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Proper Pet Care Leads To A Long, Happy Life

Dogs need tender loving care from the time they are a puppy into their adult lives. It is an owner’s responsibility to provide proper pet care to ensure their furry family member lives a happy life. They rely on their owners for everything from food and toys to medical attention and grooming needs. Proper housing and shelter is needed for canines living inside or outside. For pets who are not permitted on their owner’s bed, they need their own dog bed to curl up on and sleep. Outside animals need a dog house to keep them out of bad weather. A protective fence permits them to run freely in their area or an in-ground run gives them access to a large portion of the yard. Toys like balls, chewing ropes and stuffed animals entertain pets while owners are at work or running errands. Otherwise, canines can become lonely and seek attention by being destructive. This is also a good way to keep them active and burn off excess energy. Choosing the right dog food is also an important decision. This food should be easily digested and contain nutrients to maintain a healthy animal inside and out. Treats can also be given as rewards for good behavior and as a tasty snack between meals. Beneful is a high quality brand on Facebook made by the Purina Company. Petco dog food and treats are nutritious, healthy and filling. Wet and dry foods are available for puppies and adults in a variety of flavors. Beneful products are made from real vegetables like carrots, peas, tomatoes, spinach and sweet potatoes. Real meat like beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and salmon are also used. This line of dog food and treats are loaded with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. This company strives to produce dog food that is affordable, tasty and nutritious. Family pets love their owners no matter what. Dogs anxiously await their owner’s return whether they were gone a few minutes or all day. They deserve to receive the best pet care possible. Even the simplest decisions like what treats or food to give them could greatly affect their well being.