The Corporate Agenda, Mission and Values Championed by IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide, which is headed by Chief Executive Officer Douglas Kitani, is an international facilities management and technical services firm that operates in over 25 countries around the globe. The company has directed focus on solving unexpected occurrences like natural disasters and overseas battles.

IAP Worldwide is also equipped for disaster management through reliable and fast intervention to help in resolving issues. Dealing with demanding challenges and offering practical solutions has allowed the company to rank among top logistics and facilities management firms across the world.

Corporate responsibility

IAP Worldwide understands and respects the need to create a good relationship with the community. The company offers customers high-quality services and ensures all demands presented are met in a timely manner and accurately.

Rewards and benefits to employees

IAP Worldwide strongly supports equal access to employment opportunities to all external job seekers and employees. Therefore, as explained on the company’s careers section, the company disregards conditions like disability, veteran status, and other protected categories when choosing employees.

All employees and external job seekers interested in a position with the company are taken through a similar evaluation procedure and those who prove worth the opportunity are given a chance. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

Productive and dedicated employees are furnished with awards through different programs created by managers. These programs include company-wide recognitions that mention team accomplishments, service milestones and personal commitment to the job. Most importantly, all employees are offered a health plan that is flexible so one can select what feels good. There is also provision for retirement savings and an investment option for interested employees.

Ethics and compliance policy
Employees at IAP Worldwide understand the need to conduct business consistent with laws and regulations applicable in the industry. The attainment of core values and respect is a responsibility that is undertaken by everyone working with IAP Worldwide.

There is a compliance program run by the company to educate employees on ethics and compliance, and this has been effective in enhancing positive practices. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services – ViaSat

Growth and market expansion strategies
According to a press release article published on PR Newswire, IAP Worldwide recently acquired DRS Technologies in a bid to expand its addressable market. DRS Technologies offers logistics and tactical communications as well as network solutions in the aviation industry.

The company also offers technical and mission support services to law enforcement bodies within the U.S. government. Their services also extend to engineering works and information technology.

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