Jacob Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb, who is well known as being the founder and CIO of Visium Asset Managment, has just started a new venture in his life. He is now starting a new firm called Altium Capital. The reason for starting this new firm was due to trading scandals that previous employees at Visium were involved in. Because of the scandal, there was artificially inflated returns, as well as millions towards inflated management. A scandal of this size was obviously going to cause panic for many people because of the pure size of Visium, which had peaked as an $8 billion-dollar fund. They had a total of 170 employees throughout three offices. The offices were located in New York, London, and San Francisco. With Visium being accused of these charges, investors and employees began to panic in 2016, which led to the final decision to cut it and shut everything down.

Gottlieb decided that closing everything down was going to be the best idea after losing his employees and capital. He has just completed his work at Visium and is now moving forward into bigger and better things. After the scandal and everything that had happened, Gottlieb still maintained his reputation and was not affected by everything that had happened to the previous firm of his. Due to him having a clean reputation, he began building a new firm. He devoted his time to a new healthcare investment.

Gottlieb is now working with multiple large companies in which he has already begun investing into. A couple of these companies include Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sellas Life Sciences. Either of these companies is great to invest in and work with because of their past in being approved by the FDA. They have developed multiple products that are quite ingenious but are just waiting on the final approval list through the FDA.

With companies such as these two, Gottlieb is making very smart moves into taking his new firm to a new level. He has always been smart when it comes to choosing what to pursue, so there’s no doubt this will work out.