Stream Energy Furthers Its Philanthropic Goals

While many businesses have used the term corporate philanthropy many times, there are few who constantly put their money where their mouth is. Stream Energy is one such company. Since being founded over a decade ago, the energy provider has been involved in quite a significant amount of charitable causes. Notable ones in the past have included partnerships with both the Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Now, Stream Energy is developing Stream Cares, an arm of the business that will focus solely on its philanthropic efforts. The Dallas-based company will be using Stream Cares to enhance further the impact it has across the state.

For the majority of its history, the business’ charitable efforts have been led by its independent distributors. This is primarily because they’re local to the area and know what causes the community cares about and what affects it the most. This led Stream Energy to be involved in a variety of causes to help target the issue of homelessness in Dallas and the surrounding area. This was prompted by many independent distributors found that the issue was getting worse across the area. Because of this, the company began a series of partnerships with charities that were focused on tackling the issue.

One of the most notable of these has been with the Hope Supply Co, who have been active in the area for several years. Through the partnership, Stream Energy has donated a considerable amount of money, not to mention a significant amount of supplies to those who need it the most. Much of this has been led by the Hope Supply Co, who has developed somewhat of a reputation for the work it does in the area. Since entering into the partnership, Stream Energy has regularly donated the supplies that were needed by many homeless people across Dallas.

However, that’s not the only thing that Stream Energy has been involved in. It’s also been a part of the annual Splash for Hope event. The day helps bring much-needed funding and awareness to the issue, while also helping bring over 1,000 homeless children to go to a local waterpark for the day.

How Kisling, Nestico & Redick Supports Communities Across Ohio

Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) is a law practice based in Akron, Ohio. They specialize in personal injury lawsuits mostly involving car accidents. Other types of cases the provide legal help for include workers compensation, medical malpractice, and elderly people hurt in nursing homes. They serve the entire state of Ohio by having offices located in other cities including Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, and Youngstown.

At Kisling, Nestico & Redick they have over 100 years of combined experience. Their lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to get their clients great results. They work hard for each and every client which has led to their great reputation. Newsweek named this law firm as one of their Premier Law Firms in 2017. Over the past 14 years, they have recovered their clients more than $450 million between settlements and verdicts.

The team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick does a lot more for communities in Ohio than just legal work. In 2018 they started their KNR Cares program. They did something of impact for the community each month of the year and this program has been carried over to 2019 as KNR Cares About Kids. Their employees volunteered over 500 hours of their time doing everything from collecting diapers for low-income households to supporting food banks.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick gave a Copley High School graduate a $5,000 scholarship in 2018. They also donated over $10,000 to an Ohio homeless shelter. They also raised $26,000 for the Akron Ronald McDonald House. To support kids in 2019, Kisling, Nestico & Redick raised $25,000 by taking part in the Polar Bear Jump at Portage Lake. This involved a group of their employees jumping feet-first into a frigid lake. Participating in this challenge in the past, they have raised over $109,000 for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.

Who is Isabel Dos Santos?

The oldest and smartest daughter of a former President from Angola and a Russian-born mother, Isabel Dos Santos has made a huge name for herself. All this has been made possible through hard work and patience. She is a savvy and prolific businesswoman. Isabel´s networth was over $2 billion in 2017. Since then her mission has been to become a mentor for women in Africa. Women who want to be accepted in the male-dominated business world.

Santos is born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. She went to school in Kent, England. Later, she attended King’s College where she studied electrical engineering. Her husband, Sindika Dokolo, is from a wealthy family from Congo. He is also working to create big changes for African women.

Entrepreneurial Incentives

Isabel now lives in Angola, South Africa. She’s a role-model for ambitious African women who want to enter the business world. She has spoken at the United Nations in New York regarding the empowerment of African women. Santos believes most women can hold important positions within the economic world.

There are many stigmas that still exist within Africa regarding women, but she’s helping to remove those from society. Dos Santos believes that women should have access to education. They can then obtain high paying jobs. The spirit and motivation for African women to get involved in the world of business are about to change thanks to Santos’s incentives.

Innovative Achievements For All

Dos Santos owns shares in a Portuguese cable and telecommunication holding company called NOS SGPS. The firm owns a satellite and mobile phone services, voice over IP, and also handles the distribution of movies.

Creating jobs and providing training will allow women to be finally accepted within the elite business arena in Africa. In turn, there will be growth and financial stability for all. Isabel Dos Santos believes all this can lead to great innovations.

Santos teaches women that influence, along with positive power, can exist within their fruitful organizations. This will bring about great leadership and fresh skills in the international business market.

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The Truly Amazing Expectations of Lovaganza

Lovaganza was started by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon who are husband and wife team involved within the entertainment industry. These two individuals have been making movies and acting for many years. Now, they have an even loftier goal than manufacturing Academy Award films; they are trying to improve the quality of people’s lives all over the globe by 2050.

Lovaganza is the name of a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the success of all people on the planet. This organization is going to be funded primarily by the Gagnon’s and other people who believe in their cause. Here is a list of the expectations that the Gagnon’s will hope Lovaganza will accomplish by 2050:

– Implementing an official Universal Quality of life for all children 15 and under by the year 2035.

– Clean drinking water for these young people.

– Food for all children.

– Shelter and clothing for all children.

– Basic education services.

– Safety for all children.

The foundation believes that if they can accomplish these goals and provide an improved quality of life for all children; then by the year 2050 those children will be adults who will live a higher quality of life on Euro Weekly News. This in turn will make the planet a better place to live for everyone.

The Lovaganza foundation can certainly accomplish this goal but they are going to have to work really hard to get it done. The organization will sponsor international theatrical events to raise funds and to bring awareness for this event.

Also, this organization will have different agencies set up on all of the continents across the globe. They will be situated in various regions and cities so that they can figure out where the at-risk children of the world reside.

Lovaganza will have other organizations that will help in the effort to provide an improved lifestyle to children. These organizations will help Lovaganza by 2035. Ultimately, Lovaganza will need to partner with other organizations to take on such a big task.

People should expect to hear more about Lovaganza’s amazing expectations and plans in the coming years. If this organization is successful they will become one of the most important charitable and social promoters in all of history.

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Fighting For Human Rights

In 2013 there was a conference regarding human rights in Oslo Norway. Thor Halvorseen was the person who was hosting this gathering. Halvorseen who is so obsessive about his cause, gets himself imbedded in international strife. This has put him in contradictory position fighting for the rights of others. He holds the conferences in Norway because his family is from there before they migrated to Venezuela.

At this years conference there were fifty seven countries discussing ways to overthrow tyrannical leaders. The conference was called “Davos of human rights”. He becomes a little annoyed when describe as a moderate but, insisting as he put it, a ‘classical liberal,” whose only pursuit is human rights. His New York chapter has only one plan and that is to fight oppressive leaders all over the world. Halvorsen wants to make sure that citizens are treated fairly worldwide.

In 2005 the Human Rights Foundation was established by Thor Halvorssen, he is also the President. He is the same person who spoke for human rights in Oslo in London in 1989. Before he began the Human Rights Foundation, he was co founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, here he also served as the Executive Director and CEO. His opinions and views on this topic has appeared in many prominent newspapers around the world.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela, but will not return because he might be arrested. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding degrees in history and political science. He knows how imperative it is for the protection of human rights. There was an incident in 1993 when his father who was an ambassador at the time, was held in a Venezuelan jail against his will. His father was badly mistreated by the government regime, then only gaining his freedom because Amnesty International took up his plight.

Also, his mother was fired upon by the Venezuelan government, at a peaceful rally when gunmen shot into the crowd, leaving a lot of casualties, killing one person. This action was televised for all of the world to see. Thor Halvorssen’s first cousin, who is a politician is now in prison in Venezuela.