Mint Balm – EOS Lip Balm review

Most of the mint lip balms that I have tried in the past had a very medicinal flavor and tasted forced and artificial to me. More than anything else, that led me to shift towards fruit flavored lip balms although I truly enjoy the refreshing mint flavors. Until I tried EOS lip balm that truly was something different.

There are two main flavors of EOS Mint flavored lip balms that I tried; sweet mint and vanilla mint. Because EOS uses all natural flavors in their lip balms they taste more natural and less artificial to me and don’t have that same fake medicine taste that is all to common in lip balms.

Since EOS uses a higher quality ingredient base than other lip balms their lip balm lasts longer and is better than the other alternatives which tend to use petroleum jelly compared to the jojoba oil and shea butter that EOS uses. The nifty and unique applicator that EOS uses applies a thicker coat and better protection for your lips than alternative brands.

EOS mint lip balm is truly refreshing and different and worth trying for those who are looking for a mint flavored lip balm that tastes like the real thing and works better than and lasts longer than the alternatives.

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An EOS Lip Balm Review – Best Natural Lip Balm on the Market

EOS lip balm has always been a little different. When it first launched, its spherical containers helped it stand out from the competition in drug stores. However, EOS brings more to the table than just innovative packaging. The real difference for this product is in its contents.

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EOS lip balms contain no petroleum products and are made with all-natural ingredients. This is a huge contrast to most of its competitors in the lip care category. Petroleum can’t be absorbed by the lips. It makes a coating on the surface, but doesn’t actually moisturize. EOS does things differently.

With ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, EOS absorbs into the lips and helps them lock in moisture. EOS always conducts dermatologist supervised tests before releasing a new product. Ingredients are organic where possible. Finally, EOS will answer customer questions about ingredients via the website. They value transparency.

Additionally, EOS is known for its bright packaging and unique flavor combinations. Many EOS lip balms also contain SPF for additional protection. Flavors like Summer Fruit, Vanilla Mint and Blueberry Acai are upscale and tasty. They are much more sophisticated than some other entries in the lip balm marketplace.

Fashion Expression Just Beyond the Norm

Doe Deere is a Russian-born creative thinker who draws on inspiration from her younger years in Russia and subsequently her inspired teen years in New York. She states that she has always thought of herself as a creative and an ambitious individual. In fact, this ambition started young and inspired a tale she tells about discovering temporary tattoos. She wore these tattoos, showed them to everyone, and created a rather successful side business selling them to those around her. This small scale demonstration of entrepreneurship, of course, was a precursor to the launch of the popular Lime Crime brand today.

A big part of the way Lime Crime started was Doe Deere’s desire for bright, bold lipstick colors during a time period where fashion dictated that nude or pale glosses were much more the trend. She began creating a series of lively and more daring shades which, much to her amazement, began to grow surprisingly quickly in popularity. Beyond the typical blemish cover up or somewhat expected tasteful highlighting of certain features in preparation for the workplace or for special functions, Lime Crime brought a far less expected aspect of freedom and self-expression in a line of bright colors

Using this surge in popularity as a jumping off point, Lime Crime embraced their unique offerings and carried on to create mix and match makeup stylings that could quite literally change any look as one’s mood changed. These included options from a sparkly new shade for a special event to a bold lip look for daily wear that would effortlessly set one apart from the crowd. Even in consideration of all of the shock value, Lime Crime has managed to keep certain uncompromising standards: the company is certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Owner Doe Deere sees the fundamental existence of makeup as something which transitions far beyond a simple part of a woman’s everyday routine. She views it as an expression of one’s inward self, demonstrated in an exterior manner. She feels that it ties in to fashion and to the expressiveness an individual uses when creating their hairstyle, all of these things creating cohesive components of personal expression through varied forms of style. Deere, a former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, ignored the waves of individuals who felt that no one would be able to sell lipstick online without the obvious advantages of a counter where various colors could be tried. Instead, each of the products are tried on by employees and live chat sessions as well as other useful tech tricks of the trade are used to emulate the comfort level of the counter purchase as much as possible. Learn more: