Equities First Holdings Offers Stock Loans Through Hong Kong Branch

Equities First Holdings has had a branch in Hong Kong since 2013. The Hong Kong branch is just as popular as EFH’s other locales as the alternative securities lender has gained in popularity as of late. The Hong Kong branch came about as a result of EFH’s partnership with Meridian. The unity increased Equities workforce by 50% and led to the expansion of three new branches in Jakarta, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings came about because one man wanted to offer borrowers a better chance at qualifying for a loan. The man was Al Christy Jr. and he opened the first EFH branch in London. Christy utilized stock-based loans as a main feature of the firm. Stock loans are not as demanding as bank loans and do not carry the same restrictions as they focus on stocks as collateral rather than credit. They allow borrowers more options and a better chance at paying their loans back.

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Equities First holdings GC Report

Equity first holding (EFH) is a finance company which began in the year 2002 by Christy Jr. Christy spends most of his time in financing sector and also studying the market strategy where he comes up with the idea of providing an alternative source of finance to individuals and organization. EFH offers short-term loans to individuals and business peoples with a high profile. The credits provided come with a low-interest rate.

The company began in Indianapolis where their central office is located. Since the year 2002, the company has grown and opened additional offices in different parts of the world including China, Australia and others. Christy is the president and the CEO of the company. Equity first holding provide loans based on the performance of the stock and shares in the market thus investors can apply for a significant margin. Apart from offering loans the company also educate and advice its client on financial and economic crisis solving.

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