Duda Melzer’s Impact on Brazilian Business and Social Matters

Duda Melzer is a prominent Brazilian businessman who’s made many career advances in the last few years. He’s the leader of RBS Group, a family business that specializes in all different types of media. He’s also started e.Bricks, a venture capital company that invests in businesses specializing in digital media. This company has provided over 300 million in funds to startups with great potential.Duda’s resume also includes speaking for media trade groups and publishers of media. His background expands into other businesses as well, such as a vested interest in a contemporary art show in Brazil, and the largest wine producer in Latin America. Having such a variety of experience is a result of much time and effort spent on schooling, as well as working for others.

As per Acaert, Duda Melzer’s schooling includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration he received in Brazil, and an MBA earned from ivy league Harvard University. Duda Melzer made many connections through his schooling including mentors he still consults with on occasion. Among the topics studied are leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. His interest in the niche market of family run entrepreneurial business has earned him accolades from many reputable organizations. He’s been asked by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise to help select potential candidates for future recognition.

Duda Melzer has also used his clout as a media mogul to help Brazilian communities. His family’s charity that’s been around for over 35 years, has made great advances in raising awareness of social issues affecting children and teens. According to Clicrbs, their most notable project is titled “love is the best inheritance,” which gained national recognition and has been touted as being a wildly successful effort. The charity continues to operate and also publishes its information publicly on the RBS website for public inspection. Having made so many advances throughout the years, Melzer’s exceptional leadership has landed him opportunities not only in Brazil but around the world.

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