Kevin Seawright’s Housing Development Background

Kevin Seawright has been interviewed by a few local Baltimore media outlets to talk about his company, RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions is all about making housing affordable and inviting to people of all ethnic backgrounds to allow them to move into safer and friendlier neighborhoods. The company works with developers and city housing authorities to purchase properties and renovate them. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

RPS Solutions is primarily concerned with residential spaces, but they have worked to make spaces more friendlier to businesses as well. Seawright has been able to build RPS Solutions into a quality real estate company because of his background in accounting and public funds management.

Kevin Seawright has worked extensively with city officials in Baltimore and several other major cities. After completing his bachelor’s and master’s in accounting, Seawright began managing accounts payable and accounts receivables for the Baltimore city park service.

He also started managing budgeting for the public schools and began working with transportation officials and administrators to make sure the schools could save money in the most important operational areas.

He then started working more closely with city council members to address emergency response areas and analyze department performances. He did this by introducing CitiStat, one of the most advanced city data analytics software at the time.

Seawright moved from Baltimore to Washington D.C. for several years and started transitioning more into private markets. He became an accounts manager for Tito Contractors, a contractor company that serves both public and private clients. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

After managing their funds and development projects for a few years, he moved to Newark, NJ and became Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President for the Community Economic Development Corporation. He stayed at this position for about 2 years helping them bring new insights and community initiatives to help bring in new residents.

In 2016 Seawright decided to go back to Baltimore and address the concerns in the growing housing costs.

Kevin Seawright had completed a degree in Executive Leadership training not long before the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame. He’s taken pride in encouraging young people in minority groups to pursue their dreams, including his daughter Tia who plays sports and is preparing for college.