Betsy DeVos Has Laundry List of Tasks Ahead of Her

Betsy DeVos grew up in a tightly-knit community in the state of Michigan. She came from a family of reformers, led by her brother and father, and much was expected of Betsy DeVos from a young age. Rather than buckling under the pressure, DeVos leaned into her own expectations. It wouldn’t be long before she was heading off to college and summarily falling in love with the liberty-based writing of the conservative author, Milton Friedman. Flash forward nearly forty years and Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education underneath President Trump. With so much happening in her life, it is only fair to turn back the clock in order to learn a little more about education’s largest reformer.


Betsy DeVos grew up in the reformer movement. Her father developed the Prince Foundation and her brother would go on to establish one of the largest security contractors on the planet. As a result, DeVos always knew that she had a lot to live up to. Still, Betsy DeVos was quick to grow passionate about her work. After reading, ‘The Role of Government in Education’, DeVos would turn wholesale toward the school choice movement. Once considered a relatively fringe idea, school choice has become increasingly mainstream over the years, particularly within conservative circles. DeVos has become the modern face of the school choice movement and without her continued efforts, it wouldn’t exist as it does today.


Despite her success fostering a reform-based movement, Betsy DeVos knows that she has plenty of work ahead of her. DeVos is painfully aware of how divided the political arena is. After being confirmed by the Senate, DeVos was essentially shunned by major representatives from teacher’s unions around the country. Of the few union reps that did meet up with Betsy DeVos, they all largely came away with the same impression, DeVos was not here to play games. Betsy DeVos has fostered a reputation for being incredibly smart and well-spoken while also behaving in utterly ruthless fashion. DeVos is able to smile down at you as she completely takes apart your entire argument. As a result, DeVos has made as many enemies as she has admirers. Mike Cox is a former state-level attorney general who had known Betsy DeVos while she worked in Michigan. Cox paid DeVos the highest of compliments before concluding that she always ‘sets her mind on a goal’. Randi Weingarten, a teacher’s union leader, called DeVos dangerous but well-spoken.


Right now, the school choice movement is rapidly increasing in popularity. Still, DeVos isn’t solely focused on school choice. As she leans into her new position, DeVos will also begin to argue for vouchers, tax credits, and even education-based savings accounts for lower-income families.


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An Overview of the Rocketship Education Piece by Kamenetz

The Rocketship Charter Schools have continued to receive coverage by NPR over the 6/24 story that has continued to gain attention on Facebook and Twitter. The coverage story titled “High Test Scores, But At What Cost” has received plenty of people who not only defend it, but also admire the coverage. One of the many supporters of the story includes Audrey Watters who tweeted that the story had great reporting on Rocketship’s chain of tech-centric schools. However, despite all that was reviled in the tale, Kamenetz also sheds new light on other internal practices of the Rocketship Charter Schools that may not have been reported earlier on.

The additional report was in the form of a 3800-word story. But not everyone seems to agree with the coverage. Critics especially Education Education supporters suggest that the coverage piece done by NPR may not have painted a complete and fair picture of the Rocketship Education Charter Schools. The coverage only focused on the challenges the schools experienced without many contexts to the success of the school. The original blog post written by Anya Kamenetz describes Rocketship School system as one of the most nationally applauded charter networks. But the one flaw with this post is that it relies on the questionable practices reports of the system, and later goes on to suggest that these practices are quite familiar to other networks.

Another flow about the piece is that it includes little to no information whatsoever as to why the Rocketship Education schools are quite popular. It also gives a context of a handful of critical anecdotes, which offer no particular information about the school. In short, the article is deep but narrow. Another specific aspect of the piece is that Kamenetz constantly refers to Rocketship Education as a company instead of a school. The choice of words is a tremendously sensitive issue, especially in the education sector.

The use of words like a company can bring out accusations of the school being privatized or commercial. However, defenders of this particular article most of them being Rocketship Education critics point out that the term company has numerous meanings. According to Kamenetz on Twitter, the term Company according to dictionary definition is some people associated or assembled. She also claimed that the use of the term Company was to ensure there was no repetition. This mistake made NPR decline to make the editors and Kamenetz talk about the story. It also makes the piece look more like a take down, rather than an unbiased article.

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The success Registered by GreenSky credit in the Last couple of Years

GreenSky Credit is a firm that is stationed in America. Its emphasis lies in financial technology. It’s proudly listed among the fastest-growing corporates. Within the few years, it has been in the market, the company has been able to register several successes. As a mobile company, it has been able to offer consumers a paperless process that is convenient, reliable and fast. Consumers no longer have to queue in bank halls for hours like before when in need of applying for a loan. As a result, it’s no longer necessary for consumers to fill a bunch of information on papers. As long as the consumer has a phone, GreenSky credit can scan their driver’s license for information.

All the information that the customer needs to add is their numeric credentials like their social security number. Once the consumer permits the company to pull the credit, a second letter is processed. It consists of a congratulatory message informing the customer about the qualification parameters of accessing a loan. After that, the consumer can go back and attend to other issues that matter. GreenSky credit has since then partnered with various banks to offer these services. The company has successfully managed to streamline the whole process. This has made the access to loans an easy business. The company has earned the trust and hearts of many investors. GreenSky credit has a backing from prolific investors around the world. Currently, GreenSky Corporate is worth $3.6 billion.

GreenSky Credit owes this success to all customers who own an iPhone. This has made the services quick and reliable. However, in the past ten years, most consumers have purchased iPhones. This is a significant sign that the company will be able to serve a large number of consumers over a short period. So far GreenSky has been able to do $8 billion in credit. They are steadfast in this service, and they are now aiming to do $ 1trillion. Being open and inquisitive has been the subject guiding the company through thick and thin. Additionally, it has been approaching problems with confidence. The company has also been able to solve all manner of challenges successfully.

New York Fashion Week with the Academy of Art University

Fashionistas everywhere are in love with the 2017 New York Fashion Week. This star studded event provides an amazing platform for up and coming graduates of the Academy of Art University and has the power to solidify their name in the fashion industry.


Designers grant the audience a chance to see brand new clothing collections hit the runway in menswear and womenswear. Their collection of art and design has the real potential to establish lifelong careers in fashion.

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school located in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1929, it currently employees over 1,300 teachers all of which are talented artists themselves. This is a major reason why this school is so well known.


The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held their annual runway show at the Skylight Clarkson Square in September 2017. The event featured impressive collaborations between designers with different backgrounds, as well as two menswear collections and five womenswear collections. Those who are passionately in love with all things fashion are already anticipating the 2018 New York Fashion Week.


Students who are interested in enrolling at The Academy of Art University have the options of earning an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. These degree options allow a lot of flexibility for students as they get to choose their own pace and curriculum. The University also offers convenient online course in many subjects for those students who require some flexibility with their schedule. The best course of action for students is to schedule a meeting with an advisor. In addition, reviewing research materials located at the university and on their website is extremely beneficial when it comes to course selection.



As a highly accredited art and design school, a degree with the Academy of Art University has the potential for many once in a lifetime opportunities and internships with top designers within the industry. With an abundance of university graduates earning awards including Oscar nominations, a degree from the Academy of Art University is a surefire way to set a successful future for graduates.


Class Dojo Started Off With Great Success

As a relatively new platform, and shortly after releasing, Class Dojo has managed to achieve high levels of success. Two former teachers teamed up together to build an application to better the overall quality of education worldwide. Within the short amount of time the program has been available, Class Dojo has been changing the way teachers and parents are able to communicate and educate students in school. It has also improved the quality of many school environments into more positive ones. Seeing such wide use in such a short time with a heavy and competitive market is remarkable by today’s standards. This is partly due to the companies unique approach and entirely free software, which has enabled them to reach schools all over the United States. Even though Class Dojo has a humble beginning, they have managed to surpass the majority of other companies that came out much before them.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are two former teachers who co founded Class Dojo together. They noticed some issues that were not being addressed in the school environment and decided to take action. Most of which was the severely lacking levels of communication not only between parent and teacher, but for students as well. Most children today are responsible for the communication that happens between their teacher and parent as well as themselves. This is very problematic when discussing things such as performance and overall progress. While teachers can arrange meetings with parents, it is usually only once per semester or quarter, which leaves too much information left out. The founders of Class Dojo believed communication needed a big improvement and that it might be possible with the right tool. Class Dojo was built to fill a gap in the current age of schooling, which is communication.

Once the app was finished and ready to be used, the next challenge for Sam and Liam was spreading awareness in order to get Class Dojo into more school rooms across the world. This is difficult when one considers the number of schools and how many competitors there is on the market for educational tools. Still, Class Dojo had appealing innovations of its own that allowed it to reach the limelight, and today the platform is being used by nearly two thirds of all schools within all of the United States.