Agera Energy, Retail Energy Supplier

Agera Energy was founded back in 2014 when individuals were experiencing one of the worst winters. The winter caused a hike in energy prices due to high demands. Customers were asking for more than suppliers could provide making most of them run out of business. Agera saw this as an opportunity to come up with affordable energy choices and help consumers. Most individuals find it difficult to cope up with energy bills and Agera was looking for a way to help these individuals.

Agera energy sent out its sales team to help customers make suitable energy choices. Agera began by training its team on how to interact with customers and how to help them choose affordable energy, unlike most companies that start by training on energy and marketing tactics. Agera Energy communicates with its customers on a personal level helping them to offer help where necessary. Agera ensures that their consumers clearly understand the products they provide and their usefulness.

Agera has a stable customer base; as a company, they are hoping to provide their energy solutions across the globe. Agera’s customers are growing fast than private companies due to their dedication in providing quality and affordable energy choices. Agera is an energy servicing company that provides energy to both homes and business. Agera’s Energy is extracted from renewable sources. Agera ensures that its customers understand the conservation of the environment. Agera’s products are well- designed to help all. Agera’s business plan is to polish the available energy sources so that consumers can effectively use energy.