The Increasing Significance Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United, a prominent political action committee established in 2015, is grabbing the attention of the Americans day-by-day. The PAC was founded to resist the ill effects of Citizens United verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. It should be noted that the verdict has changed the political landscape of the United States in favor of corporations. The verdict has given consent for corporations and unions to spend as much as possible in the country’s election process. It means that if a corporation does not want to make a candidate win, it can flood money in the constituency and make him defeated.

The Citizens United verdict also gave corporates a similar stature to citizens and provided First Amendment rights. Importantly, the Supreme Court even addressed the corporation as “persons.” The verdict gave freedom for corporations to spend without any accountability or control. It also reduced the transparency of the system, and as a rebellion against the rigged political system, End Citizens United established on March 1, 2015, for making legislation to counter the changed campaign finance system post the verdict. The PAC is working towards the mission of electing maximum campaign reform champions to both Senate and House and state legislatures.

End Citizens United also considers mass awareness campaign against the money politics as another option. The PAC has achieved immense popularity since its foundation and produced more than $2 million in contributions from various small-time donors within weeks. It should be noted that considering its fight against big money the PAC has restricted the contribution limit at $5000. This means that no big donors can buy the PAC, and it can freely raise the voice of the ordinary people of America. It should also be noted that more than 325,000 individuals signed a petition, within months, initiated by the PAC asking the Congress to pass legislation to scrap the verdict.

The PAC eyes to bring the petition campaign to more liberal supporters to make it as a mass movement. The PAC also supports the candidates who are attacked by the dark-money groups and conservatives such as Koch brothers. Also, in the initial months, the PAC has received 136,000 donations mostly from the grass root level with the average donation standing at $14.86. While many political observers think that making a constitutional amendment is an uphill task, the PAC is optimistic, and it wants to makes its message reaching every individual.

Interestingly, End Citizens United predominantly supports Democratic candidates considering their liberal stand. The PAC also believes that meaningful change can happen only with Democrats, not Republicans – considering their conservative views. It is also revealed that Republican leadership is firm against changing the finance campaign rules considering its large money group supporters. Interestingly, the PAC has declared its support to many Congress candidates in the recent months.