encouraged her to join an Australian Creative Competition: Tournament of Minds that required a lot of acting and improvisation.

Wilson’s latest film in her acting career is a romantic-comedy film, Isn’t It Romantic. She plays the lead actress role named Natalie. Natalie is an architect based in New York City. She struggles to work through her success but ends up thinking of herself as a means of delivering coffee and bagels in the office. She believes that romance is just a fantasy and hates watching romantic comedy films.

All these takes a turn when she is attacked by mugger at a subway station. In the process of fleeing away, Natalie gets a concussion. She regains consciousness in an emergency room and finds herself in world full of romance.

The streets of New York City are full of flowers and is shocked by her apartment having transformed into a luxurious condo. Natalie’s way out of this romantic world is to fall in love with the man of her dreams.